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November 29, 2014: Midnighter talks to Armory about joining Stormwatch.




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This night is quiet, those with sense and sanity having gone home. Those who don't lap at the night's vices, like acolytes drinking from a bowl spilled onto a temple floor and lapped up. Those who don't sell bodies, their own or others, who don't dabble in, dabble in, and the list goes on. But Midnighter is welcome where she is.

When Lunair calls the number Midnighter gave her, she's able to leave a message. In this case a long message. A long, rambling message. But the gist was an address and a time which is all he pays attention to. At the appointed time, he opens the door and walks in, dropping a wet umbrella on the ground by the door. "You couldn't have picked a day it wasn't pouring?" he asks as he closes the door behind him.

Lunair smiles, as he enters. Then looks apologetic. "Sorry. I didn't think it was going to rain tonight. Uhm. At least it means less traffic?" Always look on the bright side! "Let me take your umbrella and jacket if you like," She offers. The place is quite nice, well furnished and everything. She will move to do as she offers. "Thanks for leaving me the phone and stuff. Um. How are you?" Is she to make small talk? Chat? What - does this situation dictate? Her dysfunction manifests itself.

"Don't bother." The umbrella's already on the ground and Midnighter's not inclined to take his coat off. He looks around curiously before asking "You decided to meet in your home? That's foolishly trusting, don't you think?"

Lunair looks to him, before tilting her head. "This isn't MY home. I rented it," She explains. "I'm not quite that silly," She replies easily. "But I figured a restaurant or something might be kind of awkward, and a hotel might seem creepy," Lunair looks thoughtful. "You know?" She doesn't bother then, with jacket or umbrella. "That's all. I'll remember in the future."

She rented an apartment for a meeting. Okay. Midnighter picks a chair at a table and pulls it out enough to give him lots of free room before he sits. "So Armory. Have you thought about joining Stormwatch?" Right to the point.

Well, the alternatives weren't quite so awesome. Lunair doesn't seem to be bothered, wherever he chooses to sit. She looks to him, looking thoughtful. There's a faintly curious look. "A bit. I - it seems they - I don't know much about them? I

"I'm a student learning to use my powers, and all. But it's tough to do traditional super heroing with powers like this, you know?" She considers it. "And you're one of the few people not really bothered by me."

"Bothered by you? You'd make a perfect agent." Midnighter states. "You can smuggle in to anywhere an unlimited supply of weapons and armor. Or just one at the rxactly right moment. That right there is an incredibly useful ability as you demonstrated on that brief mission you joined."

Lunair tilts her head. "A lot of people don't like that my powers are often really, really lethal unless I act creatively. I seem to be better at that than before," She admits wryly. "And it is kind of nice being able to spring that sort of thing," Lunair does seem to like her powers well enough when not being jealous of those with super soldier abilities. Seriously, she must've been taking a pee when that got doled out. Woe. for her part, she furrows her eyebrows. "I've contracted with the government before, but not yours directly. I think it'd be interesting. I have a hard time between trying to be a shiny, good hero and maybe not so much because my stuff is lethal and it doesn't bug me much." She does try to fight her nature and training. "That sounds kind of angsty, sorry. But yes! Do you have a - stuff to know?"

"No." Midnighter answers and pulls out another card from his coat pocket. "Call this number. You can arrange an interview and you'll be asked to fill out forms. It's a government agency so there's paperwork." Not always but usually. "But the ones at that number will know who you are and take that into account."

"Okay, thanks," Lunair smiles up at him. "Will do. and that makes sense." Even Lunair, she of the under the rock, seems familiar with the voluminous paperwork involved in almost anything federal. She peers at the card, thoughtful. She takes a deep breath. "Appreciate it! And it's good to see you. Um. The rain seems to be letting up." She really does feel a bit bad about it

Midnighter nods and stands up. "I'll let them know to expect your call." And Waller, of course. It'll be very useful to have someone like Armory available. "A word of advice; don't agree to any surgery. And if they insist, go join SHIELD instead."

Lunair smiles to him. "Thanks." She also seems quite happy to tag along behind Midnight. A malleable personality. Or at least a puppylike one. At his words, she looks… uneasy. Terrified. He's found a phobia. "Okay. Thanks. That's - actually really good to know." Somehow, setting off her phobia might end badly for most involved.

Midnighter takes in that look but then just goes to pick up his umbrella and open the door. "You can use the first number to contact me if you need to."

Lunair shakes it off and nods. "Thank you. Uhm, here. I keep a spare phone… just in case you should need my help." Or, y'know, some rocket launchers. They're rocket buddies now. She scribbles a number down on a small memo pad, tears the page off and hands it to him.

Midnighter takes the paper and pockets it. A simple nod serves in place of any pleasantries and he leaves.

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