Junkyard Wars

November 23, 2014: Sho and Nyx out looking for motorcycle parts end up in a junkyard brawl.

Al's Pick'n Pull

"Al's Pick'n Pull" is, in Sho's experience the very finest motorcycle graveyard in all of New York. Sure it's a little bit of a drive out of the city but well it's not so bad right? Sho has a nice car, and that does make things much more pleasant. Anyway rain's starting to threaten, and our lovely duo has spent most of the day out amongst a graveyard of motorcycles. Many are mangled, some are rusting into the ground but all have a story.



  • Billy "Savage" Sawyer

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"Al's Pick'n Pull" is, in Sho's experience the very finest motorcycle graveyard in all of New York. Sure it's a little bit of a drive out of the city but well it's not so bad right? Sho has a nice car, and that does make things much more pleasant. Anyway rain's starting to threaten, and our lovely duo has spent most of the day out amongst a graveyard of motorcycles. Many are mangled, some are rusting into the ground but all have a story. Still there was a shopping list, and well we were nearly done for the day. "Looks like rain, I think.." He offers, as he steps away from the battered hulk of a GPZ-900. Eyes lifting skyward as he folds his arms over his chest, doing that terribly casual thing again.
All they need is a wheel, a back wheel and they are -done- for the day. "You want to get some lunch after we finish up? There’s supposed to be some sort of BBQ place around here, they say the spoon bread is very good. "The yard is not however, empty. You see amongst well, just plain others bikers? Yeah towards the front of the yard, there’s something of an argument starting to break out. Not unusual really, it barely gets a glance from Sho really.
Billy "Savage" Sawyer, got his name because of what he did to a police officer with a meat hook and a wood chipper in 1998. Not that he was ever convicted, technicality. Not that it's his only act of violence, he's got a ratty leather vest covered with 1% patches. Six foot six, more muscle than a mule and twice as short tempered it seems. The argument is over the price of a swing arm for a Harley Dynaglide, and if we're honest it's a ratty one to be so worked up about.

Nyx doesn't mind the ride out of town, she hasn't been in many very nice cars and totally spends a portion of the trip playing with all of the buttons and settings. "I love your car."

Nyx then spent the day following Sho around and looking for parts for her motorcycle. "Is this one?" she carefully kicks a tire, gently to indicate which object she is referring to "it looks… about right…" she still has no real clue there. Her attention does ADHD drift towards the argument now as well.

It's purple, well it's like purple drank purple no less but the wheel does look round enough. "Yes, the axle we aren't keeping now the lugs so you can be rough. We just need the wheel, and that'll be a successful trip for u-"Sho pauses as a crack rings out, and all goes silent across the yard. "Put your bandana on, this may be something we need to take care of." Our favorite ninja slips his boot beneath a large wrench, and deftly flips it up into his hand before taking a step towards the sound.
The little shack isn't made with much more than corrugated steel and chain-link, but that doesn't stop the mass of flesh and bone. There’s a wicked -BOOM- as what was once a man, is thrown -through- the back of the shack, gore and various "bits" go every which way. It's torn a rather enormous hole in the back of that shack, obviously. Standing there in the opening, is well also once a man. That'd be Billy Savage, his hands contorted into crude claws, his skin turned a shape just past blood red. His face has gone hairless, his eyes enlarged and cast in an inconsistent piss yellow. It's the mouth though, that's perhaps the most disturbing. His lips stretch all the way back to his ears, and are lined with a thousand nasty black teeth.

"Yes, Nyx. I'll warm him up, you finish the wheel in your own time and then I think it's time we get to the violent end of the business. Don't you agree?" As Sho offers a smile back towards Nyx, before strolling ever so casually towards the..well..Savage. "Excuse me sir, might I caution you against the use of violence? I understand you seem terribly upset, but this is just terrible for your Karma."

Nyx pauses with the wheel, she was about to pick it up and everything. She blinks and digs her half mask out and starts to fix it on, flipping her hoodie hood up as well. When the shack explodes with a man shaped hole and gore everywhere, and an honest to god monster of a metahuman or demon possessed, or whatever the hell that thing is .. is exposed she just gapes for a long moment. Thankfully she wears a mask "holy shit" she breaths out and watches Sho stroll up towards the monstrosity. She ducks down grabs the wheel out of the pick pile and sets it aside before trotting around to try to get to the side of the beast while Sho distracts, ready to help.

There’s a wind, a -COLD- wind and it just seems to build as Savage turns to regard Sho with a drooling -snarl-, it's about to presumably make some sort of quip. Until that 2lb wrench ploughs into Savage's face with an audible -CRACK-, and instantly Sho is gone. Savage takes a step back, pressing a hand to his face, more confused by anything. There’s an explosion of neon pink smoke, before the next gust of wind drags it away to reveal not Sho but none other than the Tokyo nightmare.
Naginata held against his shoulder, that trademark mask set in a dizzying array of day-glow colors made all the more jarring in comparison to the otherwise black clad Sho. It's a sufficiently distracting that, well if Savage has noticed Nyx at all it isn't letting all. No it lets out some sort of scream, and charges the ninja straight away. Looks like it's a proper fight we have on our hands here! It winds up for a haymaker as it throws handfuls of gravel with every sprinting step, only for Sho to echo the sentiment.
The Naginata is not normally known as a swift weapon, but it's swung hard and fast enough to whistle. Leaving a neat little contrail in its wake as Tokyo darts under any potential punch, and lands that Naginata with an audible -CRACK-. Bits of carbon fiber, and an ungodly sharp blade go spinning away, as the weapon shatters on impact. Unfortunately, with little if any apparent effect. "Now, would be a good time to step in Nyx."

Okay it is true Nyx may have positioned herself very nicely to help, but when the charging began and the contrail of the sword with all the flashy ninja smoke and gusts of wind. Well then it was impressive enough she would sheepishly have to admit she may have been gawking once more. "Crap!" she charges now at the things back, kicking a serious amount of gravel up as closes in Savage's back and then slams into him. Really hard. She doesn't realize her own strength really but the girl can pick up and slam down a semi-truck (sans trailer) so many thousand points per square inch right there with a BOOM. Oh and her shoulder totally cracks as well as a few other bones.. Her cry of pain though is lost under the BOOM and perhaps Savage bouncing forward into a stack of bikes.

It's like a freight train, and its result is nearly as destructive. Savage goes down, his own spine cracking and popping and that’s before he goes down into a sea of sharp metal with Nyx driving him in. He screams, an otherworldly sort of noise as he gets all but splattered but he's not done yet. Twisting and writhing, and suddenly holy shit there is blood absolutely -everywhere-. He balls those big fists up with a groan, and lifts them up high to presumably bring them down on Nyx.
Savage doesn't get that far, there’s an audible -whistle- followed by a -thunk-thunk-thunk- of HONEST TO GOD NINJA STARS dive into the flesh beneath his biceps. "Get back, I've got him!" Another -whistle, as six more of those nasty little stars dive into his shoulders and chest. Nothing fatal, but as if there wasn't enough blood to begin with. Tokyo isn't just hurling pointy things, no he's got a plan. Sprinting -up- a light pole as he draws that Katana's sheathe with his right hand, yeah he's got to end this like -now-.

Nyx spits some blood "how is he not ..down." she drives the fist attached to the arm she can move hard into him with another heavy SMACK noise and uses that leverage to push herself back away from him collapsing back away into a pile of bikes collapsing them and herself to the ground. "OW!"

Which is enough to get Savage to focus on her again. The little stars hurt but man that punch. Nyx's eyes widen as she watches him moving at her once more "oh crap… Tokyo!" she puts her good hand up to shield herself from the monsters next attempted crushing slam.

Something very interesting occurs though, her arm subtly alters, though how is lost in a very bright light as an energy corona scintillates into being around her forearm and burst forth from her hand right at the thing. That blast would punch a fairly good sized hole right through a tank.

There’s an audible -snap- of the air, as Savage goes spilling back into a pile. There’s like, a rather significant part of him -missing-. It should be the end of the fight, there should be an uncomfortable discussion about a dead..guy thing. Yet he starts to get back up, as that arm flash scabs over with an audible sizzle and a snarl. Holy shit, he's getting back up. He's missing like an entire shoulder, theres a popped -eyeball- and his jaw isn't working quite right but he's getting back up. Flesh bubbling and, growing as the damage begins its repair. Good hand groping for that entire fucking motorcycle fork nearby.
Then comes a flash of movement, and -POP-. That sheathe is launched down after Savage, before landing directly before him and the sheathe erupts in a volcano of thick red mist and confetti of all things. It's as absolutely bizarre as everything else Tokyo has pulled out, Savage never sees the real blow coming. Our favorite Ninja hurtles earthward from his thirty foot leap, bringing that sword down with all his might on the beast's skull and sending him staggering backward. Graceful as ever Sho lands as gentle as a feather, before launching up after Savage with that sword.
Tokyo sweeps around under the beast's good arm, before grasping the live blade in one hand and sweeping the blade around Savage's throat. Then as he swings up against Savage's shoulders, he -PULLS-. Using that live blade to choke the beast, as he presses a knee against Savage's spine and arches his back. Using as much strength as Tokyo has, to choke the fucker out. "Hmmmmf! You alright Nyx?"

Well that had some kick, it drove her further into the pile of bikes she was on. She levers herself up from the motorcycle scrap pile with her good arm. "Gods… Do you got it Tokyo!?" she tries to get back up to her feet hurting a bit and unable to figure out the best way to .. you know get up with a broken arm and shoulder. This is awkward. She seems game to be helpful still though. If she can figure out what she needs to do or if Sho tells her.

Savage is, just about out of juice really. He sinks down first to his knees. Jaw working limply as he drunkenly gropes at the blade, before he just keels over in a pile. Tokyo lets the beast drop, before taking a step back. "It is fine, you however are not." There’s a quiet study of that bent sword of his, before he just tosses it ever so casually off to the side. "I believe, it's time to depart my dear. Can you walk, and can you get to your cellphone?"

Nyx walks over to join you, she bends down and scoops up your bent sword though holding it in her hand, then slipping it under her arm as she fishes out her cellphone and offers it to you "Sure?"

"You can leave it, I have more Nyx. Get to the car, take your mask off and call our chilly friend. I cannot heal you, his friends can." Tokyo seems, well terribly casual really. Even as police sirens begin to sound in the distance, "Go go, we can't be waiting around here. Let’s move it."

She doesn't leave it, maybe she wants a memento. She does jog ahead though heading to the car at a very quick pace, snagging the wheel as she goes. Not wasting this trip. Once Nyx is secure in the car, she peels her mask off and settles in low in the seat, hood down. Thing is, she doesn't have the sword by the time she gets to the car. Also if one is ninja observant her piercings are gone as well.

Sho is, well the ninja garb just sort of evaporates by the time he slips behind the seat of that Audi. "Give him a ring, and do not waste time." Sho is, perhaps forgivably distracted by the nearing sirens. He cranks the motor over, tugs it back into reverse and dumps the clutch and -zoom- off they go. Driving not -quite- bat out of hell, until they can fade off into the more anonymous traffic around the city.

Nyx feels pretty good, but she calls Bobby and says Sho wants her looked at, got beat up, well beat herself up in a fight against some sort of monstrosity.

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