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December 07, 2014: Nyx finally calls Hawkeye II to talk about her powers and get some help with things

Phone Call

Phone call between the two women.



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Nyx is chilling in her very very very small loft. One would think after her patrol last night she would maybe still be in bed on a completely nocturnal schedule, but no she really has been having trouble sleeping. Not the usual oh I need it but I can't, more the oh I don't seem to be at all tired like I use to be. Anyhow she is drinking some V8 which she also never use to like and fiddling with the police scanner she picked up from the pawnshop. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nothing interesting seems to be happening in The Big Apple as far as her and her pawn shop acquired police scanner can determine.
Her eyes flit over to the Hawkeye call "Well.. it has been a while.. I probably won't seem like a desperate noob if I call at this point right…" she leans to snag the no contract boost mobile phone, not really a burner but pretty good for super heroing she naively figures. She pops the headphones for the phone in and then dials the number on the card, turning it over in hand as she waits.

Kate has had a hell of a weekend. Two nights ago, she watched as her friend was killed on patrol. She sat with the body. She delivered the bad news to the rest of the team. So when the call comes in from one of those forwarded lines, she looks at the phone for a long moment, working herself up to answering it.
"Hey, you've reached Hawkeye," she says when she answers it, forcing a lighter tone into her voice. "What's up?"

Nyx put the headset in so she wouldn't drop the phone if Hawkeye actually answered. Keep it cool Sam keep it cool. Right. "Hi, this is Nyx." pauses a beat, of course no one knows who Nyx is yet Sam. "Uh. From the truck robbery, you gave me your card and said to call if I wanted to ever talk about what I can do and stuff." she face palms, and stuff. Dear lord Sam.
There's that moment of silence as Kate waits for the clarification on the name, and a touch of humor in her voice when she speaks again. "Hey, Nyx," she greats. "I remember. What's up? Are you in trouble, need a hand?" That's priority number one, after the other night. No more dead heroes.

Nyx shakes her head then remembers to verbalize. "Things are cool, no trouble or danger or anything." she looks around her apartment, do superheroes only call each other when there is super danger or something, she has gotten this reaction before. "Quiet Sunday evening.. before I decided to do a walk about patrol of M-Town so I figured a good time to get back to you on that call. Am I interrupting anything." pauses again then with more excitement "Do you need help with anything?"

"No, you're not interrupting anything," Kate assures with a small smile, settling into a chair in her own loft. "Though you should be careful going out. We had a…loss, Friday night. And it looks like the killer is going after heroes. You seemed pretty durable," what with the shrugging off bullets and picking up cars, "But keep your eyes open all the same."

Well an energy blast and the side of a delivery truck, but still she seemed awfully durable it is true. Nyx sounds worried though "Oh.. oh." a pause there "Who is the killer? Is there anything I can do to help." she chews her lip "I'm trying for sure, to keep my eyes open, still training.. though let me tell you it seems a lot more karate kid style wax on wax off some days. Which may just be the source I suppose, now that I think about it."

"We're looking into it," Kate grimaces at the question of who it was. "But whoever she is, she's extremely dangerous. Capable of making duplicates of herself in glass. Ruthless in regards to civilian casualties. If you run into her, don't engage, okay? We're still working on strategies, but I'm also trying to get word out and make sure there's awareness through the community. Speaking of which," she continues, clearing her throat. "Sorry. I didn't give you the number so you could hear about my problems. Our problems."

Nyx listens intently, though well she may or may not listen to the do not engage if she were ever to run into said villain. She feels pretty durable and all. "Oh.. no hey I'm happy to listen and this villain sounds like bad news. No harm only good done Hawkeye." she tries to be positive about it. "So let me know if I can help… I want to be help." probably why she is trying to be a superhero with her low budget costume and bad guy smashing. There is a moment of drawn out silence that threatens to turn awkward, maybe she isn't sure what to say next.

"And we want you to have that opportunity," Kate replies quickly into that pause. "Which is why I gave you my contact info. Clearly you have talents, Nyx. If this is something you want to do, something you want to keep doing, then you should have training, and you should have allies. I've got a lot of contacts in the hero community, and a lot are willing to take on some training if you're interested."

Nyx perks up "That is awesome" then pauses "Well.. I am being trained some by Nightmare Tokyo." must be the wax on and wax off sort of guy. "I would love to do more training though and make more allies. Ive managed to make pretty good friends with the X-men Red team in the city.. well ok not friends but I can call them for advice…" she sounds positive about it. "I'm not entirely sure everything I can do really.."

"Red Team is great," Kate says quickly, sounding relieved. "And if your abilities come out of a mutation, then they're probably the best place for you to go for advice. You should know you're not in this alone," she adds, quieter. "There's help, there's back up. There are opportunities. I'm not familiar with Nightmare Tokyo. Though it's not the most reassuring name."

Nyx chuckles "I know right… I have no idea why he picked that name but Iceman hooked me up with him and he is a nice guy. He is magic though so it’s a bit weirdness." she pauses then admits "I'm not a mutant… I…" she considers "I probably need to be checked out by someone who knows what they are doing." she finally admits.

"Magic is its own thing, yeah," Kate agrees. "I know a couple people, if you're ever interested. Magic seems to be pretty specialized, though, so they might or might not actually be able to help. The Titans have a couple of magicians on the roster, too, though they seem to be pretty busy. Still. The more you know about yourself and your abilities, the better you'll be."

Nyx sighs, just a soft one "No no.. I'm not magic. Not magic. Not a mutant. I'm.. not entirely certain what is going on with me which is why I said I probably need some help to understand what is going on with me. It's… complicated." very complicated as far as the young woman is concerned.

"Seems like it always is," Kate says ruefully, a smile in her voice. "Either way, there are ways to figure things out, and people who can help from all sorts of angles. I mean it about being careful out there, though, okay? If you need help, if you just want to spend some time with people with experience…Give me a call. I'll get it set up for you."

Nyx considers and then with enthusiasm, even if she is trying to not let it show, man she isn't good at deception. "I would absolutely love to spend time with people with experience." she pauses "And maybe if you know someone really good with sciencey stuff…" she doesn't sound very sciencey.

"Science," Kate muses, considering. "I can probably find some people, though most of the science folks I know are connected to SHIELD," she cautions. "Which means talking with them could also mean not a whole lot of secrets and privacy about it. On the other hand, I know the Red Team has some ties to other mutants, a few of whom are real wizzes with the science stuff."

Nyx considers "Okay maybe I should ask Iceman about that.. I don’t know anything about science but I think I need someone to check me out that does." she sighs "Thank you for this by the way.. I know you don’t have to and I appreciate it. Im definitely game for any sort of . well help or meeting people who know what they are doing.." she deep breaths "Cause yeah I have a whole lot to learn." it sounds like admitting that hurt some.

"Hey, that's okay," Kate assures. "Everyone does at some point. Tell you what. Call me back in a couple days, okay? I think the Titans would be a great place for you to start introductions. They're fun, and they're still learning too, in a lot of ways. They've also got some magic, some science, and some ties to the Red Team. And they've got good resources, if you're ever in a tight spot."

Has read about the Titans on the websites for that sort of thing "That would be awesome. Nightmare was going to try to meet some of them and introduce me to them… had no idea Iceman probably knew them to even ask…" she just makes an amused noise "But sure.. I can do that and call later in the week. Still if you need help though .. just call me anytime I am happy to help out." eager even.
"Keep your eyes open and stay safe," Kate advises. "And call me if you see any sign of the glass woman. Right now, we need intel more than anything else, so anything you find out or see is far more valuable than any confrontation, okay? I mean that one hundred percent seriously. Not pandering here. We need to know more to come up with the right plan."

Nyx notes "Makes sense, I totally get it… and well I got no sources of intel and the odds of me running into her are very very low…. but I will keep my eyes open and make sure to let you know if I run into anything." she is serious about it. She hasn't been out to stop muggers or stuff like that so things have been pretty quiet in her life.

"Good." Kate lets out a soft breath, barely audible through the phone. "It was good talking to you, Nyx," she says quietly, genuine. "I look forward to hearing from you again, yeah?"

Nyx seems really pleased, it carries through "Likewise and count on it, I'll call in a few days and keep my wits about me." she then adds "You stay safe too, its dangerous out there."

"Don't I know it," Kate laughs, rueful. "Talk to you later, Nyx." Hanging up, she sighs heavily, staring at the phone. One step back with the death of Robin. But one step forward for pulling people together.

Nyx stares at the phone then peels herself out of the headset and sets them aside "Well that went well. No shunning. I like no shunning."

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