Moving Day

December 9. 2014: It's moving day at the Lane household.


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The phone rings.

The phone rings. And rings. And rings until the voicemail picks up and there is a womans voice at the other end. "Clark? It's me, Lois. I'm back in town. Could you come by after work? Could use the company, and.. I'm moving. I need some help with the little stuff. Big stuff is alright, the movers will get to it. I just don't want to deal with the tedium alone."

She sounded strange; there wasn't any emergency to her voice, just a bit of a vacancy to the normally cheery and forward woman.

Pizza was ordered soon after, two boxes, one with extra cheese and peperoni, the other a supreme, flat crusted from Jakes down the way. Breadsticks were had as well, and instead of soda? She broke out wine with paper cups from the cabinent.

She wasn't going to wait around for Clark when it came to her wardrobe though. Closet was stripped soon after the arrival of the pizza, clothes neatly folded and packed into boxes, labled and tucked away in the corner of the room. Bed was still made, she'll save that one for last, but the dresser was soon wiped down with lemon pledge. Hail Guadalupe.

Not long afterwards, Clark arrives and knocks upon the door. He rocks back and forth on his feet awkwardly as he waits for her to come to the door. Hands stuffed in pockets, he even seems to look into the peep hole as Lois inevitably looks out hers, giving a fisheye's view of the guy from Smallville, Kansas.

He hadn't realized she'd be moving. Neither in this persona or as Clark Kent. He wanted to help, sure, but he was more interested in information, to be honest.

The look through the peephole gained a snort. The optical was damn near hilarious but she wasn't in a laughing mood. She was all /go/. So, once the door was open, she steps into his path, bare foot and all, and immediately lifts upon the tips of her toes to wrap her arms around his shoulders for a hug. "It's good to see you." Whether she received a hug or not, she'd withdraw out of his way so that he could step in, and continues towards the kitchen to snag the boxes of pizza from the counter top to drop upon the glass table near the couches.

"Thank you for coming over. Did you have to work today at all?"

Clark isn't sure how to take the hug and sort of looks surprised as she pulls away. He pushes his glasses upwards upon his nose as if mentally and emotionally resetting himself as he begins to follow her in.

Clark follows behind like a dutiful puppy. "You're welcome Lois. Yeah, I did need to work for a while. Got a story in early that I'd been working on about a Law Firm in Chicago that was committing fraud. Enough to keep Danvers happy. How are you feeling?"

Surely, Lois was meaning to pack, but at the arrival of Clark, she just felt like sitting down for the moment and munching on a bit of new york's finest pizza pies. "Fraud huh? That's interesting." She truly meant it, even though the inflection in her voice told a different story.

"I'm feeling fine as I could be." She presses a hand against her eye for a moment, then turns a little towards the side so that Clark could see that there were no scars. None. Even the red had gone out of her eye where it was damaged. Kryptonian medicine was the stuff that.. okay, it was better than sliced bread.

"Grab a pizza, might as well eat first before I put you to work." She smiled a little, turning to shift herself forward to open a box and grab a slice for herself.

Clark sits back on the sofa and takes a box into his lap, "This looks great, Lois. Nothing beats great pizza. And though Chicago and New York talk a big game, I tend to think the best is in Metropolis." He smiles at her, wondering how to get to the point.

"So, you're moving." He says it like a question, though and with a raised eyebrow. "What's up?"

Lois had to smile and raise a slice of pizza to that. "Here here." It was a toast in the air since his pizza wasn't grabbed, and soon a bite was taken with a quick chew and swallow. "Though, you have to compliment New York and their cheesecakes. Every time I'm in town, I stop in Hoboken to a side bakery just to have a piece. And peach milkshake." She flattens herself against the back of the couch, her eyes closing in a little bit of delight at the thought. She even lets out a sigh. "Clark. We need to go there. Soon. You have /got/ to try their Milkshakes."

Once he states that she was moving, she sort of tenses, her lips pursing and pizza soon flopped back into her box. There was no sense in lying to him, he was her confidant.

"I had a break-in the other day. Nothing was taken or anything, but.. that just made me realize that it was time for a change of scenery. Possibly something a little bit more closer to the Daily Planet. If I could.. I'd buy a house, but.. all that room and no one to share it with kind of puts it on the back burner for now."

Clark sits up abruptly; a look of shock pervasive upon his face. "Someone broke into your home? When did this happen?" Clark puts the piece of pizza upon the box and his hand squeezes unconsciously. "Were you hurt? This was two times in just a couple of weeks. This is unacceptable.

Lois looked mildly distressed. There were a few times when it actually happened to her, and one of those times were now. "No. I wasn't hurt. Just unsettled. The man from the cafe came to .. I don't even know. I don't want to say visit. But he was right here on my couch. Deadshot, his name was. And I looked him up. There's nothing nice about that guy."

She clenches her teeth, then forces a smile. "Worse has happened though, aside from him knowing where I live and everything. So.. I move. And I won't have to deal with anyone sneaking in all willy nilly again."

Speaking of. "Ready to get started?"

Clark looks to be downright angry at the development. "Deadshot? What did he want?" Inwardly, his mind races. He sits forward on the couch with his elbows on his knees. "Now just a minute, Lois, I want to talk about this. Tell me about this Deadshot man."

Pizza forgotten and this is about as worked up as Clark gets. There's almost little bits of his alter-ego beginning to shine through. Didn't he almost just lose Lois?

Lois has seen Clark angry before, but nothing like this. He was taking it personally, much like she would if she heard the same news from Clark. But she'd probably wind up going for blood.. the way journalists do. She trained for that sort of stuff.

Her hand lifts to press against her head for a moment, twisting the palm of her head against her forehead. "He's a serial killer. Or.. I don't remember what he said about serial killers or mass murderers but, I know he's killed people. You sa.. I think.."

She was flustered, not because she was impressed, but because she was downright frightened. "I guess he's one of those people that get paid to do it. There are a couple of articles out of Gotham that has his name on it with at least two to three deaths pinned to the scene." She was /not/ about to tell him that he held a gun to her.. nope. She's currently picturing Clark's head popping clean off from the anger.

Clark looks at her bitterly. Because his mind is racing and he's thinking more about her safety than with rational thought, he jumps to an immediate conclusion he might later wish he could have back. "I think you should stay with me, Lois. I don't like the idea that you're going to be somewhere alone. If he could find you once, he could find you twice."

Clark looks at her bitterly. Because his mind is racing and he's thinking more about her safety than with rational thought, he jumps to an immediate conclusion he might later wish he could have back. "I think you should stay with me, Lois. I don't like the idea that you're going to be somewhere alone. If he could find you once, he could find you twice."

"Don't look at me like that.." She hated that look. It was almost a look of insufferable worry, he and Chloe both had that look and it honestly got on her nerves. "I.. wha.."

She was dumbfounded. She stayed with him before and that barely worked out. They were kids then, and probably would have killed each other with their clashing personalities. It did bring them closer, however.

"You're right. He'll find me twice, and he'll probably kill you because.." There was a pause in her words. "I don't want you to die Clark. Not today, not ever. And that's a /huge/ risk to put on you. I.. well.." She huffs a little, cheeks burning red as she slowly nods her head. "Okay. Okay. I'll do it."

The truth was, she actually felt safe around Clark. He was safe, and from the threat that was put upon her? She could keep him safe as well. After she buys a gun. And hides it really well.

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