Mutants and Midterms

November 29, 2014: Keith helps Gar in the proctoring of midterms at ESU


Midterm Madness



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It turns out that the fine folks at ESU have a tradition: because the school runs its midterms and finals in tight, tight blocks, the people who are supposed to proctor the exams (the grad students) sometimes have their own exams to take; other times they're supposed to proctor multiple exams at the very same time, and sometimes the combined classes have their tests all at once so there are too many students and not enough … wardens.

So they permit the profs, and their TAs, to bring in ringers, as long as they're trustworthy, and they pay them to watch the students to make sure there's no blatant cheating. The grading later will discover any covert cheating.

Gar has asked Keef to come with him. See, it's an easy hundred fifty bucks for two hours of work, and all he has to do is watch a room full of freshmen and athletic-scholarship seniors taking their Basic Health class midterm.

Gar, in the next room over, is watching his little monsters as they take their Taxonomy midterm. It'll be FUN! (I'll take you for ice cream afterwards.)

Keith's never 'proctored.' In fact, until recently, he thought proctoring was something a proctologist did to you. Nevertheless, he is more than happy to help Gar out… and the extra money is also a rather nice incentive, with the holidays coming up and him without a job (or at least until he recovered enough to bounce without breaking, that is.) He's dressed for the part… or, at least, dressed in what he thinks the part requires: button-up shirt, nice slacks and a pair of matching shoes. He considered slicking back his hair, but at the last minute he realized he lacked the industrial-level cosmetics required to tame the red mane, so he did the best that he could and… well, here he is. Watching, and trying to be official.

He's not terribly successful at it, having the cat's general approach to education- wary of it, in case some learning stuck to him at some point. Cats aren't adverse to learning… quite the contrary. But they like to do it on their terms. There's something about the classroom setting that makes Keith slightly skittish.

Which, he is painfully aware, sort of contradicts his desire to go to university at some point. He's going to have to figure that out.

In Gar's classroom, there are a few who insist on asking him for help with the questions.

"You studied this. It's open notes. No questions," he says, not yet having to revert to the hooting orangutan pointing them back to their chairs. That might come later.

Two of the students in the exam Keith is watching are not really applying themselves so much as obviously, veeeerrrryy casually stretching and glancing … they're wearing Delta House tee-shirts, although there IS no actual Delta House fraternity at ESU. There DOES seem to be something written on a cuff. And that's … kind of stupid, because the Proctor Rules they gave Keith for this test say "the students may refer to one notebook for their class notes." By going off-the-cuff, they're pretty much restricted to ONLY those notes on their cuffs.

Keith sighs and looks at the Delta boys. He decides to be very casual about it and does the 'walking around' thing, until he's next to one of the Delta boys.

"Excuse me, what time is it?" he asks, doing the universal signal for 'watch.'

Thing is, just because they're allowed to use a Notebook… it doesn't mean Keith isn't above making someone sweat for being… well, a dolt. He smiles at the student and waits for the answer.

The student digs in his pocket and pulls out his cellphone because that's the only timepiece he owns. Of course, it's just as revealing of the cuffs.

"Six-thirty-four," the dolt student says, attempting to put on his Charming Friendly Student Talking To Test Monitor voice. His co-conspirator has gone almost petrified and may be considering scent-marking his clothing.

Behind Keith, two of the students furtively swap notebooks. SSwwwoaaaapp.

"Mr. Logan? I need to go to the rest room."

"Fine," Gar says. "Leave your test here with me, along with all your books."

The student has to drag her things to the front, and is giving the Sad Puppy eyes. Gar has seen the sad puppy eyes. He has USED the sad puppy eyes.

"Be quick, you still have to finish by the end of the hour."

"Mister O'Neil? I have two page two's," one of the students says. It's true. Someone misfolded.

-Keith looks at the student in question and smirks. "You know… cheating in a test where you're allowed to read from your notes takes… talent. Especially when you don't bring your notes." He lets the words fall where they may, and adds quickly "-and no, you're not allowed to fetch your notebook now. Your cuff is enuff."

The redhead's ears would have twitched, if they could move.

Actuallyk, they do move, just a little. Not like a cat, mind you, but within the realm of 'human ear wiggle.'

"I'll take care of that," he says to the student with the repeated pages, and starts on his way. But as he passes the two swappers, he grabs the two notebooks away from them. "It's open book, not open friend." He says as he keeps the notebooks in exactly the same position that he swapped them from, giving the two students a challenging look.

Because if they claim they're their notebooks, he's going to do the Handwriting Test. He places the notebooks on the desk keeping facing order and goes to rectify the issue of the repeated pages.

For the benefit of the classroom, he says, "I'd like to share a little detail with all of you," he says, "I have extremely good hearing. I can also see in the dark- but that's not relevant here. Draw your conclusions of what that means. Now return to taking your exam."

He goes back to the desk and sits, surveying the class.

What they don't know is that the reason he has very good hearing is because he's currently not wearing his pinkish, fair skin. He's purple and fuzzy , but a wise application of illusion magic keeps him looking like his usual self.

Acture hearing comes in handy in cases like these. He knows… because he was a high-school student. Mrs. Tuppenheimer must have been part cat.

Keith never knew this, but it turned out she DID have eyes in the back of her head.

Static arrives from OOC land.

The cheating attempts become MUCH more furtive and thus much harder to pull off in Keith's classroom. Gar, however, has less cheating going on because by now, nobody expects to get away with it. Not after the second take-home test.

"I'm back," the girl with the unfortunate bladder says, so Gar gives her back her notes and her copy of the test.

"Twenty minutes left," Gar calls out. "Don't panic. It's only a third of your grade, and there will be a chance to take a second test to use instead."

Note: the second test will not be easier.

Ten minutes pass. The kid who had the bad test form has finished. The two cuff-monkeys have also finished, though honestly, they'd written down the answers from the previous term's test, in code, and those … were not the same questions nor in the same order. Someone will be unhappy that they spent a hundred bucks for that cheat sheet.

"Ten minutes left," Keith says, standing against the desk and leaning back. By the time that the time runs out, he decides it's time to let the illusion down and he lets the students get a glimpse of who really has been proctoring. Just in case they decide to try to whisper. The kids can handle it, after all- Gar is a TA here. "Please bring your exams to the front," the Cheshire says, smiling slightly, "Pens, pencils, etcetera down. And good luck."

"No fair," mutters one of the cuff-links. "Superheros aren't supposed to proctor tests."

Because apparently that's a rule. Gar's standing outside the door, as every one of his students finished early, even the girl with the puppydog eyes. As the guy passes, he says, "Really? Why not?"

That gets a glare and more muttering, but nothing more concrete than 'whyiyotta' and 'stupidmuties'. Note: Neither of these two are mutants.

"OK, Vorp, you've earned your ice cream."

"Heh, don't you have to take your own exam at some point?" Vorpal asks, reverting back to Keith via the miracle of illusions. "And are you okay for it? I mean, you did take three weeks off because I was dying." He walks over to Gar, the tests collected. "And where should we take these, anyways?"

"I had my midterms this morning for both of the classes I'm taking, and I have my first thesis review in two weeks, and three days is nothing for me, I graduated highschool with straight A's. At least once Dad hired that tutor," Gar laughs. "Anyway, yeah, I'll be fine. Remember, my thesis topic is one that I can research directly, so I know where it's going, I just have to demonstrate it in the absence of superpowers. This is all the tests, including the blanks nobody used, right?"

Gar takes the stack of tests from Keith and his own stack and walks down the hall to where the late-shift secretary waits to plonk the stacks into their specific boxes and lock them away for the night.

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