Hospital Blues

<November 23, 2014>: Being punched by a super mutant werewolf lands you in the hospital, as Vorpal finds out.

Gotham Mercy General Hospital

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It is not quite that late in Gotham yet, but it's getting to be around that time. It's been a couple of hours since Hellboy dropped of a certain purple cheshire at the Mercy Hospital, and he regained consciousness not too long after that.

A couple of broken ribs, plus a sprain- again, the weak ankle. He's already bucking at the idea of having to walk around with the brace again- but at least he doesn't have to deal with bandaging his torso. Previously, it was common practice to use a large bandage or ace wrap to constrict the rib cage and prevent movement in the broken rib. While this may help to minimize pain, wrapping the ribs significantly increases the risk of lung collapse and lung infection. Treatment nowadays usually includes staying off strenuous activity and proper pain management for non-serious fractures.

Pain management? That means pills, and the pills have mellowed him out a little, as he rests back on the bed.

"Thank goodness it wasn't an ugly break, " he mutters to himself. He wonders what happened to the wolves, and whether the big red guy finished them off…

Fenris does not observe such niceties as visiting hours. Or check ins. Or security. Or… anything really. At least he has the manners not to arrive as a huge wolf. So it's Jeremiah Wolfson, Park Ranger, that steps through the Way that appears next to Keith's bed. It's fortunate really that it was placed as it was. Another couple inches to the left and one of his IV poles would have vanished with probably fairly painful consequences.

Bunker has to stop and sign a couple of autographs, but finally the young Titan manages to slip away and make his way to Keith's room. He slips in the door, not knowing if his buddy is awake or whacked out on pain meds, or what, but determinged not to disturb him.

The message arrives as Gar is finishing his duties at the school for the day, back in New York— he's finished his biosamples, finished his testing, finished feeding the other guys' critters, and now it's time to do the last minute … oh hell. The automatic text message just went off. Vorpal's geolocation tag is a hospital, but he didn't call first, he hasn't reported why he's there.

"Dammit, we need communicators," Gar says. He takes a short-cut to Mercy General and a quick visit to the nurse's station to clear, and he's there at the door just behind Bunker.

"What happened? Who broke the cat?"

The reason why Vorpal didn't report was the fact that the doctors wouldn't let him have his phone during the treatment. The use of cell phones is restricted in patient care areas to prevent interfering with medical equipment and patient safety devices used in those areas- so Vorpal's phone is with his clothes.

He did, however, ask for the nurses to send a message to his boyfriend- his emergency contact- to tell him he wasn't dead. This, however, took some time because the painkillers had kicked in and Vorpal couldn't quite remember the number exactly. He gave ten variations of the number, which means that just as Gar is clearing the nurse's station, the woman who was trying to contact him was dialing the correct number after ten tries (one of them had been to Raven… that call ended very quickly).

The cheshire looks up at Fenris enters, and frowns. "… I'm trying to decide if you're really here or if I'm hallucinating…" but that's when Miguel and Gar enter as well.

"Hey, you got the call! Hello hon… Bunks… um… is Fenris here too or am I hallucinating?"

Fenris says nothing, actually rather amused at semi-high Keith. He just looks up at Gar and Bunker as they come in. "Big bad wolf. Not this one, a different one. Druid troubles again, I think."

Bunker sighs as he sees Keith all banged up again, then nods to Gar and looks back to Keith. "Yeah, just got the text; what happened?" he says, the cowled boy looking concerned.

Where wolf? There wolf. Gar takes a quick glance at the clip board on the end of the bed. So, unknown assailant, broken rib, they gave him opiates… Ranger Wolf tells the real story though.

"What does it take to get rid of those jerks?" Gar asks impatiently. "I have six weeks more before I'm done with classes for a month. If they mess this up I will add chocolate sprinkles to their punishment."

He bends over and kisses Vorpal on the forehead.

"So what did the big bad werewolf say before he hit you?"

Vorpal hehs, "I got punched by a train, MiBUNKER- My bunker. Yes. Hi, Bunker!" Semi-tripping Vorpal tries not to out his fellow Titan. Wait, did Gar have a secret identity? He grins at his boyfriend as he kisses him, looking him up and down. No, no face cover, so he didn't have one.

"The druids must

Vorpal hehs, "I got punched by a train, MiBUNKER- My bunker. Yes. Hi, Bunker!" Semi-tripping Vorpal tries not to out his fellow Titan. Wait, did Gar have a secret identity? He grins at his boyfriend as he kisses him, looking him up and down. No, no face cover, so he didn't have one.

"The druids must've been behind this, those wolves felt familiar…" when Gar asks him the question, he heeees, finding it funny, and says "Mostly 'raaaaaa'. I remember flying across the room and hitting boxes. Boxes full of… stuff." He tries to concentrate. "And there was this big dude, he was red and had muscles on his muscles, and was as tall as fricking anything, and he had a huge hand and… did I hallucinate him?" He looks over at Fenris "And what the hell would they want with the Egyptian stuff that was in those boxes…" he looks to Bunker, "… and did I make you skip out on your shift? 'cause that's not cool…" and to Gar "… and does this mean I don't get any special cuddles until I'm better?"

Note to self: Never let Vorpal get semi-high again. That brain/mouth filter goes out the window.

Gar gets an amused look at 'special cuddles.' "Artifacts." He clarifies to the green shapeshifter and his masked companion. "From the scents, he happened upon a drop. Werewolves, criminals and, well, larger things. Yes, the druids were behind it I feel fairly certain. Those beasts have not walked this earth since a much more barbaric age."

Fenris chuckles. "It's okay, Vorpal. It's not like you're outing him. I could just look him up in the public scent directory and find out his name that way." Yes, the god-wolf is totally messing with medicated Keith.

Bunker quirks a smile as Vorpal babbles, then he remembers how serious is has to be to get that doped up, and he grows more serious. He shakes his head at Vorpal. "No, it's cool, man. It's all OK." He looks to Fenris, quirks a smile, then back to Keith.

Gar gives a bland 'I know what wolves are like, Mr. Ranger,' at the smugging about the special cuddles. Wolf packs: hairy, smelly-when-wet, bitey hunting monsters by night, cuddle piles by day.

"So, what kind of beasts? Should I be careful about what I turn into, in case they've recently done some sort of curse or something? Where are they hanging out now?"

"Oh no! Bunker, you need to start taking baths!" Vorpal says, clearly alarmed. And then he thinks about what he said. "Not that you don't take any, because I am pretty sure you do, because I can't smell you. The only person I usually can tell by smell is Gar-"

BLINK. Pause, Backing uuuup "NOT that he doesn't take baths and is smelly! He just has a very distinctive scent and I'm just going to shutupnow."

He pulls the covers up to his nose and slides down on the bed, which makes him wince just a little.


"You should be careful for other reasons." Fenris cants his head, still mightily amused by Keith. "If I'm not mistaken these particular beasts are made by altering young lycanthropes. The same process applied to someone of your talents would be… rather horrific, honestly. And I suspect the Druids are skulking in places they generally skulk. Finding them is a challenge though because they're very good at shrouding their presence. Believe me. I've been looking."

Bunker smacks fist into palm, said fists being made massive by glowing purple bricks that form around them, giving him an almost Thing-like appearance from the forearms on down. "You find 'em and tell us, and I'll see they get a beating delivered ASAP…" he says. "These tree-thuggers need to be taught a lesson!"

Gar gives Bunker an amused grin. Hulk Hands, Thing-Gloves, etc. The man has unexpected depths.

"OK, you're hunting for them using which methods? Magic, scent, knowing their habits?" Gar's thinking about this now in terms of behaviors and environments, since the traditional hunting techniques are being blinded.

Keith's hand reaches out to grab Gar's wrist. He may be somewhat high, but some things do punch through.

"Gar-" Vorpal says with concern, trying hard to focus. "… please don't go huntin' for them by yourself. If they caught you…"

Horrific, Fenris said. That's a very strong word.

"All three, but mostly magic." Fenris shrugs. "They're hiding in places of this world but not of this world. Terrae Incognitae, we used to call them. Pocket dimensions, almost. They're often located around places strong in particular kinds of magic, but the ones who hold them are often very good at disguising them. One has to be really. And there are a lot of them. Short of actually visiting every one I know of one by one, it's tough to tell and even then I might still miss them."

Bunker looks to Keith. "Then we put them down, hard," he growls. He lets the psi-bricks dissipate, and then he crosses arms over his chest. "I /know/ we need to be careful and smart about it, but these freaks have got on my last nerve…" the teenager grimaces.

"No worry of that, Vorpal. There's no danger of me doing the solo hunt on this. For one thing Fenris wouldn't let me, it's his territory."

Gar makes a giant crab-claw hand to fist-bump Bunker, just a moment too late. And also to confuse Vorpal just a tiny bit.

"Is there any common trait in the places they come into this world?


"Okay…" Vorpal says, "Just 'cause I couldn't bear…"

He pauses and stares at the crab-claw with confusion, frowning slightly. "I'm suddenly hungry. Uh. What is it we were talking ab- oh yes. The Druids. We need to stop them…"

"They draw power from wilderness. Their objective is to halt the spread of civilization. If they gather for purposes that are not destructive… and sometimes even if they do, you'll want to look for them in the wild places. Which means they can be hard to find since those places are by definition not accessible." Fenris looks on with a grin as Bunker and Gar mess with their injured compatriot. "Also if you confront them there… well… bring help. Lots of it."

Bunker nods slowly to the wolf-god. "Can I assume you'd be willing to help take down these people?" he says.

"Wilderness. That's conceptual. That's scalable. They might be using corrupted places, intersections where the Named Principles are out of balance but the active anthropocentric is missing." Gar shrugs. "They could even be using small spots."

The cheshire looks at Gar as if to say 'who are you?' But his boyfriend's a Bio major. He gets like this sometimes. "Okay… then if we're going to stop these assholes, we need to do it… then I'm coming with you…" the purple cat tosses the covers aside and starts sitting up on the side of the bed, wincing for a moment before he looks down at his green gown. "… hey, they stole my underwear…"

"Oy…" Fenris produces his rod, floats Vorpal up, the shits up, wrapps him up in them like a mummy and sets him back down. "If we can find them I'll help. I have an interest in not letting this get out of hand and the return of the Devourer Wurm would be bad. For everyone. Everywhere." Possibly at every time but the Old Wolf isn't clear on that.

Bunker snorts as Keith begins to get out of bed and purple flickering light dances at his fingertips until the old wolf takes care of the situation. "Get up again and I'll brick you into the bed, I swear to God Above, I will…" he says, looking very serious.

"You are staying in bed tonight. I am standing guard," Gar says. "So just put your feet back on that bed."

Gar nods to Fenris, "Yes, clearly a bad thing, but the Norse habit of declaring omens doesn't help. We need to get a handle on how they get here, use technology maybe since it's nothing that they're used to."

Vorpal is… suddenly bound. In a scene that is disturbingly like that strange scene from 'Ghostbusters', but fortunately it ends with him being bound in sheets instead of something else happening.

"Okay… so they are in the… wild places. And they hate technology… " the cheshire looks from Gar to Fenris. "… is there anything that makes them particularly mad? Like… police sirens? Lights?"

A mischievous look appears on the cat's face and Gar gets a little police lights hat. Without the sirens, though, because this is a hospital. "… or maybe there's something we can do to lure them out? They're hunting werewolves, do we know werewolves they could be attracted to here in the cities?"

"No, but they likely do. They must have some way to read portents or track the magic behind the transformation, otherwise they'd not be nearly so effective at finding them. Honestly if it were not for the criminals also looking for them we'd likely have no clue they were even doing it." Fenris shakes his head. "They hate civilization. Be glad they're not being very subtle. Rumor has it the black death was the work of one of their order that did not vanish after the defeat of Boudicca's revolt a couple thousand years ago. Earthquakes, plagues, floods. These are the tools of the Circle. They must be finding their feet again. Or something else is at play."

Gar looks up at Fenris. "What did Boadicea have to do with these losers?"

The green guy turns into a stripey moggie and jumps onto the bed to curl up and guard the Vorpal. "Why are they back?"

Vorpal chuckles and patpats the moggie. "Sorry I got beat up… again." He's trying very hard to be coherent despite the pain killers. "Yeah… why are they back? Is it because they're angry Enya's making bank?"

"I don' know why they're back." Fenris frowns. "They vanished, for the most part, shortly after I arrived on Midgard. The rumor was they'd been purged by the Birds of Minerva but clearly this is untrue. They hid, clearly and wherever they hid they weren't idle if they are this many and this powerful. And now…? If I had to guess they're here to take us back an age or two."

"So, arch-conservatives. Summoned back by the Humanity Firsy people and their ilk, by similarity pr intention," the green cat says, turning into catloaf position on the bed. (You must pet me now.)

Catloaf gets a pet and a chuckle, and then Vorpal grabs him and pulls him onto his lap. "The birds of Minerva… that's Athena. You mean they got hunted by owls? Athena… what does she have to do with keeping the Druids in che-"

A pause. "Is it because Athena is the goddess of wisdom and the whole 'anti-technology' thing is a retrograde stance? Or is this just the medication talking?"

Fenris waves a hand. "No, the Birds were a secret society. Using hidden knowledge to hunt the hidden. Wisdom, turned into a weapon. They warred with the Druids, and not only the Circle though the Circle was among the most dangerous of their enemies. At their height, the Birds influence spanned the entire empire, but they too went into decline when Rome did. It is not clear to me if any are around. I've not heard their whispers in many a century."

"Fenris. You located any of their real ingress points, or are we talking some kind of two-or-three part fake entry to reality? Any leads on the Fair Folk being connected as more than accidental tangents?" Gar-cat demands. Cats are like that though.

Vorpal huhs, "Fairy fo… like the Cait… hmm?" Vorpal says, his eyes half-closing as he strokes GarCat.

The meds are kicking in. "We need to find—"

And snores.

Fenris shakes his head. "If I had, I'd have confronted them by now. The Fair Folk are most certainly involved at some level but what I do not yet know." The Wolf turns and opens a Way. "If I discover more I shall inform you. Until then… try not to let Keith kill himself."

Gar is not actually a tamed cat — he's become a sand cat, excruciatingly cute but highly wary and able to wake instantly to physical threats. Meanwhile though, he settles into that halfworld that cats live in, where he can watch, giant-sphynx-like, for threats from the Dreamside. Druids. Totally messing up Gar's plans, the jerks.

"Try to find someone good with tech for this, we should start sooner than later trying to ID their entry," the Greencat says to the big bad wolf, in the physical and the first ephemeral world.

Vorpal soon falls asleep, his hand on the green sand cat. In his particular dream, he turns to the presence of the Cait and, to a lesser extent Keith.

"Someone good with tech," he says, repeating the last words he heard while waking. "We should talk to Oracle. And maybe Stark. Perhaps we can get them working together."

In the real world, he snores a little, and gives a sleep-scritch to Gar, murmuring "smrsmsrmm…"

Normally, there would probably be a nurse coming in and objecting to animals being in the ward… but considering there was already a purple cat in here as the patient, a green cat wasn't a big deal.

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