Pizza, Power Cords, and Balls of Lightning

November 30, 2014: Felicity is worried about a recent meeting with a mysterious dude, and calls Barry to come over.

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Many, many hours after her shift.. actually, judging by her cell phone, it has been days after her first week on Wall Street, was when the messages came flooding in.

"Felicity Smoak, James said you left work after some guy threatened him. Are you alright?"

"Felicity, this is Howard calling. You're fifteen minutes late for your shift."

"Ms. Smoak, this is Janice Reynard calling from the NYPD Missing Persons unit. Howard Williams wanted us to do a wellness check on you to see if you're alright. We're going to swing by in an hour. Please make yourself presentable."

"Felicity, sweetheart! It's your mother calling! I want to come and visit you in the Biiiiig Apple! Call me back!"

"Felicity, I'm sorry. I don't know where you are. You've been gone too long and.. and I gotta let you go. I hope you're not dead.. but.. I'm sorry. Just call us back and let us know you're okay? I mean, you'll still be fired but.. just let us know you're alive or something.. goddamn it.."

Felicity was in full blown meltdown mode, pacing her apartment, no one to call to share the secret with or even knowing if she /should/ share that secret with someone but.. it wouldn't hurt to have a friendly face. Someone a girl could call and lean on and possibly cry while watching stupid movies where Vin Diesel does something incredible and turns over a new leaf and saves the day or.. maybe something family friendly where two sisters meet for the first time and get along or, just something that invokes some sort of tears. Cause right now?

She feels nothing.

Oh duh! Her phone! She immediately calls the fifth contact in her phone, allowing it to ring until whomever answers or it hits a voice mail.

"Barry? It's Felicity.. I.. don't know why I'm calling but.. I. er.. can you come over or something? I really don't want to be alone right now."

Barry is at home for once, watching the Discovery Channel and learning something new about the solar system. Did you know that a day on Haumea is only 3.9 hours? Imagine you'd have to be a speedster to get your errands do-wait, phone.

"Hello?" Barry says slowly as his eyebrows raise at the name that pops up on his phone. "Felicity? Yeah, sure"

After getting the address from her, there's a knock on Felicity's door really really quickly. Like they must live really close or something. He looks far more polished than the sweat panted man he was just a few moments ago.

"Hey," he says. "Are you okay?"

She could have sworn she hung up the phone ten minutes ago, but once the knock comes and the door is answered, Felicity smiles and steps to the side to allow him in. "Yeah, I'm fine." Once he was in, she closes and locks the door behind him, even going so far as to latch the chain for safe measures. That was not weird at all.

What also wasn't weird was to as how spotless and barely lived in her place looked. There were still boxes piled high, but neatly in their respective corners. What wasn't packed was a television and her laptop, along with a couch and a table that.. had more boxes upon it. She just didn't find the time to unpack, but at this point, who cares? She was thinking about leaving.

"I hope you weren't working or anything. I was at work or something but then not, and then here. You know, like usual.. normal people. People who do normal things do that. Go to work and go home and go to work again and come home and invite friends over for talks and what not. Do you want to watch a movie?"

She was going a mile a minute. A smile a minute. "Pretty sure if I hook up something we can watch Maleficient or if you like action, I have all three Expendables."

"Yeah, sure. I mean, whichever you prefer. I like all kinds of movies." And really, for a connoisseur of zombie flicks, who is he to judge? Even if he cared. Which he didn't. He didn't lie right there, he's really find with either. "Nice place, Felicity," he says as he shrugs out of his coat. He's wearing a grey cardigan with a black dress shirt underneath over blue jeans and black shoes.

"How was work?" he asks, trying to sound nonchalant, but he's still got no clue what's going on here right now.

"Okay, good!" Still on the move, Felicity moves to the closest box that laid upon the table and begins to dig. The question about work causes her to wince, but she wasn't one to tell a lie, not when it was so blatantly obvious that she should be at work right now.

"Oh. I got fired."

A few things came out of the box, a row of Disney movies, a few DVD's of the show called 'How Things Were Made', a couple of seasons of 'Cake Boss' and a slew of others. Even a few cords were piled atop of it, and soon a blu ray player was retrieved from the bottom and set upon the table as she flops back upon the couch.

"I mean, it was a good week. Sure. They were all suckers for pranks, really.. really creative pranks. God that /annoyed/ me. Some lady broke the copier, or at least thought she did, when all she needed to do was just add paper. Fun. Really."

Barry looks at her confusedly as she offhandedly mentions she got fired. "Wow, I mean, what happened? Do you at least get unemployment?" Nevermind the questions about how she would be able to pay for an apartment in Little Italy without a job. She must have a constitution uncommon for normal people like Barry. He'd be freaking out right now!

Barry's eyes follow the items out of the box. Part of him just wants to unpack the whole thing for her; give her a hand. "Suckers for pranks?" The saying gives him pause, "What did you do?"

Felicity was freaking out! She just hid it better! Sort of.

She flops upon the couch and drags the table close, then begins to sort out which cord goes with what and where. "No. I was only there for a week Barry, I was still on probation. I mean, I was working on Wall Street. Slowly heading up to the big leagues. Very slowly.. of course.." She slams the cords down, mildly frustrated.

"Oh, that prank thing. One of the coworkers gave me a teddy bear and hooked up a mechanism that made it pee on me is all. It was water. Nothing serious. But.. I didn't do anything. A guy came in and offered me a job that quadupled my salary, is all and.."

She drew in a breath, and gestured towards the seat next to her. "Don't freak out or think that I'm sort of weirdo. But, I have to ask you something, and I'm being completely serious."

"Oh," Barry says, relieved. "You've got a new job, then."

He sits down next to her and helps her organize the cords a bit. "That sounds like a pretty cool prank, all things considered. Much better than the one I was on the end of at Central City University." There was a film of stickiness, then a box of flower atop a ladder.

He got them back by moving the soda machine in front of their door.

Oh, the good times.

Barry looks over to the side and shakes his head slowly, "Don't worry, Felicity. I'm from the Midwest. We're not allowed to judge. It's not part of our fiber."

Hopefully she remembers that when she googles him and finds out that his father was incarcerated for allegedly killing his mother. And how he's had to see more shrinks than he'd care to admit.

"It was. I didn't try to retaliate though, but I was packing away some really, really cool stuff for them to deal with once I became permanent." She sighs a little, then grabs up her stacks of DVD's to place it back into the box. She was waiting at least for a confirmation of no judgement for her to actually explain what had happened.

"Ah. You see, I didn't exactly.. accept the job. So I'm still unemployed."

Once the movies were away, she turns towards him now, gauging his reaction. "Barry? Do you… believe in magic? And not that David Blane, Criss Angel type of magic. The real magic. Conjuring things out of air type of magic.."

You can say this for Felicity, she always seems to keep Barry on his toes in conversation. He stops, tilts his head and says, "Oh." After a brief pause, "Well, what kind of things are you good at? I'd be happy to help you search for one." Since, you're a pretty nice person and one of my only friends here, and I'd very much prefer that you didn't move away, he doesn't add.

"Magic?" Barry sits back and thinks for a long moment. "When I was younger, my foster dad and his daughter used to talk about how I was the person who would always believe in the impossible. I tend to think there's a scientific reason for everything, but I wouldn't discount it. Why do you ask?"

"I'm a computer tech, but that's neither here nor there." She wasn't even sure if she were going to take the job that was offered, even if the money was good or not. Finding out about the world, the way it was and how it is now? It frightened her. It passed logic.

"I guess you could say that magic is just science we don't understand yet.. but the guy who offered me the job, he.. pretty much conjured up an ice sculpture of a girl right before my very eyes. And it's real. I could pull up a video of a magician and point out where the switch was. But Barry, there was no switch in this. It happened right.. right there." She points right in front of her, gestures even.

"And then he drew a door on my cubicle and /took/ me through it. I mean, I walked through my cubicle and into a frickin' hallway that was dark and shadows and.. holy crap I'm so glad I don't have asthma right now."

Barry's eyes do a thing.

It's not an 'I don't believe you' thing. And it's not an 'I think you're crazy' thing. It's more of a, 'I'm completely listening to everything you're saying' because his hero reflex is beginning to kick in in a major way. "Dark and shadows?"

Tellingly, he doesn't even ask her about the how. He's much more interested in the who or why. "Back up. What was this guy's name and why did he take you through all of this?"

"Yeah, dark and shadows. I mean it was somewhat made of brick and cobble.." Who says that now a days? "And it had torches lighting a path but.. the shadows, they did some weird thing and I honestly can't remember what happened after that. "I know he said not to trust my own shadow but.." She sort of just.. stares. Searching through her memory, but she just can't remember it.

"Oh. I think his name was Snow. Edward Snow I think. Or was it Edmund. Snow.. something. He was a perfect gentleman and everything, even after I called him an albino. But he said he was going to show me.. something… it gets a little hazy near the end. He said that several people pointed me to him and you know? I feel cheap. I can't remember anything and I know for a fact you're probably thinking I'm just some /crazy/ girl. Right?"

"You feel cheap?" Barry says, his eyeballs doing the overconcerned look. "Did he hurt you?" If so, Barry has a reason and a suit, and this guy Snow might know what it feels to get a speedforce sandwich.

He looks pained and slowly and gingerly rests a hand on her shoulder should she let him. "Felicity, I don't think you're crazy. I know what it's like to have people not trust what you saw. To think you're insane for holding onto something that seems crazy. That seems impossible. To be honest, that's the story of my life."

"Well yeah. Cheap and cheated. I can't remember a damn thing that happened." Her hand comes up to pop the tip of her thumb into her mouth, chewing upon the skin there as eyes lower to think. "No. He didn't hurt me. I feel fine. I mean, the thing that really worries me is the job. What /is/ it exactly and what would I do? Cause I don't remember discussing it."

She draws in a slight sigh as he touches her shoulder, feeling oddly comfort for that. She draws her gaze towards him and smiles a little, then leans back fully upon the couch with a little slouch. "Impossible being the story of your life, you mean?" She looks thoughtful, then smiles. "I'd like to hear it. I'll order us a pizza and soda, and we can talk about it."

"Actually, if you're jobless, I'm not going to let you buy me pizza. I'll buy the pizza and I'll do my best not to spill it on you," Barry says with a chuckle.

He's already going for his phone. "Do you mind Rico's? They're really quick and I can run and go get it for us. It'll be fast." Still, something gnaws at him. "If you don't remember much of it.-" His voice trails, not knowing how to put it. "I mean, that sounds kind of sinister. I mean…

New Comux - Sunday, November 30, 2014, 8:43 PM

Felicity was already reaching towards the ground to grab up her wallet.. which was oddly placed and tossed there because, its her house. She can throw things where ever! "No no no, I got it, honestly. It's just pizza, it won't break the bank."

Though, since he was going for his phone, the wallet was placed within her lap, her knees closing together as fingers tip-tap along her knees. "Any pizza is good pizza, unless it's microwaved. Not cooked before hand but you know, dough added and mushed, sauce, raw meat then microwaved. I think that'll kill people."

She frowns a little, her eyes gone vacant for half a second. "It does sound sinister, doesn't it.." There after, she looked thoughtful.

Apparently Barry is having none of the talk about paying for it. Besides, after the last time they met at Rico's, he kind of owed her for spilling stuff all over. "Hi, can I get a large pepperoni, a two liter of cola, and-" He looks to Felicity, "Do you like breadsticks? I love breadsticks." Into the phone, "And some breadsticks." Pause. "Yeah." Pause. "Right." Pause. "Barry." Pause. "K, thanks, I'll be there in 35." He hangs up quickly and then turns his attention back to that business about her new potential employer.

"What do you remember about that night?" he asks.

She shifts her weight to turn upon the couch, laying her arm across the back as she watches him order. Her legs soon draw upon the sofa, fingers idly playing with her toes as she looks down towards her knees, a silent nod at the offer for breadsticks. Once he hangs up, she brings up a pretty okay point. "Don't you kind of think you should head that way now? I mean, sure it's just a little ways away from us but at least you'll be there when it gets pulled out of the oven."

She really didn't want to talk about that encounter, not because it was bad, but because she couldn't remember and it was.. something that she never expected to happen.

"Um.." Her hand lifts to scratch at her head, brows lowering. "I just remember.. walking through the door. Some brick.. some stone.. it was really dark but lit by fire."

"Oh, it's no worry. I know a shortcut through the alleyway. It won't take more than five minutes tops." Barry watches her, and tries to think about a new topic. She doesn't want to talk about; he's not even sure he wants to know more about it if whatever happened was as frightening as he was somewhat worried it might have been. He decides to drop it.

"So," he says, clasping his hands together and trying to think up a new topic. "What other jobs are you interested in doing?"

Her hand draws up to press her fingers against her forehead, her eyes closing as she tries to imagine what job she /could/ take, at least until she gets back upon her feet. "I guess I could serve coffee. I've never done that before. Be like one of those cool barista types who remembers everyones order." She wiggles a little, then reaches out to give him a light push.

"Or I could be a writer, because I'm sure I asked someone about a story of impossible happenings in their life and they're too focused on worrying about me eating because eventually, I'm going to be dirty, smelly, poor and homeless." And then she pouts to emphasize this.

Barry nods and can't help but crack a smile. Evasion was unsuccessful. "Well," he says as an afterthought, "I know a guy who knows a guy at STAR Labs. If you're good at computers, maybe it's something you could consider."

He sits back, lolling his head back on the back of the sofa as he looks at her, "Alright. Now it's your turn to think that I'm crazy. Even though, I didn't think you were craz-you know what I mean." He sighs, "When I was eight years old my mother was murdered. I witnessed it. My father was arrested and convicted for the crime, but I saw who killed - what killed my mother. It wasn't dad. He was trying to help. There was this ball of yellow lightning, mixed with red. It was moving so fast," Barry sort of trembles a bit as he thinks back to the night. "But I couldn't stop it. When I tried, the next thing I knew I was 6 blocks down the street."

"I've been working on that case for years. You want the impossible? Finding out who did it. Getting my father free. That's the impossible."

"Really?!" Felicity exclaims, but then.. she hunkers down. Working at STAR labs would be a dream, but then that would make her feel as if she's abusing his friendship just for her own means. "Barry.. I don't know. I'd love to but, we barely even know each other and you're already offering to get me hired at STAR? I.. feel horrible.."

She listens to his story however, with as much intensity as he gave her; her brows furrowing, lips curling into a sad frown, even going so far as to reach out to lightly touch and grip his hand at the mention of his mother. The thing that made her nearly drop jaw was what he saw. Before she met Snow, she would have said that it was impossible. But now? She could understand why he didn't think that she was batshit insane..

"Oh.. wow.." Is all she could state, drawing her hand back if she had his, that same hand pressing against her cheek to give him the most critical, yet thoughtful look she could muster.

Barry's eyes trail as Felicity removes her hand and he looks up at her, "So when I tell you that I believe in impossible things, know that I'm telling the truth." He purses his lips, apparently uneager to discuss the case any further.

His hands clasp together as he sits forward with his elbows on his knees. "Well, if it's not something you want to do, I'm not offended. If you find yourself in a pinch, just let me know. It's a no stress, no judgment situation."

"Yeah.. no kidding.." She mutters quietly. She was still thinking, that brilliant mind of hers picturing the scene happening as she could interpret it from what he's told her, and building a sort of forensic program that could possibly factor in a person who uses magic and..

She shakes her head, pushing away the thoughts as she leans a little to the side.. okay, all the way to the side to at least get his attention. Eyes cross beneath glasses, her cheeks soon puffing out, a little laugh given as she shakes her head. "No way Barry. I'm pretty sure we're about the same age, but there's no way in heck I'm taking money from a friend."

She stands up now, grabbing up the cords and the Blu Ray player, plugging them into the back first and moving towards the tv so that she could hook it up. "We've just met. Plus that'll make you my sugar daddy." A pause.. and clarify. "Not that I'm saying that you're old or anything.. but.. you know.." Of course he didn't. "…Ayuuuup…"

Has it been 35 minutes yet?

You can't go that way.

Barry laughs and shakes his head, "It's whatever, Felicity. I'm sure you'll figure out what you want to do and that you'll be fine." She's right, they have just met. Perhaps Barry's desire for friendship here in the new city was going into overdrive. Perhaps the holes left by Iris and Joe were a bit bigger than he even wanted to admit. Perhaps living in the biggest city in the world could make a guy feel really small. He checks his watch.

"Alright, I'm going to head out and go grab that pizza now. I'll be back in just a few."

Inwardly, Felicity was kicking herself. But, it was a day in the life of her. Her first interview straight out of college was a whole lot worse than their three encounters all together. She does smile towards him, her cord hand lifting to drop behind the television as she glances back towards him. "Okay Barry. Just come right on in. I'll leave the door unlocked. By the time you get back, Blu Ray will be up and.." She frowns a little, she felt a bit inconsiderate.

"Hey. Wait. Just hang on one second." She carefully sets the player down upon the ground, tip toing over a box or a fallen item, heading towards him.

"I just want to say thank you. I mean.. yeah we've just met, but you've been a better friend in the short amount of time than many I've had over the course of my life. And.. that's saying a lot." Felicity had few. "So.. if you want, you can stop somewhere and pick up whatever movie you want to watch too. No judgements. Annnnnd… just know that I'm here for you too, okay?"

Barry comes to a stop as he was just about to leave and sort of hops his way back toward her. "Felicity, it's fine. Your movie choices are fantastic, and don't worry about it. You've been the most interesting person I've met since I've gotten to New York and I appreciate you calling me over. And you're welcome." He smiles at her, opens the door, and ducks out.

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