Welcome to the Hidden World, Felicity Smoak

November 28, 2014: Felicity gets a brief introduction into the hidden world by way of The Ghost

Wall Street

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Wall Street. Pure hell for an IT person. You get the business dudes who know nothing about computers and the jocks who transition from being jocks to business dudes who know nothing about computers. Getting 'inside' is tough, you have to pass through a crowd of hollaring people and big blazing screens but, this is what she really signed up for. She doesn't even get an office. She gets a cubicle in the basement. Somewhere tucked far away from the eyes only destined to be a voice or words on the screen.

Maybe she likes it that way, but it was incredibly boring. Her line rings as she puts on her headset, hair tied back into a ponytail, back set straight and a smile put upon her face as she answers the phone. "Its a great day to be IT! This is Felicity from the Help Desk, whats your damage today?"

Chipper as ever!

The voice on the other end grumbles, obviously irritated by the happy tone. "That's highly inappropriate. Look. Somethings wrong with my computer. It's speaking french. You need to get up here and fix it."

"Who is this?" She asks, attempting to remain humbled.

"Greg Jackson, are you going to come up here or what?"

"Sure, I'll be there in half an hour! Thank you for calling!"

"But—…" No further last words for Greg Jackson, he was promptly hung up on.

Snow still hadn't much adjusted, technologically, to the modern world. He suspected it had something to do with his very essence - as the Ghost of the 20th Century, 21st century technology seems to slip between his fingers. He feels lost, at sea, whenever trying to navigate such waters.

Beautiful women, thankfully, he can handle.

"I entirely mean to intrude, Miss Smoak," a voice says from behind her. "But your talents far exceed the meager compensation and poor treatment you receive. Not to mention, locking you away in this dungeon like a German coalgoblin (not the English variety - those you put in chimneys), well, it seems something of a waste to me. You deserve to be well lit. You should work for me." he says.

He reaches out, offering a card between his index and middle fingers. It's as white as his hair, his skin, his suit, the words embossed on it somehow legible in spite of being white on white "Elijah Snow - Planetary".

Right when she was debating on going early out of guilt, the man's voice behind her causes her to jump and rip her headphones right off of her head, completely startled.


Wait, did she just eep? She totally did. She spins around within her seat, cheeks red as all get out, her eyes lifting up towards the insanely white man with a furrow of her brow and a tip of her head. "Uh.." Is all she could say, her hand shakily reaching out to pluck the card from his fingers.

Elijah Snow. Planetary. This must be a joke.

She looks at the back of the card then hands it right back to him, her hand pressed against her chest as she takes in a soothing breath. "I'm sorry. I can't accept that. Cause I know it's a joke, you guys are getting to be ridiculous. First week it was the peeing teddy bear, this week, an albino in a flashy suit. Ha. Ha. Tell Jake he's very funny." Cause job offers that fall from the sky /should/ happen to Felicity, but this is the real world, she knew it was totally fake.

Elijah Snow smiles. He's used to not being believed. That's how so many of the world's strange things stayed hidden, after all. Humans liked their illusion that the world was a rational place. That it made sense. They liked myths, but boxed-in myths, myths that comforted and offered meaning in times of trouble. The world in which they lived had teeth and claws and things that go clickety-clack in the shadows. Nobody wanted to think about that. And so, for them, the world stayed mundane.

Snow's job and his motto was simple: Keep the world strange.

"I joke quite often, but I've been told that I'm quite terrible at it. And I'm not an albino - albinos have pink eyes and mine, as you can see, are quite blue. I am something else entirely. Even I'm not entirely sure what. That's part of the fun."

"I need minds like yours, Felicity. Quick, open, flexible. Capable of far more than you give yourself credit. I have people in my employ who watch for such potential. Several of them have pointed me to you. What I'm offering is, quite simply, freedom. Freedom from this little cage. And, of course, quintuple your current salary." he says.

He holds out his hand and the air starts to thicken, swirling, a tiny snowstorm in his hand, dusting white powder around in a little tornado until it falls away to reveal a sculptured piece of ice, a little figurine of a pretty girl with a pair of glasses.

Someone was surely joshing around with Felicity. She kept a straight face through it all; it was rare that she became angry, emotional yes, angry.. no. So she just nodded her head as he spoke, her brows raising ever so slightly. "Who are they? You know, that pointed me to you. Or you to me is it. I think.."

Her phone begins to ring, a call loading up in cue as she turns halfway to reach for her headset. But then she stops, the motion of his hands catching her attention, her eyes widening as she witnesses.. she doesn't know what to call it.

A Christmas miracle? Magic? Either way, it was something that a logical mind like hers could barely, barely even begin to register.

The phone was left ringing for now, her lips parting in a little bit of a shock. That.. can't be real.

"Oh. My. God." She mutters, glancing all around to see if there was a projection hidden somewhere within the room, this.. had to be fake.

She reaches out to lightly touch the little figurine.. which was cold, her hand drawing back quickly and..

Sweet Jesus it was real!

"Oh my god, that thing is real!" Duh.

"Quiet down Felicity, I'm on a damn call!" Her co-worker hollars out, but she ignored it.

Elijah Snow turns his head slightly to the side, "Mr. Fineman, if you speak that way to Miss Smoak again, I'm going to call your mother and tell her exactly what's inside that file on your desktop labeled "Funtimes"," he says, resulting in a sudden silence and the sound of a quadruple sized Big Sip of convenience store soda splattering on the floor.

Those blue eyes turn back to the woman before him: "Reality means many things. But I am here and my offer is certainly genuine. Planetary is an actual corporation - a moment's search can reveal its existence. But that might lead you down a rabbit hole. Conspiracy websites. Truthers. Fan-fiction (I'm apparently quite well endowed). But why not accept my offer and spare yourself the effort of the speculation of others?"

She waves her hand dismissively, but.. she makes a note to check the guys file later. Blackmail, if it should come to it, because she was about to leave work early, which was totally against the rules. She reaches out to take the card from him again, placing it within her jean pocket as she wordlessly stands to gather her things. She's rushing of course, knocking over an empty cup and her cup of pens, even scattering a bit of paper as she looks for her badge.

"Planetary." She states, not really believing what she saw. Before she took the offer, she had to know more.

"I think we should go.." She mutters, slinging on her jacket and snatching up her purse, badge slung around her neck as she promptly begins to walk.

People don't make ice sculptures out of the thin air. That's just /impossible/.

"I want to hear from the word of mouth, but not here. I.. this.. this is really, really unbelievable.."

Elijah Snow smiles, "Unbelievable. Just give me a moment." he says. He turns toward the wall of the cubicle and, reaching into his pocket, draws out a piece of chalk. He then starts to trace an arch into the wall, from the floor and up and then back down again. He then draws what appears to be a doorknob on one side of it, centering the middle of it with an arcane symbol, something squiggly and hard to look at, that makes you feel a pressure behind your eyes if you try to read it.

He raps three times and then reaches down, grasping the suddenly solid knob and swings open the door. There is darkness beyond, but flickering light, like torches from a Lord of the Rings movie, a trip to the dragon's lair.

"Plato's chalk. Awfully useful, so long as you don't mind some stale air. Mind the shadows, though. They can't be trusted. Not even your own," he says, offering his hand.

Felicity turns towards him as he asks for a moment, silently nodding her head and.. watching. What was he doing?

The symbol was actually studied by her with the attempts to commit to memory, but there was a nagging sensation, something that caused her to remove her glasses and pinch the bridge of her nose with her eyes closed. It was a door alright, but whatever he drew into it? She couldn't read or decipher. In fact, it causes her gaze to remain away from it until the door was opened and her hand offered.

This has got to be a dream.

"I.." Her mother always said to stay away from strangers, but this stranger was inticing, and in a few minutes he's shown her more than the world could currently offer. Plus.. he did say her salary would be quadrupled.

With great hesitancy, she reaches out to take his hand, the chill of his fingers meshing with her own as she swallows hard, and gives a nod. She was scared alright, and it shows.

Elijah Snow smiles, the warmth of a woman's hand in his always a pleasant experience. "Etiquette would say ladies' first, but, in this case, me going ahead is probably the wisest course. Stay close, though, and don't stray. The True Things," he says, and she can actually feel the way he capitalizes those words - it is a name, not a description, "they won't play nicely. And they can never leave." he says.

The ground within is worn, ancient, trodden by a hundred feet. The bones, thankfully, are against the wall, where she can't see them. Snow would rather not terrify her.

That comes later. When she's ready. When she can handle it. Wonder first. Wonder and magick.

"Welcome to the Hidden World, Felicity Smoak. Don't break a heel."

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