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December 09, 2014: Deadpool pays a visit to Roxxon Oil in Gotham and is foiled by Oracles team on the ground…


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Kane and Wayne are the biggest names in Gotham; there are other companies, other businesses, but the city is not exactly accomodating to outside interests beyond a certain size. There just isn't enough turf to go around; when so many of the buildings carry one of the same two names, it's easy for newcomers to get lost amidst the sea of entrenched branding.

This is exactly why Roxxon Oil maintains holdings in Gotham City: not to take root and thrive in new territory, but to hide in plain sight. It's a tactic with varying levels of success; tonight, however, the company's three-story research facility has a visitor.

"It's not that you guys don't deserve to make a buck or two— I get it! I totally do! I'm Mister Buck-Or-Two," a man in form-fitting red and black says as he tows a struggling security guard up to his vent shaft by way of a noose, "I mean, once upon a time, I was Mister Buck-Or-Three, and then everyone started getting all sensitive about sustainability, and worried about how the bucks feel about bein' made into burgers—"

"Ggk—!" the guard interjects.

"Oh! Right! Yeah, so, anyway, so like I was sayin' about you guys and the enviro—"

Footsteps from the hallway perpendicular the one where Deadpool and the guard are dialoguing interrupt the merc—briefly.

"Whoop— " He lets the rope go and the guard falls to the ground in a heap. "— we'll continue this discussion later!" he promises as he then unclips a grenade, unpins it, and drops it down near the guard.

"Maybe!" he tacks on, sliding the grate back into place.

Luckily for the guard, the grenade has a pretty long fuse, and the strangulation wasn't as bad as it could have been; he is able to crawl, and then scramble far enough away from the eventual explosion that he's just sent tumbling down the hallwa by the blast, stopping when he eventually rolls into the second guard as she turns the corner.

Shortly afterwards, alarms are sounded, but rather than the GCPD, it's Roxxon's private security forces who get the signal— and, perhaps, an enterprising outside party.

In the Clocktower, Oracles systems sound an alarm as the explosion goes off. Green eyes flick to her screens, identifying the cause and her hands move quickly over her console, bringing up video feeds and data streams… "What is it…" she murmurs to herself. Identifying Roxxon, she taps into the building management and security systems, bringing up CCTV and internal feeds… "Let's see what's really going on…"

Rowan… actually already has his spear out. This is because he's just finished telling a group of Psyborgs to piss off with the pointy end of it and had to make a rather expeditious departure from ground level to avoid having to explain this to the local authorities. In the crush of the melee he's also managed to activate his phone in such a way that the oracleware has been pinged several times (pocket dialing for the win) and now the Information Goddess of Gotham should have a very nice view of the inside of his pocket along with a location less than a block from Deadpool's latest murderous rampage.

"Anything we should be lookin' into?" Lady Blackhawk isn't in the tower, she's on the ground, in her car- and wired up enough to Oracle's network to be "on call" should the boss need her. "Feel free to patch any video through, I got the rookie ridin' shotgun," she reports. In other words, she's in no danger of getting distracted by any screens while driving- Misfit can handle all the techno-stuff until they get to where they need to. Assuming SOMEONE doesn't go all gung-ho and teleport ahead of her chaperone.

Most of the cameras are showing nothing of consequence, BUT:

1.) One does have a shot of the rumpled, strangled, and shaken up guard and the guard who found him headed for—something. One of the other cameras had a shot of the interior of an armory; others, lab spaces of various sizes. Any are fair bets; Oracle could probably narrow it down if she were willing to be thorough about looking up floorplans and trying to track the guards' positions on the cameras relative to the plans.

2.) Another camera has a shot of Deadpool's butt as he crawls through the vents; Roxxon takes its security reasonably seriously.

3.) Only one of the surveilled labs is staffed, but it is staffed, given the late hour. It's big enough for a sizable team of scientists, and right now, there are five buzzing around in there. The centerpiece is an eight foot tall glass cylinder jutting from the floor nearly up to the ceiling; all of the lab tables and other instruments are constructed in a circle around it.

There is an arm floating in translucent green fluid in the middle of that cylinder; it's about a fifty/fifty flesh-to-cybernetic stuff ratio with a number of wires extending from ports along the limb up to the ceiling.

Misfit might totally do that, it would be a totally valid fear to have. Someday it will make Charlie a great first responder, but today she is more a source of Chaos. She looks sidelong to Lady Blackhawk as she reaches to fiddle with the radio while she is phoning homebase, pop music. o/~ All about the basssss o/~

"Guess it can't be all bad, working here," Deadpool muses as he shimmies through the vents. Assuming that Oracle is diligent about flipping through the vent cameras, her team should be able to keep their eyes on him. "I could barely get that— hey—"

The merc pauses a few inches away from one of the cams and squints directly at.

"Hey, just so you guys know," he grouses, "It's boring as hell up here; this 1984 vibe you've got goin' is killing me! No ambience! I'm givin' you jerks two outta five on Yelp when I'm all done kill—"

A bullet rips through the shaft just inches away from him. Those two guards are still on the move(to the armory), but they aren't the only ones on site: several others are headed to the armory as well from different corners of the facility, and upon hearing a voice in the vent shaft, one of them opted to just pull his pistol and start firing.

"—ing this other jerk!" he concludes, transitioning gamely despite being shot at. He scrambles towards a nearby grate with more shots on his tail, managing to stay just ahead of them long enough to punch through the grate and stick his head out.

Just in time for the desperately firing guard to get off two more shots, one of which hits right between the eyes; Deadpool falls the rest of the way out of the vent with a wet thud. The guard - more surprised than anything - radios the others to let them know that the intruder is down; soon enough, when they've armed themselves with vests and assault weapons, they'll start closing in on the downed merc's position.

Also: Oracle could probably determine that Deadpool is(was?) headed for the busy lab, given floorplans and a little deduction,

Rowans phone registers in another windows, the view of the inside of his pocket has Oracle frowning momentarily as she works it out "Rowan, it's Oracle, you've activated your app but that's a good thing, I need your help" Maybe, just maybe, he'll hear her.

Flipping her comms channel to Zinda and Misfit "Incoming…" and the feed showing Deadpools rearend is sent through "Somethings happen down at Roxxon Oil… and unless I miss my guess, that's Deadpool. Looks like he's heading towards a research lab…."

The redheaded Information Goddess starts to hack Roxxon's databases… "What is it, they're doing there and why is Deadpool involved?" again, she speaks to herself.

The Dragon Warrior pulls his phone out of his pocket. His on a skyscraper rooftop in Downtown Gotham and that becomes evident quickly on Oracle's screen. "Oracle? Hello. Help you said? So long as it's not more Nameless." He pauses. "It's not Nameless is it? Nasty psychic psyborgs? Because that many of them would mean bad things."

Lady B. snaps her fingers and turns the radio /off/, indicating that Charlie should be paying attention to the screen. Well, not the feed displaying Deadpool's butt, but the other ones. "Thaaaat looks like some serious trouble, Skipper. You want us to drop by there?" Is her little Padawan (yes, Zinda has seen Star Wars) ready for a gig like this? Given her rundown of the Druid situation, she can certainly hold her own. "Would'a liked to have gone over disarming with you a little more…" she mumbles under her breath. She's so taking the kid to the range this weekend.

Charlie sinks back in the seat of the car and watches Deadpools butt, then Deadpools butt falling out of the vent shot up "Ohmygod.. is that a good guy or a villain.. I think he is shot and needs help…" she pauses "Is this a good thing.. or a bad thing we should be rushing to save him from?" she really isn't clear on Deadpool. Which could be because she knows him really well and it makes sense, or because she has no idea. Either way pretty much the same exact reaction now. "Lady B. uh.." she taps the map tech "Take a left then straight down… and step on it." she is trying so hard to not bounce ahead.

"This is Lambda-3," one guard says into a comm piece as he and his fellow guards creep towards Deadpool with their weapons drawn. "Hostile is down; closing in to confirm. Will bag and—"

"Lambdas suck!" Deadpool exclaims as he calls upon those nights he spent engrossed in the Step Up universe to deliver a brisk helicopter spin that knocks the nearest couple of guards away. "Betas rule!" He springs from his headstand as another guard opens fire, managing to twist his costume-clad body through the hail of bullets with minimal injury on his way to unsheathing a katana and lopping off the guard's gun hand.

There is a camera in that hall; Oracle might or might not have the feed up by the time things start getting messy.

As for what Roxxon is doing: there are some files pertaining to cybernetics research at the facility. The company has an interest in developing mass-produceable replacement parts, both to keep its own employees going in case of catastrophic injury and to scale the technology back a little for consumer consumption. This particular facility is meant to be for small scale tests, prototyping— preparing techniques for possible dissemination through more substantial operations, essentially. Roxxon owns the building, but a lot of the employees are transplants from the Brand Corporation; given that Brand is just a subdidiary of Roxxon, the difference is minimal in practice.

Oracles hacking, which has required some digging, into Roxxon's databases reveals some very interesting things.

"No Rowan, not the Nameless but our friend, Deadpool. You remember him? He's up to something at Roxxon Oil. Whatever he's doing, he's making quite a mess down there. Can you head there and give some of my other people a hand? I've sent you the coordinates" Oracle doesn't really assume he'll just help, but won't waste time if he will.

On Lady B.'s channel, Oracle listens to Charlie and looks very grim "I don't know either. Deadpool is… ambiguous…." Oracle knows that's putting it mildly "but whatever he's doing, it's creating a mess. Go Lady B. as quickly as possible, I'm trying to arrange some extra backup for you. Charlie, stay with Lady B. and do exactly what she tells you."

Lady Blackhawk floors it, following Charlie's directions to the Roxxon building. "This is gonna be one of those situations where there ain't really a clear good guy besides us, isn't it?" she asks with a sigh. After a few turns, and… probably some questionable driving practices, Zinda parks close enough that she and Misfit can run to the building. No one's going to question the big old boat of a car with veteran's plates parked a little way's a way, right?

Charlie bails from the car with a leap, pausing to make sure her mask is in place. Her little cape fluttering in the wind. "Well at least I know who not to inflict DARK Vengeance on!" that would be Lady B of course, everyone else seems to be in Charlie's fair game book after statements like the earlier ones from Oracle and Lady B. She doesn't somehow run ahead, reeeestraint. So far. "Let's go!"

It really doesn't take Deadpool very long at all to deal with the guards, once he gets going. The dismembered guard has the index and middle fingers of his own hand jammed nito his eyesockets in what is quite possibly the most brutal Stooges tribute ever captured on film. By the time Zinda and Misfit make it inside, he is that guard's stolen weapon into the side office that the others have managed to duck into for cover.

"I already told you guys," he shouts over the steady staccato of suppressive fire, "that I know exactly what I'm looking for— this is merc profilin'! I don't need you breathin' down my neck, thank you very much! Soon as we're done here, I'm callin' Jay-Z and we're boycotting the shit outta you guys!"

By this point, the people working in the lab have had enough time to lock things down: heavy security doors covering the entrance, metal shutters over the glass surfaces of the cylinder, a pop-up armory with a few hold out weapons for the team. They are of course still working, but at least they're a bit more prepared for danger.

Oracle watches as Misfit and Lady B. reach the building and leave the car. "Activate your video feeds please…" she requests "He's going to head for the 2nd floor, there's a lab there… I'm sure he's after what's there. I just don't know why…" It's likely he's been paid to recover the tech, he's a merc after all.

The moment Oracle gave him coordinates Rowan was winging his way toward the not very distant building where Deathpond… no… Necrowater… no… Ghostriver… er… Deadpool! Yes! Where that guy was. Being able to 'wing' ones way into the scene has several advantages. One is that you can bypass all that pesky ground floor business and so it's with a shattering of glass that the Dragon Warrior - now sporting armored scales and claws in addition to his spear - arrives on the floor where the Merc with a Mouth presently is.

"Am I supposed to be helping him? Or the people he's currently terrorizing?" Rowan asks his phone.

"This guy's crazier than a shithouse rat," Zinda mutters, watching the video feed, now overhearing some of the audio. "Kiddo," since for the life of her, she can't remember what codename Charlie's using tonight, "Take extra caution with this one. Oracle, what can you tell me about him? Aside from his obvious shortcomings in sanity?" In other words- is this the kind of bad guy she can shoot and not worry about killing, perhaps?

Charlie nods to Zinda "Right. Extra Caution." she looks across at the mess and cocks her head at the gunfire. "Should I pop over and punch this guy in the head.. or what.. I mean it sounds like he is shooting the guards. Im also not entirely sure if you are saying he is or isn't the bad guy…" she is just ready to go and deal with either the guards or the Deadpool .. lemme atttt em.

Deadpool is, indeed, headed for the second floor— or was. While this does mean that 'bypassing' the ground floor isn't an advantage that Rowan will get to enjoy tonight, smashing through the windows is still a pretty good way to make an entrance.

"Woah!" the merc exclaims as he's forced to abandon shooting in favor of hitting the deck to avoid glass shrapnel; he still ends up with a few chunks embedded in his back and side, even with that precaution. "Sonuva— you know that's seven years of bad luck, right?!" As he rolls off of his belly to his back, he swiftly fetches another grenade from his belt, chucks it into the room, then kips up to face the newcomer.

"Take off a couple because, okay, it's not like they can't afford to lose a couple'a windows, but then you figure you've gotta double it because now they've gotta waste money fixing the hole some idiot put in their window instead've makin' more of those adorable black baby seagulls! And then you throw in another fifteen, because you just know that when Ralph and Carl - Ralph and Carl are the handymen, probably; great guys, real salt of the earth types - get to fixing the hole, Ralph is gonna have to run under the ladder he's holdin' up for Carl to get him some tool he forgot to take up there with him, because sometimes, Carl drinks before he comes to work so that he doesn't have to think about how he could've been on Broadway, if only he'd just applied himself a little more; his memory's not so good, anymore, guy! Okay?! And now you're makin' his life even shittier than it already was! Hope you're happy!"

The entire time Deadpool spins his tale of bad luck and alcoholism, he is firing wildly in Rowan's direction; somehow, he manages to shout loudly enough to be heard over the gunfire despite not really seeming to take too many breaths in there.

The grenade, incidentally, detonates into a cloud of bright red smoke rather than something worse.

"Rowan, I'm conferencing in the others… " Oracle taps her communicator "Lady B., Charlie, I have Rowan approaching as well. Rowan has ummmmm encountered Deadpool before." The redhead pauses "Deadpool seems to have unlimited regenerative powers, just avoid headshots please…. The objective is to stop this carnage, which seems to be being created by Deadpool… Do what you must but, please remember, I prefer for non-lethal means to be applied…"

Oh crap! Rowan can take damage. Small arms fire is a bit questionable in his present state though. Armor is good but not getting shot is better. He slaps one of the security out of the way with the haft of his odd coral spear and throws a clawed hand out as he dives for cover, returning lightning in the general direction that the bullets are coming from. Yes, he remembers this guy now.

Zinda hears unlimited regenerative abilities. Okaythen. "Alright, Kiddo. I'll draw his attention, you… try an' get whatever he's after outta his reach, and if worse comes to worse, we've covered enough on the disarming front that I trust you to try it," says Zinda. And then she's running in like the madwoman Nazi-killer in a miniskirt that history's made her out to be, guns out, and firing at Deadpool. No headshots, everything's aimed at the torso. Her main goal here is getting his attention and keeping it away from Charlie.

Charlie considers "Oracle what is it he is after.. should I help Lady B and this other guy or just go after his prize and keep it away from him?" she meanwhile runs after Lady B. Once that thrown lightning is resolved she tries someething, bouncing mid-run, disappearing in pink and purple smoke and appearing on the other side of Deadpool (To use him as a shield for B's bullets of course) and tries to snatch his gun away and then 'bounce' away once more. Disarming test #1.

There aren't many places for Deadpool to go; he's stuck in a hallway between a room full of armed(if smoke-blinded) guards and an electricity-lobbing Rowan. Thus, as shards of glass are pushed out of his rapidly sealing wounds, he pivots around and starts sprinting away from the chaos as he tells his tale. Rather than run straight ahead, he first makes a bee-line towards the nearest wall so that he can and then spring off it to dodge an incoming bolt of electricity.

Unfortunately for him, Zinda chooses the moment when his feet hit the ground to burst onto the scene; he gets two to the chest before he can respond, and after staggering back a step, he just drops straight to the ground and bleeds.

"I— I'm hit!" he exclaims, thrusting his trembling, gun-toting - no, wait, formerly gun-toting; thanks, Misfit - hand into the air while his other surrepitously works with the pouches on his belt. "My heart…! I can almost feel the blood—"

He isn't quite so quick to shoot upright while there are bullets lodged in his chest, but he still manages to sit up some while chucking a small disc palmed from his belt in Zinda's direction. If it makes contact, it'll latch on and deliver a mighty shock; enough to, perhaps, put someone down for a while without killing them.

"— rushin' down to /little/ Dea—"

He pauses for just a second when his eyes graze over Misfit and he registers her as a person and not just a mysterious gun-stealing pixie.

"Whoops! Sorry; didn't know the future Missus Deadpool came with a Baby Deadpool! Although— hey!" As he turns to face Rowan, he starts drawing a pistol while continuing, "— you, with the wings: what do you think? It's 2014; should I ta— "


While Deadpool does manage to squeeze off a shot as Rowan's electricity hits him in the chest, it's wildly inaccurate. Probably because of all the spasming.

"Just help Lady B., kiddo" Oracles adopted the term as well. "They've got the area locked down… and we need to neutralise Deadpool." Watching the mayhem through her video feeds, Oracle waits… Her team on the ground are professionals and know what they're doing.

Lady Blackhawk thunks. On floor. Zzzp.

Rowan peeks out from his cover. He's a little new to this world for 'don't tase me bro' but hey, if it works… Slowly the reptillian spear wielder advances, occasionally throwing arcs of lightning down the hallway to keep the guards' heads down. "Is he stunned?" The tone of his voice suggest he doubts he's that lucky.

Charlie looks past Deadpool as he ZAKKTs on the floor there. Wow Lightning is pretty effective she thinks. Then Lady B goes down "Holycrap Lady B!" she looks down to Deadpool and kicks him in the head. Is it a headshot when it is a soccer punt from a girl who despite her lithe frame kicks with human peek kicking ability. "You jerkface!" punt. Punt. Punt.

"This— ow! Is— ow! Just— ow! Part— ow! Of our— ow! Story— ow!"

Deadpool's gravelly voice is shaking a bit as he protests Charlie's rough treatment of him; the twitching subsides drastically after the first shot or two, but he's still feeling the effects of the shock.

"She pierces— ow! My heart— ow! I tase— ow! Hey— HEY!"

Rolling onto his side, he tries to slug Misfit in the gut hard enough to take her breath away— hard enough to discourage her from kicking him any more. If his pistol had been in his hand instead of on the ground next to him, he'd have probably tried using it to get some breathing room instead.

"If you just ACT COOL," he'll try to scold regardless of connecting or not, "you'll get a car, or an iPhone, or an RPG launcher or something out of this; you're the step kid! What am I supposed to do with you but try to buy your love with hamfisted material gestures so that me and your hot mom can concentrate on makin' you a litter of brothers and sisters?!"

He doesn't have coordinates for the lab; one of them is down, but the other two are still live, and there's no way the lab isn't sealed by this point. The scientists will have to wait; short of cutting his way through Zinda, Rowan, the guards, and anyone else that might be lurking or en route, Deadpool has pretty much blown his chance of getting to them tonight.

"I'd be a great dad; I've got so many nudie mags to give…" he mutters as he thus reaches for his belt to depress one of the eyes in the buckle. The margins of his body briefly blur, and then he disappears in a flash of white light and a puff of smoke.

As Deadpool just disappears from her video feeds, Oracle speaks to the team "Lady B.'s down… go see to her Kiddo, Rowan if you could provide assistance please…" The fact that Deadpool has assualted this place has been filed until she can get her team home safe.

A large crimson… the only way to put it is 'half dragon' approaches Misfit. He's got a tail, four brightly colored leather wings, and is generally huge and scaley and dragon-like except for the fact that he's walking on two legs. Also he has a spear. "We probably shouldn't stay here." He says quietly to Misfit.

Charlie looks at the vanished spot, thinks about going after him, and then shakes her head and trots over to see if Lady B is okay crouching down "I think she is okay… may need help carrying her to the car…" she looks to Rowan "you can help right scales?"

"Charlie, his name is Rowan, please be polite." Oracle chides gently. The lessons haven't finished for the Padawan it seems. "Rowan, you will need to drive, Charlie can't. I can give you directions on where to go." Oracle has called in the EMTs to care for the wounded, it's time for the team to get out of there.

"I have a better idea." Rowan rumbles. He slings Zinda over his shoulder and beckons to Charlie as he moves toward the ruined window that provided his entrence. Once there he leaps which might seem suicidal… until he begins to lengthen and sprouts two additional wings (up to six now) In moments there is a large dragon hovering with Zinda draped across his neck. "Coming?"

Charlie follows Rowan to the window watching curiously, she isn't really worried about Lady B cause, you know, superheroes and all. When he turns into a huge six winged dragon though she squeeks. Not in terror but in fangirl glee perhaps "WOAH… hell yeah!" she bounces, vanishing in purple/pink smoke and appearing astride her dragon mount. "MAN I wish I had my wizard staff for a press pic of this!" she holds on "Awaaay Falcor!"

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