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December 8, 2014: Oracle introduces Nightwing and Misfit

Clocktower - Gotham

A locally famous landmark, the Gotham Clock Tower is located in the Central Business District. Tours haven't run in years, though, since the building was bought out by a group of bird-lovers known as the Nightingale Society. Still, it's a well-known part of the Downtown skyline. From the outside it looks unused, but the clock is clearly maintained as it still runs on time, and now and again people can be seen coming and going. The bottom floor looks mostly disused, with a long hallway ending in a bookshelf full of coffee table books about birds. To either side of the hall are sparsely furnished rooms. The walls show illustrations of local Gotham feathery sorts, and charts on bird migrations. Cabinets store various bits of bird-watching equipment.

The doors to the stairs require a key card to access, probably to deter vandalism. The upper floors are only accessible by a secret elevator. The doorways to access it them the stairs have been bricked over and drywalled. On the living quarters floor, each door requires a keycard and voice recognition, except for the door to the training facility at the end of the hall, which requires palm, optical, and voice recognition. The top floor, however, is the most secure of all.

The pale glow of the four massive translucent clock-faces dominate the four compass points of the lair, casting everything in a warm light by night, and cool light by day. the natural brick walls of the buildings exterior are left visible on one wall while the others are painted a pristine white. The ceilings have recessed and track lighting, and the floors are smooth pale wood. There is a lounge area and even a kitchen, as well as other facilities here. The insulation around the top floor is meant to keep scanners and eavesdropping equipment from being able to image what's inside.

Mainframes and back-up generators line most of the walls in rooms of clear glass kept from overheating with with high-tech coolant systems. In front of one clock face is an enormous computer system laid out on a long, custom desk, lower than average, just the right height for Oracle's wheelchair. There is a command chair for use when needed, which slides on rails along the length of the desk. A huge bank of monitors are arrayed in a horseshoe shape around the desk, with the ability to form one large picture or individual smaller ones.



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It's late afternoon / early evening, about the time Dick Grayson finishes up at the academy and becomes Nightwing, but not quite late enough that anything really untoward is happening in the streets of Gotham yet. Babs has asked Nightwing to drop by before he starts his patrol, she wants to update him on some of the things that have been happening… not the least of which is to let him know about, and hopefully introduce him to, the young lady currently known as Charlie.

Oracle has contacted Charlie and asked to meet her, about 30 minutes after Nightwing is due to arrive. As with her meeting with Lady B., Oracle knows that the timing will be a fine thing… so tonight, she's asked Charlie to wait until she hears from Oracle through the communicator. Lady B. had taken Charlies' unexpected entrance well… but Oracle wants to avoid any potential issues tonight, there's a couple of things to discuss.

An update is cause enough for Nightwing to make his way over to the Clocktower. After changing, grabbing something to eat and another coffee, he made his way over, coming in the 'vigilante' entrance but with enough warning so as to not catch Oracle off-guard. Not that he could.

Once inside, he makes sure no one is there before he pushes his mask up further on his forehead, "Ugh, it's cold out. At least it hasn't snowed yet, but…yeah. Between running outside earlier today and this…gonna be a cold night. So…what are the updates?"

Elsewhere Charlie is sprawled on her new bed in her new place outside Gotham at Lady Blackhawks. "ugn… why does time take so long. I need to beat up a time villain and take his time fast forwardery device so the boring parts are shorter…" she leans and picks up her first trophy, a long stout oak staff with a lot of proto-celtic runes on it and squints trying to read them for like the fifty-th time since last night.

Of course, Oracle has seen Nightwing enter the building and is waiting for him. Looking mildly suprised about the temperature, she hasn't been out all day, she smiles faintly "Do you want tea, coffee or hot chocolate Dick? Lady B. dropped by the other day and the fridge and freezer are full of food if you haven't already eaten…." Oracle hasn't monitored Nightwings exact movements, so has no idea if he has or not.

Noting him push his mask up to his forehead, she grimaces a little "You should put that back on… we will have a visitor soon… that's one of the things I wanted to discuss…." Whilst she's talking, Oracle moves to the kitchen and puts the water on to boil… she'll be having tea, regardless. Turning to look at Nightwing, Oracle narrows her eyes slightly "Have you heard any of the rumours about a Batgirl look a like on the streets in the last few weeks?"

"I just had a coffee, thanks…if I have any more, I'll have to make a pit stop soon and dealing with this outfit isn't the easiest, but thanks," is offered as he starts to move over to the couch. As his mask is mentioned, his smile fades and he swiftly returns it to its place on his face, "What sort of visitor? And why here? You want them knowing who -you- are?"

The faded smile then turns into a frown, "I may have, but if I paid attention to every rumors of vigilante look-alikes in Gotham, I wouldn't have time for anything else. Why?"

-Elsewhere- Charlie fishes the phone Oracle gave her out and takes a picture of one of the runes on the staff, and google image searches it. "Edad which means Victory.. ok that is a cool rune."

Tea made and cup in hand, Babs moves towards the couch and laughs softly "No, I didn't particularly want them to know 'who' I was … but I didn't get much choice in the matter… which is why we must talk." The red head nods slowly before continuing "I'd heard rumours of someone parading as 'my' batgirl" Babs eyebrow raises meaningfully "and calling herself 'Batgirl' at that, so I set out to corner her and speak to her… When I did, she managed to teleport right in here when I was talking to her… it was a little to late by that point."

Grimacing again Babs watches Nightwing "Before you say anything on that… I'm looking into how she got through my defences, but now I have to deal with this. Her name is Charlie, her sister and mother were killed in an apartment fire several months ago, and she's been trying the super hero thing since then." she sighs and takes a sip of her tea. "I want you to at least meet her, so you know who she is… Lady B. has taken her under her wing and will train her, but Charlie seems to be quite independant…." Babs let this trail, waiting to see the response it will get.

Nightwing merely crosses his arms at his chest and glowers using his best Batman impersonation. "Does it matter that someone called herself 'Batgirl'? If you ask me, it's flattery…and a severe lack of imagination. Surely Batman would have either curtailed or given his blessing to her endeavor before too long…anyone calling themselves 'Bat' it this town is either actually one of us or banking on our name for their benefit." He doesn't seem at all amused by this.

"So, she's a meta if she can teleport. I'll try and ask Blood if there's some sort of magic that can prevent unwanted entry since I have no idea how to prevent something like that." There's a brief pause, "What do you want me to say to her? Or about this? We're getting sloppy and it's going to cost us if we're not careful. This is just one more example of that."

-Elsewhere- Charlie takes another picture and searches "Ailim.. Power." she squints at the oak staff "Okay this is all over this thing. Maybe that is why it is a Potent's staff.. I bet this thing would make a good bo staff." she slides off her bad and takes several practice swings. Good thing this isn't being recorded, unless Oracle is bugging her bedroom then yes starwars kid pt2. The girl has no idea what she is doing, thankfully she doesn't break anything.

Babs fixes Nightwing with an unconcerned stare. "You complained… I believe… that you weren't in the loop… and I'm trying to keep you informed." Her tone is low. "I simply want you to meet her, and her to meet you… From what I've seen on the streets, she'll come across you sooner, rather than later, and I want her to know where the boundaries are. Say what you will, or you must." The red head looks mildly hurt at the lecture.

Nightwing would roll his eyes, but they probably couldn't be seen under his mask. "Does Batman know of this imposter?" He shakes his head, "You want her to know where the boundaries are…did you tell her that there is a boundary when it comes to this Clocktower and you? Or does she presume that she can follow anyone and pop into their homes? What boundaries did -you- set, exactly?"

-Elsewhere- Charlie oblivious to the problems she causes, which is probably not the least bit unusual for her if you know her, flops back down onto her bed and looks at her phone again "maybe I have bad reception." she waves the phone around in the air. She needs to work on patience and many other virtues.

"I'm not sure, Nightwing, if I'm detecting concern or censure, I will assume it is concern." Babs keeps her tone even and quiet "As with anything Bat related, I've told Batman… and now I'm telling you… as a courtesy. Yes, I've set the boundaries which I asked Lady B. to help out. Please note too, Charlies' not here, she's waiting for me to call her in." Blowing out a deep breath, Oracle says very slowly "Now, I would like to be done with these lectures, I would like to assume that I have something of a brain in my head and I would like to call her in."

"Of course you have a brain in your head, Babs, and a very good one and I don't blame you for the rudeness and stupidity of other people. But I have to wonder if you're a bit too trusting. I know you can look up this Charlie's credit score and what she bought at the grocery store yesterday, but what else do you know about her to let her into your sanctum? I'm concerned about your safety," and the safety of those who are close to her. "I also know you can take care of yourself, but if people are teleporting in here willy-nilly, then something needs to be done." Nightwing shakes his head again and moves over to one of the windows, "It's your place. You do what you'd like."

Nightwing adds, after a moment, "Thanks for the warning about the mask. I'll keep it on whenever I come in here from now on." Just in case.

-Elsewhere- Charlie gives up, but unlike last time doesn't just pop over when her waiting in her room overhwlmes her. She heads to the kitchen to get herself a hunk of cold turkey to gnaw on and a soda. Maybe there is some hope.

Tapping her communicator, Babs opens the channel to Misfit "Charlie, you can come in now, but please use some restraint." As that is said, Babs casts a look a Nightwings back "At least try to be civil to her, please." Turning her attention to her cup of tea, Babs waits for the young ladies entrance.

"I'm always civil," Nightwing counters, "Unless someone's doing something they shouldn't." Now, he might not be warm and fuzzy, but he's not going to yell at the girl for no apparent reason.

-Elsewhere- Charlie almost chokes on the turkey she is eating when the communicator beeps "Rogsher" she manages back to Oracle and 'bounces' to her room to grab her mask and minicape. Her outfit isn't batgirl anymore but the thematics do share some resemblance to the bat crew it is true. She eyes the staff then grabs it too. Maybe Oracle will want to check out her first Trophy and it is pretty awesome. Finishing off her soda in one swig she 'bounces' once more disappearing from her room at Lady Blackhawks with a flash of purple and pink smoke.
One moment there is no one by the door of the monitoring room, and then there is a scrawny red headed girl, costumed up, in her mid-to-late teens holding a solid looking oak staff, carved with proto-celtic runes. She is in her late teens true, but she looks a bit younger, especially in her eyes. "woah…." when she sees who else is here, eyes widening further.

Oracle looks at the young teen who has just appeared in her Clocktower. "Good evening, Charlie, I have someone I want to you meet… and to mind when they say something." The wheelchair bound woman may look a little tense around her mouth and eyes… "Nightwing, this is Charlie… under Lady B's and my tutelage." The oak staff gets a curious look but Oracle doesn't question it yet.

Oracle looks at the young teen who has just appeared in her Clocktower. "Good evening, Charlie, I have someone I want to you meet… and to mind when they say something." The wheelchair bound woman may look a little tense around her mouth and eyes… "Nightwing, this is Charlie… under Lady B's and my tutelage." The oak staff gets a curious look but Oracle doesn't question it yet. (re)

Nightwing glances at Oracle, and even though the mask, he notices the tension. Glancing back at the girl, he notes her costume, "So…no longer 'Batgirl', I see. Probably for the best. Really. You probably don't want the Joker tracking you down. What are you called now?" He's trying not to lecture and it's an obvious effort. At least…there won

Nightwing glances at Oracle, and even though the mask, he notices the tension. Glancing back at the girl, he notes her costume, "So…no longer 'Batgirl', I see. Probably for the best. Really. You probably don't want the Joker tracking you down. What are you called now?" He's trying not to lecture and it's an obvious effort. At least…there won't be an immediate lecture.

Charlie looks sheepish, she really does "Um.. no.. I was told we already have a batgirl and even if her costume is not as cool as the original batgirls I needed to change.. and get a new name.." she pauses a beat "Still working on the new name." then she perks away from the sheepishness. "Wow.. Nightwing… this is so cool!" she somehow manages to retrain herself from bouncing. Oracle said to try to retrain herself right.

Oracle smiles at the young woman and nods. "Glad to hear it…" she murmurs dryly "Soda's in the fridge, Charlie, if you want one and yes, help yourself to some food." Nightwing receives a grateful look before Oracle continues "As to a name, Nightwing, Lady B. suggested she finish training and that honour would fall to me… I don't know about me providing the name but finishing training sounds like a good idea."

"Charlie, I bought you to meet Nightwing so you would know and he you. I want you to pay attention and do as he says" the red head looks back to Nightwing and nods.

"Or she'll find her own name amid that training. Or after. Or the Press will give her one, but yeah. We have a Batgirl. While I'm sure it was flattering that you imitated her, that wasn't the best idea." And here come the lectures. Maybe. Nightwing is trying not to be as 'heavy' as Batman when he next speaks, "I'm pretty sure that we were introduced so that I didn't mistake you for the costumed villains that often show up here. I trust that since you're in training, that you're not going out to fight unless you're supervised by this Lady Blackhawk or Oracle."

Charlie leans the wizardy looking staff against the counter and grabs herself a soda. While popping it open she looks sheepish again "Um well…. I mean.. no one specifically told me not to keep going out on patrols.. no.." okay maybe it was implied or maybe they did and she wasn't listening very well. She actually scuffs her shoe a bit, who scuffs their shoe in real life. "So .. I maybe have been patrolling… and.. oh hey but I've been doing it with more experienced people not alone all the time." not all the time but still some of the time. "I went on patrol with Vorpal.. he is really cool… and Mr. Fenris and I fought off a bunch of Potter Wizards and their MegaWerewolves who tried to kidnap me.. I took one of their Potent Staves .. and Mr. Fenris said I should keep it" he totally kind of maybe did "It doesn't seem to break when you hit stuff with it so I figured it would be a good nonlethal way to takedown villains." she is totally deflecting from the whole not fighting without supervision.

Frowning at the young woman, Oracle actually rubs her temples. "Charlie, let me be very, very clear… 'No patrolling, unless supervised by Lady B. or myself'… got it?" and then the words start really sinking in and Oracles eyes narrow dangerously "Vorpal and Fenris. I'm sure it's more they found you…." she raises an eyebrow, knowing enough about the two to answer that question. "May I see the staff please?"

Nightwing just shoots a look at Oracle. He doesn't say anything to her, but surely there is implied commentary there. As Oracle states right then and there that she isn't to be patrolling without supervision from her or the other, he gives a nod. "There's a witness to that." He takes a moment before asking, "Do you drive, Charlie?" Is she old enough to drive? "When you're still learning, you have to have someone in the car at all times until you pass a test, proving that you can go out on your own. While Vorpal is a nice guy, I'm sure, he's not one of the ones training you. Nor is this Mister Fenris." He glances at the Staff…"Is that a powered weapon? Do you know how to use it?" Then the whole 'non-lethal' echoes in his mind, "We don't kill villains in Gotham. While I appreciate that you're looking for alternate ways to take them down, there can be no question about our methods here. You're in -our- territory. I don't care what anyone else says."

Gotham belongs to the Bats.

"Even if people invite you to go with them, you need to check with Lady Blackhawk or Oracle. This isn't to reign you in," even though it kind of is, "But it's also to keep you safe".

Charlie is back to looking contrite, a good step further past sheepish there at Oracles lecture, and then oh gods Nightwings lectue too has her looking down at her shoes. Though something he says has her looking up and wide eyed "I dont kill people… I've even tried to stop people who kill bad guys…" she gestures at Oracle maybe for backup here "I wouldn't kill anyone… they belong in Blackgate or Arkham.. I know that…" she looks kind of squeemish at the thought of killing. Then she is deverting again setting her soda down "Ok.. no patrols without supervision….. I gotcha.." though Oracle and Blackhawk don't exactly patrol but permission and supervision got it. She sets the soda down and grabs the staff and brings it to Oracle "No.. it isn't an energy weapon it is a magical artifact according to Mr. Fenris.. did you know he turns into a giant wolf when he is fighting for his life?" she hands it over "He said it channels the bearers magic, the druid guy with the wind spells that was leading the kidnappers was using it."

"If you want to patrol, you check in with me first… and if I say No, I mean no… " Oracle fixes the young teen with a look. Turning her attention to Nightwing, she nods with frown "Charlie knows that, Nightwing, she's very good with it infact… tried to bring in a good guy who killed someone…"

Taking the staff from Charlie, Oracle gives it a critical look and frowns "May I hold on to this for a bit Charlie? I would like to speak to Fenris about it… yes, I know he's a wolf… and make sure we don't cause any problems…"

An alarm sounds from Oracle console… and the redhead turns her chair and moves without any delay "Sorry…" she murmurs "This needs my attention…" and leaves the two to talk in her absence.

"No patrols without -Lady Blackhawk's or Oracle's- supervision," Nightwing reiterates. "Express permission and supervision. Not implied. Because if I meet you when I'm out and I find out that you don't have that express permission and supervision…" he leaves that threat unspoken. As Oracle takes the staff, he offers, "Check with Blood too for that sort of thing," before she moves to check in on the alarm.

There's a long moment where he just looks at the younger girl. "Do you realize the amount of danger that you're putting yourself in by doing this?"

Charlie nods to Oracle "Okay… I'm sure it is safe he let me keep it and all. I think it is pretty neat." she then watches Oracle go to an alarm and retrieves her soda and leans against the counter. Then the lecturing continues and she looks sheepish…. and scuffs her foot again. "Okay okay… I got it. I will make sure I get permission and I won't go out alone and I will make sure Oracle or Lady B is okay with it…. I got it." she sighs and shrugs a little at the last part "I have to. I have to make sure that the bad guys go to jail and stay there and don't hurt people. I have to save people… I .. have to do this." her words are just dipped and saturated with guilt and feels. Teen orphan girl whose mom and sister died in a fire and she couldn't save them and the guy whose fault it was got away with it feels.

"I wouldn't assume that because someone gave you something then it's safe. If it's your mentors, then I'd say it's safe." Mostly. Nightwing continues to watch the girl as she explains why she -has- to do this. "I get that and it's laudable. But you do need to understand the potential consequences." There's another pause, "Also, don't be following people home and teleporting into their homes. That's really, really bad form. If they want you to know who they are, they'll tell you, but they do it on their own terms."

Siiiip of the soda and a big old sigh there "I only did that once and Oracle really drove that point home. I didn't follow her.. I just bounced… I .. well I want to be somewhere and I just.. can be. I've been really good about making sure she is expecting me ever since and I haven't done it again honest." this isn't an exageration or lie "Also.. I'm not sure it is fair that everyone seems to be being told who I really am like this… I mean I guess I don't really have much of a secret identity or any job.. or place of my own or anything.. but." she gives a sort of helpless shrug. "I just need to help Nightwing. I don't have anything else."

Nightwing doesn't speak immediately. "There are other ways to go about this, you know. There's the Police Department…they also put the bad guys in jail. And it's legal." And, possibly, a lesser chance of being killed or maimed by someone like the Joker. "That…bouncing…is also something you need to control…" he trails off before canting his head, "It's not fair that people are being told like this yet you 'bounced' your way into Oracle's home and learned who she was without her permission. I'm sorry you don't think it's fair, but that's how Oracle chose to introduce you. In case you haven't noticed, I didn't get your surname, your address, or anything else besides the fact that your name is 'Charlie' and you are apparently being taken under her wing. That's a pretty big honor, you know."

And there goes some of the teenage defiance and she nods "I know…I really do.. and she made sure I .. well she introduced me to Lad B and got me a home again.. I know I can't mess this up and I really am trying to do the right things. Sometimes.. I just get..excited.. but I am trying really." she shakes her head though "The cops and the prosocuters don't do enough Nightwing.. they .. just don't. People are still getting hurt all the time and when they do get someone.. they just let them go… especially if they are rich. I have a gift.. and I don't have anything else so I am going to do this.. Im going to help people and make a difference the best I can.. " she shrugs a little "I.. wont bounce into anyones places … I siad I know.. I just did it that once and .. I was really excited that she was talking to me…" she seems very young, younger then her age but she is a bit.. damaged goods.

"The cops and the prosecutors do what the Law allows. We go outside the Law. If we're caught, we -can- be thrown in jail for this. Do you realize that as well? It's not that they aren't doing enough, they're doing what they can." Nightwing seems rather adamant about that, actually. "The problem comes when we catch them and they have no reason to actually prosecute. It's more than just taking them out and leaving them for the cops to find." His arms cross at his chest, "It's not about wealth. It's the Law. Do you know Criminal Law in the US? You should read up on that so you know how it works." After all, it was part of his training as well. "We're still 'Innocent until Proven Guilty'. Sadly, that counts even for the people who do bad things."

Charlie looks down at her soda and nods "I .. know.. I get that and yeah I found a stack of lawbooks in my room yesterday so .. I'll start reading." she sighs "I am bein careful and trying to do things right now. It is about wealth though Nightwing. The guy who killed my mom and… sister he killed seventeen people with that fire because he removed the fire escaped and let the alarms all go to crap because it saved him money. He didn't get anything but probation and 'time served'… I only got out because I can bounce out… and now I need to do something with the chance I've been given to help." like she couldn't that night. "I'll do whatever you and Oracle and Lady B want me to but I need to do this… I know its dangerous but Ill be ok." she believes it to.

"I'm very sorry to hear about your parents and I'm sorry that the guy didn't get charged for more. That's just his lawyers finding a loophole in the case." Because removing fire escapes and not having alarms is a violation of the building code. Odd. "Sometimes what the legal system decides just isn't fair in our eyes, but what we do then is watch to make sure that they don't do it again. We can't go beat them up because we need to take our anger out on them. Do you understand that?"

Charlie sets her empty soda can down and nods "I know… I haven't gone after the guy. I know he has other apartment buildings and I checked.. he did fix the fire escapes and alarm systems before his trial in those ones so they couldn't be used against him at trial but.. I haven't gone to see him." she looks down "Im afraid I would just.. grab him and bounce with him." she says it like that would be.. lethal… "So I haven't gone near him… I dont want to kill anyone ever."

"Or maybe he realized that what he did was wrong." There's a brief shake of his head before Nightwing offers, "Gotham can get to you. There's so much trouble that sometimes we only see the bad. But you have to have Hope or you'll start sliding down a very, very slippery slope. I'm not saying that he -is- contrite, but if you're not going to go after him…which is a good thing…and you're checking up on him, maybe try another point of view." There's a glance to a clock before he moves towards the door, "I have to get going…and you might want to head on back or wait to see if Oracle needs you. Be safe…" there's a bit of a smile then as he heads off to begin his own patrol.

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