I Can Fix It

December 5, 2014: In the wake of Damian's death, Kate calls for help.

New York

A dark alley, where the snow is drowning in blood.



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It's a phone call, from Kate. But it doesn't sound like Kate usually does.

"Fenris?" Her voice cracks, raw. "I need help. Please. Can you find me?"

Fenris doesn't bother replying. He knows how to find kate. Don't ask how, the answer is a bit disturbing but seconds after he hears her voice reality tears itself open and Jeremiah Wolfson steps through, his face a mask of concern. He's never heard Kate sound like she's been crying but… she does. And he scents… so much blood.

So much blood. Hostage bodies. Blood in the snow. Shards of glass. And in the center of it, Kate kneels over Damian's body, hands pressed over a wound in his torso that her entire body couldn't staunch. She looks up at the sound of an arrival, tear stains down her cheeks. For once, she looks…lost.

"I can't-" She stops, sniffling hard when the alternative is a sob. "I can't make it stop."

Fenris kneels next to Kate, his hands already glowing. The look on his face is one of intense concentration. Verdant energy flows into the body, stemming the flow of blood, knitting skin. The bleeding he can stop. Mastery of the body is a simple trick for someone attuned to the energies of life. Mastery of the soul? That's another matter entirely. "What happened?" He asks quietly?

Kate falls back on her heels when Fenris approaches, hands held out awkwardly as the blood cakes on them. "Some woman. Women? Woman. They were all the same," she says in a dead voice. "He knew her. He recognized her. She had hostages, with bombs. A deadman switch. She was- she and the- Like there were multiples of her. Seven. Glass. When you shot them, they shattered. One disappeared, and when she came back, she-" She swallows, looking back at Damian with a flat expression. "That happened," she says quietly. "She got away. I thought maybe, if I could stop the bleeding…" There are arrow piles scattered around her, as if she tried to find anything that could help.

Fenris nods, still concentrating. The life flowing into Damian begins to glow brighter as the god-wolf pours the energy on… but as primal and alive as his magic is, he's no Hel. His is not the command of the dead, nor the ability to call someone back from the halls of the brave. "You did what you could." He says quietly. "His soul is nearly fled. I am going to try to pull it back before it flits away." Then he falls silent. He needs all the attention he can spare for this.

Kate watches quietly. Or mostly quietly, at least. She bites down on her lower lip, trying to hold back the tears. Tears are no good. Then again…right now, nothing is any good. With shaking fingers, she clumsily tries to collect the scattered piles, leaving bloody fingerprints on steel and carbon fiber.

It seems to take hours. It's only a few minutes in reality but the anxiety of waiting and the effort of doing stretch that time out to a small eternity. Finally he sags a little, spent. "He's not coming back. At least not to my call." The Old Wolf says quietly, looking over to Kate from where she'd been gathing things up.

It's not that Kate really expected to hear anything other than those words. Not really. But they're a blow all the same, tears welling as she looks away to hide them. "Thank you," she manages to whisper hoarsely. "For trying." Because that's what you say when someone helps you. Or tries to. But beyond that, she's stuck, kneeling in the snow and automatically sorting the piles, deep in shock.

Fenris rises, leaving Damian's somewhat-less-ruined body where it lies for now, though he does reach over to close his eyes. The Old Wolf watchs Kate, his mind flashing back to this scene from a hundred other battlefields and small tragedies. Always the ones left behind, left to pick up the pieces and keep on going. Mostly he didn't care. He's seen it happen so often, and humanity as a whole is distant from him. But every once in a while it happens to a person. Someone he knows. Likes. Then he does care.

Fenris kneels next to Kate. "Do you want me to send him on?" He asks quietly. It means destroying the body. Burning it, viking style.

Kate shakes her head, closing her eyes for a moment, though tears slip past her lashes. "I probably shouldn't have called you. I've made a mess of the scene. But he has family, somewhere. A father. A mother. A grandfather. They probably want to- to do something. I'll have to try to find them." She trembles, muscles tight as she tries to hold back the grief. "I have to tell the Titans."

The Old Wolf pauses one moment more and then reaches out and pulls Kate into a hug. Just a hug. Just a statement from one living being to another that he knows she's hurting and wishes he could help. Just a promise that she doesn't have to carry this alone. "Do you want help finding them?" He's already recognized a few scents on the blood and glass strewn scene. He has a fairly good idea who a good person to contact would be. Another friend that he's hunted with in dreams.

"I am sorry that I could not help more." He murmurs.

Kate is still stiff, trying not to fall apart. If she cracks just a little bit…

"Not right now," she whispers, shaking her head slightly. "If I found her now, I'd kill her. Or try, and end up dead myself. I'm not in a place-" She cuts herself off, eyes closing tightly. "And I have to wait for Clint. They're going to need…a lot of explanation." She reaches up to wipe her nose on her forearm, leaving a faint smear of dried blood behind.

"It's okay," she says quietly. "You tried. Thank you. I mean. Who else can call for that sort of help, right?"

Fenris nods solomnly. There's a lot he can fix. But dead and gone isn't one of those things. "Would you like me to wait with you?" Sometimes it's nice just to not be alone and in any case, it's not like Fenris particularly has anything to fear from SHIELD or the Police. At the very worst he'll simply pick up his life afterward with a fresh identity. It's not like he doesn't do that every few decades anyway.

Kate nods, drawing a shaking breath as the grief crests enough to let the tears run silently down her cheeks again without completely shattering her self-control. Thoughts race, then crawl, as she tries to block out the memory of watching it happen.

Fenris doesn't move. He'll let Kate decide how she wants to do this. This was her friend, after all. He sends out a silent whisper to Barbara Gordon. Just a thought on the wind that she may want to contact the young Archer. Mostly though he just hugs Kate and stands with her. Not all support needs to be in the form of words, and when it comes down to it that's his father's gift anyway, not his.

Damian Wayne is dead and beyond the help of Fenris' magic to help. Knowing something of the secretive proclivities of at least one person he'd scented on the bloody young man, the Old Wolf had sent out a whisper of magic to find Barbara Gordon. It was just a thought, a notion occuring suddenly that she needed to contact a young Archer named Kate Bishop. Soon.

Oracle is in the Clocktower monitoring the streets of Gotham, coordinating the Bats efforts in deterring and stopping crime. It's been a normal type of night… nothing out of the ordinary really. Stretching after watching the clean up of one of those incidents, the redhead frowns and pulls up a phone number she rarely calls. She's no idea why, but she feels the need to call Kate, aka Hawkeye, and tapping her communicator, sends out the call.

Back in an alley in New York, Kate kneels in blood and snow. Damian's body lies only a few feet away - at least no longer a red ruin - and Fenris sits next to her. As the call comes in, she clears her throat, reaching up to hit a button on the bluetooth in her ear with a shaking finger. "Hello?" she answers, in a hoarse tone, voice cracking on that single word.

"This is Oracle, I had a feeling I needed to call. It sounds like that was right." The way the phone was answered has Oracle frowning and she starts a trace on where the cell phone is located. It will take a few minutes for those results to come back.

"Oh. Hi." Kate's voice is small, and there's some sniffling and throat clearing before she can speak again. "I was…I was going to call you. Later. It's sort- I mean. Are you sitting down? You should sit down." This isn't the sort of news she's used to delivering. The words don't come easily.

Oracles eyes' widen, Kate appears to be crying… "Yes I'm sitting down." At that moment the cell phone trace returns and Oracle knows exactly where Kate is… unfortunately, the video coverage of back alleys in New York is nearly non existent. Tapping into the CCTV and security systems she can, the only real feed she gets is that of two bodies: one kneeling and one lying… Oracle can assume who's kneeling, the video resolution isn't good enough to tell who is prone in snow. "What is it? I find in these circumstances it's probably best to just say it. Remember who I am." She knows that news is not good, the question remains as to just how not good.

"Damian is dead," Kate says quietly, her voice cracking again on the words. "I'm sorry. I tried. I tried to stop it from happening, and I tried to stop the bleeding, and I called Fenris, but…" Her shoulders slump, and she looks across the dark alley. "He's gone. I called Clint, and he's coming, and I'm sure there'll be an investigation and- I just- I'm going to tell the Titans. I'm just not sure how."

The redhead in the Clocktower, pales and slumps in her chair. Death, of any of the Bats, is not something she has had to deal with often and this close to Robins experience, the news possibly hits harder than should. Strange, given she hardly knew Damian at all. "I'm…. sorry Kate, or shall I call you Hawkeye?" Oracles voice is digitally altered and the emotion will be stripped out. "There's a number of things I need to ask, but let me start with: What do you need from me, right now? I'm here to help."

"Can you reach his mother or his father?" Kate's voice is small, and it's clear the young woman is still in shock. It's not that she's never seen death. She's been in this fight for too long to have avoided that. But the death of someone this close to her, this suddenly? That's different. "I don't know who they are. But they should know. They should know he tried, and he died doing the right thing. He died a hero. Everyone should know he died a hero." The last is fiercer, a little more emotion in the words. Of course, with the fierceness comes the threat of tears again.

Fenris voice is quiet but quite audible. "I'm guessing given his connection to you that he has somewhat… secretive benefactors. I know they'll need to know Oracle. Can you contact them? And the Titans?" He glances at Kate. Or would you prefer to do that yourself?

Oracle actually pauses at Kates question before sending an encoding message to Batman… the contents somewhat ambiguous but the gist is to contact Oracle ASAP.

"I've just asked his Father to contact me. I'm sure he'll be in touch soon." Oracle pauses "I can let the Titans know if it helps Kate."

"No," Kate says quietly, shaking her head. "I'll tell them. They'll have questions. They'll want to know what happened. Besides, I owe them that much." She slumps, shifting to sit cross-legged in the snow as she starts to shiver. It's a cold night, and the shock isn't doing her any favors. "There was a woman. She made copies of herself out of glass, and moved through puddles. She did this. He knew her."

The form that drops to Kate's side is warm, and isn't human. A great black wolf lays down in the bloody snow. "No one I've ever heard of before… and I don't recognize the scent." The coal-coated creature rumbles.

Oracle sees the figure sit and hopes Fenris can hear her "Don't sit in the snow, Kate… and let Fenris warm you too. I really hate to ask" and the redhead truly does "what happened, with this woman who makes glass copies of herself?"

Kate was stiff for a hug, but a great wolf…somehow that's easier. She wraps an arm around the beast, quietly rubbing at his ears. "We were out patrolling, when she showed up with this…chain gang of hostages. Seven of her," she recites. "Damian said something about it's her, and he came down to confront her. But she had them all rigged with bombs, and she had a deadman switch. I took out three of them fast, and Damian was fighting another. A fifth came to the roof where I was, a sixth had the switch, and seven disappeared. I hit the switch with foam, to hold it down, took out the one on the roof. Damian took the one on the ground, but then the one who disappeared showed up. With swords. And she…" Pausing, she swallows. "She just cut him open. And then she shot the one with the switch, and she shattered, and then the bombs went off."

Fenris rumbles at the story, but pushes his head into Kate's hand as she rubs his ears. Fire departments and other first responders sometimes employ 'comfort dogs' for workers who are exposed to dangerous or difficult situations, usually mass casualty situations. The Old Wolf seems to know the trick of dog-comforting someone well. "A duplicator…" He muses. Mutant, magic… there are a number of ways to do that. He's particularly displeased that this woman is poaching on his hunting grounds, but his anger at that notion probably pales to what's building up in Babs and Kate right now.

Oracle scrubs a hand through her hair and massages the back of her head before taking a long deep breath. "Thankyou Kate," for once the woman wishes emotion could be transmitted "Before we go further, are you injured at all?" It's obvious this woman was familiar to Damian, but Oracle has her work cut out for her.

Kate is covered in blood, all down her front, up to her elbows and past. Even smeared on her face. But at Oracles question, she laughs, humorless. "No," she answers. "Maybe there's a cut somewhere. There was a lot of glass. But no. I'm not injured." She sniffles, stroking a hand over Fenris' head. "She got away," she adds quietly. "I thought…if I could stop the bleeding…"

"You did all you could Kate." Fenris murmurs. The fact is, Damian was beyond even fairly powerful healing magic. His soul had fled his ruined flesh before the Wolf had arrived. Not that Fenris' call was ever particularly effective. His voice is one of terror to creatures of the hereafter. "And had you pursued, you might be dead too now. Vengence, or justice, often has to wait till the storm has passed." The big wolf leans a little on Kate, partly to reassure her that he really thinks she did rightly and partly so she doesn't go into shock herself from the cold.

Oracle nods at Fenris' words, not that either of them will see "I agree with Fenris, Kate." she could say more, but the Old Wolf has said it all very eloquently. "I'm pleased you are unharmed… and I'm offering my services to help you find this woman and put a stop to her." She's still massaging the back of head "You said Clints coming… what is your immediate plan?"

"I have to give the scene to the officials," Kate answers Oracle quietly. "I have to tell the Titans. And I have to make sure he's taken care of." She leans over enough to brush back a dark curl, a tear rolling down her cheek. "Then I can find this woman. We can find this woman," she corrects herself, jaw setting stubbornly. "If I have to call every hero I know."

"I have her scent, and you have other resources. I think perhaps Oracle might be able to trace odd reports of someone meeting this woman's description in multiple places at once. That kind of thing tends to make its way onto certain corners of the internet, if I'm not mistaken." The big black wolf says quietly. "If you want my help, either of you, you have but to ask."

Oracle hears Fenris' offer and nods again. Then she turns her attention to the problem at hand.

In truth, since Batman had cut the teenager off, Oracle has seen very little of Damian but the fact that Kate is calling him Damian, is telling and the tension around Oracles eyes deepens. "I know you have to turn the scene to the officials, Kate, but his ummmm benefactors, as Fenris calls them, would appreciate maintaining his anonimity. Is this going to cause an issue?"

"I'm pretty sure he doesn't have a drivers license in his pocket," Kate answers Oracle. "And since he said he grew up among a bunch of assassins, I doubt his prints are in the system. I know his folks had money. I'm sure they can bribe it quiet if it's that important to them," she adds, acid in her voice. "They couldn't be bothered to take care of him when he was alive. I doubt they'll care that much about what happens when he's dead."

"On the other hand…" Fenris murmurs. "If they take possession of the body there is a high chance they'll at least get some clues about who he is. If your benefactors really do value secrecy that much, you'll need to find a way to make it disappear. Otherwise you'll end up having to beat a lot of poor civil servants just trying to do their jobs." The acid in Kate's voice gets a sympathetic look from the red-eyed wolf.

"I know Kate… his parents were cold to him." Oracle sighs, the tension not leaving her face. "They'll care… now though" perhaps not in the way she or Kate would hope. "I can arrange to have him picked up… if I act now, they'll be there as soon as I can get them there. They'll take him to his Father."

"So he can hide him away? Never have to acknowledge him? No. Fuck that. Fuck him," Kate snaps. "He deserves to be remembered, Oracle. He deserves to be seen. He was a hero. A hero. I'm not letting him disappear into obscurity so some asshole doesn't have to admit he was his father." She moves closer to the body, protective. "Tell his father- You tell his father he- He was wrong. So, so wrong."

Fenris understands, better than anyone might know, that kind of venom toward a father figure. He doesn't say anything. He doesn't have to. He can hear the agony in Kate's voice and scent it in the air along with Damian's blood. There is no redress for this. Not now. There never has been any time he's seen it.

"We can remember him, Kate. But would you rather he be taken into a system that may well see him as a vigilante and criminal?" Oracle understands the young womans pain but she also understands how these things are viewed by the authorities. "Not to mention the danger it may place others who wish to maintain their anonomity, in? Damian had many connections, Kate." Oracle sighs very deeply "I'll tell his father. He hasn't not acknowledged Damian as his son… please try to understand that." Why she hasn't already contacted Penny-One, Oracle has absolutely no idea, maybe she cares for Kates feelings too.

"He kicked him out, Oracle! All he needed was someone to tell him he could be good. That he mattered. That he was-" Kate cuts herself off, closing her eyes tightly. "He was a hero." She reaches a hand for Damian's shoulder, jaw clenching. "Clint will take care of it. He'll know what to do."

Fenris is rather content to leave it in the hands of Kate's SHIELD contacts. If anyone should know about the need for secrecy, it's them. Worse comes to worse, the Sun Eater can do a bit of disappearing the body himself. But only if things get well and truely bad. For now he's content to stay next to Kate and let her lean on him. The police will give him odd looks when they get here. And he'll look right back. And talk to them too, if they can handle that.

Oracle looks defeated… her hands drop to the arm of her chair. When Batman contacts her how does she explain it. "I know what happened, Kate… " she sighs "I'm really stuck here… now that I know of this, I'm expected to look after it." The woman, who's usually so in control, looks lost "Please ask Clint to liaise with me, at least?"

"You can call him," Kate says quietly, rattling off a number. "He'll know what to do." At least he better, because Clint is pretty much the last thing she's hanging her hopes on now, before she falls completely apart. "I'm sorry, Oracle," she murmurs. "I don't mean to yell at you. It's not your fault. I just…I couldn't stop it. I couldn't save him. All I've got left is making sure he gets his legacy."

Now the Old Wolf speaks up. "Do you both trust me? Let me see to the disposition of his body. I will let the police take custody of it and then make sure no one can use it to expose any secrets." He'll do this by taking possession of the corpse himself. He can be very pursuasive with civil servants when he has to. And he has portals. "I promise Kate, I won't let him be forgotten. No hero deserves to be."

"I know Kate… no need to apologise. I wish I could be there in person to help you… no one should bear what you're going through." Oracle notes down Clints number. Fenris' question receives a nod "Yes, I trust you Fenris… if you think that will work."
To be fair, Kate sort of let evidence get destroyed by calling the God-Wolf to try to heal Damian. The body is probably not hugely helpful at this point. Taking a deep breath, she nods to the wolf, staying silent. She's exhausted, and shocky, and at this point, just trying not to fall apart.

Fenris shifts onto his side and carefully places the archer atop him. It is, at least, not as cold there. They'll deal with the police and then he'll come by some time later and deal with the body. Then all of them will deal with this… Glass Woman.

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