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November 24, 2014: Widget brings her design for Zola to review. Mystique nearly gets a brain adjustment


Deep underground only assessable through one secret door after another countless security measures lays a nearly perfectly clean and almost clinical facility unlike anything on this deserted island off the coast of New York. Even top ranking HYDRA don't really know for sure how deep this place goes, with passage to each layer of the hub locked behind more hidden passages, locked doors, secret doors within secret elevators, it's not even certain how many people are working here. Some people may have even been born and died inside without ever seeing the surface.



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It's currently mid evening and on one of the hidden floors everything seems rather calm and quiet. Scientists working on their own projects no one head knowing quite what the other is doing with some overlap between their own respective projects. A small rusted robot made from spare parts, and antiquated technology rolls through the halls on tank treads its 90's webcam scanning the surroundings. Things here have been quiet over all with only a few loose ends needing tieing up with certain back room meetings and loyalty tests.
Widget occasionally comes out of her own little lab to work in this one, when her desire for human contact peaks. Despite that, she has worked in silence for an hour now, the generator project progressing. Finally, she rises from her stool, turning to find Zola, her expression serious. "Zola. I require a trial of the generator now. It should generate sufficient power as requested, with a ten percentage additional back up." Data. Widget has never been good at people. Data all the way.

Mystique adopted Nancy flawlessly moving through multiple other personas first, mindful of cameras with every switch before taking one of the methods out to The H.U.B. as Nancy Hauer, Metahuman Agent specialized in Wet Works for HYDRA. She is in casual New York wear, black leather jacket, skinny jeans, black stocking cap because it is quite cold, with blue eyes and blond hair. Pretty girl really for an established cold blooded operative. Nancy imagines it is good for connections and those things called Networking to occasionally stop by the operation and see what the labcoats and superiors are up to. By the point she is walking towards Zola and now Widget, she is completely subsumed with the Nancy identity. "Force field generator, power generator, antimatter generator, cold generator… what kind ofgenerator? Something awesome?" she is one of those infectiously chipper sorts. Which makes her profession extra disturbing.

When the voice of someone else crops up whatever Zola was going to say suddenly stops Rusty, the nickname of this particular robotic creation turning its webcam around to look over Nancy, before the CRT monitor comes back on the front of it showing a rather simple face most likely a feed of the face of the real Zola. Some people think it's the son or grandson of the late great Arnim Zola, but everyone who actually knows that this particular head of HYDRA exists can for the most part agree that he has a thing against ever doing things in person, preferring to sit somewhere else maybe not even in the HUB interacting with the world through his robots.

A heavily computerized voice comes out of the speakers, "Ah Nancy, nothing you need be concerned about, it is but a simple generator to replace our currently out dated designs," that thin bit of polish accent almost completely lost in translation to those very low quality speakers. A vent on the robotic creation opening up to it's own power core, for Widget to replace with this new model.

Widget gives Nancy a look, almost blankly, as if the question makes no sense in the context. "Do you have clearance for your question?" Data is required for the correct output to be processed. The voice of the woman is very precise, the lack of persona in her voice obvious. "Zola, who is that?"

Nancy snaps off a crisp "Heil Hydra." when Rusty focuses on her, because well Arnim is one of the Council members and even if he is telepresencing in, he still gets a snappy and utterly sincere salute. "Nancy Huaer, codename Cutter… and I might have clearance… not sure what level of clearance this is operating under without the level designation." then she relaxes back into her casual body language and curiousity. "Also dang.. I was hoping for something awesome like a portal singularity generating grenade or claymore… could you even imagine what stepping on something like that would do… or maybe a localized gravitational distortion generator.. throw and BAM suck in all the targets and pin them down… wuuuuph." well she is enthustiastic for her work.

There's something just budget about Rusty, like he was thrown together in an afternoon with the cheapest parts money could buy just for the sake of it. It's a wonder why Zola would ever keep something like this around, but it does offer a return Hail HYDRA, the screen flickering somewhat as if partially damaged. The green glow from the power core still lightly flowing in the room from whatever this thing is. "An impressive work record," he comments rather quietly the power core of this little robot sliding right out and into plain view, or rather one of them.
Widget just stares at Nancy, her expression confused, the level of input from the other woman clearly overloading her social energies networks. "It would be possible to create such a device. Zola, does she have security to be here?" The concern continues, and she clutches the prototype device to her, as if it is threatened by the presence of someone who might not be cleared. "The gravitational distortion generator would definitely hold potential as a weapon but perhaps also as a device to rise from earth."

Nancy considers what Widget is saying "Huh yeah it could if you reversed it yeah, I wonder if that is how the Fantasticar works… man I would love to get into the baxter building and pillage that place but his security has to be utterly ridiculous.." she is contemplating it though. "Oh…" she squints at the clutched prototype and falls into german "Mein Gott, ist dass eine Bogen Reaktor?!" (translation: My Good is that a Arc Reactor). She coughs a bit "I should be cleared… sorry.. did you make that. Damn."

"It would be logical to attempt to acquire further resources towards this research, if it is considered a viable option." The reply from Widget is considered, her forehead creasing into a frown. "It is an Arc Reactor. Zola requested a power source, this seemed the most logical design for his specifications." The young woman is, surely, part computer, but her reputation is a fearsome gadgeteer, and wholly loyal to HYDRA, raised by them, born to agents. "Do you have clearance?"

Nancy cocks her head and nods "I think I probably do, I have clearance for this floor and deeper ones than this one. I handle special assignments for the Council." which is true, she isn't called on to do run of the mill wetworks so she genuinely figures she does. "Does this mean you could make a suit like Starks?" okay she is practically salivating at that idea. "I mean.. I know we have armor and all.. big.. heavy vulcan mechs.. but a nimble suit like Starks… That would be so damnedably useful when going toe to toe with the tights brigade…"
"My lab is closed. It is …Zola comes there. I go there." Widget is distinctly concerned, her face set into a frown, and she shakes her head, replying to the other comments, "It would be possible to retro-engineer his suit, with a copy of his, or create one with a power source, that would perform similar tasks." The words are spoken slowly, but Zola will know her mind is already writing blue prints, working on systems.

Zola finally speaks up after a few moments more, not from Rusty but from a monitor in the room, with hands folded. There's still no real way to make out the finer details of his face which is for the best, as he's never really been seen in person by anyone. It's more of a black outline of a person with how the lighting is set up, but at least now he can be heard properly. "There are a great many applications for a power source such as this, and I would love to go through them with you," He pauses for a quick moment to grab a glass of water. "However your security clearance still only carry's you so far, and you would do well to remember that agent." It's much more clear that he definitely has a Polish accent, though not really clear if he's being just naturally cruel or something else as he speaks, hands folding back one over the other.

Nancy turns to look to the monitor, ah that is why Zola was so quiet. "I of course comply Sir. I know I sometimes tend to bother the labcoats but I just get excited… so .. so many prospects. I'll just leave it that I would be happy to field test any such armor, especially if it was designed for my style of work. Sir." she nods to Widget. "I think you should probably…" she gives a little head tilt nod towards the open power generator on Rusty.

"I am not a labcoat." The observation is factual, not offended, Widget being strictly accurate. "The process requires a further test, but the prototype is function according to your specifications, Zola." The scientist gadgeteer speaks to Zola in a strictly factual manner, her expression earnest, the importance of the trials unable to be overstated, in her opinion.

"If our Agent Hauer is so interested in it then she may be the one to install it," Zola speaks rather calmly towering his hands together, looking down from the inky black of what looks like a fairly plain office. "This way in case of a catastrophic systems failure, she may experience everything related to this project first hand,"

Nancy sees how this is, rather rapidly. Ah well not some lab coat Widget, nope she is important. Then again she somehow made an arc reactor so of course "Right. I'll comply." she notes a bit bemused. "Hopefully I wont be regenerating a hand." she steps over now and holds her hands out for the arc reactor now
"It is a logical option." Widget sees the wholly unemotional logic behind the decision, failing to see any emotional position that might be taken on it. She hands the arc reaction over, giving Nancy the instruction in a quiet tone, "You are required to attach this cable to the processing connection, and then press this button, that button and this one. It is vital that buttons are pressed in the correct order to sequence the start up. Loss of resources may occur should that process be sequenced incorrectly." Resources… that would be Nancy.

Zola sits quietly at his desk occasionally tapping out a few commands off to the side. There's something about him that's almost ominous, and rather lacking in empathy, but as he looks back he comments, "It is a delicate procedure,"

Nancy of course pays attention, she is very bright really. Way smarter than anyone here probably gives her credit for after all. "Okay, so the cable here to the processing connection. Then three buttons in this sequence." repeating the instructions for Widget, which is a good sign she isn't cocky enough to just blow it off like she is to good to double check a device first. "Luckily I am a durable resource." she notes dryly bemused to Widget "You may want to make sure I'm solidly between you and the robot." she turns back around and steps up to Rusty and pops the old power core out smoothly "You know I have skills that would make a brain surgeon cry sir." she really does have superhuman dexterity, honing it even further subtly for this. Let's see, seat it. Then processing connection cable, then button one, two, three "And.. go" with the last button press. Then she step back one step to try to put at least some space between her in case it blows. Also ready to bring her arms up to shield her eyes if it blows up impressively.
"I designed it to ensure anyone lacking loyalty to HYDRA would certainly initiate it in an incorrect manner, thus losing technology and additional resources." Her reply is quietly spoken to Zola, before she moves away, putting Nancy between herself and the robot. "That is a logical suggestion. The technology will perform within required parameters but it is possible that you may incorrectly initiate it, despite your initial grasp of the requirements." She watches Nancy, protective of the prototype, her expression holding considered observation.

A low rumble, from rusty as the core slides itself back into place the lead shielding around it kicking back into place. It sits for a moment silent all the light having gone from it before it comes back stronger, all of the colors on it changing color for some reason, the device whirring back to life thanks to the new power supply verses the requirements. On the monitor Zola offers a slow congratulatory clap of his hands. "If I didn't believe you capable you wouldn't have made it this far,"

Nancy watches very carefully then nods "Of course, thank you sir." to Zola in the monitor. She looks to Widget "That is very impressive for the record. Amazing work really." she sounds relieved really, though she keeps one eye on Rusty.
Widget watches the device booting up, giving it a nod with a brief movement of approval. "My work is frequently function. I would not bring a prototype to Zola without certainty it would be functional." The reply to the compliment is entirely logical. "Theoretically I could reduce size, but there is a reduction of power risk.

The monitor goes completely black powering itself back down, presumably while Zola switches his control back over to Rusty, as it does a full systems test weapons popping out of the sides, with an odd green glow to them. They look just as rusted and makeshift as the rest of it, but spark with that sickly green energy as they power up, pointing towards a small test dummy in one corner of the lab, the glow growing brighter, just in time for a much lower quality image of Zola to show up on the display.

Nancy ponders Widget, she does act like a Robot but she seems to be breathing. When Rusty moves she pivots to see what Zola is doing, "Well this should be interesting." she does shift to put herself in between Rusty and Widget, but not block Widget's view of the test dummy.
Widget observes the testing of her power source, making notes quickly into a recording device, "Device functions within acceptable parameters, it is possible for agents who were not selected for technical ability to perform initiation routine." She clicks it off, and in her lab, transcribed notes appear on her work station. "This should test the additional power requirements."

Whatever these things are they arc more and more as they power up, the readouts showing massive power usage. Once it reaches a certain point the weapons systems begin to shake, and rattle about looking like they're about to fall apart before launching a pair of energy beams at the dummy. In one instant shredding this top of the line device to little more then a flaming pile, as the energy is drained from it and into the dummy.

Nancy continues to watch, when the robot starts to shake, and rattle, and continues to charge up her eyes widen. She steps back further now, reaching out and shifting Widget back as well. At the blast from the energy beams and the reduction of the target dummy she exclaims in german "Scheie!" then coughs "Very… impressive…"

"Hrm interesting. Did the power source maintain flow during the trial, Zola?" The question suggests the Gadgeteer is unshaken by explosions and death of target dummy, even as she steps forward, peering past Nancy. "Your agent would benefit from some adjustments to ensure her levels of response are maintained during episodes of explosive decompressions. It may be possible for me to design a device, decreasing amygdala activity." The suggestions is frankly made, with a complete lack of emotion.

For what seems like a complete age Zola suddenly goes off into a rattling wall of speech filled with enough scientific mumbo jumbo to lose even the most dedicated of star trek fans. It's not often one gets to experience the extent of how…. verbose Zola can be when he wants to, like a James Bond villain in some ways. He's using quite a bit of antiquated terminology mixed with the more modern colloquialisms. The general gist is mostly lost in the volume of words, but it has something to do with adequate power flow but not volume. He's been known to go on like this for hours when given the chance but thankfully he keeps it fairly short, ending off with "I think this may need field testing before it is truly ready for the project."

Nancy's eyes narrow and she follows it better than most would imagine. She does glance to Widget "I am fine thank you. Since the amygdala also controls decision making and memory it would really be detrimental to my ability to infiltrade and terminate our enemies where they feel secure." she shakes her head and steps away from Widget. "I'm sure you both have thought of this, but if you send it to field testing it of course makes sense to have a failsafe selfdestruct.. so Stark doesn't get any recovered bits if it is captured to determine we have managed to replicate an arc reactor."
Widget listens, but clearly keeps up, her expression thoughtful. "It would be possible to increase the volume if I …" A series of complex explanations of the tweaks she will make to the design are shots towards Zola, ending in, "I agree it will require extensive field testing. I am not a field agent, I have little understanding of the methods they use to break my designs." She glances at Nancy, commenting quietly, "I would boost your frontaltemporal lobe function to compensate. However, a failsafe is a standard design, it is a very logical requirement."

There's a lot more tech talk thrown about and it boggles the mind how Zola can really get things done with most normal people. Though it would explain a good deal about how Widget acts. Eventually he wheels back over towards the two. It's hard to tell what he's really thinking just being an expression on a monitor, but eventually he does comment "The procedure is usually used for more dangerous individuals, but if you ever decide to join this… department then it would be a necessary inconvenience, as of yet you have not proven to need it,"

Reason #57 to be careful in Hydra.

Nancy nods to Zola "Of course sir." she looks to the test dummy. "Could probably equip a vulcan mech with it on a mission." she muses thoughtfully about the tactics end of it. "The powerup time is a bit slow, needs to shoot faster if you don't want a cape zipping in and bashing it apart." she pauses and shrugs "I should be going though sir, need to check in and file some after action reports."

Widget gives Nancy a thoughtful look, before she comments quietly, "It might be possible to implant the power device as a fall back power source. "It would be possible to speed up the power cycle,…" And any verbal output ceases, as Widget reclaims the prototype, heading directly back to her lab, pausing only to give Zola a nod, an absent reminder that he is the boss, if nothing else.

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