No one really likes to see Chloe Sullivan cry

November 28, 2014: Clark visits Lois Lane in the hospital after she's been hurt.

Metropolis Hospital

A hospital. In Metropolis.



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"I'm here to see Lois Lane!" Clark says with exasperation to the wide-eyed nurse who was already helping someone else. He pulls the strap of his satchel higher upon his shoulder in a move that many would see as awkward. Indeed, under normal circumstances he might play up such a thing in order to keep his bumbling image maintained.

But there is no pretending now. Only true panic.

"Who are you?" the woman asks, somewhat snidely at the bespectacled man's rudeness. It's highly out of character for him, but she doesn't know that.

"My name is Clark Kent and she's one of my best friends. I heard she was hurt from someone at work and I came right away."

The look on the woman's face shows she's not buying it, but for proof he rummages in that awkward satchel once more and produces today's copy of the Daily Planet. There in heavy print-cover story by Lois Lane. Side story by Clark Kent.

The door to Lois' room bursts open and there, in his pitiful glory is Clark Kent. Not the show he puts on for others and not the guy with the red cape. The real Clark Kent and he's terrified as to what he might find.

Clark stepped into hell.

Well, her sort of hell. Her hair was messed up due to the bandage wrapped around her eye and covering the top of her head, her arm wrapped tightly about her body due to a broken collar bone, neck scarred due to burns of a buckshot and gods know what else underneath that horrid hospital gown she wears. She was a sad and sorry sight, but thankfully, she was sleeping comfortably due to morphine and a mess of other drugs that were being fed to her through her IV. The monitor is at a steady beat, that was until Clark busted into the room and woke her up with a start.

It was obvious the pace of her heart quickens, just as her one eye opens to see Clark standing there, looking just about as rough as she, if not worse.

"Clark.." She groggily moans out, slowly attempting to sit up in the bed. "Good lord, you look a mess. Come here.."

Clark exhales and can't help but give a weak, if relieved smile as he throws his bag on the ground and moves over to the side of the bed. His knee clanks against the tile as he moves to get closer to her; his large frame brings him to the perfect height as he reaches up to touch her hair.

"Lois," he says quietly. "What happened to you?" He reaches to touch-to touch anywhere that might not hurt her, and settles on one of her hands. "Are you okay?" Inwardly he's grimacing at the bandages; knowing immediately that she has been hurt badly.

As soon as he nears, she rises just enough to give a good vantage, her brows lowering as his haggard look causes her concern. She really wasn't worried about herself in that moment, for the hand that he grabs was squeezed and tugged close, and soon released as she reaches up to try to fix his hair back into place. "There was a robbery at the diner. I think it was the Fish Gang." She didn't say much more than that, not yet.

"I'm okay though. Just a broken collar bone and arm.. I think. But on the upside, the drugs they have here are /totally/ great." She doesn't laugh, but she gives him a warm smile to at least ease the worry. "Did Chloe call? I was on the phone with her briefly when it happened. I don't want her to come all the way out here for nothing."

"Yeah, she called. I didn't get the message until late." What he means by this is that he was gone and not there for Lois. "You know she'd come anyways, Lois."

"The Fish Gang?" The name doesn't immediately hold meaning to Clark; and he keeps up with this sort of thing. Rather than pull back after she fixes his hair, Clark stays close to Lois, his blue eyes darting over her. "Why would they want to hurt you?"

It was a strange thing really, completely backwards. She didn't want her own family to see her in such a state, but really didn't mind if Clark did, or even Superman. "Tell her to not come, just tell her I'm okay." And, that was that. She reaches for his hand again, this time, comparing the sizes to keep her mind busy. She was traumatized just enough to hide that little fear, regret, and everything else that she could have done differently behind the guise of wonder.

"That's what Tristie said. Or.. I heard. The Fish Gang. You know Tristie, she's like the president of the Superman fan club. She makes me look like minced meat." And there was a laugh, a laugh that wrecks her just enough to cause her to wince and nothing more. "They didn't want to hurt me. Or, I guess they really didn't care for me even until they recognized me as 'Superman's piece of ass'." She winces at those words, they were crude enough even for her.

"They were aiming for the guy behind me though. He sort of took them out. Without even looking. Can you imagine that? He killed them all right in front of me." Her words trail off for a moment, her gaze fixed upon a vein in his hand. "Think he said his name was Deadshot. Says Superman owes him one. I don't think I'm going to tell him that. I thought he was a cop."

Clark swallows with some difficulty as his eyes dart trying to think about all of this. Deadshot-he didn't know him personally-but it fits the MO of a guy he recently cracked right in the jaw.

And though he didn't realize it, a man who was instrumental in getting Amanda Waller some Kryptonian DNA.

"That sounds pretty crazy," Clark says absently, still thinking. He squeezes Lois' hand. "I'll tell Chloe not to come, but when she digs deeper, I'm going to have to tell her the truth, Lois. Sullivans and Lanes are known for their tenacity. And I'm not going to lie for you." Because lying to her every day is hard enough.

"As far as Diner robberies go, it was." She looks up towards him now, obviously angered for his unwillingness to lie for her. In fact, it really wasn't a lie. She was truly fine now that she was under the doctors care. "Clark. I'm fine. I may not look it, but I'm fine. I'm actually checking out today. And I'm leaving town. I need to recover somewhere quiet, somewhere safe and far, far away from here. Just for a little while. I need some peace."

She sighs and lets go of his hand now, laying her head back to face the window, a little smile drawing upon her face and falling all the same. "I just have to wait for him to come here. I know he'll come see me. And then I'll ask him to just take me away, to his place. I can even visit that dinosaur bird he has locked up, or see whatever else is there that he's hiding. But, no phones. No computers maybe. Just that big place." She shrugs her shoulder as best as she could, her eye closing. "Or maybe.. I don't know. It's all wishful thinking, right? A girl with a crush and a dream." She sounded sad enough that it would break anyones heart, but she does perk up just a little.

"When I'm better, I get to go and visit the guy that Superman saved from the train robbery, remember? He's on this floor."

"You really seem to care about him a lot," Clark says. The look on his face is difficult to parse. It almost looks like regret.

"I don't want you to go, but I want you to be safe. If you're in trouble with this Fish Gang in any way, or if they want any sort of retribution, it's best that you're miles from here. Any idea if Danvers will let you get away for a while?"

"I do. I mean, who wouldn't? Aside from you, Chloe, Jimmy, he's like another part of the family. Just.. you know, that extremely busy part of the family." She frowns a little, then slightly turns towards Clark, her hand drawing from his to try to fix his hair again, and this time his collar.

"I don't think I'll be in any more trouble. To be honest, I think I would have been in more trouble if I called out for Superman like I threatened. I think that they'd be more interested in that guy who killed those three." She sighs a little, "I could use some vacation time. But I think I used up most of my time when I went to Syria. Maybe you could talk to her for me? See if she'd be okay with it?"

"I will," Clark says with a nod. "There won't be any problems."

Because Carol and Clark have shared each other's secrets. If one or the other needs something, they've shown that they'd be there for each other. And Carol knows all about Clark's feelings for Lois, even if he hasn't told the blonde. "When are you planning on leaving?"

"I don't know. I haven't even told him I wanted to go out there yet. I don't even think he knows I'm here." She glances at the phone over Clark's shoulder, a slight frown drawing upon her features. "I think a bit before you got her, I tried to call. I dial the number, then just hang up. I know he thinks the world of me, but I would hate to think of what he'd do when.." She gestures at herself. "So maybe once they discharge me, let me go on my own I can go out there. I think he's another that I don't want to.. you know.. have to look at me because I'm all broken."

She chuckles a little, then smiles. "Besides, now I'm starting to think that I'm throwing myself on him to take care of me like I'm some kind of burden. This self pity crap is hard to shake, Smallville."

Clark shakes his head, "He wouldn't think any less of you, Lois. You're a survivor. And you're an amazing person. If he doesn't see that, then it's his fault. I'm sure he's just as worried about you as I am, and once he does find out, you're not going to be able to stop him like you are trying to stop Chloe."

She scoffs loudly. "Okay, okay! So Superman can keep it together, but it's Chloe. You know what's going to happen when she gets here?" She pulls her hand away from him, her heart monitor beeping rapidly, possibly because of her moving and getting a little riled around the edges. "Her eyes are going to be, really.. really red. Then when I ask her if she's been crying, she'll say yes. Then once she admits that she's been crying, she'll get that cute little.." She scrunches her nose even, her hand lifting to make little mousie scritches in the air. ".. face she does right before she starts to cry and.. then she'll cry. And then she'll start complaining and say.." She clears her throat. "Lois! Superman can't be everywhere at once, you need to be more careful, blah blah blah."

"Honestly, Clark. Would /you/ want to deal with that?"

Clark laughs a bit, giving her hand another squeeze, "No. No I wouldn't. Listen, you worry about you, and I'll worry about Chloe, alright?" He has a way of handling that pretty easy enough. And he doesn't have to lie to anyone except for Lois.

Clark has seen those red eyes many a time for a whole host of reasons. He has no desire to see his best friend cry.

"I knew you'd understand. God.. she knows how to really get to us, right?" She shakes her head a little, her thumb stroking along his knuckle as she glances back at her phone. "I also need another favor, okay? Just.. call Superman for me. His number is programmed into my phone. Just tell him I need to get away for a while and if he says that I have to stay here to look after the doctors.."

She pauses a little, thinking back upon the conversation she had with him when she gave him the phone..

"Just tell him I'll jump." She grabs ahold of his hand now, to at least stop him from protesting. "Not really going to jump but, he'll know what I mean."

Clark nods to her and gets up, "I'm happy to see you're alright, Lois. I've got to go and talk Chloe down off the mountain. I'll make the call." He gives her hand one more squeeze before he begins to head to the door. "I'm sure Superman will be relieved too."

Clark exits out the door quietly and garners an angry look from the nurse, but he pays it no heed. He's already on his cell phone, "Chloe. It's Clark. Yeah, she's fine. I'm bringing her up to the Fortress. That will take care of any of her lingering injuries." *Pause* "Pretty bad. Worse than she's willing to admit. I'll give you a report on it tonight."

Watching him walk out the door, she glances towards her phone, and then towards the door yet again.

"Clark! You forgot my phone!" She sighs a little, shaking her head. "Claaaark! My phoooone!"

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