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December 6, 2014: Superman brings Lois to the Fortress for some better medical care.

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Superman would have initially been met with resistance from the attending physician who was handling Lois' case, not to mention, he would have gotten full disclosure on Lois' condition. Doctor Burkhart, was a fan of Superman always and forever, yet when it came to the condition of a patient, no matter who that was, his admiration for the Man of Steel would have to come dead last.

"I'm sorry, Superman. You're just going to have to wait until Lois is more stable. Look, I know this is upsetting, but give me a few hours and let her rest. She's been through enough today and taking her out in such a condition could prove to be detrimental to her recovery."

It was as followed: Shattered collarbone due to the pellet spread of the shotgun, not to mention shredded and broken shoulder. Burn marks on the side of her face, a deep scar at the corner of her eye where a pellet hit. A few broken ribs, burns upon her side, and a very nice concussion from where she hit the ground. There wasn't a lot of blood loss, but she was given extra O just to be safe. And pumped full of that glorious morphine, yet being dwindled down to demerol, still just as nice.

At least twelve hours from then, it was alright for Lois to leave, Dr. Burkhart, actually forced a couple of bags of demerol and percoets upon Kal, along with a nice warm blanket and the insistance that he takes the bed should he need it. And a few monitors, and whatever else that the hospital would have to spare.

Lois, god rest her soul, was asleep the entire time. So when she wakes up, it probably wouldn't be where she thought she'd be. Or maybe where she had hoped.

"Hey," Superman says as she begins to open her eyes.

The world around her is foreign. Alien. High tech straight out of a science fiction movie. Around her, inside this medical bay of sort, floating robots with hauntingly dead faces whirr about. For as scary as they look, they quite cheerful with their voices and their sentiment.

"I think she's awake now!" says Number 6 as it whirs to get some medical equipment. "Miss Lane," says Number 7, "I trust you'll find that Kryptonian medicine is far better than that of this world. Additionally, it's not addictive. So enjoy your hig-"

"Seven," Superman says with a stern look.

"Sorry," responds 7 as he exits the bay.

"Glad to see you're awake, Lois," Superman says as he brushes some hair from her face.

If it weren't for his voice, Lois would have probably freaked out and tried to run. But that voice, and his blurry look caused her to smile, her good arm reaching up to rub away at her eyes and look at everything around her. Robots. Creepy, happy talking robots that.. wow.

"Robots. /You/ have robots.." She totally ignored the brushing of her hair and how glad he was to see that she had woken up. "And they know my name!"

She'd squee, but real women don't squee outloud, they do it internally.

She will admit that she was numb, and could probably walk around without assistance. But right now, she was marveling at what she saw. "Are we .. we're here right? I mean.. this isn't a dream or anything and I'm actually out here. With you."

Superman looks around the room and nods a few times. "Yes, Lois. This is it. I called it the Fotress of Solitude when I first began going out into the city in the suit. It was where I came to get away from it all. Over the years it's become a headquarters for me, designed with technology. From my home planet."

Superman stands, "It serves as a planning area, a research center, a living quarters." Dramatic pause, "Medical facility." He motions towards 6, "These robots come from a design my father created on our home planet to assist him in his studies. Though his shared a conscience, I found it was fun to give them their own artificial intelligence. I've found they've each come to adapt and create flavors of their own personalities."

He holds out a hand to her, "I realize that your doctor is probably worried sick right now, but with the technology here, you'll recover far quicker than in Metropolis. I hope you don't mind. Are you hungry?"

"In the suit, or in 'a' suit." Lois questions, forver the reporter even though she was hurt. But that would be tossed aside for now, favoring for glancing around the room she was currently in and favoring these settings more than she would a normal hospital. It was something about a smell that made her stomach turn, it could have been iodine or the way the morphine smelled when freshly released from the bag. She couldn't tell.

"Does anyone else live here?" She asks, slowly sitting up as she reaches out for his hand, being extra careful to slide down from her bed with her feet planting softly upon the cold floor. Which, surprisingly wasn't all that bad. "Of course I'm hungry. I'm famished. Don't tell me you know how to cook too." And to be honest, it wouldn't surprise her.

"I do," Superman responds as he leads her towards a white compartment at the edge of the bay. Inside the compartment, which opens on its own, are a sweater and jeans that have an earthly look and seem to be in her size. There's also a parka should she need it. "4 is good with sewing. He takes care of the clothing and that sort of thing. I hope what he's fashioned for you is alright. If it's not, he can do alterations. Not to make excuses for him, but he did base it all off of photographs, which is harder than it looks."

He smiles over his shoulder, "Can I cook? Of course I can. My mother taught me." He gives a nod towards 6 who exits the medical bay, "Just outside of her, take the first right. I'll meet you in the dining hall. Until then, I'll give you some privacy." He smiles softly towards her, "I'm really happy you're alright."


A white dog enters the room, giving Superman a look. "He must have heard us and me forgetting to respond about who else lived here. It's me, the Superbots, and this guy. This is Krypto."

Lois was.. speechless. It wasn't a rare occurance so one couldn't say that stranger things have happened. She really wouldn't have expected less but, it does make light of where Superman gets his suit from; he had a robot who sews. Nice. "Wow." That was the extent of her vocabulary for the moment, her head shaking just a little as she smiles. "I think it'll be okay. If it's a little big, I'll be fine."

The mentioning of his mother gets a smile as she reaches for the clothing, draping it along her shoulder as she jumps with the sound of the dog in approach. Guh. She was going to die out here, she just knows it. The pup was /so/ cute and this place was filled with so much wonder.. she could fill a book with!

"Ooooh gosh.." She coos out, taking a few steps forward, not worrying about any sort of danger that may or may not happen if she were to pet the dog out of nowhere. "Krypto.. such a good boy. Such a cute little boy.." Forget the clothes, there was a dog that needed snuggling! "How come you never mentioned a word about a dog, and superbots? You could have trusted me with all of this, I wouldn't have told a soul."

"I didn't want to put you at risk, Lois. A lot of the decisions I've made have been for that very reason. I sort of realized after you were the victim of an attack, that your safety was in danger whether or not you knew about me." Superman smiles at her and Krypto.

"I know you wouldn't have told anyone. But I was also sort of worried about what you might think. And though I've cheated death quite a few times, this was the first time I realized how fleeting my time here was. If I couldn't share this place with you now, I'm not sure when I could share it."

Lois doted on Krypto as if he were her own, scratching his sides and beneath his chin with her good hand, then slowly raises herself to a stand as she gives him a smile. "I could have told you that, dummy." She admitted, though it did hurt that he wasn't there when she thought she didn't need him. That bothered her a little, but it was something that she was going to learn to deal with one way or another. Like she told Clark, Kal-el was just a very, very busy family member for her.

Though, his words actually caused her concern, something they'd have to speak about dinner, and it showed the way her face obviously dropped as her hand lifts to carefully tear away the bandage from over her eye. "Oww.." She mumbled a little, bits of hair had caught with the adhiesive. "I wondered about that myself too, Kal. That.. if I were old and grey, would you still be the same as you are or would you be old and wrinkily right along with me."

She didn't leave him time to answer or wonder right along with her, she was attempting to usher them both out of the room with a point of her hand. "My bum is getting cold."

"Yeah," Superman says, taking on a decidedly human tone in his response. "But you didn't, so who's the dummy?" He grins a bit and moves as she chases him out. "I'm not sure how aging will affect me. My guess is that I will live a very long time, if my experiments prove correctly." He takes a look at her face as she pulls the bandage away; hoping that the Kryptonian salve did the trick.

"I'll meet you when you're ready for dinner."

"You are.." She defiantly utters out, a roll of her one eye while the other remained closed. Healing around her eye was well, but it was the actual eye itself that remained hidden until later. "Yeah yeah yeah.. get goin' you two.." And then the door was shut.

Trying on the clothes were easy enough, aside from stiff joints and a twinge of soreness, everything looked to be healing without a scar left in it's place. So the banadages were reworked so that pressure would be added to the healing wounds to keep the pain at bay, which.. she had a feeling she wouldn't be feeling every time soon. It was just for comfort, and in a day or two? She'd be fine.

The clothing fit perfectly, safe for a little looseness in the jeans that was covered up by the sweater which was tucked in. The parka thrown over her shoulders, and a quick look and rummage around the room revealed a brush to fix the strands of hair that were out of place and messed from her sleep.

A nice pair of fur-lined slippers where slipped on and soon, she was set to wandering. And talking to herself.

"Now did he say go left.. or go right.. or is it.. three lefts and a right to make a circle or something…" She obviously went left. "Probably would have been wise for him to wait /outside/ the door. But, I guess I'll find out where he is eventually." Which means..

Lois Lane was totally going to snoop.

Lois heads the wrong on accipurpose and takes a long white hallway towards the depths of the Fortress. When she comes to a clearing on her right she'll see a glass like partition. Behind it, almost like a zoo exhibit, a dense jungle expands out the size of half a football field. There's a flash of orange in there. Something in there. Something alive.

From just past, down another hallway, one of the bots appears and looks at Lois. It has an 8 on its chest.

"I won't tell if you don't," it says and continues on its way.

Lois presses her hands against the exhibit, nose even pressed to the glass with a childlike mannerisms that are only seen in zoos. And four year olds. She even lifts upon the tips of her toes to gaze in, yet 8's appearance nearly creeps her out and.. his words moreso.

"I wouldn't dare." But, what was he talking about? So.. she decides to follow him, arms wrapped about her chest, footsteps light even though robots.. from her understanding, could possibly hear her approaching close behind.

Just what in the hell was down there?"

The robot floats off to a doorway that seems as though it is a small storage compartment. Where she is, she'll get the feeling that she's very much off the beaten pathway.

Inside, there are flashes of lights every so often, and the sound of a small saw that grinds against metal.

She waits for a good and proper minute before she follows the robot, with the door left open, she presses her hands against the sides to keep it that way incase it decides to finally close shut. She pokes her head in, the flashes of light causing her to wince before she takes a careful step inside. One foot after the other.

'Is it welding something? A new weapon of sorts?' She thought.

But the only way for her to know that was to find out. With a step taken back and a quick lean of her head, she glances left and right to see if anyone.. or anything else was coming before turning and venturing inside. If she wasn't going to write about her time here, she might as well get all that she could. You know.. for memories.

Number 8 is absolutely working on something.

Though not very wide, the storage room is extremely tall. For good reason, too, because what it's working on is a monstrosity. There's a large mechanical being with a ghoulish face, clearly some sort of villain. The sparks come from the instruments 8 is using, and the robot seems not to notice Lane at all.

The monster lies upon its back at a 45 degree angle. Tools are strewn out over the floor and on hooks around the walls. A light beam comes out of 8's face, allowing better lighting, though the rest of the room stays dark except for the sparks of light every so often.

'Oh.. shit..' Lois mouths out. There were many scenarios that run through her mind at that moment.

'Was 8 behind the monster robot attacks? Did Superman himself set this up?'

'Is he purposely attacking Metropolis so that he could save the day and look the hero? Maybe he's doing all of this in preparation to take over the world..'

Nah. That was just damn silly. She wanted to kick herself for thinking that. But it was still a good possibility and something that would be easily put to bed with just a conversation between friends.

She ventures a little bit further into the room, ducking and hiding behind an item to continue to watch, her hand moving towards her pocket and.. drat. She gave her phone to Clark. She has nothing to take a picture with.

Perhaps what she was going to do next was stupid, but she was essentially safe here in the fortress. One yell, and he'd come running.. but the last time..

"What is that?" She blurts out, standing straight from her hiding spot, careful upon her approach since.. every now and then, it was pitch black.

"Lois!" The robot turns around in a whir, dropping its tools. If it had a mouth you might imagine it would be agape.

It comes closer to Lois, menacingly shrouded in the shadows. It reaches out a long, metal hand towards her.

Or, more accurately, off to the side of her where it flips on the lights.

"Thank goodness you didn't blind yourself with the welding machines. Are you alright? Clearly you went the wrong way again. I think that's why he likes you, secretly, but he won't admit it. Not to us, anyways."

Even though Lois was healing really well due to Kryptonian medicine, she wasn't afraid to mess it all up and beat up a robot with another robot. If she could beat up a robot anyways. She wasn't really the violent sort, but if it came down to protecting a friend..

She'd beat up a flippin robot!

As it nears, she takes a slight step backwards, her hand slowly rising, fingers curling into a fist and… the lights were on. Phew.

She didn't want to beat up a robot. That would have /hurt/.

There was an odd look of relief upon her face as she lets her shoulders slump, a slight nod of her head given as what the robot says to her actually.. shocks her. Okay, not really.

"He won't admit that he likes me? Likes me how?" This felt oddly middle schoolish. She was tempted to leave various notes with a 'yes' and a 'no' attached to it.

Stepping past the robot now, she looks on to what he was working with. "I don't think he'd care to let anyone know. He said earlier that he didn't want to put .. people at risk. Suppose it's better that way." But it still hurt just a little.

"What are you making?"

"Don't ask the questions you already know the answer to, Miss Lane. It's unbecoming of a reporter of your standing." Lois can almost hear the robot chortling to itself. He turns slightly so she can get a better view.

"What you're looking at is Figor. It's a character for this year's play. Each year, we put on a play during the holiday season for Superman and his mother. Ever since his father died, she's gotten very lonely." 8 lowers to the ground and begins picking up some tools.

"We keep it quiet from him so that it's a surprise. 3 researches the most topical, inspiring, and interesting stories he can come up with by scanning the libraries of this and many other worlds. She usually enjoys them very much."

Kiss my ass, 8!

She wouldn't say it, but she was thinking it. She was a little skeptical at first, but the story in itself was actually, somewhat cute. Robots, sentient enough to want to surprise their friend and make his mother feel better, it was almost a little heartwarming. Tiddily bit weird, but heartwarming all the same. "That's a beautiful idea. You guys are great to him. And /for/ him. And his mother." She grows silent for a moment, then turns to look towards 8. "You know all about him, don't you? Kal-el. I know I promised somewhere down the line that I wouldn't pry into his life any more than necessary, but.. who is he really?"

"Good try, Lane," the robot says with almost a laugh. "Besides, that's sort of an existential question. I'm afraid robots aren't likely to have the answers you're looking for."

He motions towards the door, "I think you have a dinner to go to. And I know I need to get back to the animal feeding before he realizes I snuck away to work on the play."

Inwardly, she's cursing the gods because of that. She should have known better anyways, a promise is a promise. "Robots can give me basic answers that are the truth.. so…" No, she better not. "Oh nevermind. I suppose there's something in not knowing." She smiles a little at the Robot, then offers a little wave. "I promise to keep this a secret, 8. You can depend on me." Cause, that was really a sweet surprise. With friends like them, of course.

She slides out of the storage closet and begins to go the way she came, this time with a little pep and a jog in her step, passing the corridor with .. whatever that was orange was inside. She slows to take one look, then continues on, growing a little bit winded as soon as she hits the door to her medical chambers. She bends to take a breath, hands upon her knees.. looking up again and into the room before she goes the 'correct' way this time, both arms lifting above her head to tie her hair into a ponytail, since the little jog left her a bit messed.

"Kal?" She calls out. "Krypto?"

Krypto barks before Superman can call back, coming out to her from the dining hall. "In here, Lois," Superman says as he finishes setting the ornate table. He turns back at her and smiles even as Krypto nearly knocks her over with his rambunctiousness.

"Did you get a look around?" Superman asks with a smile. "It's really big. And it's expanding. As we come up with new ideas, we sort of burrow down into the mountain and underneath the ice. It keeps us busy."

Lois squeals with a little bit of delight as Krypto comes running, kneeling just so she could catch him as best as she could, ruffling all through his fur with little scritches. "Yeah.." She calls out, then stands to lead Krypto into the dining room as she looks towards the spread with a raise of her brows. "Did you make all of this yourself?" She asks, then pulls out a chair to sit down.

"I was going to ask about that. This place is really huge just for a man and a dog. What's the need to expand of it's just for you? Unless you plan on bringing Wonder Woman and Batman here as another base of operations.." She leans back into her chair now, one leg crossing over the other. She wasn't in interviewer mode, she was just curious.

"Do you even sleep, Kal? I thought the human race kept you busy. Not tunneling down into.." And then she thinks about it. "What is that.. thing you have in the.. zoo, you have here."

"You mean in the one by the medbay?" Superman asks, trying to think about which exhibit she means. "Oh, you know that one. That's the pterodactyl. We have half a dozen similar quarters for exotic animals that would not survive on their own, including a sort of slug that only survives in space. You should have seen how long that took us to make."

"It's where I come to get away from it all. Sometimes being alone is what I want, and when I do, I come here. But even then, it seems like I don't want to be totally alone. As far as why we continue to expand, it really depends on which room we're talking about. We added a scientific lab that specifically focuses on interstellar travel. We also made a large chamber devoted to Krypton, where I'm from. We make all sorts of things out here," he says with a smile.

"I sleep, but not much. Less and less by the year."

Internally, Lois was impressed. But she didn't try to let that show /too/ much. "Yeah, that one."

As she listens, whether there was food or not, she begins to shovel what she could upon her plate, neatly of course, all the while offering smiles where appropriate. There were so many things she wanted to ask, and what she wanted to say, but she just kept her mouth shut for now. What she wanted to ask him would come at a later date, where appropriate.

"It's a shame that I can't tell the world what I've seen here. Not that I can't.. but don't want to. I know this place is important to you, and I won't be the one to jeopardize that. But I am glad I'm here." She smiles a little, then frowns. "Why aren't you sleeping?"

"I'm glad you're here, too, Lois," Superman says as he begins to put the exotic food onto his plate. Krypto eyes Lois' plate ominously.

"I don't sleep because I don't need to. My cells work kind of like solar powered batteries and each year they get charged up more and more. I thought it was just college, but I can go a few days without sleep without any noticeable difference. I still like to. I feel better after sleeping, but it's not as big of a deal as it once was. "Holatish?" Superman asks as he offers her a plate.

Krypto gets one look, and a toss of a dinner roll in his direction. She wasn't sure how dogs would react with bread but, there it was! A gift from her to him.

"Ah.. the power of the sun type dea-.." And then she pauses. "Wait, you went to college?!" For some reason, that causes her to laugh, a good and healthy one coupled with a clap of her hands. The offer of ..Holatish? Has her doing a double take, and warily taking the plate from his hands.

Cause what the heck was holatish?

"What was your major? We're alone now, you have to give me details. Like, deep details. For instance, did you have a girlfriend in college? Join a frat? Play football?"

Superman chuckles, "I'm not going to tell you what my major was, Lois. I did have a girlfriend in college. She was really nice, but it didn't work out. I did not join a fraternity, but I was rushed by Kappa Sigma. And no, I didn't play college football. In a fit of youthful stupidity I convinced my father to allow me to play high school football my senior year. It was selfish and something I'm not proud of." The admission is cathartic, but suddenly Superman's stomach turns. With that information, she could begin to speculate as to who he might be. It wouldn't take much to find out about Senior Only football players who dominated. Less of those did not go on to play college ball. Perhaps he's said too much.

"Holatish is great. It's a Kryptonian dish that's made with something close to cumin. We can't make it here, exactly, but we think it's a pretty close copy."

"Awe, come on. Do you know how amazing it is that you've went to college? Let alone had a girlfriend? If she could see you now." She shakes her head and digs in, eying him curiously. He played football in high school. That could be a lead in itself, but to find out who he was.. would that change her views on him entirely? As she said to 8, there was something about not knowing.

"You were just a kid who wanted to have fun. There's nothing selfish about that. In fact, in a couple of days, we can play a couple of rounds of pool or basketball to see if you have what it takes."

Superman vs Lois. People would pay to see that.

Her current plate was set aside in favor of this Holatish, careful little bites taken to taste the food first, her eyes wandering as she allows the taste to settle before she politely, and neatly digs in, only speaking when her mouth wasn't full of food.

"To be honest, college was overrated. I would have settled for staying home and working a job while taking classes online just to get a degree. More time to chase a story and do other things that make life worth living."

"I loved college. It was where I really learned a lot about myself. I was able to get out from under my parents a little bit and sort of feel out who I was to become. As far as old girlfriends, I still remain on good terms with both of them, and so we talk from time to time." No, none of them ever got here, if that's what she's wondering.

"It was selfish. Back then I didn't control my powers as well as I did back then. My dad tried to convince me not to, but I wore him down," Superman laughs. "It took three years, but I knew pretty quickly how unfair it was. For a lot of those teen years, I really just wanted to be normal."

"Lois, playing basketball against someone who can fly is decidedly unfair to you. I guarantee it. And I don't care how much time you spent on military bases, you're not going to be able to handle me boxing you out."

"I did too. I could have done without." Yeah, she wouldn't be such a raging alcoholic.. well, not that she was one now, but holy cow could she put back some whiskey with the best of them. About the girlfriend thing? She doesn't ask. She didn't want to breach the territory into jealousy, that would have been a really, really ugly sight.

"You're being too hard on yourself though, Kal-el. It's done and over with, besides.. if you just kept hiding, you wouldn't be who you are today." She finishes off her plate of Holatish, then pushes it aside. She was getting full, the only room she had left was for water.

She grins as she takes her cup, sipping the water down with a quick rub of her lips with the back of her hand. "And that's why the world was created with a certain ruleset in place. We play basketball one on one, you cannot use your powers at all. No high jumping, no powerful shots, no x-ray vision or whatever else you got packed up in that neat…"

Change of subject.

"What else do you have in this place anyways?"

Superman makes a face as if trying to think. "I think that's pretty much it. Pretty boring, huh?" He presses a button upon the table and in front of them a large wall peels back to give them a view of the sunset at the top of the world. "It's much nicer up here in the summer. There's not much light this time of year so you need to appreciate what you get, I suppose."

He shrugs, going back to basketball, "Whatever you say, Lois. We'll see if you can cash the checks that your mouth writes."

Still, a place as big as this, it could have been overwhelming to the right person. He had a full operation here, one that was kept under wraps for so long, and it was a wonder as to why he didn't show anyone. Once he reveals the view to the sunset that was happening to their very eyes, she stands to grip the back of her chair, scooting it a little bit closer to him so that she could sit down and watch. With a slump and a sigh, she looks on towards the view, her hand lifting so that Krypto could rest his hand upon her thigh.

The quiet moment was shared, and with a little odd glance towards him and a pout of her lips, she shakes her head. "Okay. You need swear once in a while. It's just us Kal. Let it out. Krypto won't tell."

Superman smiles at her, reaches his hand over the back of her chair. With a twinkle in his eye he shakes his head slowly.


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