Shock Value

November 22, 2014: Static [not so?] shockingly saves the day.

Downtown Metropolis — City of Metropolis

Welcome to the Big Apricot, The City of Tomorrow, and the proclaimed home to
some of the greatest Superheroes coming to be known.

History of this city began as early as 1644, when the residing Algonquin
tribe sold the land to settlers, opening it up to the razing and rising of
buildings known current day, though the current inspiring appearance of
buildings and bustling did not begin to breathe until after Waldo Glenmorgan
claimed Hunter City as home and made it the base for his scientific prowess
and birthed the name Metropolis.

Science, industry, advancement. This city is paving the way for the future
in not only its resident businesses but in the way it even appears.
Skyscrapers reach for the heavens as if trying to garner the attention of
anyone who should pass, and who would not notice the by the architectural
flawlessness, the placement and the beaconing gleam of light off the windows
when the sun is up.

When the sun sets a whole new light is shed across the cities strees, cast
by a neon glow that runs artistically along the buildings eaves, both ominous
and awe inspiring with the skyward stretch that still pulses 'life' through
the giant metal monoliths.

This is home to some of the cities biggest corporations. The Daily Planet,
formerly known as Our Planet, stands a beacon with its rotating globe, having
its first editorial written by George Washington. LexCorp and S.T.A.R.
Laboratories being the main employers for the city and harbor the
technological and scientific advancements that keep the city's pulse flowing
in more ways then one, and not just through the veins that cut through
underground from Union Station.



  • Bad guys

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It's a sunny day in Metropolis. The crisp winter air causes visible puffs of warm breath to emit from Gwen Stacy's nose as she makes her way down the sidewalk at a clipped, nearly excited, pace. The cooler in her possession, clearly marked with a biohazard symbol, should've been picked up by a courier. But since the courier was /late/, Gwen finds herself needing to transport the contents from STAR Labs location in New York to its base in Metropolis.

The blonde rounds a corner and glances at the watch she wears on her wrist. She reaches into her coat pocket with her free hand and hits a few buttons on her cellphone before bringing it to her ear.

"Hey. Look, I'm worried the sample may not be viable if we don't get it there sooner than later. Give me some feedback on — " but the sentence isn't finished.

A sharp, very rough, tug of her ponytail is met with a pained yelp from the blonde. But Gwen doesn't stand for that. Her assailant receives a very sharp, very abrupt cooler to the head as she twists about.


The masked man falls to the ground and the blonde turns back on her heel only to face two other masked folks in front of her.

Maybe she really should've waited for the courier.

"And in this corner… the Swaggerweight Champion of the World…"

That voice seems to be coming out of every available speaker that's in this particular area. Cell phones, radios, anything that has enough juice to pick up on the signal is making sure that these masked men are getting to hear the full vocal inflection of someone that is paying much attention.

Out of nowhere, though, comes an explosion of bright light and the arrival of Metropolis' latest and greatest addition to the superhero scene: "STATIC!" The dreadlocked boy wonder throws his arms up in classic muscle man pose, as he soars on his Static Saucer and into the view of anyone that may be daring to harm innocent hotties that are just trying to do their jobs.

"Hey Yo, Fellas!" Static raises a hand to wiggle his fingers. As he does that, electromagnetic energy flows from the tips of his fingers and off in the general direction of the men in question. The energy reaching out to grab onto guns, belt buckles, anything metal on their person so that he may confiscate it with an epic show of power. "Thanks for donatin' to my new recyclin' drive!"

First two large semi-automatic weapons lift from the two goons, rising with the impact of Static's rather cosmic powers. Next one loses his belt buckle like the loser he is. The thing snaps and writhes and feeds out from the belt loops that seem to anchor it (or does it anchor them?) in place. The other, meanwhile, loses his most precious penknife, cursing as it draws from his pocket.

Gwen blinks hard for a moment while processing the voice that seems to emit from everywhere. But it doesn't take her long to use opportunity because she is George Stacy's daughter. Once more she winds up almost like a shot-putter and uses the cooler to bludgeon one of the assailants to the ground. But, unexpectedly, he grabs for the cooler, causing the blonde to lurch forward.

The handcuff that attaches her to the cooler means she couldn't let go if she wanted to, and she takes a few tumble-steps forward as the man pulls on the cooler to draw her to a white delivery van.

The metal of the cuff digs into Gwen's wrist, prompting her to kick off her heels to keep up to the man who's mercy she seems to be at.

"Oh. No. He's. Getting. Away."

Static offers some deadpan humor as he drops low on the Static Saucer, surfing into the midst of the criminals. He hovers for a moment, right near Masked Frick and Masked Frack. "Stick around for a while, fellas. I've got a police escort comin' for ya'." Static winks and sends a sudden blast of actual static electricity towards those guys, aiming to blast them backwards and against the wall for some epic 'stuck' activity. By the time they realize they are stuck to the wall, Static's off and after the one trying to kidnap a cooler with a hot girl attached to it.

He surfs up and right next to Gwen. "Excuse me. Is this guy bothering you?" He's got a big nonchalant smile on his face as he just surfs through the air at a normal speed, as if there's not even a care of his in the world. This really is no time for comedics but Static can't help it. It's too good of an opportunity to pass up.

"Ow ow ow ow ow," Gwen complains loudly as she's pulled towards the van. Static's question earns a sharp raise of the blonde's eyebrows as she continues to now /run/ (because buddy has definitely sped up) after the man possessing the cooler.

"What is with superheroes and snark?!" she complains loudly. But then Gwen Stacy gets an idea. She gets an incredible awful delicious idea. Instead of just following the man beckoning her forward she uses what little momentum she has to pounce on him, bringing them both to the ground.

The fellow twists underneath her, and uses the cooler as a weapon now, aiming to hit her in the head with it.

She really should've waited for the courier.

The cooler stops moving. And that's because Static is hovering there and using his powers of awesome electromagnetism to stop it from being swung. "I'll take those." And then he's using the same ability to yank both Gwen and the Cooler away from the criminal and set them off to the side. Because that's where they will likely be safe. "It's not snark, by the way. It's sass. There's a difference."

Static whirls around on the Saucer and sends a blast of electromagnetivity towards that van. It digs into the door there and he yanks it off, pulling it and sending it sailing towards the masked fool because, well, obviously he's trying to make a good impression. And he's also trying to stop these criminals from getting away. And that's definitely worth messing up some criminal's van. Property damage kind of comes with the territory for Static. "Sorry about that! I'm still in valet school!"

The van comes apart at the seams underneath Static's influence. "What the — BUDDY not cool!" the driver exclaims as he steps on the gas to get away. But it's not really doing anything thanks to the fact that Static can (and does) stop it.

"Sounds about the same! Sass. Snark. All attitudes that start with 's'," there's a touch of cheekiness in the remark, but it's delivered with a bright smile. Gwen rubs at her wrist as she stands near the brick wall and her chin drops to regard her samples. They're probably ruined anyways. She casts a quick glance down the alley and it's only then that she can hear the faint sound of alarms. Her lips curve into a small grin. Evidently police respond quick in Metropolis.

She's eternally thankful she wasn't making a delivery to Gotham.

Static is all for making sure that vans and criminals can't go anywhere. A few blasts of static electricity is all it takes to keep things in place. Not to mention his ever amazing control over metal thanks to his amazing powers. Static's been smiling this whole time. And when he hovers over to where Gwen is, he just smiles even more. It's always good when there's someone cute around to see the skills.

"Now. Remember. When you gush to your girlfriends about me, the name's Static." He winks. "I put a Shock to Your System!"

And with his catch phrase fully intact, Static pushes off to make a rise for the skies. Mainly because the cops are close enough to make sure that this girl gets to where she's going. And? Well, the best way to make a good first impression, is to leave her with a lasting one!

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