Spilled Soda and the Black Flash

November 26, 2014: As luck would have it, Barry and Felicity run into each other again.

Little Italy

Best food on the planet. Honest.



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Living in Little Italy has its advantages. You're close to everything and although for a guy like me that might not be the be all end all, it makes it a lot easier to get around without using my powers. Another reason it's great here is because of all the people. There are so many kinds of people who call this place home, and even more who frequent here as tourists. The people watching is amazing.

But the number one reason that I love this part of town is because of the food.

I am Barry Allen and I am the fastest man alive and I have a huge appetite.

I love Rico's in particular because you can get your standard fare pastas which are really helpful given my night job. But you can also get just about anything on a pizza you could imagine. Cheese. Goat Cheese. I'm pretty sure you could get molasses on there if you asked for it.

So that's what I'm doing now-no, not eating molasses. I'm carb loading over there at the window and getting ready to run. Because that's what I do when I'm not at work. I run. Like a lot.

Bright lights, new city, so many opportunities, and she's stuck working at Best Buy. Geek Squad. But a job was a job and she was just happy. So happy that she nailed and wow'ed the managers at Best Buy that she decided to dip into her savings just /one/ time to spot a bite of something potentially life threatening, meaty and greasy. And sweet too. You cannot forget sweet.

So, Felicity struck out, weaving through the crowds, face planted into a map as she correctly 'guesses' her way to Rico's, pushing open the door with a new girl in the city smile, cheeks a little rosy due to too much blush but appropriately placed due to her tone.

Thankfully, the men at Rico's were quick, pushing out order after order, leaving a few customers waiting in their seats while the easier things were dished out like candy. Her turn came and went; two slices of pizza, a large diet soda and a calzone. You have, to have at least 3 calzones from Rico's when visiting. And she was going to do just that.

Once her things were paid for, she stuffs the map into her purse, hiking it upon her shoulder as she steps aside and out of the way, waiting for her name to be called so that she could eat. In the meanwhile? She was going to browse the web on her phone.

"Well, in a city of 8 million people, I guess you can run into someone more than once," Barry says, looking up from his soda to the blonde lady at her phone. They're literally six inches apart in the small restaurant. He, looking up at her from her seat as she waits. "Hi, Felicity."

Barry puts down his soda and does a brief check down at his shirt to be sure that he doesn't have any marinara on himself. He always has marinara on himself.

"Hmm?" Felicity didn't look up from her phone just yet, she sent off a quick text to her mother, then glances towards Barry with a winning smile. "Oh! Yes! See?" See what? She really didn't know what to say to all of that. "Hi Barry." Uh.. what next?

She notices him checking himself out, and just when she was about to point out the little bit of marinara upon his cheek, her name was called. She jerks back then turns, shoving her phone into her pocket to take her little tray, holding it with both hands only to whip around and.. find no place to sit.

"May I?"

"Sure!" Barry exclaims, obviously more than happy to share the table. To be honest he's been here a couple weeks now and he's really made one friend. Well, he's not even sure that Paul Manning is a friend. Barry and he went out for drinks, but all Paul wanted to do was pump him for information about a case. It is somewhat assured that if a snail had popped up from it shell and asked Barry Allen to sit at the table he would have agreed. Such as it is when you're on the outs with your best friend, moved halfway across the country (because you can't go much farther East, really) and your family is up in Sing-Sing.

But I digress, and Felicity is not a snail.

Barry moves his plate more towards his side of the table to give her extra room and reaches up to scratch at that itch on his face, which smears the marinara. Welp, he found it. Out comes the napkin.

Felicity didn't waste time putting her tray down, she wasn't afraid that anyone would come to take her spot, but heck. She was going to make sure that if it could happen? It wouldn't. She pulls the chair out to plop down upon it, her body set to a tiny little wiggle as she gathers up a few napkins to pull to her side, keeping her eyes away from Barry as to not embarrass him while he cleaned himself up.

"Want some?"

Only to be polite, she had three calzones and two slices of pizza, guess which ones she goes first?

That's right, the calzone.

She picks up the gooey pastry and bites into it, leaning a little over her tray as a bit of cream falls out the end. It was sweet, packed full, and crispy. Just like she liked it. And for some reason? That action alone has her silently giggling, and attempting to chew and swallow without killing herself first.

Barry shakes his head, "Oh no, I'm fine, thank you. I've had plenty." What he doesn't tell her is that this is his eighth meal today. Plus, who takes food from a l-

And then he stops and looks off behind Felicity. His face remains stoic, even as things around him slow down; his speed force altering time and bringing everything to a crawl. The face remains stoic, but the eyes tell a different tale. One of horror.

Past Felicity, seated at a chair, is a being who wears a costume all in black. The cowl looks familiar, especially to those from Central City. The insignia over the chest is a red lightning bolt, encircled in white, but the outfit instead of red is a deep-abyss black.

The face of the wearer, or what can be seen, is grotesque. Pieces of skin stay stuck to the face only in spots and only by whatever oozing liquid that is that keeps parts of the skull underneath still wet. Much of the skin is gone, exposing a dead-grey bone underneath. Several of the teeth are missing. The eyes, or where they should be, are simply red orbs, gazing at Barry in a hollow way.

As time comes back to normall, Barry studders with his hands and inexplicably spills his drink all over Felicity's calzone, the rest of her food, and that outfit she's wearing!

"Mmh! I fan git ofer dis cawlfonie!" This was Felicity's full mouth speak. Listen to the sound of her people.

She swallows just in time to have.. everything ruined, even shrieking loudly as she pops up from her chair, her arms hanging like a scarecrow upon a rake. "Oh.. oh god.. cold cold cold cold!"

This day was /so/ bad. So bad that.. her eyes began to water just a little. All she wanted to do was eat her pizza, enjoy her calzone, and celebrate the day for getting upon geek squad.

And lets not talk about her dress.

"I.. shoot.." She flops back into her chair, gripping napkin after napkin, attempting to wipe away at her neck and her chest, along with her middle while trying not to cry.

"Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry." Barry leaps up, eager to help. "I'll buy you a new lunch! I'm so sorry!" he repeats himself moving over with a hand full of napkins of his own. He's about to help pat her down, but realizes the ridiculousness of it. He's clearly embarrassed, but he keeps looking past her absently, as if he's only partially here.

"No.." Felicity nearly whines out this word, but catches herself as tears fall down her cheek. "No. Really. Honestly. I'm fine." She sniffs, taking a few napkins from Barry to wipe away beneath her eyes. She wasn't aware that he wasn't watching her, but she was aware that he was a little distracted. "I'll .. it'll.. well, at least I did have at least one bite of the calzone, it's almost worth a dirty dress, right? I mean.. not that I like wearing dirty dresses and I'm constantly dirty, I mean I do bathe and all but sometimes I do get dirty, but not like how a kid gets dirty.." She reaches over to pick up her pizza, the wet topping sliding and slopping off onto the plate in a loud mess. "I think I saw a stray out back.."

Barry looks back to where the dead Flash was sitting, but in its place is simply a businessman getting a lunch in before a meeting. Barry swallows with the same difficulty as someone who realizes that it's a very real possibility that he might be going crazy.

He looks to Felicity and he could just be sick. Good one, Bar. You make one friend. /One/ friend in this new town and you go and ruin her day. And by ruin, I mean, her reaction is pretty severe. Clearly, he feels awful. "I'm so sorry, Felicity. Let me buy you a new lunch." He waves towards the guy behind the counter and gives him the curlicue finger. Rico's grandson Salvatore gives a knowing nod and gets to work on making another order.

"I can be so clutzy. Please don't run away. I promise I will probably never ruin another one of your dresses again. And I'll pay for the drycleaning."

She was so overwhelmed with emotion; first landing a new job and her gift to herself being ruined, she just couldn't contain the tears, even though she wasn't loudly crying. She sniffs loud however, hands lifting to wipe away beneath her eyes underneath her glasses, then shaking her hands out as she takes a calming breath to soothe.

It wasn't the offer that pulled her from the brink of tears, it was that single word. 'Probably'. That causes her to pause, a slow grin drawing upon her face, breaking out into such a cool and natural laughter that sends her leaning forward to give Barry a very, very careful hug if he let her. From one extreme to the next!

"Oh gosh, it's alright Barry." That friendly hug, if allowed, was coupled with a quick rub of his back, then a step away to assess the damage. "Do people really use dry cleaning though? I don't want you to pay for it. Soda is usually a natural chemical that could get out blood stains so I think it'll do fine against some Tide. Or Purell. Or is Purell a fabric softener? Either way, smells good."

Barry 'oofs' a bit as Felicity lands the hug, and as she pulls away he's giving a smile towards her. "The acidity of the soda will work in your favor, but it's the sugar that sets the stain. Unless you're drinking diet, then the aspartame-not that you need to drink diet, because you look great. I mean, you-" Barry winces as he walks himself into a trap of words.

"I don't mind paying for dry cleaning if that's what it needs to get the stain out. I feel awful."

"It was diet.." Felicity interrupts, jumping the gun just a wee bit and feeling just as embarrased as he did but for different reasons. "I mean.. well no. I don't want you to pay for it. I have plenty of old dresses that I can wear and really, I could just go ahead and use it as pajamas, you know? Laying around the house doing nothing and.."

Her lips twist as she glances around, pretty much unsure of what to say for the moment. "I'm not lazy." Whut? "What made you jump anyways?"

Barry reaches up to scratch at the back of his head, "Not sure you'd believe me if I told you. Thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I don't usually spook easily but-" Of course, it's not everyday that the Flash sees a vision of himself, except for dead, bloody, and pus-filled. Good times.

"You're going to wear this for pajamas? I think you might be too high class to be hanging out in Little Italy."

Yes, Barry is trying to change the subject.

Felicity would believe anything if it were logical. Still, she hasn't seen anything fantastical, as of yet. "What did you see?" Now she was leaning in, watching him with that critical eye of hers. Though once the subject changes, her nose wrinkles and she leans back, looking down towards her chair to grasp her purse to hang it upon her shoulder. Right when she was about to speak, her foot was brought out to her on a tray, which was handed back to the young man with a sweet smile. "Can you wrap that up for me?"

As he moves away, she lets out a sigh, glancing down towards her dress and then towards Barry. "No changing the subject. I mean, we're friends right? Let's do that thing that friends do and share." Once the young man returns with her food, she doesn't take it just yet, but she does dig around in her purse for a five dollar bill, which was soon exchanged as a tip for the prompt and quick service.

Barry is forced here with a choice of ethics. Does he lie to save face, seem normal, and save a friend? Or does he tell the truth and take his chances that she'll bug out of here faster than a bug splattering on the windshield? Would she be the type of person he'd want to hang out with if she casts him off.

And he probably looks pretty goofy just sitting there, thinking all of this as she watches him.

"I…well, this is going to sound crazy, but I haven't gotten enough sleep lately and I've been just seeing weird things. And I saw myself, but, well." He winces. "I was dead."

She listens, and well.. doesn't run. She does gesture towards the door, intending to go for a walk all the way home, however far that was from Little Italy. She didn't care. Her day was going to be salvaged no matter what. "You were dead?" She frowns a little. "I.. how.." She was stumped.

"Are you stressed? I don't know what you do for work, but usually when people go through sleepless nights and hallucinate its typically due to some type of work stress or depression. Are you suicidal?" She peers at him then, giving a little lean and a slight bump with her elbow.

"Beats me," Barry says in answer to her first question. He leaves out that part about being the Flash. That's an important detail, of course. "I work as a police scientist, and things /have/ been pretty stressfull lately." He stops and raises an eyebrow at her, "When you're depressed do you know that you're depressed?" He's been to so many shrinks in his time that he's not really sure what's what in the field.

Felicity winces, she even makes a slight hissing sound as her head shakes. "Yeah. I think that'll do it. I'm not saying that you see a lot of death and what not in the field but.. man. I bet that's probably the problem. Maybe you need a vacation, travel the world.. go to Cambodia or some place. Or Japan to check out the latest technology circuit." It's obvious where her dreams are.

His further question though, it causes her to grow silent. No expression of dreams, just a person attempting to find the right answer to a difficult question. "It depends on how long you've lived with it. And it also depends on how strong everything is." If they were walking, she stops him right then and there to pull out her phone, tip-tapping away to draw up youtube. "You'll know for sure if you smile or probably laugh at cats falling off a table…" She hands him her phone so that he could watch, "..yet on the inside, you feel like dying."

"I see my fair share of that sort of stuff, I suppose. But it's exciting and I feel like I'm doing good in the world." It also gives him access. Access to data only cops get to help him as the Flash. And access to information regarding the case about his mother's murder.

Barry turns to look, giving a pondering glance at the small screen. The peer is momentary though as his features lighten up almost immediately and he begins to laugh. "That's pretty perfect."

Felicity leans in to watch with a grin, even trying to hide a laugh which was seen through the shake of her shoulders. "I know, right?" Once the video ends, she puts her phone away and continues to walk. "You don't have to feel, you know. You're putting bad people away, giving the good people closure and an answer. Every bit helps." Though, she -had- to ask.

"Okay, I have to ask." … "I know I could just read the manual and procedures to being a forensic scientist, but I'm cutting out the middle manuscript and asking a real life person. "Is it like those silly CSI shows? Do you carry guns and go in and apprehend the criminals? Not that I'd think less of you if you don't and I know that stuff is pretty far fetched. I just think that way of doing what you do would be totally awesome. You get to see action, be apart of it. Be something of a hero."

Barry does a bit of a double-take as she leans next to him, but goes on to finish watching the video. "I suppose you're right," he says. But as she asks the question about his job, he can't help but snicker.

"Well, I don't really carry a gun. And I spend most of the time in my lab. I do go out to crime scenes a lot, but most of the stuff is kind of using my equipment to crack things. It's not as glamorous as it is on television, I'm afraid."

"Awe.." She sounds out, but it was playful, she really wasn't disappointed. "I still think it would be glamourous. You get to use the best equipment money can by, get access to all sorts of things a normal person like me wouldn't. I think that's still pretty cool."

She stops at an intersection, looking both ways before she turns back towards him, her dress dry and stained but she was obviously happy for the talk and walk. "I don't live too far from here. So, I better boogie before this food gets too cold. Cold pizza and calzone is great, but I favor the warmth over the chill." And.. she stands there, a little lost in her thoughts. She wanted to ask for his phone number, or at least something. So far, like him, he was the only person she knew in a big city like this. "So.. um.. maybe see you around again.. sometime.. ?"

Barry already hinted at the number thing before and got shot down. So he aint even thinkin' that whole thing; not again. He's walking next to her; his hands jabbed down in the pockets of his cardigan as he moseys along. "Well, it's alright. Glamorous, not really. You should see some of my coworkers." The thought makes him giggle.

"Yeah," he says as she starts pulling things to a close. "My place is a block or so that way." He jabs his thumb in the opposite direction. He grins, "Yeah, sometime. In a town of 12 million, we're bound to run into each other again."

It was her turn to rub at the back of her neck, even lifting upon the tips of her toes to bounce just a little. She scratches a little there, then just goes for it with a huge puff from her lips. "Hey. We live close to each other. Um. Maybe if.. I need some.. you know.. stuff.. I could give you a call?"

That was hard. Really hard.

"I mean, not that I'd only call when I want something but.. you know, to talk. Cause.. I like talking. And listening. I'm a really, really great listener and.." Her cheeks burn a little red as she's readying to spin around to rush off. "..I'll shut up now.." She mumbles to herself.

"Sure," Barry says in a non-assuming way and cutting through the awkwardness. He pulls out his phone. "I still have a Central City address since I just moved here. Ready?" He holds his phone up to do the exchange, "816" Elongated pause. "555" Elongated Pause. "3574."

"And yeah, I'd be game for any sort of company Felicity. To be honest, the only people I've met here have been coworkers and as much as I love the office, sometimes you just gotta leave the office, if you know what I mean."

"I bet you're a wonderful listener."

OH thank god. She pulled out her phone and begins to press the numbers in order as he speaks it. Normally, she'd call to see if that was his real number, but he seemed the honest sort, and nice. So it really wasn't something that was on the forefront of her mind. But hearing that he was from Central.. it almost made her continue on with the conversation to discuss the simliarities from Starling to Central, but.. save the date for a conversation that would soon come!

"Oh, I know how that goes. It's good to keep those things separate, if all you talk about is work work work.. then… I totally lost my train of thought." She breaks out into laughter, backing up.. and making sure that traffic was not coming her way. It would suck to get hit by a car right now.

"Thanks.." She says after her quick bout of laughter. "For the number and the compliment. And the food!" She lifts the bag, which.. has a little grease showing at the bottom.

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