Gone to Ground

December 11 2014: SHIELD and Melinda May attempt to prevent the Joker and Harley from going to ground.

Gotham Streets and Freeways

Gotham Freeways are going to be a bit worse than usual today.



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"Quinjet 626-A this is Control. GCPD is reporting the Joker fleeing north in a stolen white van. Be advised he is accompanied by Harley Quinn, is armed and extremely dangerous, over."

The Joker is, indeed, fleeing north in a stolen white Van. He has a few stops to make before they go to ground back in the secret underground lair of crazy and evil. Bombs, bullets, gasoline… pop tarts. Hey. Harley loves Pop Tarts.


Harley is currently getting changed out of the togs she escaped in into something more suitable. The henchmen carefully keep their eyes averted. They have learned what happens if they get caught ogling a naked Harley, and it's usually a bullet to the brain by the Clown Prince. He's rather territorial of his girl clown. Once dressed, she starts putting on her make-up.

"Well, that went remarkably well."


What? No pop rocks to go with those pop tarts? Quinjet 626-A banks sharply and accelerates, making full use of that airspace too low for commercial airliners and too high for commuter helicopters. At the pilot's controls, May has to take a second school her features (and her voice) back to something other than 'completely murderous'.

"Acknowledged. Prep a heavy strike team."

She is determined to not let this bastard get away, no matter who else is in that van with him.


This is not an ordinary stolen van, unfortunately for May. And while the Joker doesn't often get his hands on Military grade hardware… every once in a while he comes up with something that's really fun. The van slews sharply as the back opens revealing a minigun. One of the clown masked thugs takes the controls and sprays lead at the pursuing police. Several squad cars have their engine blocks and front tires shredded. In seconds what was a pursuit has turned into a roadblock. Apparently the GCPD won't be getting Joker today.

Speaking of the Joker, he's just getting himself a cigar.

"I love it when a plan comes together."


Harley now has her face on, albeit not as pale as she sometimes gets. But the dark eyes and red lips go a long way to making her look right. She shakes her head to jingle the bells in her cockscomb and smiles at the mayhem they are causing to the streets of Gotham.

"I really have missed this. Arkham really does drain all the fun out of existence."


Oh, a minigun. Cute. The quinjet has one of those. Two, if there were a copilot. May slows the jet enough to deploy the weapon from the left underside of the aircraft's nose, and as soon as there's no one directly behind the van, she opens fire. Yep, driving with one hand, shooting at the Joker with the other. You've done pissed her off so bad, she's multitasking.


"Oh look! We have company. I don't think that's the police."

May's minigun opens fire and the van begins to swerve wildly to avoid getting shredded.

"That's not the Bat either."

One of the ricochets takes out the thug manning the gun. The Joker practically cackles as he takes over. The movement of the van makes precise aiming impossible but it doesn't prevent him from sending up a lot of lead at May.

"Harley, we have some explosive party favors by the cab. Feel free."


Scrambling to the front of the van, Harley grabs the satchel of dynamite from the cab. She weaves her way back to the back of the van, managing to keep to her feet in spite of the swiveling and turning of the vehicle. She grabs Joker's cigar and pops it into her own mouth, using it to light the fuses of the sticks of dynamite before she throws them at the jet.


Melinda May has to abandon the quinjet's minigun in order to pull the aircraft out of firing range, banking and tilting and diving and then abruptly disappearing between tall buildings to parallel them one block over when the first stick of dynamite explodes close enough to make the craft shudder. She mentally curses at the way-too-close quarters and heavy civilian presence, or she'd just fire about eight missiles at that van and be done with them. Maybe…

Quinjet 626-A shoots ahead abruptly, too far ahead to be easy to pick out through the Gotham building skyline, until it appears again, in front of them. It's just a smidge too big to fly closer to street level, but May is doing her damnedest. Just, the trees lining this street are all getting their very tops neatly lopped off. EMP burst in 4… 3… 2…


The van's old, but the EMP does kill the engine. It rolls to a stop about fifty feet later. The Joker grins at Harley and motions to the RPG in the corner.

"I'm going to go out there and give our guests a little show…"

He steps out of the van with an SKS and fires off as the quinjet roars past the now disabled van.


EMP is all well and good, but doesn't really help against dynamite lit with a cigar and thrown by a crazy woman. She swings to the top of the van, taking out the cigar long enough to blow May a kiss and then launches another stick in her direction.

Melinda May harshly pulls the quinjet into a steep climb as soon as it passes over the van. Of course, that means the stick of dynamite explodes painfully closely AGAIN, and May fights the controls for a second until the jet's systems have recovered and start complaining about the damage from the SKS. It's honestly not much, but every little ding from either of those two lunatics start to add up, and the jet is starting to 'feel' it. And, with their vehicle disabled her own was now more of a disadvantage than the opposite. It needed literal city blocks to bank around toward the van again, and she'd almost bet money on the joker and that red and black-clad person not really wanting to stick around where they'd be expected to be found.


Oddly the Joker, when she sees him next, is running along the freeway. The moment the quinjet heaves into view again he opens up, aiming for the cockpit. The SKS is not a horribly accurate gun to begin with on full auto and while running actually getting May through the (bulletproof) glass would be nothing short of dumb luck, but he is sending more lead in the direction of her Jet whilst putting distance between himself and the van. Harley and the thugs have vanished from view.


Okay, so the clown is by himself now. That evens the odds a bit. That annoying peashooter has got to go, though, and she can't really justify tearing up the freeway with the minigun no matter how much she wants to shred the annoyance once and for all. So, instead of returning fire, the quinjet swoops in VERY close with those VTOL turbines running full speed. Hopefully the amount of air they push will be enough to send Greenhair tumbling ass over teakettle and make him let go of that rifle.


Being buzzed (well, not quite buzzed) by a quinjet at near full power is a hell of an experience and the backwash does indeed send the Joker tumbling down another forty yards of pavement. The rifle goes quite a bit further. Slowly the green haired man stands up, hands on hips as though scolding and waggles a finger in May's direction.


Melinda May simply glares back at the Joker while the quinjet hovers neatly a few feet off of the ground, the turbines making frequent, tiny adjustments to keep the craft still and level. While the landing gear and one of the miniguns deploy, May's amplified voice says with probably more open anger than the Bat has ever displayed, "Put your hands behind your head and lie face down on the ground, or so help me God I will turn you into chum."


The Joker grins widely. He's got nowhere to go right now that May won't catch him in an instant. On the other hand… you know what they say, you can always sink lower… There's a boom and a cloud of dust from beneath the freeway. The roadway buckles. He grins a bit more manically. Below and out of sight, Harley fires a second RPG at the freeway supports and the entire side of the road the Joker is on collapses downward. The clown himself drops from view as a ten foot hole opens up.


Melinda May bites out a curse in Mandarin and again fights the Quinjet's controls at the abrupt change in the underlying surfaces, but doesn't have to bank around this time as the VTOL turbines are doing the work. As the craft pulls back away from the now-collapsed section of freeway, May spots Harley and that RPG and sends a very quick burst of weapons fire from the jet's minigun her way to keep any more of the freeway's support structures from being destroyed. They can take a little gunfire.


Apparently the collapse of the freeway was solely to allow Mistah Jay an egress. A flash of green hair can be seen dumping a civilian out of another car and the clowns speed off into the lower Gotham streets, notorious for not being able to fit aircraft in them.



"Things are escalating. Where is that damned strike team?" May barks at her comm unit before engaging the autopilot and racing into the back of the jet to hastily grab a sniper rifle and a sidearm before keying a sequence into the rear hatch panel and jumping out the moment it's open wide enough. The jet's automated systems take over and it start back toward the Helicarrier, while May turns to visually target the car the clown took once more and start running while looking for a vehicle of her own to commandeer.

May's about to see how well she remembers her hot-wiring skills when a young man on a little Kawasaki motorcycle turns onto the street she's running along. It only takes a split second for her to sling the rifle over one shoulder like Barton would his bow and decide, but then she darts into the motorcycle's path and reaches to snag one handlebar to overbalance the rider, safely send him tumbling onto the sidewalk away from his bike, spin said bike the rest of the way to get it going the right direction, and take off on the just purloined Kawasaki. (GTA, eat your heart out.)


Joker has had the good taste to steal a Beemer. A fast one. And he's got a good head start, but it doesn't take much doing to pick up his trail.

"Strike team enroute, Agent May. ETA five minutes. What is your present location?" Control radios back.

The Joker was just starting to relax in… there, in the rear view mirror.

"That Low Fat Bat Substitute just don't quit," he mutters as he rolls the window down and racks an uzi. "I kind of like her for that. Pity we probably can't get her to see things our way… I wonder if we could 'take her in hand…'"

Notions of capturing and torturing Agent May notwithstanding, he does lean out the window and start firing.


"Surface roads….Bolingbrook and Ascot, going ea…" May's report gets cut off when she has to abruptly swerve to avoid the uzi-fire, then pulls the sidearm left-handed and after a moment ventures a shot back at the Joker.

"East. Get that strike team here faster."


The car swerves, spoiling Joker's aim. Not that it's super good to begin with. The car moves abruptly off the road and hits the sewers. Crap. Joker's going dark and off the grid. He knows the underways well and has hideouts and weapon caches all over the place.


Okay, even May knows better than to chase the Joker onto HIS turf. She pulls the bike to a stop before entering the sewers, though she does hastily brandish the sniper rifle to try and take a shot at the back of that green-haired head before he's completely gone.


There's a jerk in the Joker's form as he disappears. Did she hit? Or did the car hit a bump? Someone will just have to find out at some point.


Melinda May huffs.

"Target lost, he went into the sewer system. Going to need an extraction, though."

Shouldering the rifle again, she turns to drive the bike at least partway back to its owner and to leave it somewhere at least relatively safe. She might have stolen the Kawasaki, but she'll at least return it in the same condition as she took it. Along with a $20 for the gasoline used, and sometimes even a small note. This one will actually receive a note. It will read, "Good bike. Keep taking good care of it."

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