A Death In The Family

<December 7, 2014>: Kate comes to the Titans with bad news.

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It was barely a reasonable hour when Kate called Keith. Eight in the morning. A reasonable hour for most people, at least. Usually unpardonably early for people who spend nights fighting crime. But when she called, it sounded important. Her voice was hoarse, and lacking in her usual cheerfulness. "It's important," she said. "I need to talk to as many of you as possible. Can you meet at the castle in forty five minutes?"


And so it was done. Keith and Gar had spent a bit of a late night celebrating, so he wasn't exactly on 'morning self' mode. In his human form, clad in a forest green turtleneck and blue jeans, Keith sits in the living room with a cup of coffee, cleary looking nervous on his side of the couch.

"It's not like Kate to be that curt… she wouldn't say what was up, just that she wanted as many of us here." Keith says to Garfield and Bunker.

And then it draws on him— what if the mafia tracked them down? What if there's a hit on the Titans now?

I mean, it wouldn't be that bad, they could take them on. But still… then, what did Katie need to tell them so seriously?


Gar is in his costume. He made the thing look enough like "casual athletic wear" that he can wear it where he wants to, even in Titans HQ. But he's a bit scruffier and furrier today, maybe a bit more fangy. Definitely a bit prowlier; he's practically climbing the walls. Actually, he's thinking about putting hand-holds in so he CAN climb the walls.

"She'll have a reason for it. I do have a bad feeling, though. Something's definitely gang aglay."


The concern of the others spills over onto the normally cheerful Mexican teen, and he's somber for this early in the morning - coffee, indeed, is in hand and he takes sips from the black mug. "Yeah, it sounds pretty intense," he says, his mask pulled back to reveal concerned features.


When Kate arrives, she looks…tired. Exhausted is a better word. She's clean, but it's the sort of clean that comes from being told to clean up, wet hair pulled into a ponytail, and wearing what look to be SHIELD-issue sweats. Her eyes are red, her face blotchy from…crying?

"Hey," she says quietly as she comes inside, looking around to room and counting heads. "Is this everyone who could make it?" Her voice is still rough.


Keith nods, and Gar's bad feeling is spreading over to him. When he sees Kate's state as she comes in, he squeezes Gar's hand for a moment, and then stands up to welcome her.

Dread is a good way to describe what he's feeling. He takes the other cup of coffee he'd prepared and kept on the heating pad for Kate, and offers it to her. "Kate… hon, are you okay? Yeah… Zatanna and Zachary are off touring. Raven's not back yet and- well, one of the Robins is recovering from a beat-up from the Joker, we haven't heard anything from the other Robin, and Rain is still being held captive by Namor. We're working on that…"

His inner self is trying to scream 'For god's sake, what's going on?'- but he's managing to stay calm. So far.


"Raven's in seclusion. Robin's in hospital somewhere that I can't talk about because I'm not sure where. The Zees are on tour. I haven't seen Angry Bird around, ever, though I know he was here at least once from security logs," Gar says, and Kate's attire and demeanor has him thinking ahead. Damnit. Someone died. Which one?


Bunker's eyes widen as he looks at Kate, but he stays quiet for now, dark eyes glancing around the room at the others. "What is it?" he finally has to say.


"Thanks," Kate says quietly as she takes the coffee, summoning up a small smile. It fades as they deliver the head count, and she takes a deep breath. This isn't something she's good at. She can talk her way into or out of just about anything. But bad news…that's not her thing.

"Dam-" Did they know his name? Maybe not. He wouldn't even sleep here. "Robin - Angry Bird," she smiles weakly to Gar, "Is dead."


One thing is actively disliking someone. Another thing is them being dead. It means there's no option for them to, maybe, someday stop being unpleasant.

Keith may not have liked Angry Bird, he may have seen him as damaged goods… but he would have never wished death on him. He was a Titan. Titans were family.

And now there was a death in the family.

"…God…" the redhead says with a thread of voice. Now he understands why Kate had been crying. It seemed to him that Angry Bird had only really opened up to her.

His first instinct is to hug Kate. He does so now.


Gar was fidgeting and all over the place. He stops. Abruptly.

"How?" She knows, so she was there, or nearby. She knows who needs to be caught and slammed so hard into whatever prison, vault, or insane asylum is available that the door will never open again. He also needs to know what to tell the Bat. Because out of the people here, he has a number that can be used.


Bunker thought he was prepared for any news, but he is shaken enough to actually drop his coffee cup - A flash of purple and he catches it in a ring of tiny bricks, holding it long enough to retrieve it in his hands. "I..I.." He puts the cup down on the counter and walks over to quietly put his hand on Keith's back, and Kate's.


Kate wraps her arms around Keith, eyes closing tightly for just a moment. Despite her exhaustion, she's still tense. Shock may have set in and started to wear off, but she clearly hasn't let go yet. Let herself really feel it. After a moment, she draws a deep breath, pulling back.

"I don't know who she was," she says quietly. "She made copies of herself, in glass. And she seemed to be able to travel through water. Reflections, maybe? I don't know, she only did it twice. We were patrolling, and she showed up with seven hostages rigged with bombs. Seven of them. Seven of her. He said it's her, so he must have run into her before, but he was jumping down before he could say what he meant. I took out three of them in one shot, and another when she reached the roof. Robin took one on the ground, and I hit the one with the trigger with riot foam. That left one, who disappeared. Disappeared to reappear right in front of him. She cut him open. She shot the one with the trigger. Trigger shattered, and the bombs went off. And she killed him."

That description. Keith knows exactly who this woman is. Midnighter told him about the mission Waller had planned for them— this woman, her powers, they described exactly the powers Midnighter told him, and the ones Keith communicated to Gar. Keith lets go of Kate, gently, and leads her to sit in the big, poofy and comfortable leather armchair. He lets out a growl. Yes, a growl, in human form, and then gives Miguel a hug before he goes to Gar's side and puts an arm around him, because he's very aware of Gar's history with losing team and family members. He's going to be for him, when he needs him.

"I know who this woman is. I do not know her name, but…" he growls quietly. No… we don't do vengeance. Gar's words. We bring justice.

"Why did she come after Robin and you?"


Gar looks over at Keith and Bunker.

"You guys do know that we're supposed to write up mission reports, right? That's something I was going to go over in the team training session. I'm telling you now. Every time you go out on a mission, write up the log. I'm telling you this because I don't recall seeing a writeup from Robin on this. And for other reasons, yes, we do know who she was. Robin's mentor will need to be informed, if he hasn't been already. I'll send the message, so he knows we're also on this."

He accepts the arm around him, but right now, he's in 'professional' mode, not reacting to the loss of a person who hadn't actually bonded yet. Another fail for Team Family? Maybe. It's a difficult thing to make happen.


Bunker stays by Kate to offer what comfort he can, the costumed boy trying to cope with his racing thoughts. "We need to see the specs on her, know what we're up against.." he says, trying to work through the news, and think of what must be done to stop her from doing this again.


"Not me," Kate shakes her head, settling in with a dull expression. "Him. Something happened between them. Maybe when he did the Egypt thing. I don't know. But she was there for him." She sets the coffee aside without drinking any of it, scrubbing a hand over her face. "I called Fenris first. I thought- I hoped- But he couldn't. He called Oracle, who called me. She's passing it on. And I called Clint, because someone needed to deal with the scene." Quietly, she picks at her nail beds, convinced there's still blood somewhere on her hands.


Keith nods at Gar. Right, business mode. But he looks at Kate, "Kate… we have many available bedrooms. Why don't you go up and take a nap in one of the unclaimed ones? You need to rest. We can take it from here for now, I'll get in touch with Oracle and Fenris…" he takes a breath, and shakes his head. "Egypt? He never even told us that he went to Egypt…" How did he-


"… Midnighter," Keith growls. Yes, now he remembers Midnighter telling him about these goons in Egypt, and then asking him to tell Robin to contact him.

Waller must have recruited him, and Robin didn't mention it.

"… he never said much of anything to anyone. Had we known, had he informed us of anything he was working on… perhaps this wouldn't have happened."


"She was probably told to kill him. She's an assassin. And a nutcase, apparently. And it works if he was on that trip, yes."

Gar looks over to Kate. "You didn't kill him. You weren't in any way to blame for it. If you're anything at all like me, you still feel guilty and like you have blood on your hands, but the best way to clean that off is to remember that you can't control every contingency. You can help to bring her to justice. You seem to have as much info on her as we do, except maybe details of her mirror trick. She can use any reasonably large reflective surface to clone herself, no known limit. You said you saw her travel through them, as well. If we disrupt the mirrors we can disrupt her, if she can't see the mirror, she can't tell where to go to clone herself. But that's a matter for later. You need to get at least a little rest. Do you need food?"


Bunker looks between Gar and Keith, the costumed boy getting more tense. Probably too much coffee. "So do we know this Midnighter guy was involved? We need to go kick his ass?" he says, frowning.


"There was blood everywhere, Gar," Kate says wearily. "She also blew up seven hostages." She starts to curl up in the chair, then puts her feet back down, restless. "I'd bet resonant frequencies would do a number on her, too, if she's made of glass. She's got to communicate with the clones somehow. Probably goes both ways. Hit one with something going at the right frequency…" Again, she rubs her hands over her face. "Yeah," she mumbles. "I should sleep. I can't talk about how paperwork could have stopped this."


Resonant frequencies. The redhead narrows his eyes…

~I've got you, you bitch~
++After all, we don't just create images++

He could create sounds, too. He'll have to sit down with Gar later and talk about how these resonating frequencies work. He was the science guy- his input would be invaluable in how to tune his powers for this.

"Come on, Katie." Keith says softly, "Why don't I take you to your room. I'll have something for you to eat when you wake up."


"It wouldn't have helped directly — but knowing she was around and who she was would have let you be prepared for her. That whole 'scout things out' trick. Hey if you don't want to use a guest bedroom, you could curl up on the couch for an hour or so. We have blankets and soft music." Gar is now using Tempter Voice Number Three, the Indulgent Host. It's very similar to 'come to the dark side, we have cookies' but less threatening.


Bunker has to find a chair, but in place of one he sits down on a spongy mass of purple energy, much like a beanbag. He rubs his temple while he tries to think.


Kate hesitates, but finally pulls her cell phone out of the sweatpants, passing it over to Keith. "If Clint calls, could you tell him where I'm at, and that I'm okay?" she asks. "I mean. Mostly okay. Not hurt. Just…tell him I'm sleeping it off, and I'll call him when I wake up, yeah?"


"You can trust me," Keith says, taking the phone.

In another situation, he might have taken a silly selfie. In a light-hearted situation. He takes the phone an nods. "Bunk," Keith says softly, walking over to him and putting a hand on his shoulder, "Go ahead and rest for a bit. We can all talk when we've had time to process… and rest."


Gar resists the urge to tease Vorpal about how he's the one all the girls trust, and instead gets a blanket throw and a pillow out of the storage bin — they're both clean and fresh as if they'd not been used. He offers them to Kate, to use here or in the guest room. He's got a message to send to the Batman. It will doubtless arrive later than the one Kate sent, but it's part of the obligation of being the guy who gets stuck with the paperwork.


Bunker nods slowly to Keith, his dark eyes glittering with unshed tears. He wipes his eys and stands up. "If anything happens, wake me. Anything," he says, as he makes his way out and towards his rooms here.


Kate takes the pillow and the blanket from Gar, holding them close to her chest. "Thanks, guys," she says quietly, summoning up a small smile. "I'll talk to you in a few hours. Once…" Once she breaks down, and cries, and sleeps it off. "Once I wake up."


"We know, hun. Take all the time you need, okay? Anything, just call us. Gar and I… we'll be in the study."

Gar's the guy who always gets stuck with the paperwork. Not this time, though. Keith's going to help, in whatever way he can. He slides Kate's phone in his pocket, to pick it up in case CLint should call.


Gar nods. "I'll be here at the writing desk, Keith will take you to a guest room. We'll check on you after a while."

He walks over to the large not-mahogany piece of stand-alone furniture - a fancy, multi-cubby-hole desk with cherry wood and maple, remarkable, especially for having been designed with the idea of having a computer cleverly part of it. Gar begins typing on the keyboard.

Dear Batman.

I regret to inform you that the newest Robin has died in the line of duty.

He was cut down close to midnight on December 5th, by a metahuman villainess who is most likely the assassin currently sought by Interpol under the name Veruca. We have eyewitness accounts describing the use of powers consistent with her profile.

He died in an attempt to prevent a bombing, and was apparently targeted personally for the murder. Oracle has further information should you need it.

We share your sorrow at his passing, and give our assurance that we will do what we can to assist in bringing the culprit to justice.

Signed, Gar Logan, for the Titans.

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