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December 4, 2014: Vorpal runs into the girl who one day would be called Misfit. Their patrol goes… not the way they intended.

The Narrows

It's Too Dangerous To Go Alone! Take a kitty.



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Charlie is sitting on the top of the Narrowsborough Bridge looking down into the Narrows with two items besides her costume. One is a police scanner, tuned to 911 calls, she filched from the Clocktower and the other is a pair of binoculars, nightvision capable, she may have filched from Lady Blackhawk. She is totally scoping out the one part of the city she hasn't braved yet. Working up the nerve to venture forth, probably just needing the right need. Speaking of she zooms in the focus on a rooftop deeper into the narrows and people moving on it.

Robin hasn't checked in with the Titans for a bit. This is cause for concern for Vorpal- even though he is not Damian's biggest fan, he is still a team-mate, and Titans are family. Yes, even when one of you is a little horrible goblin.

The Cheshire cat has combed a good part of the city… except the Narrows. But at this point, theres very few places left to search. And, besides, the Narrows needs a hero just as much as the rest of the city. As he moves through rooftops, Vorpal only hopes that Robin is in here… somewhere. He doesn't want to return to the castle empty-handed. He'd rather have a bird in the hand..

Charlie isn't really in a bush, and hasn't met Dick, Tim, or Damien yet. She adjusts the scope and zooms in a bit on the figure hoping from rooftop to rooftop. "Okay what the heck is that." she can't get the best view. So she bounces to a taller building much closer now. Something just twanged those who are in tune with magic and sorcery.

Charlie leans over the edge of the roof and adjusts "A cat guy… maybe it is one of madhatters goons…" she grins, she just got to say goon in the like serious fighting crime sense.

She decides to go all in and see if it is a villain, even if this will totes get her chewed on by Oracle and Blackhawk but wheee crime fighting. She bounces onto the roof behind you, keeping a good distance though. Another twang of reality being bent by magic.

And Vorpal stops dead in his tracks.

Being a creature of chaos magic, he is extremely susceptible to changes in reality- he can feel them like some people can feel the sting of a cavity when partaking of ice cream. He doesn't turn around- because he doesn't know exactly where reality just got the wedgie. He just knows that it happened.

His run turns into a walk, and then a strut. The purple cat looks around warily, trying to find a visible source of magic… the Druids might be after him.

Charlie gets a much better look at his back now, though she isn't entirely sure given what she sees. Could be a mad hatter goon or maybe someone else. She bounces again causing another -twang- as she gets on a roof off to Vorpal's right and leans against the wall on the roof's edge. "You look like an actual cat I think." it is dark though "Not one of the Mad Hatter's mooks" hah she got to say mook "Are you a catburglar?"

He jumps this time, more from the sensation of magic than Charlie's appearance- but he whirls on her, a Vorpal blade, purple and glowing, appearing on his hand as he moves, but he does not attack.

"… Mad Ha— wait, you think I would actually work with Tetch? That nutter? One of his goons… no, check that, three of his goons crashed two of my dates! On two different nights!" he points the blade at Charlie, but the gesture isn't threatening, it's more like a pointer. "And I'm not a cat burglar. The opposite, in fact. Before this goes any further, though, I think introductions are in order. Unless you're planning to attack me. At which point I guess introductions wouldn't be necessary."

Charlie is leaning against the wall, her stylized bat symbol shirt visible, cape, and masked contenence. Redhead too, looks a bit like the classic though she isn't using that name of course after Oracle told her she couldn't. "Ooookay that is majorly freaking cool!" the sword it seems, looking it over with the narrow alley still seperating you from her. "The Mad Hatter's name is Tetch.. huh.. I really need to study more you know. So you are the opposite of a catburglar.. does that mean your loitering in Gotham fighting crime?" she doesn't seem like she is leaping to the attack.

Okay part of her is thinking about it though, because you know heroes totally fight, and then become friends. "What's your name eh?"

"You could say that. This is Bat-territory, but I wiggle by through association. I'm Vorpal, of the Titans… and you wouldn't happen to have seen a Boy Wonder around here somewhere?" Vorpak asks hopefuly that maybe this one might have seen him. "What's your name, anyways?"

Charlie oh heys "Vorpal of the Titans… didn't you do something with the Joker… and oh hey right Robin is a Titan too… " she squints, not the best nightvision. I mean good for a human really but not enhanced or supernatural you know. She then scrunches her nose up cutely there and then sighs after having trailed off there. "Right names…. I'm told I haven't earned a 'call-sign' yet.. which suckages. I have a ton of good ideas though!" she bounces, purple and pink smoke, a wee bit chaos probably knowing Charlotte's inclinations and her relatives she doesn't know about. She is behind you next. "Like Raptor.. or Griffin.. maybe Stellar! IT is totes a type of eagle."

The sword vanishes, and in its stead Vorpak summons a little ball of light to illuminate. He has night-vision, but he is aware that most humans don't.

"Yeah… I put the Joker away a few weeks ago," which was… granted, the stupidest risk he ever took. But it was a point of honor, putting him away.

And he was still there. He hadn't broken out yet. Something was up.

"Well, if you're going for birds, why not go for Merlin?" he tilts his head, "And who told you you haven't earned a callsign? I wasn't aware there was a bureau of monikers around here."

Charlie puts her back up against a chimney structure and grins "That was badass.. I mean the Joker is super serious business. I bet I could take him down though." she notes determined. Then she perks "Hmmm Merlin." she rolls it around "I could poll that on Herowatch later…" she then rolls her eyes "I was going by Batgirl but I was told we have a batgirl.. though her costume and dark brooding muteness… eeh I mean come on.. all black leather… that isn't Batgirls outfit." she seems to like talking.

"Don't try taking on the joker alone, girl of undeterminate name. Trust me. It was the stupidest thing I ever did… and I only got lucky."

The cheshire blinks. "Right… Batgirl. So who policed your moniker again? You haven't told me whom."

But he can guess. Maybe.

Charlie notes firmly "I would make an absolutely awesome BatGirl." she nods at that reaffirming it nicely. "And..well um… well .. not sure if she is a secret.. but she is the All Seeing Eye of Gotham and Beyond…." she watches you to see if you have a reaction to that.

"So you know Oracle. Got it." Vorpal seems to know exactly who she means. "I'm one of her 'assets', as she calls us. So… you can teleport, I see. When did you discover you could do this?" he asks her. Now he's interested, if she is known by the oracular one…

Charlie brightens, and even seems to untense when you get her drift there and react nicely. "Awesome, and I will be totally asking her later to confirm that or gods I will get in trouble for making more assumptions." she eye rolls again, ah teenagers. "Teleport.. I guess so. I call it bouncing though which is cooler I think and.. well long as I can remember really. I've only been doing it to inflict daaark vengeance for a few months though." she pauses a beat "How long you had cool fur?"

"About… eight months now," Vorpal smirks. "I can do something like what you do. Only I do it a little bit different. Watch…" A hole opens up in reality. For real. He sticks his hand through it and…

Another hole appears, next to Charlie, with Vorpal's hand waving at her. "I call it Rabbig Holing, myself."

Charlie watches the hole appear and then twists around to look at the other hole now. "Ohh.. okay that is really neat. Mine is pretty instant though, no holes… can you take people through your holes?" she hesitates then blinks "Wonderland reference?"

"Yeah, I can take anything through the holes…" The hand snap-points at Charlie, "Right, got the reference. I'm actually a cheshire cat. The real deal." And it was so because the Cait Sidhe made it so. "That's the reason behind my codename as well."

Charlie considers that now "Vorpal bunny from Monty Python…. or.. was there something Vorpal in the Alice in Wonderland cartoon?" okay maybe she isn't a literary genuis or nothing. She grins though "That is really awesome.. I had no idea that Wonderland was real… did like the author dude fall into a rabbit hole and get out and write about it?"

"I can't tell you whether or not Wonderland is real. I only know that I am real." Enigmatic enough, but true enough as well. "The codename's from a poem in Through the Looking Glass. Ask Oracle to look it up for you, it'll make sense then. So… just to confirm, you haven't seen Robin around here?"

Charlie squints a little "I can use the internet you know.. Oracle isn't the only one super good at computers and hacking.. and video games. I kick a lot of ass at video games you know." she shrugs though rolling her shoulders. "I really want to meet him and Batman but no not yet. I mean I figured Oracle was going to hook me up with him or someone to patrol with but she intro'd me to Lady B instead."

Lady B. Okay, he'd have to ask about that one later. "Right… then if you don't mind, I need to keep looking for him." He pauses, and looks at Misfit. "… would you like to join me? Joint patrol, sort of thing?"

That way he could see what this lady could do, if they ran into any trouble. She certainly seemed determined to live The Life… and Kate had talked about that outreach group. The Titans were, after all, a group of young heroes. Who knows?

Charlie grins like it is christmas morning and her parents, who happen to be dead so think happy thoughts, bought her a pony and it was caught eating the christmas tree. "That would be really great!" takes a deep breath "I mean.. Oracle would probably prefer a joint patrol since she worries about me being on my own, though I've totally stopped a dozen street crimes and almost nabbed psychodoc the serial killer in the warehouse district." which being Gotham could be almost any part of town.

#########################HALF AN HOUR LATER################################

"You know, for this being the narrows, the crimes are a little… monotonous," Vorpal whispers to Charlie as he jumps across the gap between two buildings. Over the past half hour or so, they had managed to stop two muggings, but it wasn't exactly the kind of mugging you wrote home to. "And still no Robin…"

Charlie seems to be in very good shape, leaping across building gaps after you like a pro. Well okay not at all like a pro, it is clear she never has had any training at all as she fights muggers and patrol. She is just in excellent shape. "What…. this is amazing.. all muggings are pretty much like this.. you bat-a-rang them… or punch them and save people… what's wrong with it?" she seems puzzled "What kind of crime do you fight Vorpal?" very curious about that now.

"I mean, fighting muggers isn't bad, it's making a difference. But you want to find out who they're working for- if they're part of a network, for example, wasting time with the pawns means you're not fixing the problem. You want to take down the king of the network, and the pawns will fall apart…"

The cheshire stops, and lifts a hand. "…wait." He points to the distance. He can see better in the dark. "There… do you see them? I think something's going on."

He's pointing to an alley, where there's three men, and a man in a trenchcoat. And the men are following him in, who is walking with a steady step.

Charlie pauses and looks at you "Do muggers even have a king mugger… you know I bet he would have a super cool name if he did have a name… like Mugster." she theorizes for a moment silently "I think drug dealers have a king drug dealer though… we could go looking for them. Maybe not a king.. maybe a Baron or a Duke… I have heard of a drug called Vertigo hitting the streets." she doesn't stop right away when you raise your hand, but she does eventually turn and look.

Charlie bounces to a closer roof, just figuring you will catch up and leans to look down at the Alley and the men walking along there. "Right.. Dark Vengeance Time."

Vorpal disappears. That is, he becomes invisible, so it is hard to see where he goes- but he Rabbit Holes ahead, to arrive a little ahead of Charlie, because he may not be a seasoned hero, but his powers do allow him to become useful to his fellow team-mates in several ways. Surveillance is one.

"You frickin' pervert! I didn't ask you for THAT! Gimme your wallet now!"

The biggest of the three men is advancing on the man in the trenchcoat, who trips over something as he walks backwards away from him. He apparently had been holding his trenchcoat open, but it falls back on him as he falls back down. "N-no, just get away from me!" The man says. He's in his late fifties, and skinny as a beanpole. Clearly no match for the three men.

Misfit looks around "Where did …." huh where did Vorpal go, well it is just some muggers right. She bounces down behind them leaving the pink/purple smoke on the roof, luckily not where she bounces too. "Dark Vengeance… hssss!" and punches one of the muggers in the back of the head trying to knock him out like you see in the movies. She follows it up with a couple of body shots and a shove trying to send him off into one of the other muggers. Lets hope they dont have weapons and know how to use them right.

They do have weapons, but fortunately they have never needed to know how to use them past the 'swing hard at someone' phase. One of the muggers collides with the special delivery mugger Misfit is throwing, but the other manages to slip past his trajectory and lunges for Misfit, aiming a blow at her with a blackjack.

Up on the rooftops, invisible, Vorpal observes, ready to provide assistance. He's going to make sure Misfit can block that blow first before he comes down to take care of the two entangled goons- because if she goes down, the man could easily kill her with a second blow in a daze. Titans do Teamwork.

Misfit does get her arms up to block the blackjack with her forearms, oh yes that certainly was not the correct thing to do but at least she isn't on the ground dazed and vulnerable. "OW!"

Misfit does get her arms up to block the blackjack with her forearms, oh yes that certainly was not the correct thing to do but at least she isn't on the ground dazed and vulnerable. "OW!" as she staggers back from the blow and then hsssses at the guy "Vengeance!" though she totes doesn't punch this guy, her arm hurts like hell. Instead she just bullrushes him putting her shoulder into it and running him, and her into the alley wall with a hard THUMP.

Okay, even if she might not be fully trained, she's got good instincts. Vorpal nods and suddenly he reappears, falling out of the air and towards the two goons who are getting up now, since Misfit is controlling the other one.

"You picked the wrong night to be active, boys…" the Cheshire says, a flamingo crocket mallet appears in his hand, purple and glowing, and he swings, sending the two men tumbling towards the ground with a good swing.

"I'd say that's a three pointer, at least?" he quips.

Charlie picks herself up and stares at the guy "Ooo… I think this one may have broke something.. but he is breathing…" she grins over to you "Definitely…. hoooray sports, do the thing win the points!" she kicks the downed mugger once when he moves, to be sure right. She then steps over to offer the poor man in the trench coat help up to his feet.

"You mean like this?" Vorpal snaps his fingers… and three Judges appear out of thin air, holding up numbers: a 10, a 10, and a 5. The Russian judge. They disappear into thin air.

"Oh thank you, miss!" The older man says as Misfit helps him stand up. "I thought I was a goner there…"

Charlie looks over to catch Vorpals trick and grins "Ok you are amazing." complimenting the feline, that can't be good. She looks back to the victim and nods "Just glad to help. You should go call the cops." she needs space to ziptie the crooks up and leave them for the cops she hops the older man will scurry off and call.

the old man… does not scurry off. He faces Misfit, "… I am ever so grateful…" and that trench-coat just flies open, revealing a skinny body, pale as can be.

And Vorpal tilts his head, and smirks. "… congratulations, girlfriend. We've rescued a flasher."

Not the best flasher in the world. He doesn't seem to have remembered that he left his underwear on.

The Scooby Doo print shorts and the fluffy slippers put a cherry on top, really.

Charlie steps back quickly, she somehow doesn't bounce though away from him, she just does the scurrying away now. "Ack no…. " she covers her eyes and steps away towards where Vorpal was "I need eye bleach… maybe Mind bleach."

"That makes two of us…" Vorpal shakes his head. And then sighs. "Sir, please put on some pants and go home, now!" The flasher closes his trenchcoat and begins to flee the scene as Vorpal reaches for his pocket to call the police. "You can wait for me on the next rooftop. I'll wait until the cops get here to haul them away… do you want me to mention you, or…?"

Some vigilantes, he knows, prefer not to be in the Cop Spotlight.

Charlie scrubs her face "Guh.. I'll ziptie them and bounce over to the other building… what a loonie bird." she looks to you "I'd absolutely love to be mentioned.. but I need like a name.. what is this.. " she crouches and zipties them with practiced precision, she is getting good at securing muggers "Yeah my name is Vorpal I'm a Titan.. This random chick in a mask and I totes took down these muggers…. her name.. gosh … um… random chick." she finishes the last guy and smiles to you though "See you in a few." and bounces off to the rooftop you mentioned, flash of purple and pink smoke.

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