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December 07, 2014: Misfit finds Fenris looking for a certain kind of trouble and by finding him brings that trouble down on them both.

Gotham Alley

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  • Druid of Air
  • Druid of Water
  • Druid of Lightning
  • Warpwolves

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Fenris is hunting. Which means he's in Gotham late at night, picking his way quietly through the back alleys of midtown, holding an oaken rod and tapping his leg with it irritably. He can smell them. The Heralds of Orboros. And he knows why they're here, but they're obscuring their location somehow. He knows they're close. And knows enough of them to know that they're up to no good.

Misfit is out on patrol, like every night. She is a real pain if Oracle or Lady Blackhawk thinks that she will stay home and go to bed early or something. She is a bit bored though right now, not finding any muggers, or thank the heavens no flashers. "Who might be having more luck Charlie… who… hm" she bounces off the rooftop she is on, and bounces onto a rooftop above the alley that Fenris is walking down. She only knows so many heroes and Vorpal is probably not in Gotham this evening but she only has seen Mr. Fenris here. Her bouncing causes a -twang- of magic, with a taste of chaos.

Fenris. Pauses. He feels the magic and knows it's different from what he's tracking. He's about to turn to address the young woman when…
Well sadly Feris isn't the only one who felt Misfit bouncing around. There's a crack of lightning and a trio of robed figures appear behind her. Their faces are shrouded in deep cowls and they're holding wooden staves. "Curious…" One of them intones.

Charlie is about to address Fenris from her rooftop when, well she kind of has this skin crawling feeling, from the bad guys teleporting. She has no idea of her nature or .. relatives.. but well its in her blood. At the curious comment she turns around quickly "Woah… you guys look like LARPers.."

Fenris tears a way open and quick hops up to what was in front of Charlie and is now behind her as she's turned around. The druids stiffen and back, staves coming up as he appears. "Old Wolf…" One of them says warily.
"Poachers." Fenris growls. "What are you doing in my hunting grounds?"
"We felt one with the Wilding." There's a pointed stare in Charlie's direction and she may be able to feel magic crawling over her as they poke at her to see what her talents are like.

Charlie is a deep well untapped, I mean her 'bouncing' is almost limitless and it is just an unconscious reflex and healing to boot. She obviously knows zero spells and tricks because she has near zero training. "ICK… that .. that is ick… " pause "Hss." as she squints and leans to peer around Fenris at the three robed figures with their staves "What’s the deal with these three.. they are creepy."

"They're heralds of the Devourer." Fenris murmurs quietly. He reaches up to pluck a thin silver chain necklace from his neck, one that expands very quickly into a very large sword that he should probably use two hands to wield but seems perfectly comfortable one handing. "Be careful. They're here for you."

"The ancient pacts give us the right to claim Wilders for our Order." Fire, lightning and water begin to crackle and swirl around the ends of those staves. "Stand down."

"Piss off." Fenris growls. At that very moment there's a roar and a pair of incredibly large werewolves… with lizard-like tails and spines, appear on a nearby rooftop. "Aw hell…"

Charlie blinks "Devourer sounds mega-bad… should I call for backup?" she leans and peaks around the other way now "okay that.. that is awesome!" the sword of course is pretty awesome. "I don't know why they think I am a wilder or why they are after me.. Im a superhero sure and totally awesome but… oh. They are going all Harry Potter…" getting ready to bounce out from behind Fenris. When the roars occur she twirls to look "Holycow… or.. holy… uh.. what the hell are those things!?"

"Warpwolves…" And there are two of them. "Careful. They're super-werewolves. They'd give some powerhouses a run for their money…" Five to one is tough odds for Fenris when he's trying not to knock down a city block in the fight. The druids know this. They don't have to beat the Old Wolf. Just distract him to get what they want. The two warpwolves leap into the air, arcing down at the two heroes as the druids snap their staves up to attack. Fenris' oak rod snaps up and points at them and a gust of hurricane force wind sends them flying. It's enough to buy him some space to bring his blade up and block the first strike at him… but they'll be back soon.

Charlie just stares a bit wide eyed and open mouthed as all hell breaks loose on the rooftop. She ducks down a bit there and thinks about bouncing out because this, this is probably way to much for the girl "holywhatthehellpeople." she just babbles at all the incoming threats. Then thank goodness Fenris sends the druids flying and stabs a wolf "I'm.. not like.. really fully trained in the kung fu yet or anything.. I’m not sure what to do right now against these monsters and mages… which would be a great name for an RPG or video game… I should remember that." she talks a lot.

"I might advise either fighting…" Fenris grunts, straining as a warpwolf tries to bear down through his block. "Or running…" The Old Wolf begins to shift. He isn't human and the magic that gives him an illusion of humanity is fragile. When he starts exerting his power his true nature comes through. In this case he's sprouting fur… and a muzzle and growing to about seven and a half feet… which still makes him shorter than the 'warpwolves' he's fighting.

A crack of lightning at Charlie's feet tells her that at least one of the druids has recovered. "Surrender, Wilder, and come with us."

Charlie thinks this may be a really. Really bad idea. She may be cocky all the time but this is like really bad news bears. "Crap!" she 'bounces' though she isn't running not yet. No she vanishes in a puff of purple and pink smoke and appears right behind the guy who hurled lighting at her feet. She just punches him in the back of the head with all the panicky strength she has going for her, human peak which is pretty good really but who knows what this guy is or the robes.

Well it doesn't do nothing. The robed woman stumbles and slides off the roof though there's no time to see where she goes. Fenris is still busy fighting uber-magical-monsters and the other two Druids are floating up behind her, borne up by the wind. "Surrender. Last warning." Ice lances float near one and the other sends a whirlwind to catch poor Charlie.

Charlie squeeks in alarm as she is whirl winded up into the air there "This.. is .. not coool at all…." okay part of Charlie thinks this is kind of cool at this point. She can't wait to make Oracle watch her cam footage of her punching an evil druid wizard potter off a rooftop… well hopefully the druid lives she isn't really keen on killing. "Guh I may barf…" she bounces again and appears above the ice lance Druid and lands on them scrambling for purchase "Stop it stop it!"

The ice lance druid is not prepared to be suddenly landed upon. And knocks his head hard against the roof tile. Purchase may be difficult to find and somewhere behind Charlie there's a wet tearing sound and an agonized yelp of a canine creature. No time to look though as the remaining druid simply tries to brain Charlie with his staff.

Charlie rides the druid as they start sliding down the roof tile. Being brained successfully by a staff doesn't help either really "ACKruk" she says oh so succinctly as she and the Ice Druid go over the edge. There is a bounce, more purple and pink smoke visible for a moment and Charlie is sitting on the rooftop across the alley >behind< Fenris and his wolf fight looking totally a-ok despite her serious bonking to the head. She was totally bleeding a moment ago. "What the hell is wrong with you people!" so much for hiding or something.

One of the wolves is quite dead. It's been sliced literally to ribbons and the reason is immediately forthcoming as Charlie can see the remaining one regenerating nearly as rapidly as she does. Only the fact that Fenris is a swordsman with two thousand years of experience keeps him ahead of the game. The last Druid, the Air one, points his staff. "You are ours by right Wilder. The Circle will ha-"

Fenris doesn't have time for this. His rod snaps up again and another gust of hurricane force winds literally blows the man up into the air and out of sight. No, Fenris doesn't bother to provide for a cushy landing but it's possible the druid may save himself.
"A little help here?"

Charlie notes very seriously "I can't imagine what I would do to those things.. they heal faster than I do I think…" she winces and then bounces again.. poof smoke.. and appears right beside the Air Druid, who managed to catch himself and counter the wind that slammed into him. He is the air druid after all. She doesn't try to grapple him, no sir she grabs his staff with one hand, punches him hard in the face, and bounces back to the other rooftop with the staff in her hand. The druid falls from his hovering state and misses the edge of the roof "See helping!" she really hopes she doesn't have to help with the wolves. I mean sure, she could bounce with the wolf.. that would work.. but… gods.

Fenris ducks under the Warpwolf's blow and drives his Moonsilver blade home. The monster lets out a piercing howl that accompanies a wave of pure chaos magic, then slups. The Old Wolf opens a way and kicks it off his blade and into the portal, flashing Charlie a feral grin when he see's she's got a staff. "Nice work." He's… still not human. Seven and a half feet tall, rippling with muscle and quite definitely a werewolf of some kind himself.

Charlie checks out the staff in her hands curious then looks up at the compliment "Thanks! .. I’ve totes been practicing like mad but this was really over the top crazy… um did you catch that from them and all.. or are you like named Fenris because of this…" she looks around worried "Did we get them all.. are there any more?"

"I'm named Fenris for… other reasons…" The Old Wolf chuckles. Slowly his illusion of humanity returns and he becomes 'Jeremiah Wolfson' once more. "They seem to be gone… but they may be back. You should get off the streets."

Charlie bounces over to the roof edge and peeks over it where two of the druids went sliding off earlier. "huh… don't see any splats down there. I can go home I guess, but what the heck is up with the Potters and why are they after me?"

"You were a… target of opportunity, I believe. They're called the Circle Orboros… and their entire reason for existence is to destroy civilized places to placate their devourer god." Fenris sighs. "They are rather… unreasonable."

Charlie walks back to you with her new trophy in hand, twirling it for a moment then holding it to get a better look in the best light the wolf has to offer "That sounds pretty lame. Why would anyone want to get rid of the internet or Tv.. or movies.. or … oh my god." she pauses "Video games.. why would someone want to get rid of civilization…. not larpers.. lamers. Also their god sounds lame."

"Because they believe that if they do not the spread of civilization will eventually cause the Devourer to return and wipe the planet clean. And they like living." Fenris shrugs. "It's possible that they're correct, too. I never investigated it too closely. We're lucky in a way. In past ages they were much more subtle. Plagues and earthquakes and floods were their weapons." The staff is carved with proto-celtic runes along the length on both sides and seems to ba made of polished oak.

Misfit leans on the staff "Is this like a staff of the arch mage.. or well he was all sorts of windy.. is this a Staff of The Wind?" she seems to think having a wizard staff would be a really cool trophy. "It is covered in runes and stuff. So I love technology.. still a little.. well why would they want me to join their club when I am pro-punching them?"

"They'd have ways of changing your mind. They're experts at twisting people's magic against them. As for the staff…" Fenris looks at it. "It's a Potent's staff. It's a fair magical artifact and one you might be able to make some use of… though you'd have to learn to control your own talents first."

Charlie is already thinking about where to hang it up in her room. She pauses "Well I am really stubborn and I don't have magic so that wouldn’t work on me… and awesome.. Potents.. sounds like potential." groan, oh why Charlie why. "I am working on my bouncing and training though. I'm getting super good with bat-a-rangs too."

The fact that Charlie doesn't think she has magic draws a quirked eyebrow from the god-wolf but he lets it go. She'll learn eventually… if she survives that long. "Well, hang onto it then." Fenris smiles as he turns to tear a Way open. "And keep an eye out. They've been unusually active in Gotham."

Charlie just bounces, which is cool right. She nods "Will do Mr. Fenris.. also that sucks. I really need to go tell Oracle about this mess I think." she waves with the magic artifact and bounces home to her room at Lady Blackhawk's.

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