Black Friday CrimeSpree

November 28, 2014: Intergang tries to rob a shipment on Black Friday and gets trounced by the Hawkeyes, Lunair, and Nyx

NYC West-side Highway

Black Friday, NYC, Midtown on the West Side Highway. Heavy Traffic.



  • Mr. Boss Agent - Armored Intergang
  • Bruiser - Intergang Meta
  • Various Intergang Agents

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Black Friday, NYC, Midtown on the West Side Highway.

Amidst all of the crazy shopping spectacles in New York City today nothing even holds a candle to the 'shopping' going down right now on the freeway. An unmarked delivery truck that was, well trucking down the road, is suddenly cut off by another unmarked delivery box truck. The driver probably thinks it is no big deal, but then the tow truck starts to break and when the driver goes to change lanes he finds himself boxed in, by three heavy if small NYC box trucks. They are all slowing fast in concert in the middle of the freeway.

This causes the noise of squealing tires and a lot of traffic slamming to a stop or swerving to go around suddenly. The back of the lead truck rolls up and reveals a handful of guys in black tactical armor and big guns pointing at the poor driver. This folks, is a modern take on a train job. Also intergang is a bit far afield from Metropolis but hey, crime doesn't respect city borders right.


There is always a whisper of things that go on. Whether it's a boast in a bar, chatter on a network, or a ill-conceived posting on a social network system, there's almost always something. Mind, it's not always absolute, nor is it always accurate. It is almost always general.

As a result, NYPD is set pretty thinly. As a -favor- to the local constabulary, Clint is perched on one of the steel bridge overpasses, half in the dark, waiting with his coat on, hoodie up and over his head to keep him from freezing to death.

"This is not the Black Friday deal I was looking for," Kate points out to Clint as she lounges nearby, legs swinging over the edge. Because, you know. She really needs to save a few bucks on Black Friday. At the unlimited arrow hut. Despite her complaint, she seems content enough, bundled up in leather and high-tech layers, with a white scarf pulled over her head and around her face. "What is it we're expecting to- Oh. Yeah, that doesn't look good."

Lunair is not sure why she wanted to pick someone up a gift on Black Friday. But she did. There's a large outdoors coat and some other stuff in a shopping bag in her car. Unwittingly (cuz that's how this works), her path takes her along towards where Hawkeye - uh, perches. Cuz that's how hawks do. When they're not being jerks and eating your pet birds. Because that is also how they do. Nature is kinda zany that way.

For her part, she is a conscientious driver, and all that jazz. Really, she respects that a car is several hundred to a couple thousand pounds of MURDERSTEEL. And her beautiful, sleek (although she invested most of HER money in the engine and such. Wonder why, hm?) car is among the traffic now stopped. "Huh, is that-?" Weird. What's going on? Peeer. Peeeeeeer.

The driver, well good question who he is driving for really, isn't having none of this. He hits a panic button and armor plating slams down over the windows and a distress call goes out on the police bands. Must be carrying something pretty important.

A couple of the intergang agents fire some shots which seem to be a mix of conventional and energy weaponry. It does light up the air at dusk. One of the agents hops down "Okay get the can opener. Move it people we are on a time table. .go go go!" The three other truck backs slide up and more agents bundle out, one of the ones from truck to the left of the now armored car is hefting something that looks like a big old plasma cutter.

Nyx meanwhile is breaking the rules Sho laid down, and common sense. When she heard the squeal of tires she took off running to see if there was something up, or an accident. Anything she could help with. Damned teenagers and their headlong into danger. She masks up, a half face mask, and flips her hoodie up, black hoodie. The hoodie has seen better days, it’s a bit tattered in the back like it was sliced up on rusted junkyard metal. She runs though quite fast, vaulting the lane highway barrier and running up past stopped cars, such as Lunair's.

It's the squeal of 'help' that comes across the police band is what truly alerts Hawkeye, and blue eyes follow the direction Kate is looking. "Oh yeah," and turning down the tuner, he's flipping himself down, and onto the rocky berms of the bridges, getting a little closer. Bow is out, arrow is nocked onto the string but not drawn.

"Getting a closer look." 'Closer look' is defined by 'another perch' on an underpass that is just a short distance from the fray.

"Because you're not sure if this is a false alarm?" Kate calls after Clint, swinging along behind him with just a little less certainty. Left to her own devices, she's not quite as fond of finding perches as her mentor. "Carny," she mutters, just loud enough to be heard, before coming to a stop a few jumps behind Barton and pulling her bow free.

Huh. Lunair blinks. Is that armor plating? And there's - energy weaponry. That's ominous. If there's anything she knows well, it's weaponry. She furrows her brows, peering out at it. Then suddenly, there's - someone who totally just ran up her car. "Hey! I just washed that!" Wait, her windows are up. Oops. Oh well. And she's unaware of the two arrow peeps just yet.

She opens her door and goes to peer out. Hmm. Is anyone watching her? She ducks back into her car, thinking. Oh yeah, license plates. Well, whatever. She has back up ones. Lunair will call up her armor and a magnetic gun. Time for potential hilarity.

The agent who called for the can opener checks his watch and cocks his head listening to what one may presume is an earpiece "Okay the Can called the police. Time table holds people we have two minutes before serious response. Spread out and get ready for company in case the can doesn't open as fast as planned. Bruiser open it up now!" he is pacing.

One would presume it is Bruiser, with the plasma cutter. He steps around and fires it up and starts to apply it to the hinges on the back of the now armored delivery truck <HSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS>. The rest of the intergang agents spread out watching all around, and the sky, they aren't dumb, for incoming police or capes.

Nyx leaps off the car she just put boot prints on, speeding up as she spots people doing nefarious robbery business. This does not go quite as she pictured it in her head though, she leaps off a car, clocks one of those guys right in his chest armor, which sends him skidding into one of the box trucks, and promptly gets shot point blank in the chest. Which sends her launching back the way she came landing with a crumpling crunch on the hood of a car near Lunair's smoking a bit. Someone really needs to teach the girl to dodge.

"Every kid wants to run away to the carnival. Livin' the dream." Only, obviously, Clint's didn't quite turn out that way.
Settling once again in something a little higher and off the ground, Cling pulls out his com, "This is Agent Barton with SHIELD, code 551 dash 7. We're gonna need some cops out here on the Westside Highway, mile marker 15 to deal with traffic." If there's a response, he doesn't wait to listen.
Sorry there, buddy. You don't have two minutes.
Now, with someone running into the fray.. what? (Shot point blank range. Probably nothing to be done…) Barton draw his bow back and sends an arrow flying, aiming specifically for the plasma cutter. Explosive arrow- not the highest grain so shouldn't damage the armor, but those delicate inner workings?
"Three… two… one…"

While Clint takes the shot, Kate moves a little bit closer, flanking around toward the vehicles that were pursuing the now-armored truck in the first place. You know what sucks? When the bad guys get away. So before they know to run, she shoots a few tires. Stick around, guys!

Huh. Lunair blinks. A guy with a can opener? Okay. And then suddenly Nyx lands on a car hood nearby. Okay, that's - not good. "Oh - geez! Hang on!" She's gotta clear the hostiles before medical care can get in. Lunair's super smart, but she's not a doctor. Barf totally makes her barf, okay? Don't judge.
Nevertheless, she has a gravity gun. That uses magnetism. This is definitely not as loud or obnoxious as a usual gun. And then suddenly, it gets all flaming RenFaire up in here.
"Arrows!" The armored woman pauses. Heey! Why not. She's pretty okay with arrows. "Actually, I have something for that arrow guy." Pause. "Later." And she's going to take her gravity gun, pick up the nearest bit of debris and smack one of the bad guys with it Acme style. "Hooray! Nonlethal force! I think. This isn't gonna get me lectured." Oh, Lunair. She tries.

Things go better for the experienced heroes. One exploding plasma cutter, well not like boom exploding but certainly completely slagged inner workings as it fizzles out and is reduced to high priced damaged parts. Then tires on the box vans blow out dramatically, one, two, three, four villain escape vehicles substantially crippled. Right then, debris flying from somewhere and landing on one of the Intergang thugs holding what looked to be a high tech shot gun. Crunch.

Mr. Agent in charge pauses as there are firing energy weapons and then exploding arrows and flying debris. He just sighs "Capes.. God damnit. We have… I don't even know yet but one seems to be a telekinetic" gravity gun, who uses those right. "Hunker down boys and find a target, end them." he meanwhile reaches back into the box truck and pulls out a helmet, fully armoring up. Nothing on Starks armor but it looks pretty serviceable. "Get me that thing open…. bruiser use your damn hands if you must but try not to melt what is inside."

The one who had been holding a nice plasma cutter grunts "but they killed Betty… " then tosses 'Betty' to the ground and reaches up and starts to dig his fingers into the cut slice he made and starts to worry the door hinge hard, well this one has some sort of superhuman strength, way slower than a plasma cutter though.

Nyx coughs up some blood "Damn… that hurt." she rolls over on the hood of the car and pushes herself back up and sliding off the hood to land on her feet. She then starts to run back in, which no one was quite expecting, popping around one of the box trucks and grabbing an intergang agent and ripping the front of his armor right off him, and messing up his shoulder she is gripping for leverage in the process. Not really thinking it she presses the armor to front, ending the brief r-rating. Then turns to face two more intergang agents, both raising their weapons at her. "Woah… woah!" hands up though that doesn't seem to be making them pause. Something quirky happens with the teenagers arms though, bright energy weapon style energy runs down both arms, spiking up as the arms under the glare seem.. different then a moment ago. Then BLAST and BZARCH … two intergang agents may or may not be the same but they are definitely smoking on the ground thirty feet from where they were standing "Woah" says Nyx.

Power and speed. 17 arrows can be off within 30 seconds, should Clint want to. And all accurately. But, no. Each arrow that gets nocked, a new target is acquired, and then the next… and the next. The Zen of Archery.
"Get the advancing guys. Taken 'em down, Kates."
For Clint, his target is the bruiser. A shot to the arm. Shot to the leg. Nothing lethal, but it's really going to screw up his day.
The girl… is getting up off the car? But.. but… oh. The crackle of electricity, or whatever it is… and smoking holes- Okay, not holes.
"Lunair?! Take out the leader. Iron Man wanna-be."

Kate has absolutely no intention of letting the bad guys get a chance to pick a target. "On it, boss," she grins at Clint's direction, firing off a series of shots at the nameless goons. Hand, shoulder, knee, one gets an arrow right through the foot and into the pavement. Ouch!

To be fair, Lunair really has 0 medical talent. Trying to help Nyx would likely end worse than not. Then she hears her name. "Uhm. I should probably use my codename. Hi!" She doesn't seem too ruffled, though. Lunair is easy going. And alarmingly murderous when put to it. But she has to take action. And she seems fine with them assuming it was TK or something.
But now she has a target. And she peers around through the visor of her armor. It's armor that looks yanked out of some sleek, futuristic video game or another. Iron man wannabe… She looks for that fellow. And if his armor or suit has any metal, he's going to find himself lifted and slammed down. "It's non-lethal!" See? She's got this hero thing down pat.
"Also I have something for the dude firing arrows, but uhm, it's in the car." Sadness. Oh well. Lunair is doing her thing.

One little two little three little arrows. Four little… seventeen.. what like thirty arrows in rapid succession. Hard to keep count with all those arrows. A lot of intergang agents are spun in heaps and crumpled or pinned by arrows in their joints. Sure non-lethal but by god this is painful for them.
Bruiser yells in a good deal of pain and goes down onto one knee as he loses his grip on the door he was ripping off. Problem is he staggers back up to his feet with his hands lightly glowing, maybe that is what Mr. Agent in charge meant about not melting the contents of the armored car. Problem is he can't see who is filling him with arrows, though he can see the Nyx with the glowing arms and he staggers at her.
Mr. Agent in charge is having a problem, his armor is indeed metallic and he is indeed being lifted up and slammed down by Lunair's gravity gun. His orders suddenly have become amazingly disjointed and troubled, a lot of grunting and cries of pain really.

Nyx looks sidelong at the guy with glowing hands staggering at her and panics. A total lack of discipline causes her to pivot, grab the box truck she is standing by. Yes grab the box truck. She doesn't lift it up, mostly because she has no idea how to leverage it properly. She rips the side off though and proceeds to use the side of the truck to bash Bruiser down into the payment "Aaah!" okay not the most heroic battle cry. "Why don't you people ever just stay down!"

Down. Down. Down.
Each arrow is targeted from the Hawkeyes are targeted and each hit exactly where they're aimed. It's what they've trained, and each shaft is true.
The onslaught of goons that were approaching is no longer which gives Clint the ability to approach without being swarmed. The big guy, shot twice, isn't looking all that happy, but before he can do anything, the -girl- is peeling off the side of the panel truck and beating him with it yelling?! Okay… "Hey! Hey.. calm down. I think he's down… hey!" is called out to Nyx. "Put the ton of steel down." Probably not a ton, but damn.
And Lunair has the big guy.
"I'd just stay down if I were you, big guy!"

"Whoa there, killer," Kate murmurs, nocking a blunt-tipped arrow to shoot at the back of Nyx's shoulder. The way she figures, if the girl can shrug off bullets and rip off the sides of vans, that's probably equivalent to a polite, snap-out-of-it tap on the shoulder. "Clint, do you have a plan for the good guys here?"

"You have to tell me when you're surrendering!" Lunair will stop smacking the guy around once he gives some sort of UNCLE! Signal. She's not a sadist. And really, anyone who isn't up or fighting isn't going to get smacked around. Fortunately, as potentially lethal as she is, people have probably figured out the best way to keep Lunair from murdering the stuffing out of people is to *talk* to her. She just doesn't know much else. Either way. "So many arrows." So many.

Well this didn't at all go the way the Intergang agents thought their shopping trip was going to go there. No sir, not at all. They are all in various states of downed, though several are trying to make a break for it on foot, the ones not arrowed to the ground.
Bruiser isn’t moving or yelling uncle, he is indeed staying down at this point though.
Mr. Boss Agent is definitely trying to tap out slapping his hand on the ground when he lands "e .. e… enough!" he finally manages to get out, the armor enhancing his voice, must be a small loudspeaker unit in his helmet for shouting orders.

Nyx gets pegged by the blunt arrow and yelled at by Hawkeye. It does seem to get through to her and she pauses with the side of the box truck, it has a bruiser imprint in it. She carefully sets it down panting and looking a little wild eyed at Hawkeye and Hawkeye II now and then exclaims "Oh.. sorry…" still breathing hard "Hi!.. did we get them??" she is still wearing the purloined intergang chest plate somehow.

"Not a clue," Clint responds to Kate's question. "I hate having to do this part," is muttered soon after under his breath.

"Alright." Hawkeye comes striding in as if he's taking over the scene, because, well… he is. Until the police get here. "That's enough…" Walking towards Mr. Boss Agent, Barton crouches such that his arms rest upon his knees and he ducks his head. "At least you waited until after Thanksgiving. But, max security, buddy."
Nyx' coming back to the land of the 'living', so to speak, is greeted with a nod. "Yeah. We did. Thanks for your help. But now, I think you should probably go before my friends in the NYPD get here. They're gonna ask questions and I don't have the answers, nor do I wanna." Clint raises his voice so the other 'friendly' catches it, "That goes for you too."

"Got 'em," Kate assures Nyx with a wry smile as she follows behind Clint, taking care of any downed or lingering bad guys with some handy dandy zip ties. Sit. Stay. "If you want to talk to someone about what you can do, though, give this number a call," she adds, coming back to offer over…a business card? It sure looks like one. It just says Hawkeye, though, and a phone number. Probably a burner. "The more you know, the better you can be."

Pause. Lunair pouts faintly inside of her helmet. "Okay, I should go. I do have a thingy for you." She pops into her car and brings out a shopping bag. "Not all of it, but you're probably cold. At least you're not in spandex." She offers helpfully. The big outdoors jacket that's probably stupidly expensive and warm, military surplus - yup. "Cold is sad. And so is spandex." Lunair exists on her own level of existence. Sometimes her mind is just too far ahead of the rest of her.
She does at least check in on people as she sees them. "Have a good - whatever it is you were doing - I think?" Pause. "Yes. Have a good evening." She waves to the trio. "Did you need a ride?" She asks Nyx.

Bad guys are ziptied, armor disabled, and cops on the way if the sirens and thump of helicopters is any indication.

Nyx accepts the card from Hawkeye, the female Hawkeye. "Oh wow.." she peers at it now. "Awesome… I .. yeah awesome I will so call .. this is like amazing…" she does this little bounce on her heels and then cocks her head "oh right.. going.. right.. we should go…" she looks to Lunair "That would be awesome… I ran here. Are you a superhero too?" she follows Lunair to said offered ride.
Kate looks after Nyx and Lunair with a glimmer of amusement, but turns back to making sure the various bad guys are properly restrained.

Lunair seems uncertain on how to answer that. "You're welcome. Where are you off to?" She asks. She will let her armor drop, revealing that she's pretty ordinary - as human gals go. Aside from favoring a distinctly elegant Lolita fashion. The rufflemonster rides again. "Um. I dunno about super heroing… that's kind of major league," She furrows her brows. She shrugs at that. There's a smile to the Kate. "I am glad he has friends. He seemed sad somehow."
Lunair's car is a beautiful, dark blue model of some sort imported from Europe. She waves to Kate, "Be well!" And will step into her car once Nyx is safely inside.

Nyx totally ducks into the car and gets situated "Wow this is a nice car." she pauses "Oh hey… um Bronx works for me…" she carefully peaks under the armor chest plate to look at herself. "shew… oh I’m going to be a superhero .. Beats being a supervillain really I think." she will proceed to play with the controls on the ride, like she hasn't been in a high end car.

Lunair doesn't mind in the slightest. She smiles. "Okay, cool." She's a friendly sort, but one might notice that she - has problems showing emotion properly when she's not focused entirely. "And really? Good luck. I'm sure you'll be fine," Yes indeedy. And the ride is nice, and smooth. It's a nice enough car with plenty of buttons to mess with. At least traffic should thin out…

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