Ripper and Misfit Throw Down

November 30, 2014: Misfit catches Ripper ritually killing a bad guy and tries to take him down. Mayhem ensues and Misfit ends up retreating to Oracle.

Gotham Warehouse

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Ripper is fairly picky about the type of place he uses to quasi-ritualistically torture and/or murder people in. It can't be just any old building! There needs to be space enough to work in, something sturdy to fasten the guilty victim to, a little bit of circulation to cut down on the smell but not something that vents at the ground level for people to notice the scent too soon. Privacy is of course an absolute must. Warehouses typically meet the requirements. Thankfully Gotham seems to be at least 40% warehouses.

David Ironheart, or Ripper at the moment, has just finished up a fairly quick but satisfying execution. Not a lot of time spent on torture. Sure, he played around a little bit with some knives and of course his sword, but as far as his murders go, it was pretty tame. In fact the victim was almost not worth killing in such a fashion - a repeat murderer who had managed to get quite lucky, getting off on technicalities each time.

"Well, it's not /artsy/," the man in the white mask admits, looking down at the slightly mutilated body, "but it should get the point across." As he talks he is finishing up using the stump of the man's severed wrist as a paintbrush on the wall, writing out in very neat writing, "HERE IS MY APPLICATION." Well, he finished that part actually. He was going back and adding in smaller letters beneath it, "The all caps makes it look like I'm shout-" Or at least that's as far he has gotten.

A little while ago Misfit was in her usual spot, that usual spot being up on a rooftop contemplating things. She watches the world go by. "Lets see.. Goekill… Hunternaut…. what the hell Charlotte.. why would I call myself Hunternaut…." she trails off with a sigh and hits refresh on the superhero name generator website on her phone. "Waysong… no… powers are not song based shesh… maybe birds… Shrike?" she doesn't have time to do some serious googling to see if there is any known or rumored heroes named Shrike.

Charlotte shifts and watches ad David, or well Ripper, hauls his latest Victim in a warehouse "Hum… that doesn't look very good." she contemplates calling Oracle. She contemplates breaking in on the party to see what is going on. The guy was definitely was either a hero or a villain, the white though tends to be good guys right. She mulls this over quietly for a little bit, trying to listen to see if she can manage to hear anything from the warehouse. Heck she even moves closer, to the edge of the warehouse rooftop and tries to listen.

Finally she just sighs "Well if he is a hero.. he won’t mind my popping in.. hero to hero.. and if he is a villain well.. good for me to pop in right." yes Charlotte talks to herself a lot, not like she has a lot of friends to talk to at this point.

The young woman 'Bounces' into the warehouse behind Ripper. There is a GASP From behind you then a "Oh my god.. what are … why… what.. why would you do that!?" she just sounds horrified at the mild scene.

It's important to lock the doors at the very least when you want privacy in Gotham. Not that it actually keeps people out, but it does usually give a hint of warning that somebody is trying to get in when they jiggle the handle. Not this intruder though. The proximity of the noise she makes is fairly alarming, causing the vigilante to whirl about, drawing a very modern if not hi-tech looking sword from its sheath. Apart from the instinctive movement there is very little to give away what the man is thinking or feeling; the mask, along with thick curly black hair, conceals the entire of his face behind a mostly flat, hard surface. The eye holes are covered in some thin material that makes it as hard to see his eyes as if he were wearing thick sunglasses, and the smile painted on the mask is /probably/ not a reliable gauge of his emotions at all times.

On the other hand, once he has taken a moment to process who/what she is and that she's not immediately attacking him, his posture ever so slightly relaxes before he gives a very large, deliberately care-free shrug. "Because everybody needs a career?" He even half turns so that he can resume writing on the wall with the dead man's wrist.

'-i.n.g. S.o.r.r.y.'

"Oh, wait. Do you mean the killing, or the message?" he adds as he writes, unduly jovial sounding.

Charlotte just gapes for another long moment, and oh that mask. This isn't the joker though, she totally has seen TV clips of the Joker. She sputters for a moment though and manages a "Both.. wait.. no… knock that off! You aren't allowed to kill people!" and with that she whips out a bat-r-rang and sends it whistling at your painting hand. She isn't even throwing to try to land the blunt side on your hand, no this is the sharp wing because for god’s sake you are completely painting with someone's stump "Daaark vengeance!" well she remembered her tagline at least.

"What?" The masked man sounds genuinely surprised - like a child who was just told that Santa Claus doesn't exist. "Of course I a-gah! Hey!!" The sword remained in his hand, but after the initial surprise wore off he had not held it in a specifically threatening manner. And even after the airborne weapon penetrates the white glove on his right hand, sinking into the flesh of his hand and making him drop the perfectly legit writing instrument, the sword remains more held than readied.

"Woah woah woah! Time out sister!!" He makes a T gesture with his injured hand over the tip of his sword before trying to shake the batarang loose. "We're on the same side!"

Charlotte is at least somewhat relieved he is no longer painting with the guy's wrist stump. That was just entirely too gross to even be contemplated. Some part of her does find the whole making a timeout gesture with a bat-a-rang stuck in your hand a bit funny, but she won't laugh no sir.

Charlotte takes another step back and readies a second bat-a-rang now "No.. there is no way we are on the same side… you killed that guy and .. and your painting in blood. You belong in Arkham murderer!" pauses a beat then absently "hss"

Behind the mask his lips purse into a frown. A fight here is NOT what he wants. It looks pretty sad when somebody gets caught at the scene of the murder, which would reflect badly upon his "resume," and she seems like a decent human being, judging by the revulsion in her eyes at him. Maybe he should spend more time learning some gentler combat techniques - chopping off her kneecaps would definitely qualify as Wrong, even if it was to save his own hide.

"They don't put you in Arkham for killing people!" he points out, still sounding upbeat, though no longer jolly. "They put you in Arkham for killing the wrong people in the wrong way or for the wrong reasons! But I'm killing the right people for the right reasons, I promise!" He even puts his injured hand over his heart, as if making a pledge.

Well if nothing else, this is a good learning lesson for Charlotte. I mean this is entirely the kind of crazy she will have to deal with on a very regular basis if she is going to fight crime with the vigilantes in Gotham. I mean really this is right up the rogues gallary, even if this one is killing bad guys. She just shakes her head very slowly and protests "Dude.. like… dude.. totally no… they put you in Arkham for being damned crazy and killing people.. there isn't a right way to kill people.. I mean right way to … there is no right people to kill for the right reasons.. Killing is bad…. really bad… you need to give up now before I.. the Shrike … strike you down." okay strike and shrike.. that has potential Charlotte. Not sure about the name though, will need to poll it online later on the Gotham hero watch forum maybe.

"And they put people in prison for attacking other people, yet here you are attacking me even though nobody around is currently in any danger. Well, aside from myself, being in danger from you." He sounds surprisingly reasonable in his speech, regardless of the actual logic in the words. "So apparently there's not a right way to kill people, but there's a right way to hurt people who are trying to hold a conversation?"

The black and white clad man scratches the side of his head in a show of confusion. "The Shrike? Is that your name? I gotta say, you don't want to have a name that has 'the' at the front of it. It will never get used consistently."

Charlotte narrows her eyes there "No.. Its Shrike.. I mean I will probably just use Shrike, not The Shrike.. I mean it isn't The Batman.. it is just Batman.. or Robin… not " she pauses "Knock it off!" she lifts the bat-a-rang threateningly once more. "I attacked you because you killed that guy and were using his blood to paint a message.. and it doesn’t even make sense.. why did you kill him and what the hell does that mean… are you like some cross between the Riddler and Joker.. also you are so giving yourself up.
She seems pretty determined about that part "And .. I’m going to ziptie your ass to this crime scene and call the cops to pick you up and take you to Gotham you Loon."

The violet rage ever-present inside him, momentarily subdued by the kill, starts to come back as his body and psyche respond to the constant threat she poses. He is finding it increasingly unlikely that he'll be able to convince her to let him go easily. Still, maybe he can prevent it from becoming violent. Sneaking up on him like that proves she had skill, but she was not hardened to violence yet, so it was unlikely she had nearly as much experience with true brutal combat as him.

"Let me explain the situation, 'Shrike.'" The positive attitude is gone now, replaced by annoyance and an anger that can only be described as cold. "You are a little girl playing pretendy fun-time games, and you stumbled upon something that will leave you waking up having nightmares for some time now. The only way your brain can process this is by labelling me the bad guy and trying to "fix" the situation with my capture." He moves his sword in a very controlled manner, pointing the tip towards the deceased. "Whatever you may think of me? He is just as bad. If he wasn't dead, he'd be more likely to attack you than I would." He sheathes his sword and walks slowly yet boldly tolds her. "I am not your enemy. The people I kill are murderers, rapists, and worst. I'm out here doing this because starry-eyed naive little kids like you think that beating somebody up stops them from doing bad things. It doesn't. You put me away and you have no assurance at all that I won't just kill more people. In fact, I guarantee you that if I end up in prison or Arkham, I WILL kill some of the people there." He comes to a stop in front of her. "So either make me stop permanently, set events in motion that puts me in a room with more guys like Mr. Fantastic over there… or get the out of my way."

Charlotte totally does back up when he advances all menacingly on her like that. She really is disturbed by your monologueing and the whole situation, though her nightmares are already well spoken for and involve a lot more fire than this. Also she doesn't throw the bat-a-rang though since the sword is put away now, or at least it is away for the moment. "Actually mr. loon you are probably doing to be way to drugged in Arkham to hurt anyone or yourself." At least she hopes so. "I pick door number two." if you manage to kill people in Arkham that isn't her fault right. She strikes out hard and quick for your knee. She isn't very well trained at hand-to-hand, no sir not at all, but she is at the absolute peak of human speed and strength due to her genetics.

David knew that a fight against an Innocent was almost inevitable before he even made his Ripper costume. His own rules limit his options for fighting back in such a case - no deadly force, no permanent injuries. Most of his usual tactics are not allowed; he can't even use any of his weapons. And when she shows just how fast and strong she is with the opening attack, he knows he's going to need more than his bare hands to fend her off.

Thankfully he is able to spot the attack, giving him just enough time to shift his weight and start to move his leg backwards. With the thin kneepad sewn inside the pants, it's enough to keep his knee from being put out of commission at least. "Nice speed," he admits slipping back into his way-too-happy demeanor. "I'll have to give you some pointers when we're done." He draws his sword once more as he speaks, swinging it in her direction - he takes care to telegraph the attack and perform it slow enough that she can avoid the attack by backing up at the very least. It's really just to to give him a half a second of breathing room, hopefully. However, even if it leaves him vulnerable, he continues the swing in a broad arc, one that actually turns him around and terminates with the sword plunging into the shoulder of the dead man behind him. If he's going to win this fight without hurting her too badly, he's going to need an edge.

That edge being a severed arm. With his injured hand he grabs the upper arm and twists it just so. Along with the sword helping sever the muscles, he's able to wrench the limb free. Now he has two weapons! Or something.

Charlotte is indeed quite fast, but she is very raw and you manage to save your knee, because yeah she might have really popped it one good if she had connected. In the same trend she doesn't know enough to duck the sword and come in close to beat the hell out of you under your guard. No sir, she just dances back out of the swing and gets this determined look.

Of course her stride is tripped up when you cut the arm off and then wield your two 'weapons'. "Ohmygod… what is wrong with you…." she just stares for a moment, trying to figure out how to compensate for the fact now you have a sword and an arm to hit her with potentially.

Right Charlie, she decides to hurl the bat-a-rang hard and fast at your sword arm, she even gets coy and feints the throw at your arm wielding arm. Arm wielding arm. What is this world coming to?

The fact that she hesitated just at the sight of him removing the arm is a good indication to him that the risky acquisition was a good call. "Quite a lot of things," Ripper cheerfully admits. "I want to remind you though that not only did you attack me-stop that!!" The feint is a good one, but while the bat-a-rang sinks into his forearm he does not drop his weapon this time. It's a good thing he doesn't intend to be using the sword much further though, because sharp metal object imbedded in the forearm really limits a person's range of motion.

"You know what? I'm KEEPING this one!" he says in reference to the most recent projectile, like a father taking a toy away from his child. At the same time he moves to close the distance, sensing that he'll have the advantage in melee. For the first time he truly attempts to strike her, swinging the arm at her, aiming to bash the dead man's wrist or hand into the side of her head.

"Just remember, I'm doing this in self-defense! I don't want you running around whining about how I attacked you or tried to kill you or some stupid thing like that."

Charlotte is very pleased that she managed to sink you good and limit the swording you could inflict upon her. Is swording a verb, well it totally is now. "No way jerk face! I'm taking you down and getting my stuff back!" by stuff the sharp throwing bats she totally has stuck in you it seems.

Charlie is feeling pretty perky with her success and she 'tries' to duck the swinging limb to get in this time and punch you in the stomach. Of course she totally mis-times it…. while she may partially catch you in the stomach, she also gets hit upside the head with a severed limb "Arrgl…" she manages as she staggers.
Ripper makes a mock gasp of shock, as if terribly offended. "Jerkface?! What have I done to deserve that?" Her blow lands true, knocking some of the air out of his lungs and making him briefly double over. Nevertheless he moves forward, forcing himself to straighten up. Perhaps he's ticked, because at this point he raises his sword to cut her down-

"Batman?!!" Only to stop, turning his head slightly as if spotting something behind her.

Charlie staggers to the side and then looks up at the sword. "Yes Jerk face… "When you hesitate to bring it down she things about punching you in the stomach again. The Batman though does give her pause, she reaches fast to snatch her bat-a-rang wrenching it out of your arm "Dark vengeance!" and then darting backwards away from you so she has space to look over her shoulder unsure. I mean she is wired up to the Watch Tower, maybe Oracle called Batman on her when she seemed out of her depth.

Well that totally backfires! Instead of distracting her long enough to perform a solid takedown, he only leaves himself vulnerable. "Hey! That's mine now!" he snaps, more irritated by her success than by the added pain of somebody not-to-gently ripping out a weapon embedded in his body. The physical pain was nothing compared to the mental pain, after all.

While she's too far away to hit personally, when she looks away from him he takes that opportunity to fling the limb at her head. "Eyes front!" It's not weighted properly to do much damage, but he is hoping that it will connect with her face when she turns back around, and that would probably distract her long enough for him to smash into her with a fairly brutal tackle. It's a gamble though as he has to start sprinting before the throw even connects.

She seems quite pleased with herself there, she totally got her bat-a-rang back. She turns her attention fully back to you in time to get thwapped with a thrown severed arm… a messy thrown severed arm "ack… gross!" then Charlie realizes you are a split second from tackling her to the ground and she 'bounces'.

By 'bouncing' though she quite literally vanishes with a cry of alarm and you end up tackling a whole lot of purple and pink smoke. Meanwhile Charlotte is furiously is rubbing her face with one hand to get the gore off and grabs her second bat-a-rang off the floor where you tossed it earlier from the back of your hand. She somehow got behind you back by your victim.

Things are looking good, and then… something happens. It takes a moment for him to process it, during which he is staggering forward as he tries not to fall over as a result of NOT hitting anything with his tackle. At first he assumes she managed to dodge under the cover of a smoke bomb somehow, but when he hears her behind him picking up the weapon he rules that out.
"You cheated!" he accuses. "You didn't sneak up on me earlier, you just phased in! Or possibly teleported!" He's really not sure which it is at this point. He needs to regain the initiative somehow though, or she may just whittle him down with those bat-a-rangs until his arms are too injured to fight with.

"Eww, you got blood all over your face! Do you know how bad it is to get dead people blood on your mucus membranes? You probably only have a minute to wash your face before you're exposed to everything he had!"

Charlotte finishes scrubbing her face the best she can with her hand "You are crazy… disgusting… psychopathic.. evil… and .. gross. You are so gross. What kind of villain are you just throwing things like that.. who throws an arm.. I mean really. Who would throw an arm you disgusting psycho." she is just on a roll and she looks to be winding up to throw both of the bat-a-rangs at you once more not aiming for arms this time as she just works herself to a tizzy at this. This was not how her first fight against a supervillain was supposed to go in her headspace. No sir. She was supposed to emerge in victory and not covered in gore and get praised by Oracle and maybe Batman but noooo… gross psychopath.

"I told you, I'm not a villain! I only kill the bad guys!" This time he approaches her more slowly, his sword held up in a defensive stance. He was guessing that her ability to teleport/phase was pretty limited since she had only used it twice so far, and once was to get inside. Hopefully that means she has to recharge before doing it again. "Geeze, why am I even trying to reason with you? Anybody dumb enough to wear a skirt in combat and stand on a dead man's bladder" - a lie on his part - "is going to be too dumb to tell the good guys from the bad guys."

Charlie steps quickly to the side and watches you warily, in case she was standing on a dead guy's bladder. You are approaching with a sword though and she doesn't look down. This time at least. "Heroes don't kill the bad guys they lock them up!" she seems very sure of this now. Admittedly she is unnerved that you don't seem to be affected much by two bat-a-rangs and a punch to the stomach. The muggers usually go down with one of her punches on most nights but not you. Damn super villains. "Just give up crazydoc and I won't bat-a-rang you more okay." she raises both of them menacingly.

Uh-oh. She was starting to take what he says in stride. He gives up on the banter for the moment. Instead he simply charges her again, though this time he's not going to overextend and try to tackle her. He just wants to get close enough to engage in hand to hand again. To help protect himself until he gets there however he reaches for the cape behind him and hauls it in front of himself to shield most of himself from her bat-a-rangs.

Charlie doesn't bounce. She probably should bounce away from you and throw bat-a-rangs into your back, but no she doesn't do it. Instead she charges you hoping to catch you completely off guard by leaping forward swinging wildly at your midsection. "HSs!!!"

The crazy guy with the sword was NOT expecting the ignorant superhero-wannabe to charge him under those circumstances. Unwilling to intercept her with his sword, it acts only as a hindrance, leaving him unable to block her strike. This time it's a solid connection, catching him right in the solar plexus. Very not good for him.

There's not much a person can do when the air is knocked from their lungs. Willpower only gets so far when the muscles lack sufficient oxygen. Dropping to his knees, he only just barely keeps his grip on the sword, though for the moment he lacks the ability to lift it.

Charlie almost squeeks in victory when you go down to your knees. But oh, no right. She needs to finish this while your unable to sword her in the stomach. She quickly kicks you hard upside the head "Daaaark vengeance!!" yes two exclamation points as she shouts her victory cry. She really feels quite good about how this is progressing. She is just so damned excited about this now despite the gore.

He can't attack, he's unable to stand, and his body is too sluggish to evade the blow. The best he can do is raise one hand to interpose it between his head and her shoe as well as turn his head to face the blow. Now for most people, this would be a Bad Idea. But the mask isn't just there to hide his identity - it's quite solid and is designed to absorb impact. So while he does see stars from the force of the impact, he only blacks out for half a second, regaining consciousness before he falls over and his skull hits the ground. More stars and pain, but more importantly, it's another shock to the nervous system.

Ripper is forced to just lay there for several seconds, hoping that she takes her time celebrating instead of immediately tying him up. His aim is going to have to be absolutely perfect if this is going to work, and the numbness in his fingers makes that dubious.

"'ess you beat me," he says with a hint of a slur.

Charlie is feeling very good about herself there, she fishes out the zipties she is carrying and steps in towards you. She goes to flip you on your front with her foot as she does though, she wants to be able to yank your hands up and back behind you so she can suss you up.

Good enough, he supposes. "No capture." His voice is a little clearer, albeit still weak and somewhat breathless. He makes a vaguely threatening gesture with the sword, really just tightening his grip on it and raising it off the floor, to get her to back off. "Familiar with seppeku?" His grip on the sword reverses itself, turning the blade from pointing at her to pointing at himself. Hopefully before she can stop him, he rolls over onto his side, takes half a second to make sure his aim is correct…

And then stabs himself with the sword, plunging it through his abdomen until the now bloody tip emerges out the other end.

And with that fine development Charlotte is back to panic. Way to go DocPsycho.

She crouches down and tries to remove the sword with a jerk now. "fuck.. fuck…" with one hand and a load of inexperience. With her other hand she taps her comm and camera. "Oracle pick up!"

Charlie taps her comm and camera. "Oracle pick up!" the camera coming on would reveal Charlotte crouched over a guy (spoilers it is David in his Ripper costume) who seems to have a nasty looking sword stabbed through his gut and out the other side. Charlotte seems to be panicking and trying to remove the sword from him with one hand, inexpertly, and activating her comm with the other.
Oh . He didn't think she was stupid enough to try and remove the sword! The self-inflicted wound was very precise, angled to avoid anything that would cause immediate bleed out or serious problems. Someone not trained in first aid or surgery however was very likely not going to be able to remove it without slicing up his innards in a way that really would kill him, or at least render him unconscious. Damn her stupidity.

The masked man lying on the floor with a sword through his gut is forced to act prematurely, tensing the arm holding the sword with a shocking amount of strength, holding it in place. Instead of waiting for a better opportunity to disable her painlessly, or mostly painlessly, the white gloved hand balls into a fist and rabbit punches her in the throat. He really really hopes she's not more delicate than she looks; he's hoping to make her gag and incapacitate her with pain, not crush her larynx.

On the screens in the Clocktower, Charlies' feed comes alive and her voice is heard through the audio. Oracle frowns as she activates her comms, and pulls the window with video to the centre. "This is Oracle… " her response is far more measured than usual. "Please tell me they're still alive…" straight to the point.

Whilst talking to Charlie, the wheelchair bound redhead has tracked the young womans location and is about to despatch Paramedics and Gotham PD, just as the masked man throws his punch. Wincing, Oracle says "I see he is still alive… that's a good thing. Want to tell me what's going on?" Holding the call to the GPD and Paramedics, she waits for Charlie's report looking resigned as she knows Charlie will have to recover.

Charlie protests "I didn't stab him the psycho stabbed himssARHgghle" okay talking is hard after taking a solid punch right to her larynx like that. She falls back off him, not bouncing yet, eyes watering trying to verbalize and breathe and just figure out which way is up with all that.

Of course when she falls back the camera catches a pretty good shot of a guy, dead, strung up to the wall, missing an arm, with a message of some sort scrawled in blood by him.

This is just turning into all shades of terrible; she didn't even have the decency to fall forwards and remain in his reach, so he can't immediately follow-up on the attack. Not to mention she might be in contact with Oracle, and he does NOT want the Bat family coming after him. And of course the police were no doubt on their way if an ambulance for a stabbing was called in.

"You are like a black cat crossed with a broken mirror in a house made of ladders," he groans in frustration, forcing his spine to remain utterly ramrod straight as he sits up, lest the flexing of his abdomen shift the blade inside him. Leaning over, he makes it even harder for her to recover by boxing the sides of her head with both hands - something he feels quite bad about, because it's even more unpleasant than getting hit in the throat, but he really needs her incapacitated. Since he knows somebody is listening he narrates, "For the record, she attacked me. This was self-defense."

"Oh for heaven’s sake" Oracle mutters, without activating the comms. Now she's seen the body, she dispatches Gotham PD and Paramedics… not that she holds out any hope for the person on the wall. The comm is activated "Charlie, speak to me… you need to get out of there… " and the masked man speaks causing her eyes to roll upward. "Charlie… speak to me" the redhead says it again.

Charlie rolls away covering her head with her arms. "Grk" she manages. Oh yes eventually she will get her revenge on DocPsycho here in his white coat. Right now though she 'bounces' away from the beating. Maybe she is panicking or maybe she is taking Oracles advice. Whichever it is though she bounces to Oracle, ending up curled in a protective ball on the floor of the clock tower.

Ripper is left punching the hard floor most like, serves him right, and a face full of purple and pink smoke.
"Oh thank ," he says with genuine relief when she teleports away, even if it does mean bashing his knuckles against the floor. Now he won't have to hide her from the cops to keep her from getting arrested. Assuming/hoping that she's left completely, and isn't poised to sucker punch him, he takes a few moments to very carefully remove the sword from his body and apply a slap on bandage to each hole in his body from the first aid pack he keeps on him for exactly such injuries.

He didn't retrieve her weapons; he doesn't have time to sanitize the blood left at the scene. It probably looks like he tried to kill… Shrike? Or whatever name she decides to stick with. This is an absolute disaster. Yet there is nothing he can do except exit the warehouse as quickly as his injuries allow, find someplace nearby to change out of his costume, and then leave the area as David Ironheart.

As the young woman appears in the Clocktower, curled in ball, it happens with a bit of noise. Oracle kills the monitors and spins around "Oh Charlie, what have you been doing… speak to me… do you need first aid?" Oracle hasn't seen the woman directly and has no idea how badly injured she is if at all.

The masked man has been noted and recorded in Oracles database, the searches already started… she'll know who he is at some point in time.

Charlie uncurls when she hears Oracle.. rolling over onto her back and sprawling out. She has blood on her face, not hers. Blood on her new snazzy outfit, also not hers. "I should so bounce back over there and kick him in the head until he stops being such a psychodoc… he .. what a gross crazy asshole." she just lays there though. Oddly, she seems completely fine from the pummeling and very talkative at this point, despite the punch to her larynx. "Think I should go back there and kick him in the head or just lay here and think about how badly I handled that… arrrrrgh" she lifts her own head up and bonks it back down onto the floor frustrated it seems.

"He's gone, Charlie." Oracle frowns at the girl bashing her head on the floor before checking the tablet she pulls from the arm of her chair. "Police and Paramedics will be there in 5 minutes, you'll likely be seen." Adopting a very firm tone, the redhead states "I want to know ''exactly'' what happened and why you're here on my floor."

At that serious lecturing tone "I zoned in on you when you were telling me to get out and came to you… sorry I didn't check to make sure it was okay first." she looks over at you pained under her cute new mask. Well she isn't wearing a batgirl outfit, she managed to get a new look, though still batty themed really. "I'm not sure though who psychoDoc is. He dragged that poor man on the wall into the warehouse.. and I investigated." she pales "he was painting with his cut up arm a message.. Totally a psycho.. thought he was a good guy killing bad guys and that made it okay!?"

The costume gets a once over and a raised eyebrow as Oracle listens. "Wait, what, he was a good guy?" the redhead is very confused.

Charlie gives Oracle the most scathingly skeptical teenage look there. "He >thought< he was the good guy… he butchered that guy on the wall and cut off one of his hands and he PAINTED with his hand… he is a psychopath… good guys don't kill bad guys.. they put them in arkham .. or blackgate… not the morgue."

Oracle gives the teen a flat bland look, quirks an eyebrow, remaining silent for many long moments. Her disapproval at the scathing look is evident. "Fair enough then… he probably is a good guy, just misguided. Would you like to explain how he had a sword in his gut, if the good guys don't send people to the morgue?" the tone is low and controlled.

Charlie continues to look exasperated "When I kicked him in the head and was trying to ziptie himself… he said No Capture and stabbed himself through the stomach… " she pauses a moment then frowns at the ceiling "I think he is crazy and was just doing it so he could punch me a bunch in the throat though…" she huffs "All I did was bat-a-rang him in his sword arm when he was trying to stab me… doesn't this camera thing have playback?"

"Chill out… " Oracle remonstrates the young teen and then listens to what she has to say. "Mmmmm, give me a minute" the green eyed woman purses her lips as she gestures and taps at her tablet. A single screen comes live with the camera playback, and Oracle turns to watch it…. "Oh, I see."

Short version. Charlie pops in. Is horrified at a gruesome crime scene. Bat-A-Rangs him in his 'painting' hand yelling at him to stop. Combat ensues. She bounces again when she is almost tackled. She bat-a-rangs him in the sword arm. She retrieves her bat-a-rang. At the end she ends up charging him when he charges her, and he seems startled as she pummels him then kicks him in the head. Then she goes to cuff him and he stabs himself… and you saw the rest live. He definitely didn't seem to be trying to really stab her though, holding back.

Charlie chills out, though sulks a little while you watch the show. Peering around for a minifridge or something with sustenance and refreshment from her spot on the floor. "Your computers look really neat from down here."

Used to having the teen Bats in the Clocktower, Oracle notices Charlies' furtive glance. "Soda, I suppose?" and nods towards the kitchen area… "help yourself… and yes, my computers are very neat from up here as well."

Turning her attention back to the video replay, Oracle frowns. "I think we need to find this one, Charlie…. " then she frowns more deeply… "What did you call yourself on that video?"

Charlie groans "Shrike… it did rhyme really well with Strike .. it is a type of bird.. a little gross though and I don't think it really works. I'll need to poll it on herowatch later and see what people think maybes…" she rolls up bouncing to her feet and heading for the kitchen to loot a snack and a soda. "He is really crazy Oracle he wrote something on the wall" the writing is a bloody /HERE IS MY APPLICATION. The all caps make it look like I am shout…/ then he got bat-a-ranged in his painting hand.

Oh right, he also cut off the guys arm and hit Charlie with the severed arm a couple times, explains the blood on her face and outfit.

"Not Shrike…" Oracle murmurs absently "What the hell is he applying for?" Turning to watch the young woman head for the kitchen, a faint smile crosses the wheelchair bound woman’s' face "We should find him, Charlie… if he's ill we can help him; if he's not, we can take him off of the street."

Charlie pauses on the opening the fridge, and then goes to the sink and starts to clean up wiping off the blood, using paper towels and water "gah my new shirt is stained!" she sounds really mortally upset about that for some reason, god is she going to cry about her shirt being stained with blood. She keeps scrubbing it though and manages to get herself together with a deep breath "I tried to get him tonight.. he really needs to go to like Arkham I think.. he is for sure sick.. but I made a lot of mistakes I think… I should have called you sooner." she sounds very sheepish.

Oracle watches the young woman scrub at her shirt "Don't rub at it… when you get home, soak it in cold water. I'd suggest do it here but…. privacy" Then as Charlie speaks, Oracle nods and blows out a deep breath "Engaging him on your own, was the biggest mistake. You called me as soon as you could… I can see that, it all happened so quickly." Pursing her lips, Oracle cants her head slightly "I really need to get you that mentor… but until I do Charlie… please… go carefully, I wouldn't want to see you hurt badly."

Charlie just stares mournfully at her shirt now, she can't wash it in cold water at home. Maybe if she is careful at the Laundromat in the other apartment building she can get it out. Worst case she purloins another shirt or two. She just breaths in and sighs deeply giving up instead of scrubbing it in more. "I really should have called first.. but.. he wasn't like the muggers. I mean I pop one of them solidly and they always go down… I stuck him with a bat-a-rang and he just laughed… it.. super creepy." she sounds very young there. Having given up on the shirt she opens your fridge and looks around in it for soda and snacks. Trying to not think about her poor shirt or how gross it was.

Oracles clothing is in her living area, on a completely different floor … otherwise she would offer Charlie a clean shirt. "So he's ''more'' than human…" Oracle muses before cutting a sharp green gaze at Charlie "Three things you learned from today…" it's not barked, but it is said very firmly.

Charlie surfaces from the fridge with a cola and peeks over at you "Call in before I tackle anyone more than a mugger. That being punched in the throat really hurts. That I have no idea how to fight someone who really knows how to fight or is better than a muggle…" she peeks back into the fridge "Do you want this left over fried chicken?"

Waving at Charlie to indicate the fried chicken is hers, Oracle frowns slightly. "Three good things to learn. I might be stuck here in my tower… but I can provide assistance… but you really do need someone to work with." Oracle sounds distracted by this… the look on her face confirms it.

Charlotte liberates the whole plate of fried chicken and the cola and goes to sit at the island in the kitchen. She starts to devour it, she seems ravenous like she hasn't eaten in hours, or maybe longer. "thish is great" she says chipperly then looks over "Teamups are awesome, I could totes be like Batmans sidekick." pshw who needs Robin when you have … Raptor.. or Velocity.. or Raptor.. Raptor sounds way more badass than Robin right. She keeps eating though. She seems mostly recovered from her ordeal, no bruising even or anything visible.

Oracle smiles faintly as the teen endeavors to eat her out of house and home. "Something like Batman and Robin, I suppose." Watching Charlie intently, the older woman tilts her head "You're looking better, how do you feel?"

Charlie mumbles through a mouthful of chicken, then pauses to chew and swallow "Oh fine… I . um…" thinks about it "I usually feel great after a bounce." she lifts her chin showing her neck "Nothing to worry about Oracle." she smiles to you though and then mmMm chicken, she hasn't gone back into the fridge and she isn't that big. She will just demolish all the leftover chicken.

"That's good to know Charlie" Oracle watches the teen demolish the chicken "I'll try not to worry…." an alarm sounds from the console behind her, and her attention becomes focused on her tablet…

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