Believe in the Sun (Sun God Ascendant IV)

November 4, 2014: Unaware of the unpleasantness elsewhere in the Savage Land, Princess Koriand'r has been Garokk’s charmed guest in the temple of the Sun City. But Magneto comes to kill Garokk, as he promised Polaris. Everything goes to hell quickly.

The Sun City - the Savage Land

One of the few real cities in the Savage Land. It looks a bit like Athens at its best around the 4th century BC.



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The past few days have been very pleasant for the Tamarean princess. The people from the Sun City treat her like nobility and seem very happy to have her around. Their priest-queen, Zaladane, received her as a long-lost sister and even asked her to take over some ceremonial duties while she went to arrange an alliance with their neighbor nation, which is apparently some kind of swamp place.
Apparently the Sun People have been at war with the Swamp People for generations, but now thanks to Garokk and Zaladane, they are going to be allies. Just the first step on an age of peace and prosperity Garokk has promised to his worshippers. Koriand’r will have an important role in this new age of peace, but the details are fuzzy.
It doesn’t seem important to Starfire. Not much seems important. The last few days have been a pleasant succession of parties, sprinkled with some light diplomatic duties, watching entertainers and visiting beautiful places. Everything feels perfect.

Standing at the base of the stairs Starfire is draped in a gauzy purple fabric, loose in it's hold of straps that seem to onnly be bound to her by her own curvature and that of the binds of gold that clasp it to her arms as well as around her waist. Two strips slither over shoulders, crossing over the front and back in a matching pattern, leaving expanses of tawny skin visible. Plexus, betwixt shoulders, lower back and abdomen. When combined in a wrap around her hips it all drops and falls to the floor around her bare feet each bearing an anklet of gold to match that of bracelets.
Tamaran could have given her this at one point, but that was gone and now there is here… Looking down into that large bowl of water she carried her reflection back at her showed those fathomless emerald eyes, long fiery hair pleated and twisted in multiple strands to weave over one shoulder and down her back.
At least here she can forget…

The weather and the landscape of the Valley of the Sun has much in common with the cities of Tamaran of Koriand'r childhood. As do the people devotion to their Sun God. The temple and palace district of the city is built of marble and decorated with copper and gold, it is really nice, and for what she has seen the rest of the city, although not as splendid, is solid stone and kept clean and orderly. The technology is surprisingly primitive, although the temple has some high tech devices of strange design. They don't look mainstream human technology.
It has been a quite peaceful time for Kori. Hard to say how much. Maybe a day or two. Maybe a week? It is not important.
Then peace shatters. Alarm horns, then screams from the gates of the temple, and the thunder that follows lightning, despite the clear sky.

Kori is not concerned about time, in fact she is not concerned about much. It's all a distant memory, and here… As she turns her face upwards towards the sun… X'Hal brought her, showed her. This is what /She/ wanted.
Infallible Goddess.
She was home here, it is what /She/ wanted, right? That peace of the moment of watching her own reflection, outwardly and inwardly is shattered, the water's surface rippling and shuddering with her own light start to look from it towards the coming storm, or the storm that is here already - dropping the bowl to clatter upon the ground and splash the surface to disrepair, taking flight towards it.

At the gates of the temple of the sun there are several fallen guards, some might be unconscious, but others are clearly dead, crushing inside their metal armors. The great gates have been torn from their hinges and one is missing. Screams and sounds of battle can be heard inside. Garokk's hollow voice seems to give a warning, but then there is a loud crashing sound, stone shattering and crumbling.
When Starfire reaches the inner sanctum, there is dust everywhere. A few men and women, some of them priests, cringe in the corners, trying to escape the chamber. Some are not moving, those wearing armor and bearing weapons are definitely not moving. Garokk's statue has been shattered and his throne smashed by what looks like were the charred metal remains of the missing gate.
A man dressed in white and black armor hovers a few feet from the floor, cloaked in lightning. Starfire might recognize the armor as belonging to a famous super-villain. Magneto. The colors are wrong, though. It used to be red and purple.

The sound splits the air, a rocketing split followed by the plumage of a comet's tail after the blurred figure, only visualization had when she comes to a stop in her hover between Magneto and the fallen people, the ends of that pleated and twisted hair alight with the burning ember heat.
"What is the meaning of this?!" Starfire's voice carries not just as a question but as a demand when emerald gaze reflects the fallen, and lame, then the man hovering as well before her, now placed between the chaos and people, and the renown villain.
Before a retort can be had her hands already begin to gain that perse colored glow, accented against the light billow of purple gauzed fabric in its sway around her.

Magneto turns to face Starfire, his face remains hidden under the Thracian helmet, but his eyes glow white with electromagnetic energy. For a few seconds, he says nothing. Of all the people he could find in this lost city… Starfire wasn’t even considered.
"What role do you play in this drama, young woman?" Replies the mutant. "I was draw here by betrayal and threats. Stand aside. Garokk must die."
Before he can say more, fire flares over the room and the metal around the throne glows white and vaporizes. Garokk pushes aside the remains, the marble melting around him. “Mortal. You presume too much. You can’t slay me anymore a river can extinguish the Sun itself.” His eyes glow and a blast of searing energy strikes Magneto’s cloak, exploding in near blinding light. But the magnetic shield holds. "Koriand’r," says Garokk. "Help me subdue this foolish heretic. We need him alive, but under control."

Starfire did not even have a chance to move to stop his vaporizing assault, there is not much more that she can do then to meet this threat head on.
Magneto's inquiry has her pausing, it’s a breath, one that mimics the wind catching the tail of her own grecian style attire, fluttering it like a lash around her legs, whispering over thighs, snapping outward and back… Garokk's words thrust her forward, her resolve once more snapped to as she attempts to lay into Magneto with a glowing fist that is slowly building.

Magneto raises his hands, pouring more power to his shield to try to stop Garokk's heat beam. Iron weapons and bits of armor all over the room rise a few inches, and then fly at high speed towards the Sun God. But the projectiles bounce off on his stone hide, barely scratching Garokk.
Then Starfire punches from a side, and the shield fails to stop her. Magneto goes flying against a wall, impacting heavily. His helmet saves his life, but it is thrown away from his head. "What!?" He growls, "that lunatic is no god. He is just an alien swindler living off the dreams and greed of human fools," the white-haired man struggles back to his feet, glaring to Starfire. "His plan will tear aside the world magnetic fields. He will kill billions and wreck human civilization. Is that what you want?!"

Starfire hovers just above Magneto, looking down upon him like a different version of an ancient goddess, one of a distant time and a lost plane. His own expression reflects back to him in her eyes, the determination set in the strong and firm hold of her shoulders, how her spine is rigid and yet bowed enough to warrant pride. Pride emphasized by the loftiness of perched chin swept and assaulted amongst the updraft by red strands.
Both arms extend out and that glow deepens, shades shifting from the endsof hair to the unfurled digitalia. "Do you think me a fool not to /know you, Magneto? Your name is whispers or rallied cries.. whimpers of fear for what your strength can bring. You have harmed these people. How dare you cry innocent??"

"I am hardly innocent," admits Magneto with a scowl. Then lightning jumps from his forcefield to Starfire. Enough charge to affect even her. "But I would never want to cause so much destruction. Playing with the poles like this…" He turns to Garokk, but the Sun God energy blasts hit his forcefield forcing him again into the defensive.
"Your power wanes, mortal." Announces Garokk, walking slowly towards Magneto. "You tire quickly, cut off from the source of your power as you are. While I am unfatigable in this land of midnight sun."

The jump of charged energy strikes out, just before Starfire can manage to move away due to the proximity, making her fall to the ground from her flight, lain in a crumpled pile of sunset hues while that perse glow fades and dies, her hair out in a swimming pool of red like gathered small rivers of twisted red.
There are dreams and there are realities, sometimes they bleed together and make it hard to know lucidity, a waking dream. A haze. One of which had taken and ravaged her mind, walking it lightly into a fog that she danced in, revelled in.. Revered because she basked in the sun…
When the ground is felt beneath her hands, small bits of fragmented gravel bite into her cheek she draws inward, her hands planting on the ground to push herself to all fours and blink it all away.
Head lowered and face veiled by the fall of intricately woven red and drapes like that of her regalia those golden bracelets click together along her wrists, sliding now over the metal that begins to form, finding home over where they had disappeared from on a bespelled command.
Metallic purple armor flows up from fingers and hands, smooth and sateen in the hardened shine as it ascends up sinewed forearms to rest and mid biceps.
Slowly, just as armor starts to reform, so does her reality, that loss of a grip in this place… "X'Hal.." Her hand presses to her forehead and she rises to her feet, tossing those locks back with a curious look that now lands between the two.

Magneto and Garokk seems fully engrossed in their battle. Lightning jumps up the heat blasts, reaching the Sun God’s face. But the stone man stands the discharge better than Starfire did, and continues the fiery assault. The temperature of the room is almost unbearable, and the surviving humans able to move have left the room. Soldiers are gathering outside, but they remain fearful to stem into the chamber. Swords and crossbows are not going to do much against Magneto.

That is fine, let them have their moment. Men..
Starfire needed that moment, one to look around and as the temparature climbs her memory regains, everything that had been lost to her, bespelled from her mind in lieu of what part of her /wanted/ long ago… That was then.
This is now.
Garokk is no one known to her, she remembers that pull, him standing beside X'Hal who is truly long gone and those just gone for how long left behind? Her crew, her friends.
"What..?" Now Starfire is taking steps back, watchin the two surmount energy as they clash, reaching to pick up a large rock, the former Garokk statue's arm, flying forward to swing it at them both, winding up the 'bat' to strike it between while she takes flight to gain ground and look upon them both.
"No more! No more lies, no more death." For just how long?

But as Starfire recovers her wits, another woman enters the chamber. Queen Zaladane, dressed in blue and clad in ceremonial armor, the air shimmering around her with the stolen magnetic power of both Magneto and Polaris.
Stafire attack barely phases the fighters. Magneto has his forcfield ready, and Garokk… well, the stone arm shatters against his hide, but he has to take a step back, glancing irritated to the Tamaranean princess. Magneto gathers his power to try to fry Garokk again, but feeling Zaladane's presence behind him, turns to face the woman.
"Father," greets Zaladane, "how kind of you to come to my home instead of fleeing to some far-flung corner of the outside world." She smiles and then strikes with incredible power. Magneto field flares brightly for a second and then collapses, sending the man crashing against the wall. This time he can't stand up again.

Starfire remains there as Garokk looks towards her and Magneto seems unphased. So, no to blunt force trauma and yes to using that harbored energy, at least towards the stranger.
Who is she kidding, they're all strangers, clouded in lies, cloaked in spells, held captive by deceit… /Captive/. Those emerald eyes narrow towards Garokk, and easy sliding shift towards Zaladane as she enters and speaks, dispatching Magneto with ease.
Lips part, then seal slowly. The enemy of my enemy… Worst of evils… etcetc. So much can equate to this moment as she takes one swift sweep to the side and lowers, planting her feet upon the ground between Magneo's fallen form and that of Garokk and Zaladane. Now she is testing a theory, both hands surmounting that glow that fires an enery blast towards Garokk, using the propulsion to cast her back and away from them as well, now standing over Magneto.
"Yeah, I think I will take him and go. Thanks for the umm… Thanks for all the fish?" Hell if she can remember, but what she truly wants is back.

Garokk watches Starfire warily. "This is unfortunate," he comments when she fires him a starbolt. But he raises a hand and seems to absorb the blast into his body harmlessly. "It would have been much more comfortable and pleasant for you and for me, princess, if you would have remained spellbound."
"I might still need him, so you can’t have him," adds Zaladane, walking closer to Magneto, who is struggling to stand.

Blame the haze. A slip of the mind from dreamscape to reality… Garokk accepts that extreme heat as if he was the swindling rock of the sun. Zaladane called Magneto father. "I like to /keep it real/, I am not much on servitude of any sort." And as Starfire speaks to him her body lowers, almost as if in a crouch, one foot sliding back and as that bare foot buries into the rubble skewed surface that armor begins once more, bracing herself between Zaladane and Magneto.
This is not who she is, the hazed mind, the unsured stance, tha attire…
The bracing and anchored foot ready to take lunge slowly begins that armoring process, soft clicks and hissing as that purple metal digitally liquifies over bare skin, a tight and movable fit that coats over feet and up to mid thigh, peaked and rimmed in silver, flowing downward to build out, reinforcing at the ankles.
"Might isn't good enough. I do. I'm a princess, I take what is mine." As she is stating this that perse glow builds, casting a light across the darkened contours of gauze cloth that she is slowly touching, burning to embers in the removal from her figure, beneath just the straps and belts of purple armor that reform in place of absentee cloth. One arm twines around Magneto if he allows, the other hand aiming that building nova and firing it at Zaladane.
If not stopped she is trying to take flight and leave with Magneto in tow.

Garokk folds his arms. "I am a god, princess. What is mine… is the power of the sun." And with those words Koriand’r feels her power dimming. Suddenly she feels as if she had not received sunlight in weeks, and with her solar batteries depleted, most of her power is gone. "You are mine, like all those who bask on the might of the sun," adds the Sun God with grave finality.
Zaladane smiles and waves a hand. Magneto attempts to shield them, but somehow Zaladane is stronger than him, and he is exhausted. Lightning dances over his armor, and Koriand’r’s, this shock strong enough to push the now powerless Tamaranean woman into unconscious.

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