Can I Crash With You

December 11, 2014: Evelyn visits Tony to catch up with him and ask for a favor.

Stark Industries, Tower

Rising high into the skyline with the name of it's Lord and Master for all to
see, the Stark Industries Tower is the most visible component of the Stark
Industries complex centered in Midtown Manhattan. Manufacturing, office
space, power generation and even some inventory is housed in the tower and
its associated subelevels. It also contains guest housing and, at the top,
the penthouse suite that is the domain of the Main Man himself, at least,
when he's not at his Malibu home.




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JARVIS is as cheerful as ever, "It is good to see you as well. May I suggest that you put on your eye shields, Tony has been pickling his liver all morning." One can almost hear the smirk in his voice.

Things have changed at the Tower, specifically in reference to security. The moment Evelyn stepped into the building her biometric scans were taken by the untold number of hidden cameras and run against a database of accepted readings, specifically related to her power core. There's not nearly as 'open' and 'welcoming' a feel about the building. It's something subtle, barely perceived, but it's there. Like at any moment the entire complex could be completely locked down.

That was always true, but there was never a feeling that it WOULD be.

Tony, conversely, looks about the same. Evelyn missed the period where he came back with a lumberjack beard and refused to shave it for a few weeks. He has now, of course. It's too bad though, it was a really raging beard.

Then there's something off about him. It isn't his manner of dress, since he pretty much always seemed like he didn't care about fashion while at home, but something in his eyes. They're just a little bit harder, a little more critical. Even with a glass of scotch in one hand as he strolls easily into the penthouse with a half grin, "Please tell me they didn't have you undercover at a Melissa Etheridge concert…"


"Thank you, JARVIS." Evelyn says curtly on her ascension. Whether or not she detects the perceived passive hostility is lost on her external expressions. Her power core is even operating normally, it would appear. If only at a marginally higher output level. There's also a slightly, very slightly limp in her step that a person could just not perceive without the use of some kind of motion-analyzing technology to compare it to her older readings. Just a small change in her gait.

When she reaches Tony, just in time for her to greet her, she tilts her head in response, "Tim McGraw." Her solemn expression fades as a smile tugs at the corner of her lips, "Hey there, big guy. You look not much better than I do. They had to confiscate my uniforms for decontamination, what's your excuse?" There's a slight air of apprehensiveness in her demeanor, a tenseness like she's half expecting to be admonished for her wordless abandon. She touched your heart. Literally. With her hand. It was disgusting.


"My pleasure." JARVIS replies, with genuine and complete honesty. He takes great pleasure from informing everyone who happens to see Tony that Tony is probably drunk. It is the small things in life. Even artificial life.

Tony, by comparison, hides his tenseness effortlessly in the glass of scotch which he lifts for a healthy (or not) drink. Already heading towards the kitchen island to refill it, "The usual. Trying to decide how I explain to the world that my dad is my son that I didn't know about for twenty something years. I wont bore you with the details." Waving a hand dismissively.

"Decontamination? You sure it wasn't an Insane Clown Posse concert?" FAYGO, they spray their crowd with FAYGO. Seriously, they do that.

Also it's Insane Clown Posse.


Evelyn turns in spot to watch Tony walk towards the kitchen, standing just sort of awkwardly in the middle of the room. "It sounds like you have had a little too much to drink, Tony. You know, whatever's bothering you, you don't need to conceal it behind a glass of liquid inebriation." Her brows rise for a moment as she crosses her arms. "Not that I'm trying to dictate your actions or anything. And yeah, decontamination." She makes a bit of an unsatisfied face, shifting a bit in place. "I'm sorry that I didn't get to say goodbye, before."


Tony rattles his empty glass of ice over his shoulder, "Not hiding, just refilling. I'm a glass is completely full kind of guy." Once he's re-liquored, he turns and leans back against the counter with one arm crossed beneath his other elbow. "Ah, the life of a super secret agent. See strange and unusual lands, assassinate dictators, disappear right in the middle of friend building exercises." The ice clicks against his teeth after he drains the newly minted glass.

"Don't worry about it, these things happen." Still smiling, "In my world, people come and go. I no longer trust anything… including death… to be permanent."


"Zing, and a miss," Evelyn jokes, laughing nervously. "I'm sorry, I guess this place just feels a little alien, now." She wavers a little bit back and forth, "And to be fair, I did replace that gross gooey thing in your chest. So we completed a couple exercises I guess before Barton started to get jealous that I was hanging out with you." Taking in a deep breath, Evelyn reaches to rub behind her head before exhaling in a hard sigh. "I guess all of that doesn't really matter, though. Duty calls, super secret agent duty. I was just kind of hoping everything would be the same when I got back. Speaking of trust, I guess I should have known better." Her eyes cast aside.

"Do you mind if I sit down? What do you mean death isn't permanent?" Evelyn asks, looking back up to you with a bit of curiosity.


Tony drops a few new ice cubes into his glass and pours another tall order of scotch atop them, then points towards the couch with as welcoming a gesture as he can muster given his almost statue like demeanor. "Be my guest." Turning to look Eve's way with a pressed on smile. The joyfulness and childlike glee is no longer there, that's what's missing. It's as if he's grown up or gotten cold in the last few months.

He's still wearing pajamas and drinking scotch before noon, so how grown up can he be right?

"Exactly what it sounds like. I built up this understanding of the way life works.. people come into your life, make memories, they die.. those memories sustain your understanding of them." Boom fingers, like fireworks, "Then people come back from the dead and ruin the carefully constructed image I've created for myself. Everyone had one job, Eve.. One job. Stay dead when they die… and they screwed it up."


Evelyn turns and walks towards the couch, sitting down near the arm so she can still see Tony. With both feet on the ground, she undoes the zippers in the back of her shoes, kicking them off before bringing her feet up onto the couch, too. Then she just leans on the arm rest. "Thanks. Also aren't you cold? Weren't you on the patio? JARVIS, what temperature is it outside?" She was just outside, but even for an android, she doesn't have direct access to temperature sensors on her body or anything. She's just not your conventional android.

"I mean, sure, people pass away, Tony. They pass away, and it's sad because you don't want them to go. There's nothing more you can do with them, that part of your life is gone forever. That's how death has always worked." Except in her case. She dies and they just bring her back with new wiring, repairs to her power core. As long as her memory isn't destroyed, she'll always be alive. Won't she? When Tony goes onto to make a show out of what he knows to be true to not be true, she tilts her head. "What do you mean?"


"Thirty five degrees." JARVIS answers instantly, Tony doesn't even glance up from the swirling brown liquid smoking around the ice cubes floating in his glass. Whether he's cold or not, he just shrugs and makes his way to the living room and drops down into one of the over stuffed chairs catty-corner from Evelyn.

"Doesn't matter. I'm sure SHIELD will bring you up to speed on the goings on." Draining this new glass just like the previous and dropping it with a clank down on the table. "So you missed a lot. Body Life Doubles tried to infiltrate Stark Industries. Turns out your people weren't the only ones with access to arc reactor technology." Grinning like this amuses him while his eyes scream that it most certainly does not.

"Luckily, I remembered to put you into the new database or the building would have gone on red alert the second you walked in the door." That probably explains that tense air in the building.


Evelyn points up at the ceiling, as if to indicate JARVIS is reinforcing her point. Check and mate. Shifting a little bit in her seat, she watches you approach and sit down across from her. Smartass. She does look slightly more comfortable here now than she usually does. "My debriefing is soon, I think. They usually call me when they're reading."

As the glass is discarded on the table, she shrugs lightly, then looks at Tony with renewed interest. "Life model decoys infiltrated the Stark tower? What? Those don't exist." … Coming from an extremely human android. Is there really any difference between her and other life model decoys? "Red alert? You're joking, wait, what has been going on Tony?" She sits up a little bit. "Were you joking about your father coming back as your son?"


Tony raises his brows a few times and shakes his head, "They shouldn't exist, but they do. Powered by like negative model arc reactors.. no seriously, I built something better than these things in a cave, but that doesn't change the fact that someone built one at all." It's escalation. Eventually the Government is going to point that out to him. When he gets around to telling them that they exist, anyways.

He's not put that on his to do list.

"Very red alert. Lucky and Pepper were duplicated for sure. I was elsewhere when it all went down, but I did dissect one after the fact." One of Lucky, infront of Lucky. So much for being empathetic right?

"Not entirely joking. It's complicated. Needless to say, my dad had a lot more shit going than anyone expected, which was to be expected.. So it's like a paradoxical acceptable development."


Evelyn sighs and shakes her head, "That's bad, that's really bad. Are you okay? What about Pepper and Lucky? And what's a negative arc reactor?" Her brows furrow when she looks back up at you and tilts her head. "Paradoxical acceptable development? Is this really going to be covered in my debriefing?"


"Negative generation arc reactor. As in, their new generation was leap years behind my first generation." Tony clears this up, leap frogging his fingers, "In short, a bunch of monkey's banged two rocks together enough times that they finally created fire. That's besides the point though… someone had my plans." And still couldn't duplicate it. He's smarter than everyone.

"Sure will. SHIELD, in their infinite wisdom, thought claiming Stark property was going to go over well." Smirking, just a little, "It didn't. Regardless, I'm sure they'll fill you in." Flicking his wrist a little, "You'll be beside yourself with excitement, no doubt."


"They were behind your designs. So maybe they didn't have access to the proper materials? I don't really know what goes into building an arc reactor, to tell you the truth. All I've been doing for the past month is disarming bombs. Did you know there are lots of kinds of bombs? There are a lot of kinds of bombs." Evelyn shakes her head, "I hope they do go over it with me, because I want to know what you're not willing to reiterate. What are you going to do now, though?"


"Eh." Tony flips his hand in a dismissive gesture, "It was only a matter of time until some half baked scientist finally figured it out. Just wasn't ready to see them in production powering body life doubles." He doesn't sound overly concerned and he's already put security measures in place, so no harm no foul.

Just have to track these scientists down is all.

"Yes, actually, I did know that." What with once being the leading distributer of bombs and bomb related materials on the planet. It is safe to say that at one point or another, Tony has invented, worked on, or re-engineered every type of bomb available. "They all work more or less the same way. Chemical one mixes with chemical two, chemistry happens, shit blows up."


"I'm not ready to hear about body life doubles. Tony, if you're taking precautions against similar technology to me, that means I could be in danger in other places." Evelyn says, motioning to herself. She has a point, her human rights are challenged on a daily basis, though those around her who know have gotten substantially better. "And believe me, I had the pleasure of becoming quite familiar with bombs. You know, Lockheed… Stark Industries. Did you know if you replace half of the catalyst cells with certain mid-spectrum agents, they become fairly potent psychoactive weapons?" She's talking about biological weapons.

Indirectly, Evelyn is leaking details to you about her mission that she hasn't had a chance to debrief SHIELD on fully. But then, she trusts Tony. Anything she says is deniable, anyways. It's possible to assume that she's talking about biological weapons because SHIELD found sending an inorganic unit to disarm weapons would be efficient. They were right. "And completely unrelated, but I really need a haircut."


Tony nods once and glances around the penthouse, "These body life doubles weren't self aware as far as I could tell. They had basic programs that mimicked whoever they were doubling, but they weren't nearly as sophisticated as you." At which point his bounces his brow, because that's sort of like flirting in Tony World.

"I hope you tagged those Stark bombs for recollection and systematic destruction. I've done my best to track them all down, but that's a whole lot of bombs." A whole lot. Billions of dollars worth of bombs.

And finally, "I know a guy who could do wonders for your hair. I'll let him know you're coming by later, he only does appointments months in advance, but whatever I'm me, he'll make an exception."


Evelyn nods, "They were disassembled as far as I know. I just don't really have any interest in continuing that tour of duty. I think SHIELD is just as concerned about your weapons as you are." She makes another face at you when you make a pass on her, but it isn't disapproval. The appointment gets a shake of the head, though. "I can't afford him, I'm sure. It's alright, I'll probably just have the SHIELD barber cut it back to normal length."

Reaching up, she sweeps her bangs out of her eyes. "And hey, I have a favour to ask you actually. Beyond just checking up on you which is why I came here." Her tone becomes kind of pensive again as she looks away for a moment. When she looks back at you, she bites her lip nervously before asking, "Could I stay with you for a little bit? The lease ran out of my apartment and I don't feel like staying at SHIELD right now." Troubles at home?


"I doubt that." Tony says rather pointedly about SHIELD caring more about his weapons than he does. There's that air of finality in his tone again.

"Well, I was going to take care of the bill for you. Pamper yourself on me or something… but far be it from me if you want to get a crew cut." Motioning with a flick of his fingers at her current wardrobe, "Incidentally, you might want to pick up some clothes."

Which is a good way to lead into her favor, "Sure. Just one bed though…" Grinning.


Evelyn nods, "Fair enough," she adds sincerely to Tony's incredulity. Really there's nothing she can add to that statement, and she's sure Tony has a bit of buyer's remorse considering he cut out the majority of his company's profit to try and better the world through alternative means. And not weapons. Speaking of which, she furrows her brow and inquires, "What is Stark Industries making nowadays, anyways?" A valid question.

Towards the pampering, Eve actually blushes and looks away. She can't really hide it, so she's just pretending to not notice. Denial! "That.. Sounds nice." She relents with an uneasy but thankful tone of voice. That's not usually on her things to do list. "I've only really done stuff like that a couple times. I think Pepper suggested we go to a massage person once, but I've never done the massage thing before." Though she doesn't vocalize it, she's honestly not even sure if it's possible to do that with an android.

"One bed? Great, then you can sleep on the couch!" Evelyn says happily, looking back at you with a big smile. Oh, she's really being a smartass, now. "I kinda need a place to stay for maybe a month or two. I could just crash on your couch or something, I promise I won't make much of a mess."


"Well, I'm glad you asked." Tony says in a fairly passable imitation of a salesman voice, "Our latest Stark wares is the smart-glass display and are pressing into the smartphone market with the Sphone." Producing his own, "The processing power of a super computer in an acceptably small package." It also has a holographic screen and is about half the size of current gen iphones.

"We also have a rather successful aerospace division that are bringing repulsor technology to the private sector and the world leader energy research." That said, he puts his finger to his lips, "Terraforming." Boom, mind blown amirite? "Prototype only. Annnnd a gravity well generator. Why do we need a gravity well generator? Why DONT we need one is more like it… I mean, parallel dimensional travel? Yeah.. we're building that."

There's no telling when he's being serious.

"We also produce stuff.. you know engineering marvels in agriculture, production, and what have you."

Opening his hands out wide, "So yeah, fiscally, we're living the dream." Pause, "I'm not sleeping on my own couch. And I really think you have to address the fact that there might be all this unmentioned tension in the penthouse…" Motioning back and forth between them, but all joking aside.

"We'll figure it out. You're welcome to stay here as long as you need." He doesn't have a lot of friends, so he takes care of the ones he's got. Even if he teases them about it.

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