The Exposed Fist

December 7, 2014: Keith catches Daniel Rand on the Titans' situation.

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Vorpal had skipped out on the last several training sessions with Rand- but he had a very good reason for it, that being bruised ribs and a sprained ankle. Thanks to the magic of friendship (mostly Raven), though, the cheshire was all better. He had been looking forward to his first training session in a while-

And then Robin got killed.

It is the cheshire cat, not the human, who walks into the dojo that morning, going straight for Daniel.

"Mister Rand…" he says, waiting until he's not talking to someone to get his attention. "… there's… something I need to tell you."

Well Danny is just with one of the other workers at the moment, so luckily Vorpal doesn't have to wait that long. He finishes up making some plans with that lady and then well moves unto the next person waiting for him.

And well seeing him int he cat form the guy just blink. "Uhm…what do you need to tell me?" He's not sure how to address the cat right now, since well he's not used to the super types showing up during daylight hours.

He looks left and right before answering Rand, to make sure nobody overhears. After all, the news aren't public yet, and he doesn't know how the Bat-clan wants to handle things. "I'm afraid there's bad news. Robin… the one who has been training here. He's- he's dead." he says, as quietly as possible.

There is just a little more blinking at that one. "Follow me." Is all the rich guy says at the moment. Then he leads Vorpal to the small office that he keeps at the Dojo. Hey a guy does have to have a place to talk with people in private every now and then.

Once they are there, Danny gestures towards a chair and a mini fridge. "Help yourself. And tell me everything. I am sorry about your loss, and if there is anything that I can do to help, please let me know."

"Thanks," Vorpal says. He's remarkably composed, truth be told. Shaken by the death, but there was no real bonding between him and Robin. Or Robin and anyone, really. Except Kate. He takes a water bottle and sits down.

"Well… we know who killed him, and we know the level of threat she poses. She slaughtered six people the same night she killed Robin. Innocent people. It's… unorthodox, but since Iron Fist referred me to your gym, I was hoping that maybe you knew a way of contacting him." Vorpal says, sitting back in his chair and rubbing his forehead.

"Thing is… we're going to need some serious training to deal with the kind of power that she has. And I'd prefer not to put your dojo and the kids in danger. If Veruca gets wind that the Titans are coming here… "

The rich man just looks at him for a moment, "Well that is an easy request. You're talking to Iron Fist right now." Hey tragedy is one of thos things that makes people share stuff to at least get them closer. "So who is this Veruca? And what can I do to help you?"

A water bottle hits the ground. Well, Vorpal's foot, so fortunately there is no spillage. But the cheshire simply stares.

"Wait… wait a minute. Rewind back for a sec… you… first… I… but I thought…"

Congratulations, you have broken the cat. He blinks a couple of times. "You're Iron Fist…" Captain obvious restates that.

It might be important to note that this is Keith's first Identity Reveal. None of the Robins have unmasked themselves, he doesn't know who Oracle is. It's kind of a big deal. He reaches down for the water bottle and glugluglugs, because he needs a sip of something.

"… I'm sorry, this was my first time."


"… I mean, the first time anyone exposed themselves to me."

"Their identity. Goddamnit." He rubs his forehead. "I'm sorry, sorry."

Hey, at least it got him to think of something other than death, right?

Score one for the rich man, he got the guy not thinking of death. "Yes I am. Sorry I do try to keep it somewhat of a secret. There are others that know it of course." Luke totally knows, and Lunair as well. "We need to work on how you handle being surprised by the way. Martial Artists totally don't make slips of tongues like that."

"Now that the secret is out, lets talk about the training. I can still help, but the only other place I have to teach is at my own house. I obviously don't have any problem with it being there, since I can take care of myself. And if I have to, I can arrange for some other friends to start spending time there as well." If only there was a way to get the Titans to K'un-Lun, that would really handle the training thing and keep them somewhere safe.

"And sorry I have to bring up the topic again." He leans on the desk, arms folded across from it, "Tell me more about the person that killed Robin."

Vorpal nods and takes a deep breath, still getting over the embarrassment of being surprised like that. Right. Veruca.

"Her name is Veruca, and she was allied with some Egyptian criminal who had a… as best I can describe it, a reality-altering amulet of some sort. He's gone, but she seems to have survived the mission that took him down."

Another sip from the bottle, "She is a meta-human or a magic user, I'm not sure which, but she apparently can teleport using reflections, and she creates duplicates of her using mirrors and reflections. According to the Midnighter, these were made of glass… nevertheless, they are deadly. She is deadly. She used a puddle to appear right behind Robin and impaled him. Kate… the other Hawkeye was with him when it happened."

His voice drops, indicating that Kate wasn't in good shape after that. Emotionally.

See the shocking secret identity think always get people to forgot what they're doing. "That sounds pretty tough to counter. I can help you. But honestly not sure how much martial arts training will help."

"I will obviously do what I can though. I may be able to arrange some extra help if that's needed as well." He pauses after that thinking for a moment.

"Any help is always welcome, Mister Fist. Iron Rand. MISTER RAND. I'm sorry. Just wrapping my head around… stuff. The training… will help, because we need to prepare for a foe that can step out of any reflection. We need to prepare for sneak attacks." He makes a mental note: take down all the mirrors at the base. For now.

"And maybe brainstorm ways to deal with someone who uses reflections like that. It's a power… that I am familiar with. But my use of it is very different."

"Danny is good as well. Mister Rand makes me feel old. And I'm not that old you know." He starts to think a little, "Well off the top of my head I would say fight in the dark. If there is no light that should negate the reflective surfaces, right?"

"The easiest way would be a trap. Get her in a place with only one reflective surface, and then take that way from her. For the first idea, we would have to focus on training in the dark of course. That would take some time though."

"That.. wouldn't be a bad idea at all. And I can see in the dark. As much as a cat would, anyways. I can't see in complete darkness, as there has to be some light somewhere…" the Cheshire scraches his chin, "So I wouldn't mind starting that training plan, as for reflective surfac—"


Why hadn't he thought of it before? "… paint bombs!"

"There you go. That could work of course. Or you can just arm someone with a paint ball gun." After that he leans back a little in the chair, "There would be a problem if she suspected something and supplied her own mirrors of course. Not sure what the size is that she would need. But they do have portable ones that she can carry in a pocket."

"We don't exactly how big they need to be… but that's always a possibility. We'll have to get creative, somehow…" the cheshire nods and hmms.

"When is a good day to start our in-the-dark training sessions? I can create my own darkness…" he demonstrates by holding out his palm and creating an orb of… well. Looking through the orb makes whatever is on the other side look as if it were shrouded in darkness. "My magic allows me to create images of whatever I can envision."

"Not entirely sure when a good day would be. Obviously we would have to start soon, but would have to look at what the schedule is like. Would you like to give me a call tomorrow and we can decide on when to start the training?" Hey that's the problem with being a businessman and stuff, it's tough to remember what you need to do at any given moment.

"I will…" and at that moment, Vorpal's phone goes off. He frowns and looks down at the message. Hm. "ALright, I'll give you a call and we can coordinate. I have to go now… Titan stuff and, yeah, I've got to find a way to contact Batman about… yeah."

He looks tense again, this is going to be tough. "Thank you so much for everything. Don't worry about seeing me out, I'll just pop, it's faster that way." He smiles at Danny and the Rabbit Hole opens next to him.

"Again… thanks for everything. It's good to have friends…" and he steps through it, vanishing with a -pop-.

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