20141123-Getting Ready for Turkey Day

<November 23rd, 2014>:Danny is getting ready for Thanksgiving at the Thunder Dojo, when Lunair stops bye.

Thunder Dojo



Well it was a dark and stormy night…Okay it was actually fairly tame for a November evening. Danny is once again at the dojo, the holidays are a time when he is needed her the most. A lot of the kids don't have a good family life after all, so well he sets up the place to be their family. Including a traditional Thanksgiving feast for the kids that want to come. It is staffed entirely by volunteers of course, he doesn't want to pull anyone away from their own families.

So what that means is instead of his usual meditation time, Danny is instead talking on the phone. "Okay so we have the turkeys and ham. Where you able to get the pies? We need to have pies for Thanksgiving?.Okay we got them great. And how many volunteers? Wait, really…They know it's voluntary right? Wow, uhm tell them all thanks, and anyone that wants to bring family members they are welcome."

Lunair doesn't seem to mind coming by to help. The weather isn't terrible, and she visited grandpa likely. So, why not volunteer? Nothing has tried to kill or kidnap her today. It's a good enough day. An indeed, she's helping bring a few pies. "I have pie!" Helpful! She's chipping in as she can. "And um, I think drinks." Did they get drinks? She looks to the others nearby. For now, she joins up in the swarm near Danny, seeming amused. "I did bring you a pie, too." Yes.

He can't help but smile at Luna, "Thanks for helping. You don't have to do this. I'm sure there would be other places you want to be this time of year." He pauses and looks around, "Well it does appear that we have everything. Thank you all for the help. And I'm sure the kids will appreciate it as well. I do believe we will be ready for Thursday. I wanted to remind everyone that this is voluntary only, so if you want to spend time with your families, please do so."

Lunair is quiet, tilting her head. "Likely by myself. Maybe visit grandpa." She shrugs. "My family doesn't know I'm alive," She admits quietly. Still, she quietly half-smiles at Danny. "So this is fine. And you are welcome." She nods. She seems pretty happy about it, watching people getting ready and preparing their things. She seems uncertain. "How about you?"

When she mentions the part about her family, "Oh? Why don't they know you're alive?" He pauses after that one, "Well my family has passed away sadly. And others that I would normally spend the time with are unavailble because of other commitments. So I decided it would be a perfect time to start a new thing here. Help those that don't have their own Thanksgiving dinner."

Lunair pauses. She goes quiet. "Patients who die of infectious diseases are burned as biohazardous waste," She states cryptically. She peers at him. "I see. I'm sorry. And that is kind of you. You have a good heart," She smiles up at him. "I'm glad." She looks thoughtful. "I'll be here too, then. Grandpa seems to do his own thing," She shrugs. "Or maybe I'll see if he wants to come. He's kinda rough around the edges. He was touched by war, too."

He just blinks a little when she says that, "Oh. I'm sorry." He doesn't want to pry into that, cause well it doesn't sound like it would be a fun story to tell. "It's okay. If it weren't for my dad, I would never be where I am now." He does give her a smile after that, "You are both welcome. I would love to meet your grandpa."

Lunair doesn't seem surprised by his reaction. "It's a long, strange story," Is mostly what she offers. "No reason for you to be sorry." She listens, though. Her expression is the usual, blank, distant one. "I see." Then she half-smiles again. "I'll let him know," She promises. "And you'll have turkey, too?" Peer. She genuinely seems to care about the guy. "Do you like to cook?"

He does give her a nod at that, "I'll make sure I eat. Don't worry about that. I'll make sure that I sith with some people to eat though." He thinks for a moment, "I don't really cook that much actually. It's the benefit on being rich I guess, i eat out a lot." Danny takes a moment to think, "What about you, do you like to cook?"

Lunair grins. "That makes sense. And I eat out a lot. Cooking is nice, but the dorm doesn't have one and I really only visit my apartment," She admits. "So yes, I do. But I am still learning a lot." She seems happy enough he'll be there. She's curious about him, even if she doesn't quite emote properly. What is it Lunair gets up to, anyway?

He does nod at her, "Well I never learned how to cook really. Except for rice and some fish." They it was a lot of the basics when he was growing up you know. "Mind if I ask. What do you do when you're not doing to whole well other stuff that we do? Do you at least take time to relax or something?"

Lunair peers. "What kind of fish? And rice is tough to cook well," She offers. Lunair believes in Danny! She smiles at him. Then she tilts her head. "Sure. I like to experience lots of things. But it feels weird to be at peace too long. I guess … almost kind of wrong? Like, restless? Like I'm trying to fit myself into a square hole when I am a round peg? So I try to keep busy."

There is a shrug after that, "Not sure, what ever the local fisherman were able to catch. Don't know what was in the area really. Just that we had it, and it was good." He listens to her, "Well that I can understand. But resting can be very useful at times. Lets you unwind, and relax a lot. It's one of the reasons why I do give myself time to meditate. It helps keeps me going."

Lunair huhs. She seems curious and smiles at that. "Neat." But she nods. "I do," She promises. "But if I rest too much…" She shrugs. "What do you do in your non-meditate-y time?" Peeeeer.

"Well I run the dojo here. I pop into the offices every now and then to see how they are doing. I don't run my father's company, but I do still have an ownership stake in them. And there is always the time to practice. I need to make sure my skills stay sharp." He does smile at that one, though doesn't notice her peering, "So with all that I don't have that much time."

Lunair listens. She smiles at him. "That makes sense," She remarks. "Maybe you should be the one resting a bit more. Classes really aren't too bad. And I did set it up so some of my stuff makes it back here," Read: her contracts. She's thoughtful that way. "I sorta wanna watch martial arts movies now," She admits. There's a hint of wry and reverence. She seems quietly fond of the martial artist.

He chuckles at her, "I try. And well working her I have found is getting very restful for me. It may not seem like it, but well working with the kids has been pretty relexing." He does give her a smile, "Well if you want I do have a collection of them. We also have a video library here that has a collection of them as well. The kids just love them."

Lunair half-grins at the chuckle. "I see. That's sweet of you. You have a good heart. And sure! It would be fun. I'll bring a big thing of popcorn and soda or something." Movie night on Lunair! She beams at him. With that, she will mill about and help him, letting her conversation fall where it is.

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