Catching Up in the Savage Land

November 4, 2014: Polaris and the Outsiders investigate the Tower in the Great Swamp and interrogate Brainchild

Living Quarters in the Savage Land mutates den

The chambers are high tech, but the furniture is positively medieval. Also, exotic cuisine for sure.



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About an hour has passed since the Outsiders defeated the Swamp Men mutants and their friends. Everyone had a chance to clean up some and the prisoners are all locked in the same cell block from which Lorna escaped. A few are seriously injured, but not even Gaza, who was shot full of bullets, seems in danger of dying. And Magneto must have taken advantage of the confusion to sneak out, too.
Jericho is still trying to get information of the old computers, but there is little there but some scientific data, most of which deals with genetics. These guys don’t keep diaries or email about their evil plans. Obviously there is no network besides the local stuff to control some weird machines.

To be fair, no one wants to chase a riled up Magneto. Especially not with iron in one's body. Or anything remotely magneto-able. Lunair is going to quietly look around and keep an eye out. Especially for that frog guy. "What do those say?" She asks quietly to Jericho. She is also quite happy the dinos and reptiles aren't being enslaved.

Deja vu. Only this time with a really bad headache. After everything that happened… Lorna's back in the tower again.
She's happy to have woken up at all, and even more happy that the good guys won the battle, since she's not right back in the cell she started in… but she's still humiliated that she was taken out by a frog. As a result, once she was assured that the battle WAS over, at least for the time being, she's been keeping herself pretty much to herself. First finding the washroom Zaladane showed her earlier and washing the swamp out of her clothes and hair for the second time in quick succession, and then burying herself in the data they've been able to coax out of the old computers. She doesn't understand most of it, but she still reads everything she can find about herself, Zaladane… and Magneto. She doesn't know how to take the news that, based on that data, he IS her father. Assuming it can be trusted, of course.
When the second read-through doesn't miraculously change the conclusion, Lorna sighs and goes in search of the others, another metal sphere orbiting her body wherever she goes. She lost the first one out in the swamp, but she's replaced it to work on strengthening her returning powers. "Do we have anything approaching a plan?" She asks anyone who's listening.

"Other than finding Kori and blowing everything up? Not really," Roy responds, legs up and crossed as he watches Jeri at work. Running a knife over several sticks, just enough to sharpen things and do some home-made non-metal arrows, after noticing that a certain 'Magneto' was related to, not one, but -two- people in the Savage land. One of who was in their bosom like an asp waiting to strike.
Right, Roy, never trust a green-haired woman. Ever.

Meanwhile Skaar found the pantry. Now he feels useful too. Then again, the kind of food one can find in a swamp… well, looks like they have crocodile sandwiches. Taste like chicken. “Maybe we should ask the prisoners,” he suggests. “If Koriand’r is not here, she must be in the Sun City. But we still don’t know what is going on,” he looks at Lorna. “Unless you do, hmm?” At least he has nothing against green, seriously.

Green is good. Lunair doesn't seem bothered by having green friends in the slightest. Maybe it's even kind of charming. She's peeeeeeering here and there, looking akin to an overeager ferret or puppy. She finds her way to Skaar. "Neat. And yeah, it would make sense if they take her there. She is a VIP." Very important person, and all. She looks between them. There's a quiet concern about Lorna. "Are you okay? I tried to shoot the frog guy but he was like NOOO I SURRENDER SLASH FLEE." Because he's a jerk.
Nevertheless, Lunair looks thoughtful. "Do we know what places we can get into the city quietly if we have to?" She asks. "Like, maybe a map? And then we can get some rumors. An orange skinned princess would be big news, no?"

Lorna didn't miss Roy's industrious whittling session, or the complete absence of any metal tips being added to his arrows. She didn't make any attempt to hide the fact that she'd seen it either, a slight smile that's equal parts bitter and grim pulling at her lips before she looked away. "The simple plans are usually the best." She says in apparent agreement, but there's not a lot of camaraderie in her tone. Greaaaaat. Find out you really ARE Magneto's daughter, and within five minutes you're the bad guy. Why DID she come back to the X-Men, again?
Lorna moves to stand away from Roy, her metal sphere dividing into ball bearing-sized pellets, each of which describing an individual - and eccentric - orbit of its own. It's like a numb limb coming back to life, and Lorna's working her powers to get the blood, or in this case magnetic fields, flowing again. Lunair's concerned voice pulls Lorna's attention toward her, and she musters a genuine smile in response. "Thanks. I'm fine, now." She offers, then draws herself up a bit in response to Skaar's question, folding her arms tightly. Her personal solar system accelerates a bit.
"I know what the nutjob who's apparently my sister told me, and I know what Magneto told me. I don't know if any of it is true." She says the last in a warning tone, fully expecting the others to jump on her words when she starts speaking, and takes a breath to settle herself before she continues. "Zaladane told me that she and her 'Lord' Garokk were going to shatter the world and then rule it." Lorna snorts and shakes her head. "Which sounds like the wrong order to me, but like I said. Nutjob." She pauses for a moment, then carries on. "And Magneto? He said Zaladane and Garokk were going to invert the world's polarity. But then, he was waiting in a cell to be taken to the Sun City so he could KILL Garokk, so I don't know how much sense he was making either." She shrugs. "Either way, the Sun City's a good bet."

"Mmhmmm." Continuing to whittle away at arrows so that they'd be naturally pointy, Roy looks back up towards Skaar. "Sounds like Mags is trying the Trojan Horse strategem. You know… go in seeming like a gift, then open up and lay a can of whomp-ass. I dunno if we can trust someone like that…" He eyes Lorna. "But what the hell, we might as well try the 'trust, but verify' approach. I just want Kori out of there. We'll figure out what we do with everyone after that."

Skaar nods, “we know where the city is, I don’t think out guides will want to take us so far but we should be able to find it with little trouble.” As for sneaking in, funny thing he is the only one that knows the language, but the others are the ones that could pass by natives.
“I don’t know this Magneto, but I think he left on his own when we attacked this place.” After all, Lorna had just escaped. “What happens if the Earth polarity is inverted? Would that be enough to ‘wreck the world’?”

Lunair nods, listening. She watches Roy a little, too. Arrows are weird. "If you're sure. There's water and stuff," She offers to Lorna and smiles back. It becomes apparent that Lunair has problems emoting properly. But she's sincere. Just … a bit off. Really. She listens for her part, tilting her head. "Magneto? Like, white haired, likes tea?" Seems Lorna is not the only familiar one. "He asked me to look after Mutant Town." Sadface. She's failed in that. "And what? Didn't that cause a mass extinction last time?" Inverting magnetic stuff is bad. Sadface.
"But sticking magneto in a cage of metal." Well, then.

"That's how he laid it out." Lorna begins, then shoots Roy an irritated look in response to his pointed comments, spreading her hands in a 'what?' gesture. As far as she's aware, she hasn't done anything to suggest that she's not on their side, and does he REALLY think that she'd get concussed by a frog man just to sell her cover story? Lorna silently decides that she'd better be on her guard when it comes time to 'figure out what we do with everyone' if she doesn't want to become a human porcupine.
For now, though, Lorna turns her attention back to Skaar. "Lucky you." She says under her breath - then looks up quickly when Lunair mentions her own meeting with Magneto. "That's him. He wasn't looking his best." Lorna's own meeting with Magneto wasn't so bad - and he did let her out of her cell - but there's no doubt that he's made her life a lot more complicated. "It depends who you ask." Lorna replies to the actual question, speaking up again. "Some scientists have theorised that, other than all the compasses in the world pointing south instead of north, we'd never notice." Lorna's expression darkens a bit. "But I doubt Garokk and Zaladane would go to all this trouble just for that. So taking that off the table, we're looking at anything from the Earth's magnetic field effectively vanishing and the surface getting bombarded with enough radiation to kill us all off…" Lorna nods to Lunair, point to her for mentioning that option, "…to my personal favourite, every unshielded electronic device on the planet being wrecked at the same moment. Mass destruction, the collapse of modern civilisation, and a return to the stone age. Remind you of anything?" Lorna waves a hand to illustrate the world outside the tower. "I think I can guess which outcome they're betting on."

Considering the options, Roy nodded, before adding, "It'd shake up the earth's magnetic field to start with. There's going to be, I guess, this moment where all the magnetic forces cross streams, and then…" Roy makes exploding noises and gestures. "For someone like Magneto, it'd probably be like if he were suddenly wearing his organs on the outside of his body, I bet."
Considering the options, Roy scratches his head, then nods at Lorna. "Probably. So play it safe, come armed with stone axes and stuff?"

See? That is what happens when you rely too much in technology. Skaar likes stone axes and stuff. He doubts the bulk of the humans would appreciate it, though. “I see. That would be the wrecking part. It still seems unlikely they can just conquer the world afterwards. But why don’t we ask about it to that little guy who was in charge here?”

Lunair seems okay with or without things in a way. But she makes her own tech, so. Lunair blinks at Lorna and Roy. headtilt. "I see." She considers. "Yeah," Nod. "The bad side is a lot of us count on technology, even I had a machine when my heart was dying." Lunair pauses. "I didn't like it," She goes quiet at that. "I can make stone and wood and stuff if needed. But I'll listen as you guys talk."

Lorna nods unhappily at Roy's exploding noises, and grimaces even more unhappily at his estimation of how that would make Magneto, and by extension, her, feel. "If anyone cares, I vote for stopping them before they get started." She glances around at the others. "Even if we beat them it won't matter if everything's already wrecked." Lorna broods on that for a moment, before looking up when alternative weapons are mentioned. "Couldn't hurt. The trouble is… Zaladane can do everything I can do…" Lorna wrinkles her nose, she hasn't exactly shown herself to be very competent so far. "Scratch that. Everything MAGNETO can do. And that was before she did… whatever she did… to the two of us. I can /try/ to keep her out of the fight, but…" She shrugs. "No promises."
And then Lunair casually mentions that her heart was dying. Wait, what? Lorna looks around quickly at her, her eyebrows shooting up. "Your heart was… are you sure you're up to this, Lunair?" Lorna's genuinely concerned, and quietly checks for magnetic fields that might hint at a pacemaker or something within the other woman. Worried. She's only half listening to Skaar. "What little guy?" She was unconscious for that bit, after all.

"You can do anything she can do, and she can do anything you can do. Well now that's gotta be interesting," Roy muses, as he leans back, before regarding Skaar. "What, the guy in the closet? You think we'll get info out of him…?"
Shrugging, Roy nods. "Can't hurt…" he muses, before regarding Lunair. "Um…"
And then something sinks in a bit. "Wait… can't you two create a counter-magnetic field? With your powers?" One by guns, another by magnetism.

“Sure,” replies Skaar, “someone was in charge here, and he was inside the tower, handling the machines. I think that even if he wasn’t in charge, he knows about the plan. But if I am wrong we can ask one of the other super-powered Swamp Men. I am pretty sure they all lived inside the tower.”
The talk about magnetic powers and counter-fields is all very interesting, but he has nothing to contribute there. He is still trying to figure out why magnets are important in this whole mess.

Lunair headtilts at Lorna. "No, I'm better now. I just don't like labs," She remarks quietly. She doesn't seem to have a pacemaker. "It's a long, weird story. Maybe sometime when we're not dealing with a bunch of power hungry peoples," She considers. "Wouldn't he be up? It'd be safer upstairs in a lot of ways."
Pause. "And threatening the magnetic lines is vague enough most people would be concerned," She remarks. "But I don't think my guns would be enough to counter something on that scale," Lunair headshakes. "We're better off finding them, freeing her highness and - uh." Y'know. "Well, preventing them."

Lorna nods absently at Skaar's explanation of the little guy, but she's still eyeing Lunair a bit worriedly, for all she can't detect anything untoward, at least magnetically. "Better get him out of the closet, or wherever you stashed him, then…" Lorna comments, then finally relaxes when Lunair assures her she's well. She nods, and offers a smile. "Definitely. But you're right, later is better."
Reengaging with the important conversation about saving the world, Lorna looks at Roy thoughtfully, even after Lunair's dubious words. "I'm with Lunair, but I can try. If Magneto and Zaladane are fighting, though? I don't think I can keep a lid on that much power."

"You don't -need- to keep a lid on them, though. You just have to reverse them for a moment and hopefully that'll buy time to…" Roy's voice trails off, as he considers. "Well, keep it in the back of your mind, maybe. You never know when you'll need an extra moment…?"
Considering the remains of Skaar's crocodile sandwich, Roy makes a face. "You guys interrogate Brainboy. I think I'm going to find something." Standing up, Roy gives a flippant half-salute and then picks up his bow and makes for the door.

Skaar nods to the women and stands up himself, “you can try to talk with him, I am going to talk with the Zebra tribe guides. They wanted to get back home as soon as possible, and I think they can do so. Then I am going to see if I can get anything from the other prisoners.”

Oh right. Closet guy. Roy seemed really excited about kickin the door, now that Lunair thinks about it. "I suspect someone with more people skills should," She admits quietly. She smilesat Skaar. "And that is thoughtful of you." Credit where it is due. And then a glance to Lorna. "Sure thing. And uhm. Yeah…" Lunair has 0 confidence in taking on magnetic peeps. Especially if she happens to have plenty of iron in her, y'know, blood. That would end so many flavors of badly. "I'll follow and look scary though."

Lorna watches Skaar and Roy leave, vaguely perplexed. "…so I guess we're on interrogation duty." She remarks to Lunair. Right, because the big scary brutal guy, and the guy with the weapon fetish wouldn't be better suited to this? "You do that." Lorna says, well aware she's probably going to need all the help she can get! Finally pulling all her ball bearing satellites back into a larger metal sphere that drops solidly into her outstretched hand, Lorna exchanges a look with Lunair. "Let's get this over with."
Trooping through the tower to where the mysterious 'little guy' has been stashed, Lorna looks at the door to the cupboard for a couple of moments and sighs. "At least it's metal." She says to herself, and squares her shoulders. She reaches out a hand - and tears the door right off, leaving it hanging in mid air off to one side as a reminder of what she can do. "Get out here." She tells the man inside. "We want answers, and you're going to give them to us!" God, she is BAD at this.

Inside the closet there is a short man with an oversized head wearing the typical leathers of a Swamp Man. He is tied up, so he can hardly get out by himself. The good news is Lorna knows him. Somewhat. She was very sick from Zaladane’s poison, but this guy was the person handling the machines that supposedly would have transferred her powers to Zala.
That Lorna clearly still has her powers might be the reason Brainchild eyes have opened so much. Or maybe he is confusing her with some other magnetic person with a fearsome temper.
Hard to say, it looks like Roy also gagged him.

Lunair can't say he's surprised that Roy gagged the guy. He never struck her as very nice. Lunair looks concernedly to Lorna. "Okay," She nods. She's not too sure. But either way, she pulls some of her more ominous, dark red and black sleek armor up. And a painful looking two handed sword that either fell off a christmas tree or out of a video game. It could do some damage to soft tissue. Ominous! "That's true," She offers. Mo' metal, mo' better?
"Definitely answers. And if you lie, there's a punishment." Yes.

"Oh for God's sa…" Lorna begins, muttering under her breath, as her command is thwarted by Roy's overzealous restraining of the man. And then her memory kicks in. It's vague and fuzzy with remembered pain, but she's seen this guy before! "YOU!" She accuses him, jerking forward a step before catching herself, not putting on a show of being angry and demanding now. "After what you did to me, you'll be lucky if there isn't punishment FIRST!" Her eyes move to the floating metal door, and with a squeal of overstressed metal, the door comes apart. Narrowing her eyes, Lorna fashions the greater part of the metal into two long, wickedly sharp spikes which point at the man warningly, while the rest forms a knife-blade without a hilt that hovers right in front of him. It stays there for a moment before it moves swiftly to cut his gag and bindings without even nicking him. "I won't ask again." Lorna says, ominously.

"You still have your power!" That is the first thing the man says. His English is better than those of the other natives, although still has a noticeable accent. "But how… the machines should have trans… aaaah! Magneto! What if he also has his power? He will kill us!"
Apparently Brainchild has even more to worry about than an angry Lorna and Lunair's oversized sword. Or maybe he has an exaggerated sense of self-importance. Magneto didn't even mention him when the old man talked with Lorna.

"To be fair, if that's what you're doing to people, you probably have it coming." It really could go either way, but Lunair figures he totally brought this on himself. "So-" Pause. What is she gonna ask? Lunair looks thoughtful. "So you were transferring both hers and Magneto's power into this lady? Is that what you're going to do to a friendly orange lady?" She asks. She's - got this?

"Oh, he does." Lorna tells Lunair in a foreboding tone. "Zaladane might have had the idea, but this guy threw the switches. It…" Those spikes ease an inch closer. "…hurt." Lorna smiles at the man. It's a nasty expression. "And yeah. I still have my powers. So stop worrying about Magneto. He's not here. I am." Lorna realises her breathing has quickened, and she eases back. Reminding herself that she's NOT a bad guy. Whatever he did to her, scaring him is as far as she's going to go. Right?
Fortunately, Lunair fills the gap left by Lorna falling silent, and Lorna decides to let her handle the questioning. Lunair seems to be better at staying on point.

Brainchild opens his mouth, almost indignant because Lorna thinks it was Zala’s idea. But, maybe it is better for his health if she keeps thinking that, right? “What orange… oh, the spaceship? I wanted the technology of the spaceship!” Pause, “for the Swamp Men, of course. Garokk wanted the alien woman for his own purposes. Some magic ritual… because she had her powers from the sun.”

Lunair is quiet, listening. She nods. "I see." She frowns. "I can only imagine." She considers how bad that must feel. Nevertheless, she tries her best and carries on. "I see. So he wanted to take her powers? Where would they even keep her? She's really good at fighting," Lunair plays along, unwittingly. "Are they doing the ritual soon? I thought the equinox was coming up…" Maybe?

Lorna attempts to remain as a glowering, threatening presence in the general vicinity while Lunair conducts the interrogation. She's well aware that she's not nearly as good at it as Magneto apparently is, which is… unexpectedly annoying. "Be specific." She advises him, after Lunair's questions. "I'd hate to have to tell my father you were… /obstructive/." Lorna only just manages not to pull a face when she says those words. But hey, it's got to be worth a try.

"Yes… it will be soon," Brainchild is not aware of the equinox, as the Savage Land receives sunlight of a rather strange way that actually hasn't much to do with the position of the sun in the sky. "Zaladane left last evening for the Sun City because of this ceremony. She must be there already."

Lunair pauses. Hmm. "She probably is. So they're going to try to steal the orange lady's power? Do you know anything about the city like gates and stuff?" That's weird. But Lunair might be thinking stratigery. "And is it like, a big public to do?" Maybe some sort of ceremony?

Audible noises sounding like something being dragged along the ground, followed by a thump can be heard from outside the room, as Roy drags in what must be tonight's dinner.
After some time, though, Roy comes in, leaning against the door, and watches Lorna make menacing spikey things.
"Lemme guess, good cop, bad cop?" Roy interjects with a grin, folding his arms across his chest. "Thought you'd be interested to know that your little friend there, by the way…? Jericho cracked the computer database. All this stuff was his idea. He's the one who came up with giving powers to latents."
Canting his head, Roy continues. "You'd be interested to know, by the way, Lorna, that Zaladane's one of -his- creations."

Lorna fights the urge to roll her eyes when even the threat of feeding the little worm to Magneto doesn't exactly result in him falling over himself to be helpful. Seems he doesn't believe she's on good enough terms with the man to make good on her threat. It's all the more annoying because it's true. Still, Lunair's showing a lot more patience in her questioning - and actually getting results - so Lorna keeps quiet and keeps her eyes on Brainchild. She probably /wouldn't/ stab him with the pointy bits of metal she's levitating, but if he tries something she'll be ready.
At least, that was the plan. The noises from outside ARE rather distracting, after all… Lorna shares an uneasy look with Lunair. "I'm going to find out what that is. If you have to shoot him…" Lorna jerks a thumb towards Brainchild, "…I really don't mind." And with that, Lorna gives Brainchild a last glare before turning on her heel and walking toward the door…
…and almost collides with Roy when he chooses that moment to step inside. She manages to break quickly enough to avoid him, and she's frankly envious of how coolly he takes in what's going on in the room. Lorna grimaces a bit. "That was the idea." She says quietly to him, then offers a rueful look that should tell him everything he needs to know about how well that's working. She tries to glance past him, intrigued by what all the noise was, but Roy's news pulls her back on track… and reminds her how annoyed she is with the little man.
"HIS idea?" Lorna echoes, her eyes glittering with malice as she turns slowly back around to face their captive… just as Roy drops the bombshell. "WHAT?" Lorna almost yelps, twisting around to look back at Roy, before her head snaps back around to Brainchild. "What did you do - did you CLONE me? Or… what did you do?!"

Brainchild shrugs at Lunair's question about Starfire. "It is Sun magic and I…" the mutate shuts up when Roy comes back and starts talking. Then pales visibly. "What? No!" He squeaks. "It was Magneto! He did it… and Zaladane… she demanded it. She knew about it!" Now the short man seems really scared, beads of sweat appearing on his brown. "Garokk sent her… I wasn't going to give power to any Sun Folk. They weren't the Swamp Men friends! You must believe me!"

"You're so lying. You seemed worried Magneto had his powers." And if his powers were being stolen, why would he…? Lunair shakes her head. It isn't adding up, not to the young mutant. She looks to Roy and blinks. Eyenarrow. She does not like the idea of experimenting on people. "I am not so much a good bad cop," She admits to Roy. For her part, she looks to Lorna and watches a moment. "And she knew what? Did you clone our friend here? If you don't answer, we'll get smashy."

Oh, little trails of blood and leaves and sticks that's headed towards the equivalent of a 'kitchen'. Nice, yummy, delish food. Not that it's immediately visible right away…
Moving aside to give Lorna a bit of room to squeeze by, and then lifting hands in a 'what can you do?' shrug when she reverses direction to make menacy faces at Brainchild, Roy answers Brainchild's objection. "Neat trick, I admit… I mean, Magneto did do a lot of the work, yeah… but that was ten years ago. Since then, he's been out in -our- world. Someone had to be doing all the work since then. Whiteout… Zaladane… they're yours."
Roy has to grin, waggling a finger. "Naughty naughty. If you really didn't want people to know, you probably shouldn't have kept an experiment log on your computers."
Tilting his head at Lunair, Roy can only grin a bit. "Try showing teeth when you say that. With a bit more oomph." Thumping his chest, Roy adds, "And do it from the diagphragm. -SMASHY-!"

That quick view of the corridor outside that she got would probably have piqued Lorna's curiosity - not to mention worried her a bit - if Roy's revelations hadn't just driven it completely out of her mind. Whatever nightmare's being cooked up in the kitchen will have to wait until later.
"Yeah, he is." Lorna agrees with Lunair. "I don't know if I believe a word of what he's told us, but I KNOW he's been holding back."
As Roy gives Lunair an impromptu lesson in being intimidating, Lorna walks forward, toward Brainchild. She hasn't failed to notice that he's still dodging her questions. Looming over him, her various pointy metal objects closing to less than an inch from his flesh, Lorna looks down at him and folds her arms. "In case we're not making ourselves clear, we DON'T believe you. And finding out that my crazy 'sister' is YOUR doing has REALLY ticked me off. But since you don't seem to be taking me seriously…" Lorna's blades and spikes close in to graze his skin - then pull back, one swiftly refashioning itself into a manacle that snaps shut around Brainchild's ankle and jerks him up to dangle upside-down in front of her. "I'm going to let the two of them have you." Turning smartly on her heel, Lorna walks back to the others and shrugs. "He's all yours."

"Well… yes, I was giving power to /my/ people. We need it!" Explains Brainchild desperately. "Magneto started it. He came here and used his machines… I was among the first… I got smart, very smart. That is my strength! So I learned all I could from him."
Then he finds himself hanging upside down. "It is not my fault! Zaladane wanted Magneto's powers… and yours when she found out about you!"

"You need it?" She seems confused, "Well, I mean. Power is important but you can't just steal it from other people," Lunair explains. "And er, Magneto did what?" She looks confused. She does listen to Roy at his lessons on being intimidating. Lunair furrows her brows. "I can be scary when I want to, but uhm. That's good advice, thank you," She offers.
Lunair frowns. "He really doesn't seem to be fond of Magneto. I - if he's the head of all this, why would…?" Duplicity? Going loopy? "So what is your ultimate goal? Funnel all of your power into Miss Zalazane, feed the orange princess to - someone - for more power? Then what? You guys are the big cheese around here?" She's trying to put it together. And then all of a sudden, well. She lifts her eyebrows. "Okay." Nod. She seems sympathetic towards Lorna.

Regarding Brainchild curiously, Roy turns the other person right-side up, holding him up against the wall. "Well, there's one thing I don't understand. Your computer's saying that you stole their powers and gave it to Zaladane. But Lorna clearly still has her powers, as you can tell…"
Letting go of Brainchild to let the person dangle, Roy considers, thinking, before answering, "I'm guessing he takes a lot of pride in his work." Waving a hand dismissively, Roy shrugs. "Well, that about takes care of that for now. Unless you got something else, you wanna hang around while we get something to eat…?" Grinning, Roy motions to Lunair to head out as well. Let Brainchild, um… hang around, yes.

Lorna, lurking by the door while Lunair and Roy played double bad cop, can't deny that she gets a bit of spiteful enjoyment out of watching Brainchild gabble out the closest thing to the actual truth she's heard so far. She doesn't much like the specifics she's hearing, but at least he no longer seems to be trying to fob them off with half-truths. She watching him, eyes narrowed, arms still tightly folded, when she becomes aware of the sympathetic look Lunair's directing her way. She essays a smile for the other woman, grateful, and as Roy suggests food… well, maybe it is time to take a break. She knows she's not thinking clearly, the revelations about Zaladane - and Lorna's STILL not entirely sure WHAT Zaladane is - are making her head spin.
So instead of objecting, she points an ominous finger at Brainchild. "We'll be back to talk to you again." She tells him, and then, with a CLANG, the manacle she'd put on him magnetises itself to the nearest wall. Good luck prising THAT off. Since she's closest to the door, Lorna's the first to slip out, following the messy, bloody trail to the kitchen, where she sees, "…WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?! Is that supposed to be LUNCH?!"

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"… after we cook it. Pass me the wasabi."

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