Sewer Nymph Policing

November 28, 2014: Misfit runs into Fenris after he finishes policing the Fey and has a chat with the god wolf.

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Fenris does not often come to Gotham but when he does, it's usually because someone or something has done something they should not. Today it's a water sprite living in the sewers. Some things sort of cling to old ways and despite the fact that it's a far cry from a pristine pool in the woods, the sprite had been luring unsuspecting men to her, er, grotto and… well Fenris didn't really care about the and. Folks were going missing and other folks were taking notice so he'd come to tell the creature in question to knock it off. That does, he emerges from the sewers in the East End as if it's something he does every day.

Misfit is on a nearby rooftop, sitting on the edge of it with her feet dangling off there. "Lets see.. nightwing.. Darkwing.. Sonar.. though I dont really have Sonar powers…" she chews her lower lip. She is at least sort of out of the batgirl knockoff outfit, she has swapped it for a classic domino mask, tshirt with a stylized bat symbol, jean skirt, and tights. Still kind of a uniform but not so batgirl copying. "Diablibat.. ok Im not even sure what that is… why are all the good names taken!" she exclaims sulking "Redwing.. isn't that a brand of shoes Charlie.. guh… maybe I can google a name generator on the phone Oracle gave me… Darkness would be good though.. maybe Darkwing or Darkbat or .. I wonder if some criminal would twist it to Dorkwing.. that would suck like totally a lot…." she pauses her ramble and squints "hello hello…. weirdo coming out of sewer.. " staring down at Fenris "Yo .. sewer guy.. stop right there because I totally bet you are committing some crime!"

The God-Wolf isn't often stopped by vigilantes either. But when he is… he's generally highly amused. As, indeed, he is now. He glances up from dusting himself off and smirks a bit. "Oh? You do, do you?" There's something about him that's generally kind of creepy. He can't help it. He is a genuine, honest to god (several of them) predator and that bleeds through.

Charlie is still sitting there, she hasn't sprung into bat-action or whatever she plans to do. When the guy looks up and talks to her though, oh yeah super creepy creepster creepzilla. "Uh… woah.. yeah… you .. you down there looking all .. menacing and stuff. What do you think you are doing in the sewers evil-doer!"

Fenris gauges the young woman up above him and smiles a bit. Sometimes there's no better, or more amusing option, than the truth. "Oh, just telling a nymph to stop seducing and then drowning men. That sort of thing isn't really kosher and people tend to take notice when large numbers of men go missing in a small area.

Charlie opens her mouth to retort then closes it. Whaaat. No seriously Whaaaaat. "A nymph drowning people in the sewers. Like a faerie nymph from like some RPG in the sewers drowning men. Are you messing with me spookster?" she seems skeptical.

"Nope." Fenris says easily, as he starts to walk. If the girl's interested in talking she'll keep up, he's sure. "And yes, Faerie Nymph is more or less accurate. There's a shortage of forest springs in these parts if you hadn't noticed."

Charlie hops up to her feet and walks along the rooftop there "That.. is crazy so like magic crazy… and it will stop drowning dudes?" she stares down at you "And you’re not a villain.. you look like a villain. Villains also lie."

"Yes." It will. If it knows what's good for it. If not, Fenris will come back and deal with her in a more permanent fashion which she doesn't want. Because, presumably, she likes living. "I look like a villian mmm? Do tell. What do villians look like? Do they all go to the same tailor or something?"

The girl is on the next rooftop, either she lept the alley or something else is going on. "Well you seem.. menacing.. and dangerous and maybe evil.. I don't know it is a vibe really… it isn't like you are wearing an evil uniform or scream it out like the Joker or anything…" she pauses "What is your name?" maybe that will clear it up.

"Jeremiah." Fun as this is, Fenris isn't going to give the girl his proper name for the same reasons he generally doesn't give anyone his proper name. People flip out when they learn that the Norse death-wolf is wandering around unsupervised despite the fact that he's been doing so for centuries and the world hasn't ended yet.

Charlie considers bopping him with a bat-a-rang, she may have some impulse control. "Right… Jeremiah… okay and why is it you come to Gotham sewers and sooth psycho sewer nymphs… if that is what you were doing. Does batman know you are here.. I’m told he really doesn't like encroachments?" hah totally remembered that word.

"Here's a notion for you." The tall, predatory man chuckles. "I don't care what he likes. He doesn't own the city, nor the sewers." Beat. "And even if he did, I still wouldn't care what he likes." The master vigilante of Gotham is a mysterious type, but Fenris hasn't ever had cause to seek him out nor occasion really to run into him or his ilk. "If anyone has a claim to owning anything around here, I might think it'd be me. I was here first, after all."

Charlie gasps, yes indeed an actual GASP at the insulting of the legendary Batman in Gotham of all places. She just gapes for a second and then walks faster on the edge of the roof to catch up again, tapping an earpiece. "Uh this guy, he crawled out of the sewers and said he dealt with a water nymph and insulted batman.. is he a criminal?" she tilts her head listening to something
Oracle response is "Fenris. He's known to me… and is not a criminal. Good work Charlotte…."
Charlie "Oh.. hey… not a criminal.. well.. huh um.. okay that is surprising. Sorry about that Mr. Fenris sir."

That gets Charlie a quirked eyebrow. "Mmmmm. Someone on the other end of that knows my name, mmm?" He wonders who that could be. And has a few guesses. "Yes, my name is Fenris. And there's no need to apologize. I don't offend easily at my age. There aren't that many things that can be said that are worth getting that worked up over, really."

Charlie hits the end of the roof and runs out of roof, about to step onto an actual street. She 'bounces' down from the ledge behind you with a flash of purple and pink smoke. That. That was Sorcery to your nose. "Oh well good. So wow like a water nymph. Are there lots of faeries in cities these days?" she clearly didn't believe you until she got the confirm on not a villain.

The bit of magic also gets a quirk of a brow from Fenris. He doesn't track every practitioner out there but he does keep an eye on the active ones. Clearly here's another one for him to watch. "More than people might believe. Pristine wildernesses are so hard to come by these days and faeries seem to love humanity. Largely you have to go to cities for that. Fortunately they're usually better about keeping a low profile."

Charlie considers that "Well.. that is a bit creepy but also fifty shades of awesome!" she grins and shrugs a bit. "Except when they drown dudes.. that isn’t awesome and I don’t condone that… unless they are villains then they probably need the Dark Vengeancing and if Faeries want to slap out some justice who would argue."

Fenris… isn't sure he understood half of that. "It's rough when dealing with supernatural beasties is that they often have a set nature and can't deviate from it. You can get them to tone it down a bit, but not stop. That Nyxie probably won't stop seducing people. Hopefully she's stopp killing them though."

Charlie looks back now at the sewer lid way down the alley and then back to you "Well we can totes keep an eye on people going missing I guess. Though I suppose if she starts up again you will deal with it. Are you like the faerie policeman or something?"

"Closer to 'or something.' I don't really care what magical things do so long as they don't kick up a fuss, but anything that happens in the Tri-City area, the beasties know I might check up on." He doesn't add 'because it's mine.' Humans don't often understand that singularly lupine point of view but Fenris does view the Tri City area as his private hunting grounds.

Charlie huhms and nods "Well okay then kind of or something like magical police. Well.. .okay then… your very creepy." she bounces POP back up to the rooftop. No verbal incantations or gestures, but definitely sorcery. "Well nice to meet you Mr. Fenris."

"Nice meeting you…" Fenris waves. "Did you have a name you wanted me to remember, miss?" He chuckles. "Or do you do the nameless, masked vigilante thing?"

Charlie scrunches her nose up cute like at that "Crap no.. I mean.. I'm told I can't be batgirl because there totally is this gothy dark brooding batgirl already even if her costume is kinda lame… so no name yet but I'm working on it. Names are hard."

"Mmmmm. You'll figure it out, I'm sure." The Old Wolf chuckles. "In any case, Witchling, I'll see you around." He raises a hand and tears open a Way. It's a rip in space and time that takes, well, back to his home in New York actually.

Charlie gasps, yes GASPS, for the second time then gapes for a moment, again even. "Woah.. okay.. that was pretty cool." watching this Fenris guy do his Way and all that. She kind of felt it too, not sure why but Sorcery. "Hmmm.. witchling… but Im not a witch… darkling maybe…" she bounces to metropolis and her place easy peasy.

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