Return of Rogue

December 10, 2014: Rogue makes her reappearance in Mutant Town.

NYC - Mutant Town - Local Eatery

A small eatery within Mutant Town. Doesn't look like much, but has good food.



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It's been several months since Rogue has been seen around New York City, or for that matter, the X-Mansion. Wherever she went, for whatever reason, is not quite clear but now, for whatever reason, she's returned to the fold. Or at least, to New York City. She hasn't yet gone to the X-Mansion, instead the curly-haired woman made her way back to NYC under the cover of night and crashed at a small safe house (apartment) that the Brotherhood infrequently used. She may not be an active member any more, but she still has several keys and codes to various safe houses, should she need them.

Now with morning rearing its head, or rather afternoon, Rogue finally leaves the sanctuary of the apartment. She's dressed with her usual flair for the color green, and her brown leather jacket hangs loosely upon her frame. Once upon the sidewalk, she'll look towards the general direction of Westchester and the Mansion, before she turns her gaze back towards the streets of Mutant Town. She'll begin to mosey along the sidewalk, heading towards one of the various small hole-in-the-wall restaurants, that she knows has good food. The eatery may not be the prettiest thing to look at (but what is in mutie town), but she knows it has good and filling food to eat for cheap too. "Well, Ah suppose there’s not much else to do but get some breakfast."

The Brotherhood does have a place or two in Mutant Town, but not as many as it used to. They aren't as organized nowadays, and Magneto is not as wealthy as he was fifteen years ago. So when a strange woman got into one of the apartments, a neighbor sent an email.

Because of the description of the intruder (that white stripe) Magneto cleared it out. But because he was in the area, he also decided to come here. He just saw Rogue leaving the building, and has been following her for a minute. "Good morning, you look well," he greets now, intercepting the young woman just as she was about to step into the restaurant, and holding the door open for her.

"Why thank y- " Rogue started to say, figuring the man was being a gentleman by holding the door for her, but those words stall upon her tongue when she realizes just who opened the door for her. She'll glance at Magneto's outfit and the overall slight scruffiness of him, before a brown eyebrow quirks upward in an apparent silent question. But after a moment, Rogue voices that question of hers, "New look for you, sugar? I have to say, you pull off the street chic pretty well."

And while her words sound friendly enough, her expression has fallen to something akin to cautiousness and curiosity.

However, that cautiousness doesn't stop her from wanting breakfast and as such, she steps through the door that Magneto is so politely holding for her. Tossing over her shoulder, she'll say, "You're welcome t'join me, if you like. Ah don't mind company with mah breakfast." Even if it's questionable company, or at least, questionable on why he's searched her out. Rogue can't say she believes in coincidences. No sir.

Magneto grunts in assent. He does know how to become invisible in the streets. Rogue would be surprised how much time he spends or the road lately. "Good, I'll buy you breakfast, like a good host. At the very least I need to tell you the current protocols to use certain places." The place is pretty busy, but he finds a table near the windows. Not much privacy here, but Magneto has ways to prevent his conversations from being eavesdropped.

When Magneto offers to buy breakfast, Rogue simply says, "How kind of you." As to his next words, she can't help but sigh more to herself than anyone. "What did Ah I do - trip too many silent alarms? Did Ah cause a red alert last night? Give someone a heart attack?" Humor tinges that last sentence of hers, as she glances at the Master of Magnetism.

The window table is obviously fine with Rogue as she settles into one of the chairs and as she sits she gives a quick glance out of said window. Her gaze idly searches the pedestrian traffic outside, perhaps looking for a familiar face, but when one can take the form of anyone it's likely Rogue wouldn't be able to pick a certain person out of a line-up without help.

And just because Magneto is here from Rogue triggering whatever alarm was set up on the safe house, doesn't mean Mystique received the same alert.

"Something like that," replies Magneto laconically. It is not easy to draw a smile out of him with small talk. Or any other kind of talk. "And I wouldn't want any zealous sympathizer end throw off a window because he interrupted your sleep." He leans back on his seat to wait for the waitress to take their orders. Since it is a second breakfast for him, this is mostly coffee. Then leans forward, "why are you sleeping here and not in Westchester, Rogue?"

"Ha." Rogue says at Magneto's remark about a person being tossed out the window, which could have happened, if Rogue had been so surprised. Nothing more is said once the waitress comes over and while Rogue could have looked at the menu, she didn't, she already knew what she wanted. "Eggs, toast and bacon, please. Can you scramble the eggs too?" When the waitress nods, Rogue offers a smile to the young woman. "Thank you, sug."

Then it's back to Magneto and his last question. She'll lightly interlace her gloved fingers as she considers his question and her answer, "Long flight." She finally says, "Ah was too tired t'get to Westchester." Which could have been the case, depending on where she was flying from. "Not that it's any of your business why Ah did what Ah did."

Magneto gives Rogue a skeptic glance. "Tired. I see. But yes, it is my business if you use a Brotherhood safehouse. You are allowed if you need to, but there are still some rules. For your own safety, and mostly for the safety of those less capable than you."

"Is that a fact." Begins the stripe haired woman and as for it being his business, Rogue continues with, "Ah think you mean you can tell me the rules of the house, so Ah follow them, but Ah don't owe you anything on why Ah'm staying there instead of elsewhere." There's steel underneath her words, but it's pretty clear she's not really heated about his questions. Not unless he continues to pry on just why she's staying there.

The waitress drops off the coffee, water and juice for the two. Likely Rogue's breakfast will be following shortly thanks to the fast service of the place.

"So, tell me the new rules. Ah promise Ah can follow them." She says good-naturedly, as she reaches for one of the coffee mugs, "Last time Ah used one of the places, it was first come first serve."

Magneto narrows his eyes, always annoyed when someone rebels his supposed authority. But on the other hand, he needs to acknowledge Rogue problems with Xavier might not be his business. She is old enough. "Very well, the protocols as follow." Of course they use an under-net social network. He is up to date in technology, and using the latest criminal tricks.

As Magneto runs through the lengthy list of protocols, Rogue can't help but take a sip of her coffee. It's only when he finally finishes and she puts down a coffee mug that is now only half full, that she exclaims, "Whew. That's a long list, ain't it."

And before she can say much more the waitress reappears with her plate of food. Another thank you is given to the young woman and likely she'll get a healthy tip, as well.

"But Ah think Ah got it. If Ah forget a step or two, Ah promise Ah won't hit anyone if they come and check up on me. Not unless they hit first." She adds with a quirk of a grin, as she pulls her plate closer to herself. "Anything else Ah should know about? Boogeymen under the bed, perhaps?"

Magneto shakes his head in disbelief, "complicated? Xavier must be slipping in the training of the X-Men nowadays. Anything you should know? That… could take a while. No, I'll spare you. One question. How would you feel if I attempt to establish a mutant colony in… a secluded corner of the globe which still is unknown to the rest of the world."

Not one to waste food, Rogue starts to eat her somewhat healthy breakfast, only pausing when she takes a sip of coffee or juice.

And while she could tease Magneto with a 'wouldn't you like to know' about Xavier and his training, she doesn't. Instead she'll pause in the act of lifting her fork to her mouth when he utters his last statement.

"What's it to be used for?" She asks, her fork being laid upon the plate now, "Is this to be a safe haven? Or something for more nefarious schemes?" And while most likely wouldn't ask him about the nefarious part, Rogue has lived in the 'nefarious' part of their world to feel safe asking that question of Magneto.

"Safe haven… relatively speaking," replies Magneto, thoughtful. "Out of the reach of those who hate us and have the power to harm us. At least out of their reach for a time, but we only need a few decades. We can forge a nation in peace, and then mutantkind will be too strong for humans to threaten."

"Ah see." Rogue says, falling silent for a minute or two. She'll glance out the window again as she collects her thoughts and feelings on the matter. Shifting her gaze back to Magneto, she offers a faint shrug, as she says, "Ah don't know how Ah feel. Ah can see both sides of it. A safe place for people, keep them hidden away, but don't you ever get tired of hiding?"

She sighs, her chin resting on her upturned gloved hand now. "And what happens when word gets out? You gotta see that it won't stay a secret for long. You tell one person they tell another, and another, and eventually it'll get out. That's the way secrets are. Never a secret for long. And then that could cause people to think we're shoring up an army to wage war on everyone."

"I don't hide because I want to," notes Magneto, shaking his head. "For our generations it has been a survival need. Until very recently a place like Mutant Town was unthinkable. And yet, here we live in a ghetto." He sips from his coffee mug, and then continues, "we are already being accused of all kinds of conspiracies and lunacy. But if we are distant from human nations, less people will care. The popular pressure over politicians would lessen, and violent incidents or racial hatred would happen more rarely, defusing some tension."

Rogue considers his words, seriously considers them, and again she shakes her head, "Ah don't know. Ah just don't think segregation is the answer here, but perhaps Ah'm wrong." While her breakfast is only half eaten it's clear when she pushes her plate away that her appetite is lost.

"Ah'll be using the apartment for a day or two more, than Ah'll be gettin' out of it. Ah best be going. Ah have a few places and things Ah need to knock off my list of to-dos." She's already pushing her chair back and rising gracefully to her feet, "Thanks for the breakfast. Ah appreciate it."

Magneto stands up and nods, “We will be in touch," he states. That she is going to be in Mutant Town another couple days confirms she is avoiding Xavier's. That makes him very curious. "I'll take care you are not disturbed. Farewell, Rogue."


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