Some Kind of Fathers

December 2, 2014: The Flash diffuses a dicey situation with Seikatsu's help


The Big Apple, Baby.



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Not too far from Little Italy, was Reese. However, Reese wasn't the normal emo Reese that most would find in the street, pick pocketing, stealing and probably begging with a cardboard sign while sitting on a ratty blanket with her toes bursting from her shoes. No. This Reese? She was atop of a mini-scraper, 18 stories high, feet.. busted shoes included, standing upon a ledge, her hospital gown still worn from that day she escaped from the hospital yet, doubled up to cover all the parts that would be chilled and frozen to bits.

Those weird looking leg warmers were on her legs and arms however, those little gauze thingies that the nurses use to continue the circulation within your limbs, she had them covering those bits of her that the gown does not reach.

Up there, way high, Reese was not alone. An entire family of four lay behind her, the husband.. with a gun, stalks back and forth as he watches his family while they sleep. They were still alive, thank god. Yet to prove that he was not crazy, he brought them there and kidnapped Reese. The situation was about to go tits up any moment.

There was a scream from below, a woman glancing up through the snow to see the smallfry upon the ledge, that all too familiar point towards the scraper and the words that would get anyones attention.

"Oh my god, she's about to jump!"

Barry Allen is taking the long way home, as those who are fans of Supertramp are wont to do. He's not really a fan of the English band, but he does understand the reference as he walks along the street towards his home and checking his phone. He keep spying his text messages over and over.

His concentration is blocked when he hears the scream, though. He puts the phone back absently, swallows hard and looks up. He doesn't even bother making a well planned escape. He's there, there's a crackle of electricity, and he's gone.

He reappears upon the top of the building, holding his hands up and out in a nonthreatening manner, "Hey everyone. Seems like it's been kind of a crazy night."

Reese had her back to the crowd, hands out at her sides, her body stiff and still, the gust of the wind occasionally rocking her but not causing tremendous movement. In other words? She was safe where she was. The man however, had tears in his eyes; a look that speaks that he's teetering over the edge of no return. The gun was at his side, safety wasn't on, finger upon the trigger ready to aim and pull at a moments notice. He was startled as soon as he sees Barry, the gun soon gone up in his direction, arm shaky and unsteady as he begins to stammer.

"S..she won't help them!"

There was a cry in his voice, a tear finally falling upon rugged cheek.

"She was that woman, that woman in the hospital that helped everyone. I saw it with my own eyes! I know she could do it, but she won't!"

There was a look of dispassion in Reese's gaze, a slight frown curling upon her lips as she lets out a soft sigh. "That wasn't me."

The man soon turns the girl upon Reese, taking a few steps closer. "I KNOW IT WAS YOU! STOP /LYING/!"

The Flash nods a few times as soon as the gun comes at him; that's right buddy. Keep the gun on him. There's not a lot here that Barry doesn't think he can handle. There's the gun, Reese on the ledge. With the gun on him, Barry's removed one of the more immediate concerns. Now if he can just talk his way out of this one…

"Help them?" The Flash says, blue eyes going wide as he looks at the man earnestly. "Maybe I can help you. Maybe I can, but you just need to tell me what's going on." The Flash knows darn well that something was pretty fishy at the hospital after he took Reese there with a gunshot wound. He's willing to bet that the man is right-but why won't she help him?

There was a sudden look of realization in the mans eyes, his mouth parts, gun still trained on Reese as he slowly takes a step towards Barry. "You can, you can right? You're the Flash. I heard about you." He swallows hard, but there was a conviction now. "Me and you, we come from the same place. I know you're going to be on my side. I know it!" As soon as he nears, he looks down towards his family, a sad little smile upon his face as he looks over towards him again.

"I saw her in the hospital one day. She was in the room with some kid, that kid was dying. They had him all wrapped up in some plastic and she just went in there. There was this flash of blue light and this kid, he was dying. He woke up! He was talking and laughing and hugging her. I mean, that kid.. that.. he was.. I saw her!"

He shook the gun at Reese, but continued with his story.

"So when the news people came around, I was there. I tried telling them what I saw but no one believed me. They were thinking it was some medical miracle! And.. and they didn't listen. I told the truth and they didn't listen.."

He was near to sobs now, but he held true. "Some people started saying I was crazy. My family even said that something was wrong with me. They said.. people like that don't exist in this world. But.. look! Look at them now! She's going to fix them because you're here, Flash. Right? Right?"

"I don't think you're crazy, buddy. I don't think you're crazy at all, but I need you to put down the gun before someone g-" Oh screw it. In less than a blink of an eye, Barry depletes the distance between them in a quick movement, returning back to his original place with the gun.

"I'm sorry, I just can't concentrate in difficult and stressful situations when there's a gun," the Flash says as he ejects the clip, and pours the bullets down upon the floor, then discards the round before throwing the empty clip to one side of the building and the gun to the other.

"I will promise you this: I will do whatever I can to help you, but I need to know who I'm helping and what I'm dealing with. I know this woman. I know /of/ this woman, I should say, and I'm willing to talk to her, but you're going to have to give me all of the facts here."

"I'm not putting do-.." And then? The gun was gone!

"What did you do?!" He howls out, his hands immediately smacking at his head as he begins to pace back and forth, a clear look of distress upon his face. He wasn't in control.

Reese, finally steps down from the ledge with a hop, the motion looked cool as ever, but it was clear that her temperature was dropping a little too quick for comfort. Her lips were a faint shade off of her normal color, which were trembling, her arms soon wrap about herself as she nears the teenaged boy who appears to be sleeping.

Still, she remained quiet, her gaze lowered as her foot slightly strikes out to kick the boy's thigh.

The man looks up towards her, hopeful, then down to his son, and nearly screams.

But good ol' Flash. He promised.

"Help /ME/!" He says aloud, fingers soon pointing towards his chest. "Help me prove what she is! Help me get them to listen! The facts.. you know the facts! You said you know of her! Please Flash. I don't want my family to die, I don't want them to die in vain!"

Reese finally shakes her head, letting out a soft sigh. "Here's the facts. He dragged me into his car at gun point. He drugged his family with a large dose of sodium thiopental enough to be fatal. And he said he was going to kill me if I didn't heal them. So I promised I would. Said my gifts only work if we're at the top of the tallest building. He brought me here. Then I told him I'd rather kill myself before I help him."

It was clear that she was telling the truth, there was no reason for her to lie. "To be honest, I didn't count on you being here, Mr. Flash." And for good reason.

The Flash goes looks aghast when he finds out what they've been given. That's not good; that's not good at all. Alright, time to make a deal.

"You've put your family in a really tough situation, buddy. I'll tell you that. And it's gonna take some work to make them okay. So, I'm going to have to get you out of here, while me and the little lady have some time to think."

When the man closes his eyes to blink, he'll be assaulted by a gust of wind akin to a tornado. He finds himself on the rooftop of a building across the street.

An eyeblink later, the Flash is back.

"Look, I know you don't want to help this guy, but that's not these people's fault. You gotta help them. /Please/. I'll make sure he ends up where he needs to go, but don't let these people die because of his lunacy."

The man knew what he had done, knows it, but he still sobs as if he had just realized it himself. "Okay.." He sobbed out.. and with a blink, he was gone.

Reese could feel the cold wind at her cheeks as she feels him near, a slight frown drawing upon her face as she lets out a sigh. She was really, really irritated, especially being pulled from her slumber and tucked up here, and nearly chilled to un-death.

"When they wake up, they're going to wish for death." Her words were plain and simple.

"I've been on this world for nearly four hundred years, Flash. I know how this is going to turn out. Every, single, time. It all turns out the same. These people are going to be fine once they wake up. But they're going to realize what their father, and husband has done to them. That he was willing to murder his family to prove himself right. Because man, essentially, is /that/ selfish."

She takes a slight step back, frowning. "Do you know what that could do to a person, Flash? Knowing that someone who was supposed to protect you from the moment you were born, has tried to kill you? A husband. A husband who you've vowed to love with every breath, tries to murder you just so that he could prove to someone who doesn't even matter that he was right? Tell me, Flash. If your father did this to you, to your mother, your sister.. how would you feel?"

"He didn't," the Flash says defiantly. He knows all about fathers being put in that predicament. He knows what that doubt feels like.

"Listen, I understand what they're going to feel. But at the end of the day we have an opportunity to use our powers for good. It might feel like the humane thing to do-to let them die. But you and I aren't the arbiters of death. Please. Help them. I swear to you that I will watch over them; that I personally will help them." He shakes his head, pleading with her. "Don't let them die. Please."

Reese could tell with those two words that she struck a nerve. It nearly causes her to rear back at nothing, to step away and to turn but.. she didn't. She could press for more words, for further arguments, but what would be the point? He made it clear, and his words were the actual truth.

They can't choose who lives or dies.

As one would sigh when convinced to do something that was inheritly right, she takes a few steps back, her hands drawing up to pull away the bindings from her arms that were keeping her warm. "If I do this, then you promise me that you will send that man to jail. You will make sure that he sees justice for what he's done and make him realize that damage that he's caused to his own flesh and blood. Alright?" She was serious. She wanted to make him pay after their deaths, but.. this /is/ the better approach.

But she knows people like Flash. He was a do-gooder, she had a feeling that she could count on him to see it through to the end. So with no muss nor fuss, she doesn't wait for an answer, only pulling in her power as she knows how, her arms stretching out at her sides to let the wrappings fall to the ground. With a deep breath, the middle of her begins to glow a bright blow, that light soon traveling upwards and out towards her arms, little pools of light forms upon the surface of her flesh and begins to shoot out like tiny little beams towards the three who lay dormant.

Their bodies soon begin to glow with the same hue, washed within the purifying light that they provide, soon twitching and gasping for air as they begin to feel alive and revitalized. Even the color returns to their cheeks, the healing prowess providing them with enough heat to get them to shelter.

Quietly and breathily, the Flash thanks Reese for the use of her powers.

But he doesn't stand around to talk about it. In a moment, he's got the family over to One Police Plaza, to the on-staff doctor there at the police station. There's a hand written note about their condition and a notification that he'd be back.

Then, he's on to the rooftop across the way. The man who was there is now gone, taken down to the local precinct. They're given a similar letter. Flash will be there in a moment, but he's got to get back to talk to Reese.

As he appears in front of her, he reaches out his hands to her sides if she'll let him. "Thank you." The hands begin shifting back and forth after high speeds, bringing her body warmth. "Where can I take you that you'll be warm and get something to eat?"

The family? They were alright. The mother laughed and cuddled her babies even though they were nearly grown. It didn't matter, they were hers. But with a whip of the Flash, they were gone.. and soon recanting the tale with heavy hearts to the police.

The man? He broke. He saw the display of light from afar and had no way to capture it, to give those whom witnessed it a taste of what he's seen. He screamed the entire time in custody, he was going to be locked up soon.

A true testament to Flash's gift; Reese moved in slow motion towards the ground, for by the time he returned, she smacked right into him and was being warmed by his quick hands. She was tired, tapped out, she could barely keep her eyes open from that huge exertion of powers. She gave that family more than they needed, which possibly could have added on to their lives at the end. But she felt great, emotionally.. it would be worth it.

"I don't have anywhere to go." She finally confesses, and that would be the last thing she'd say all week. For she was out quicker than the Flash could move, fast asleep.

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