After Action Burgers

November, 24 2014: Bobby checks Nyx out after Junkyard Wars


The edge of M-Town in New York City.



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Mood Music: Nyx's phone call had sounded urgent. Really urgent. So Bobby had gotten her location and ice ramped his way down to her as fast as he could. Something about being hurt and Sho telling her to call him? It hadn't been all that clear and the ice nerd is just hoping that she's not seriously injured when he arrives.

Nyx got the ride in with Sho, called Bobby and said Sho wanted her to get help from his people. Really Sho probably dropped her off at somewhere to meet Bobby and went to deal with the car, since it was at the scene of a super fight. Nyx figures near the mutant town edge would be a good spot, so she fiddles with her phone as she waits, looking like she is mostly distracting herself really.

Mutant town has plenty of other distractions. It's an odd, odd place no matter the hour of the day but Bobby provides another excellent one as he ramps in right next to Nyx. "Are you okay? What happened?" Are the first words out of his mouth. The look of concern is quickly replaced with relief when he sees that - whew - she's not horribly banged up like it sounded.

Nyx is a bit smudged. Good word for it. Her hoodie is a bit extra shredded on the back there and down her left arm. It has seen better days. She looks away from watching a mutant that looks a bit like a creature from the black lagoon. "h.. hey Bobby!" pause "Iceman.. ur.. wait no your public…" she looks like she should be banged up by the look of her outfit, but nary a scratch on her. Notably all her piercings are gone now. "Got into a fight…."

"I can see that." Bobby says quietly, still looking relieved. "You don't look too badly hurt though. Which is good." He pauses and looks about. They might draw a crowd so he motions to Nyx and starts walking. "What happened specifically?"

Nyx falls in with Bobby walking "Well… I was with Tokyo.. we were shopping for motorcycle parts out at the motorcycle junkyard he really likes when this big biker dude went all demon hulk smash on the owner over some sort of argument…. Nightmare tried to deal with him… which was.. well his first sword shattered on him and he called for help…." she shakes her head "I hit the guy as hard as I could and I think I broke something.. well okay I thought I broke my arm and .. .a lot.. it hurt like fuck Bobby…. but I think maybe I just sprained something because I’m cool now… Sho insisted I call you though… there was some blood."

Bobby frowns. Sprains don't usually bleed. He's no doctor but he knows that much. "Your blood or his? We can get you checked out, certainly but it looks right now like you're moving okay? How do you feel right now?"

Nyx shrugs "Mine.. I mean I coughed the blood up really.. that might be why Sho was worried…" she sighs "I feel great though…" she frowns "I feel really good…fine really… ooh." she pauses "That isn't all of it though… um.. I blasted him.. some kind of energy boom.. I mean if I wasn't hurting so bad I would have thought it was awesome."

"Energy beams?" Bobby quirks an eyebrow. "Huh, yeah I see why Sho wanted you to get checked out. You might be having mutations manifest…" He stops briefly to give her one more good looking over. She seems okay… "Hrm… here…" He writes down an address. "The Avenue C clinic specializes in mutant medicine. You might go see them. They're cutting edge. Ask for Doctor DiLucci. Actually, why don't you let me look at that arm too, just, you know, while we're here."

Nyx nods "Energy beams… well beam.. I think." she stops walking and holds out her right arm then pauses "The broken arm or the arm that shot the energy beam?" she holds up her right arm then her left arm to you now. "which?"

"The one you hurt. You're moving it okay now but I want to see how it looks." He pauses. "May I?" It'll involve, you know, actually exposing her arm.

Nyx extends her right arm to you, then pauses and flips her hoodie down and off her right arm and right shoulder "It was the whole arm down to my .. um.. you know .. " she indicates her collar bone with her left hand.

Bobby isn't a doctor but it's pretty plain that her arm isn't broken. "Huh. Good as new, I'd say. But you coughed up blood. Hrm…" He straightens up from his examination and then something catches his eye. "Hey… along your wrist. What's that? Almost looks like… carbon fiber?"

Well if there was some flecks still on the surface they won't be there for long. Nyx twists her arm around to try to get a look at her wrist now, twisting her arm "What.. where?" she sounds confused "Sho's sword did explode.. one of them… did I get some of it stuck in me and not realize it?"

"Maybe… does he make swords out of carbon fiber or something? Maybe it's nothing but I thought it looked like along your wrist there was something… Maybe not. Or maybe your hoodie got something in it. Speaking of…" She needs some new clothes something fierce, Bobby notes. Especially after getting into a fight like that.

Nyx wriggles and shifts her arm and shoulder back into her hoodie "I do feel fine Bobby… but that was something else." she pauses "I can do energy blasts!" she bounces a little now, enthused.

"On command?" That's a hell of a thing to be sure. Super strength and Energy blasts? Bobby's aleady wondering if he shouldn't call this in to the X-Men… and then thinks better of it. They may come sniffing around for her soon enough and this is something Nyx deserves to be able to decide on her own.

Nyx bounces a bit more "I know right… well um… ok not on command.. I mean.. not that I have really pushed to try since then.. I was afraid I might go off and blow up the car.. he was about to hulk smash my face and I tried to block him and.. boooom…"

"Mmmm, well on need is as good as on demand I guess. We really need to get Sho to take you somewhere you can cut loose and just see what you can do. Also, someone needs to take you shopping for some clothes. Fight for a while and you'll go through em." Bobby chuckles. "As you can see."

Nyx considers this "Well.. he is paying me pretty okay… I could probably get a new outfit for crime fighting…" she hadn't really thought of that "Where does one cut loose to practice.. and where does one get durable crime fighting gear.. I mean you just cover yourself in ice armor."

"Someplace away from people and cameras, to answer your first question. State parks are good. Or abandoned places that won’t fall down on you." Or the Danger room but that one's kind of exclusive. Bobby frowns thinking. "As for the other, not sure. Super durable clothing is all mostly custom made. Sho might know someone, or you can just go for things that are easily replaced. Speaking of Sho how are things working out with him?"

Nyx looks around "Well I don't want to blow up a national park of monument… that would be suboptimal I think… but yeah I bet Sho has someone. Sho seems to pretty much have someone for everything .. I mean he has dozens of those carbon thingee swords… I’m still surprised one broke on the guy…. As for us, well he is nice.. and I’ve almost built my motorcycle.. just need to fix the back tire up.

"Sounds like you're well on your way then." Bobby chuckles. "You hungry, thirsty?" He assumes she'll probably need a lift back to wherever she's staying. Or at the very least, a subway ticket if she's not comfortable with Bobby knowing that. "Sho's been doing this for a while. He's got a lot of things set up. But not everything, as you saw. Get in touch with Angelo about your… odd abilities. See what he says. Might be good to do that before we go trying to push their limits."

Now that Nyx is thinking about it, she nods "I am totally starving.. I could eat a cow… or at least some burgers…" she is craving a lot of high protein high iron food right now. "Angelo?" she has your contact and Sho's contact but no one else’s yet. "Can he help me test my Powers?" she seems to be on a manic kick really.

"He's the doctor. He can make sure it's safe to test your powers, and probably tell you a bit about them, especially if they're mutant in some way. He's got a few unique abilities himself." Bobby motions toward a 24 hour MC Donalds. Easy way to feed a hungry young woman. And they're not horrible. Especially if you're after protein and iron. "Either way, we should get both those things done soonish."

Nyx nods "Okay… I’m .. I should but…" she really seems adverse to the doctor business not just this time but last time as well. "What are his powers?" she starts to lead the way to the McDonalds.

"Some kind of angel healing powers. They're magic. I didn't really ask. I'm a physicist, not an occultist. I doubt I'd understand them even if he took the time to explain." Bobby shrugs. "Hey, you don't have to go… just a suggestion. Now, what do you want to eat? My treat."

Nyx nods "I know.. I just… haven't been to a doctor much ever and … I’m worried about ..well I want to practice I dont want to find out something is wrong with me…" she just sort of trails off and heads to the counter now. "Uhhm… three number 4s.. just the sandwiches…and a number 13…" that would be four double quarter pounders and a twenty piece nuggets.

Bobby chuckles and places the order, plus a couple of cheeseburgers and a soda for him and then finds a table. "I understand, I think and hey, doctors are scary when you've got something special going on. I just don't want to not find out that, like, pushing too hard will make you explode or something like that, you know?"

Nyx tags a soda onto that and then gets it filled before heading to sit across from you, waiting for the order number to be called "I know.. I know.. but… what if this is temporary… what if it won’t last…." she really really wants it to last.

"Well we won't know unless we look. Or wait. Time will tell on that one, I suppose." Bobby rather doubts it's temporary somehow. Unless, you know, Nyx is temporary. Which would be bad.

Nyx hasn't really thought about that, she sips her soda looking at you over the cup. "I also don’t really want my parents to find out.. they won't deal.. they think metas and mutants are hell spawn."

"Oh… where are you staying now?" If it's at their place… well, Bobby knows quite well what happens in cases like that. Lynch mobs. Yeah, he knows personally.

Nyx nods "Well home.. when I am in new york.. they think I have a new job though so I quit the burger joint since Sho is paying me… I guess I could get an apartment… can afford a studio maybe in the bronx"

"Might be worth it, for the space and privacy. But it's your life, so I'll let you make that call." Bobby's a big believer in letting people figure out how they want to live rather than preaching the usual secrecy and solidarity line some he knows push rather ardently.

Nyx bounces up and heads over to the counter to get the order, hauling all the food back now. She slides you your burgers and then starts to eat chicken nuggets like they are popcorn. "I really should…. wonder if here or gotham.. I like it here but Sho is in Gotham

"I suggest here if only because the day may come when you want some space from Sho too." Bobby winks. Teachers are great but they can get to be like parents sometimes.

Nyx laughs and pushes the empty twenty piece aside and starts on the first double quarter pounder. Is she chewing? "Yeah…. I mean and Gotham is super gloomy spooky.. I mean batman is scary"

"Batman is scary. And his folks are…" Er… Bobby doesn't say it. Nuts is what he's thinking though. "Anyway, they've got a real crime problem there and even if it wouldn’t really threaten you, fighting off thugs would get old, I expect."

Nyx licks some ketchup off her thumb "I… I don’t think I should fight thugs Bobby, until I learn how to pull a punch and be careful… if that thing hadn't been some sort of demon.. I would have …." she stops and sips her soda.

"Yeah, I get the idea. Sho can probably help you with that. The guy pulls punches with a sword for crying out loud. Still, I'm glad you were with him. Sounds like that might have been rough on him otherwise." Bobby munches down one of his burgers. "How are you personally feeling about the whole thing?"

Nyx nods "Exactly…" she picks up the burger "yeah he managed to choke the thing out after …well after I shot a hole through the guy…. he seemed to regenerate really fast though so that’s good…." she must be hungry, she looks disturbed but can’t stop with the burger. "I coulda killed someone"

"Knowing that is the first step to realizing you've got a serious thing to deal with." Bobby smiles. "So I'm glad you do. At least if you do end up killing someone, it won't be by accident."

Nyx winces "Well… it might be… I did blow a hole in the guy.. if there had been muggles standing behind him…." she shakes her head, third burger started. It .. yeah something going on with the eating.

"Well, you know now, and fortunately that didn't happen this time. It's amazing how many of us luck out like that. I almost killed someone by accident the first time my powers manifested. Cased a mugger in ice all the way up to his neck. Nearly died of hypothermia." Bobby doesn't like remembering but it happened.

Nyx mmms "Am I bad person.. but that makes me feel better that Im not the only one…. I really wonder what that guy was on.. it was downright hulkdemon shapeshifting stuff. Lots and lots of teeth Im telling you…." she finishes the last burger.

"Nah." Bobby chuckles. "Just human. Everyone likes to know that they're not the only person to have done something they feel iffy about. And I believe you. Best to deal with that kind of thing decisively anyway."

Nyx slumps back maybe she is finally full and nods "It was amazingly scary.. terrifying really but … it was really .. it was a rush a real rush

"The adrenaline high is kinda addictive." Bobby nods. "Some heroes are action junkies. Me? Give me a decent book and a night at home. Still, I do get it. Nothing like really making a difference."

Nyx nods "It's totally true.. I have no idea how many people we saved. I know that monster killed at least one person before we got to him.. I think it was the junkyard owner…" shudder

"Probably a lot, to be honest. If something bad gets a place to take root…" Well, look at the Friends of Humanity. Getting it out again is nearly impossible without a lot of destruction.

Nyx nods "Makes sense. Thanks for the dinner and talk Bobby.. I should get an apartment I think.." she avoids saying and go to the doctor, she seems really averse for some reason. It might be because she knows she isn’t a mutant, she knows she may be in trouble, but she does not want to give it up. She is special now for the first time.

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