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<November 23, 2014>: Zachary Zatara works on giving the Titans a transportation system.

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Keith O'Neil is waiting at the library. The text he sent Zachary should be arriving anytime soon, which might herald the arrival of the local magician… unless he was in the middle of the show, that is. Keith wasn't very good at keeping track of when people had shows, to be frank, he used his Starkpad to tell him. But then he'd go and forget to input the dates in the Starkpad…

He might need a Starkpad to remind him to put dates into the other Starkpad.

Zachary is not at a show currently. It wouldn't be the first time he was pulled out of one because of hero business though. A blue portal opens near Vorpal and out comes Zachary Zatara from said portal, dressed all fancy in black without a top hat, sadly.

With his hands shoved into his pockets, he offers Vorpal a boyish smile. "You requested my presence?" He glances around the library. "No team metting so I assume you wanted me for something ~magical~."

"In-deed, magic is afoot. Or rather, I'd like for it to get afoot." Keith grins and leans on the library table. "I've been thinking about our mobility as a team… and, well, we need to find a quick way to get to the cities for emergencies. We don't have a jet, nor a place to put one… so we figured that maybe magic might be a good fix. But we need to brainstorm a bit on that. Be my guest and have a seat," he gestures to the chair across from him.

"Mobility for the team…" Zachary ponders lightly before taking a seat in the chair across from Keith. "Magic, of course, could solve that." He says gesturing to where that blue portal used to be. "The three major cities would probably be a good place to start. Did you have any ideas on how to get this working?" There's a pause before Zachary grins. "Or should I equip the whole team with magical top hats?"

"Hmm, I'm not sure a top hat would be a good idea. We need… something that non-magic people can operate. And something that goes to the same place every time, or the same set of places with a choice." Keith rubs his chin, pondering.

"Something to keep things simple, you know? But effective. What sort of tricks do you know on that front?"

"I know lots of tricks." Zachary holds up his hands and sparks of magic fall out of gloved fingers. "….But those tricks are mainly reserved for birthday parties." His hands fall back on his lap and he thinks for a moment. "There was that 'portkey' idea you mentioned before. Still not sure how to get that working, but I'll come up with something if we're left with it."

After a bit more thinking he recalls a trap door he once put Bunny in. It didn't end so well with her, but it worked. She was teleported elsewhere. "We could use doors." Is offered with a shrug.

Keith blinks, and seems to consider that. "… I like that… doors. Doors. Doors are useful. How would we use doors?"

He leans over, frowning as he thinks, "And how would we get it working? Tell me more!"

"Weeeellll…." Zachary leans back, glancing around the library again. "I could magically create doors in here. Or anywhere in the Castle. It doesn't really matter. Then link them to the selected areas. The three cities, right? The whole thing shouldn't be too hard, really. It might take a little time to set up."

The redhead nods, and hmms. "Okay… components. What do we need to get to make this easier for you?"

"Mystical keys for starters. Although if you can't find that, I'll be able to get them from Shadowcrest." Zachary ponders. "The doors shouldn't require actual construction; just some words said backwards. Oh! I'd need you to find three places in the three cities that these doors can go."

Keith nods, "That's easy… some reconnaissance should do it— some central place in each city would do. Now… the keys are for the doors, so anyone without keys can't use them, right?"

"Yeah. They couldn't get in unless they had the keys…or could somehow broke the wards that I'd place on the doors." Zachary pauses. "I could start working on it now if you want."

Keith nods, "Sure thing, let's get that going. Do you need… um, something from the places where the doors will go to?" he's read books about magic, but he doesn't know how much of it is true…. or even accurate.

A dark brow is lifted. "No…..Unless it's in another realm or something." Zachary replies while rising to stand up. "Okay, so create a magic door, link the door to three doors in other cities and then give you the keys to the doors. Sounds easy enough." A top hat appears in Zach's hand. "Anything else you wanted to talk about?"

"Hmm… no, that's about it. Really, that easily done?" Keith hehs. "Alright… I guess I'll let you work on it? Unless you need anything from me?"

"Nope! Nothing. Just find those locations. Ekat em emoh!" Zachary exclaims and blue smoke shoots out of his hat and surrounds him, leaving just a wisp of smoke behind.


The door to the front tower open, letting Keith O'Neil into the parlor area, arms laden with grocery bags. Since Flash was no longer part of the team, they did not need to buy industrial quantities of snacks, but with eight people on the team, grocery runs were still needed once a week or so.

The redhead makes his way through the parlor and living room, trying not to drop anything or trip over things he can't see over the packages.

"Etativel sgab!" The word are exclaimed from behind Vorpal and all of the packages simply float into the air although the spell is sure not to let any items spill over the lebitating bags.

Coming out from a corner of the room is Zachary Zatara dressed in his usual attire. Again, without the top hat just because. There's a small chest of sorts in his arms. The chest, itself, is a standard without being too detailed. "Looked like you needed help." Zachary says with a grin. "I've been working on those keys and I think I've got things working."

Everybody has way cooler powers than me," Keith chuckles as the bags levitate. "Thank you, I was afraid I was going to end up tripping and falling into the fireplace or something. With just a few words…" he snaps his fingers, and looks at the floating bags again before returning his attention to the magician.

"The keys? Interesting, let's get these bags over to the kitchen and you can show me what it is that you've been working on."

"Gabs taolf ot nehctik," Is muttered again and the bags float into the kitchen. Zachary, of course, follows the bags until they reach the island of the kitchen. Then the bags all float down to land on the surface.

The Zatara looks back at Keith and smiles. "Trust me. Magic has its price," Lots of costs, in fact. Demons and other evil creatures wishing to steal magical powers. The youth gestures to the chest in his hands. "Yes, I have the keys prepared. All that's left really is to find a spot in the castle where three doors could fit."

Keith ponders this and looks at the chest. "Hm, probably not the castle, but the underground base? We can put the doors in the meeting room, it is wide and spacious. That way if we are carrying injured people, we will be closer to the infirmary, don't you think?"

Zachary blinks as if he completely forgot about the underground base. "Wait what? Oh! That base. Yeah, I guess we could fit them there." The boy gently places the box on a counter that isn't being occupied by packages.

"More importantly…" Opening the chest, a small smile forms on Zach's lips. If Keith looked into the box, he'd see about a old fashion dozen keys placed on a small cushion. "I've got the magical keys working. Just don't tell John I stole his car keys and reincarnated them as keys to a mystical portal."

Keith laughs, looking into the box. "You stole John Constantine's keys? Is he going to come after us for this?" he reaches over to touch one of the keys, and stops. Just in case he's not supposed to touch then yet.

Zachary grins. "Wrong John. I'm talking about my uncle. Zee's father." Zach can't remember if he actually ever mentioned him before. "And no. I don't think he'll want them back." Zach looks over his shoulder back at Keith. "You can touch them if you want to. They shouldn't be dangerous. As for where the doors will go, I'll place them wherever they're needed."

Keith picks up one of the keys and twirls them, a wry smile on his lips. "Alright, then, let's get down there and place the doors." He looks at Zach, "Is there some cooldown period between when we install them and when they can be used?"

"I strongly suggest waiting a few days before activating them. Or….it might cause unwanted travel to weird dimensions. And dimesion hopping never ends well." Zachary seems to know due to experience. "Also…I added a few more keys in there just in case we get any new members. But if we still run out, I can also make more." He picks up the chest. "Lead the way!"

"Awesome, we're getting our own reality-breaking doors!" Keith jokes, going over to the wall and punching the elevator code after he slides the secret panel. A short elevator ride later and the redhead leads Zachary over the catwalk of the silo towards the meeting room.

"So you're sure that after activation we won't get you know, Cthuhlu trying to visit us or something?"

Zachary lets out a breath as they enter the elevator "Well…I can't make any solid promises. The doors will be warded so an average demon would be hard pressed to attempt to break in. But wards can be broken with a good deal of magic." Zachar follows Keith over to the meeting room. "Alrighty! Where did you want the doors, again?"

The meeting room is spacious and has seating for about fifteen people in its central meetintg table. Certainly more members than theycurrently have. The far wall has plenty of space for the three doors in question, being the only walls not to have monitors or a projector on it. "How about over there?" he gestures, "It could be handy, using them to go somewhere right after a meeting."

Lifting off his feet, Zachary floats over to that far wall. A wand appears in hand and he uses it to draw three rectangles leaving a small space in between. The shapes are about the size of an average door. With a few mutter words, the doors start to glow brightly. "Okay…there we go! The doors should stop glowing once the cooldown period has ended. Remember: Each one leads to a different city."

Keith nods. "Alright, just label them and then we can let them rest for a few days before we activate them." The redhead walks up to the doors and looks at them, and says with a smirk: "This is wicked dool."

Zachary's hand runs over each of the doors creating a simple piece of paper to act as labels. The right one is apparently Gotham while the left one is Metropolis. Leaving only the center to be New York City. "Done! Call me if anything weird happens." With that, the youth turns into a puff of smoke.

Magic is so awesome.

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