The Fifth Dimension is a dirty place

December 13, 2014: Superman and Shayera battle the oddest foe imaginable


Specifically, the bridge that links Metropolis to Gotham.



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Traffic across the bridge from Gotham to Metropolis is just nasty this weekend. Gotham has a Brujah and the Crackers concert, pulling people one way, and Metropolis U is hosting the conference championship game for the DCC where GCU is playing New Jersey Tech with a chance to go to the playoffs. East coast traffic is notoriously bad, but the gridlock is noteworthy and the cause of much frustration with those sitting precariously along the bridge.

Suddenly, from deep within the bay there is a harrowing gurgling and bubbles slowly make their way to the surface. The motorists, high above on the bridge, those in their cars stay blissfully unaware as bubbles grow larger and more plentiful. No one notices as a large strip of green emerges from under the waves.

By the time the giant sea monster, inspiration from the monstrosity of Loch Ness to be sure, is pulling itself upon the bridge trying to yank it's long body upward towards the people, the bridge has begun to shake wildly. Surely the suspension bridge cannot handle much more.

Slow days, and fast ones are all held at House Themiscyra, endless fighting, television watching, keeping up with /these/ times and.. more fighting were had. Eventually, a girl could get tired of brawling the same people, same moves learned, perfected, mastered and made her own.. fresh air is what she needed, even though the chill of the air kisses wings and nearly bare arms, joining the select few with capes that flutter about as she flies in circles.. through the clouds and over.

From New York, to Gotham, headed towards Metropolis..crossing the bridge which.. seemed a little strange at first. There was something in the air, Shayera couldn't pinpoint what. Perhaps it was the water. The way it moves in shocking waves, something that the air couldn't create. No. Maybe she's been inside for too long.

She stops and lands atop the highest spoke upon the bridge, both feet landing upon the narrow as wings spread out and stretch to keep the balance, a crouch soon taken as hands rest upon chilled knees.

By now people are getting out of their vehicles, screaming, and running along the 8 mile bridge back whichever way seems the closest to the land.

High in the sunny, frigid sky, something causes the sun to flicker as the monster begins knocking vehicles off the sides of the bridges in sweeping motions of its long tail, like a pre-school angry at his toys. The flicker eventually, as it gets closer, casts a shadow over the face of the monster as it looks up into the sun. The figure's billowing cape is cast out as he floats downward, and as Superman lands he's giving the monster a cold glance.

The Man of Steel doesn't believe the beast can understand him, but he tries anyways. "You're headed back into the water before you can hurt anyone," he says plainly, stepping towards the monster that is easily three stories high and 30 yards long.

So that's what was different. Shayera needed to wipe the sleep out of her eyes next time she goes out. For the longest time, she seemingly does nothing, but only make sure that those who needed to get out, were out. Upon high, far away from the chaos. There was already one winged creature and he was a mutant, she didn't want to be considered one of /them/. Her fingers tense upon her knees as she glances towards the sun, the caped figure a silhoutte and a beacon of light that lowers and tries to reason with the monster.

Not to be a dick? But that kind of makes Shayera laugh. Cause it was cute.

Mace drawn from her side, not yet lit with the powers that Nth gives, held tight and aimed forward with a tilt of her head. She was gauging, testing.. and… with a lean forward?


She launches herself like a missile from her perch, moving at blazing speed, wings peeled back and close to her body so that she could spin with the might that she could in attempts to land herself right into the middle of the green.. thing.

The monster apparently fails to appreciate the kindness shown to it by the Man of Steel. It roars at him and looks ready to swing its mighty tail at his chiseled face. As things begin to move in slow motion for him, Superman peers at the beast's eyes. A purple energy seems to hover over them. As if possessed. As if imbued with magic.

Kal El steps back and just out of the reach of the tail. A closer look, just below the skin, reveals the entire beast seems to be charged with the same sort of energy. He's not sure, but he's betting it's magical. This means things will be on the tricky side.

*THWACK* The smash catches Superman by surprise as the beast topples over its long body, past him, and into a pile of cars. He hadn't noticed on Hawkgirl, mostly because he was focused on the beast itself.

His eyes widen as the monster struggles to stay on the bridge, its momentum nearly taking it over.

"Or, we can try the direct approach."

The smash right into the beasts side causes Shayera to bounce back, crushing a nice Datsun's hood and flopping right over the side.

"Hooo!" She murmurs, staggering to a stand as she slowly begins to walk around the car, wings flapping erratically as she leans against it to try to catch her breath. "That kind of hurt." She wasn't much for quips, but damn.. it did hurt.

With a slap of her mace upon the opposite hand, it flares to life as she steps closer, wary of the tail and claws that could swipe at her any minute.

"Stand down." She tells the beast, the first one was a wake up call, the second? She'd be like mighty Thor with a mace, preparing to take the beast out. Permanently.

The seabeast gets its balance back and secures itself upon the bridge. Though Shayera's words are likely heard, they're clearly disregarded as it moves towards another swipe towards the pair of heroes. But as it is about to strike, Superman accelerates towards the coming tail instead.


While Superman knows that he's vulnerable to the strike, he also knows that if he can carry his body faster than the tail is moving, his force can over run its force. He strikes slams through, knocking the tail out wildly and sliding the monster across its belly, it's face coming right towards Hawkgirl for the final strike.

There goes the tail.. there were too many contingencies at once. Does she go for it? She doesn't have to. The Blur comes through with the set up, which leaves Shayera…


Batters up! She knocks the beast clear upon the jaw, the electricity from the Nth purposely sent forth to electrify the slithering beast.

And it'll come in waves.

"Let go!" She hollars out at the man in blue and red, her gaze soon lifted as she crouches and takes off into the air, determined to avoid getting hit as well.. if necessary. Never make the same mistake twice.

As the dust settles, both the monster and the Man of Steel are electrified. Superman is knocked back, but his endurance is far greater than that of their foe. While he staggers, the beast smokes and wriggles from the electricity.

With anger in his eyes, Superman pushes against the beasts body and slides it across the pavement and pushes it into the water. Dropping from several stories, it makes a large belly flop upon the water and causes a large splash.

The taps of a slow clap come from behind Shayera and Clark.

"Yeah. Woo. Go team!" A small man; one might call him a little person, is sharply dressed a small suit and a tophat that doesn't look like it should fit upon his large, bald head.

"Congratulations, Supersnot and Hawkbrat. You ruined the fun."

Superman does the heavy lifting while Shayera lands upon the ground with a little bit of a start. She indeed hurt herself just a touch, but she wasn't going to let that show through. The Nth that she held and wore would take care of her wound in due time.

Hearing the clap from behind her, her brow lowers, head turning just a little so that she could glance towards the little man over her shoulder. His words? Clear indication that he was the one who possibly had a hand in the creatures plight, and it visibly upset her.

Supersnot was given a slight glance as she finally turns, stepping towards the man with slow, purposeful strides. Her time with the Amazon's proved fruitful. She tightened up, always remained on guard, keeping her wits about her yet.. the glance within her eyes were nearly vengeful at best.

Close to murderous. But that line wouldn't be crossed.

"Did you have a hand in corrupting this creatures innocence?"

Wide eyes look away from Shayera. Then slowly back. With a quick nod and almost a grin. "Ohyeah," he says pulling the words together. "I had like a hand in all of it."

"Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mr. Mxyzptlk and today is your lucky day."

"What are you talking about?" Superman says, taking a step towards the imp.

"Quiet, I wasn't done yet." With a snap of his fingers, Mxyzptlk points towards Superman. Suddenly there's a zipper over Kal-El's mouth.

"As I was saying. Today is your lucky day, Shayera and Clark Kent. I've decided to travel from the 5th dimension, grace you with my presence, and play to play a game."

Calm. That's what Shayera remained, even as the zipper shuts Clark? His name was Clark? Anyways, even as the zipper placed upon his mouth shut Clark up. She had the mind to laugh, but she frowns completely, her head tilting slightly to the side as she continues her advance towards the man called Mxyzptlk. "I don't like games." She states plainly.

"Games are for children. We are not children." Just when she was about to get close, her path veers off towards the Man of Steel, continuing with her words. "And I really don't play well with others. So…"

As soon as she reaches the ziplocked man, she unclasps her harness from around her chest, and if he allows it? She'd put it right around him. Her helmet will protect her from magic, he can borrow the harness for now.

"Have at it. /Clark./"

Clark allows her to put the harness on him and the zipper disappears. "What's the meaning of this?" How dare this imp go and blab his name; and more importantly how did he know?

But Mxyzptlk is not at all interested in informing Clark. Instead, he's become red in the face as he points upwards at Shayera angrily. "No. Fair. Listen, wench, you've got 1,832 people on this bridge. You either play my game, or I collapse the bridge. You won't get to them all. Trust me. I'll make sure of it."

His features soften a bit as he reaches into his suitcoat for a cigar. "Now. Let's be reasonable."

"I don't know." Shayera answers honestly. It was the one and only time she allows her features to grow soft as she fixes the harness into place. His words though, they struck a chord, a slight look of anger appearing upon her face as she continues to 'pretend' to suit the man in front of her up, her words gone low.

"How fast can you move, Superman?"

Cause she was about to take out the bridge herself.

Superman shakes his head, "Not nearly fast enough."

The Imp from the 5th dimension suddenly appears from off to their right. "So, are we willing to play?" he begins to laugh uncontrollably in a high pitched squeal of a laugh that might make you feel as though you'd prefer never to make him laugh again.


The phasing of the little man to their right causes her to step back, mace reattached to her hip as she glances towards Clark. She wanted to blow the bridge herself to show that she didn't care but.. there was still a huge amount of people filtering out, there would be no way to do so without casualties.

"Fine." She finally relents, fingers curling into a slight fist as she takes a step to the side to brace herself for what comes next.

With a stogie in his mouth and a happy clap of his hands, Mxzyptlk nearly skips away from them.

"Fantastic. Recently, I have been researching the era of culture known by your people as the 80s. Oh what a decade of rich culture and economic exploitation and debauchery! Of particular note is a movie entitled…what was it? Teen /Wolf/? It stars a young actor by the name of Michael J. Fox, whom I felt sort of mailed in his performance as a werewolf. In retaliation, I retroactively gave him Parkinson's at the height of his powers.

I know, I'm a real prick.

In any event, I found the movie to be inferior to its competitor, Karate Kid. What /did/ interest me is that the movie had a game entitled Truth or Dare. I'd very much like to play."

"You want us to play truth or dare with you?" says Superman, not quite believing it.

"Yes, of course."

This was weird. This was weird enough to make Shayera want to take her ship and go home.

His entire run down and listing of movies were a little bit fantastic to Shayera, she found herself listening and making mental note, her entire face scrunching up into something unrecognizable. And then it hits her.

"Ever seen American Psycho?" She mumbles towards Clark, "That raincoat scene.." She gestures towards the little short man, his diatribe sort of reminded her of that part.

It really did.

But Truth or Dare?

"I do not know how to play that game."

Superman shakes his head to Shayera, "I'm not really fond of scary movies."

"In any event, here's how you play. And we'll play two rounds. I will ask you 'Truth' or 'Dare'. You will choose. You can only do truth once, and be aware that I'll know if you're lying." There's a finger wave in there for emphasis. "If you choose truth, you must tell the truth and answer the question. If you choose dare I will select a terrible feat for you to do. Terrible and embarrassing."

"Its not a sca.." Nevermind. She wasn't about to argue with Superman in the middle of something important. Like Truth or Dare. Maybe?

She listens to his demand, her head tilting towards the side as she glances towards Clark like.. 'wtf?'

"So you're telling me, you came all the way from the 5th dimension just to get us to do something completely embarrasing? At the risk of over a thousand lives? You are incredibly petty."

In other words, Clark goes first!

"Yeah," Mxyzptlk responds. "Of course. I have like zero friends in the fifth dimension. No one will play with me. Anyways!"

"SUPERDORK! Truth or dare?"

"Truth, I suppose," Superman says with a shrug as he looks to Shayera.

"I figured you'd pick that route, Boy Scout. Tell me the truth, why is it that you haven't bothered to tell Lois Lane your secret yet? A group of my colleagues watch you from afar on our prismcam sets and the user boards all say the same thing. We're getting bored, Kal-El of Krypton, why haven't you told her?"

Superman swallows hard as if trying to think, "Well, I guess I don't really know. I think it's because I don't want to face what life will be like after she knows. I guess I'm sort of afraid."The imp scratches his chin. "Fine. I guess that's good enough but it's totally lame. /TOTALLY LAME/. The prevailing thought where I'm from is you should swap spit with Wonder Woman. You suck so bad, Clark."

Offf course he would! He picked truth and Shayera watches, her head tilted towards the side as she jumps in on the ragging of Supersnot.

"Afraid of what, exactly? That she comes to hate you because she was being lied to the entire time? Or that she'll tell the world who you really are?" Valid questions, Shayera wanted to know. It was almost like Days of Our Lives.

"You must think really lowly of this woman."

And then it was her turn. Her hand reaching up to curl into a fist to smack it together. She can handle embarrasment, she can handle a task. She can even handle telling the truth.. depending on the situation.

"I chose dare."

"Nothing could be farther from the truth, Shayera," Clark responds with a scowl. "And frankly it's none of your damn business," he adds. Wow. Looks like someone struck a chord.

5r"Dare! Excellent! I would like you to place a call to this number 837-483-2108. It's the number for an archaeologist named Carter Hall. I'm not sure if you realize this or not, yet, but really I don't give a crap." There's that hysterical laughter again. Oh gawsh. "I want you to call him and explain that you are his reincarnated lover from long ago and that you would love to meet up for steamy romance."

"Why are you so interested in our lo-"

"Shut up Man of Squeal! I'll tell Shayera here all about how you struck out with Lana Lang!" He leans over towards Shayera, and whispers, "Super. Impotence."

Shayera snaps back towards Clark. "Don't you use bad words towards me."

And.. it was her turn. And her turn was possibly the worst of them all. Carter Hall. It was an offshoot name of the husband she used to have all of those years ago, but.. she wanted to leave that life behind and walk her own path. This.. obviously hurt her to the core.

"I will not do this." She states plainly. "I have a fiance. I am /due/ to be married soon! How dare-.." She couldn't even finish the words, for his comment about the man of Steel nearly made her want to knock his block off.. and laugh in private later.

The phone was slowly produced from her belt, the number slowly dialed yet she did not put it to call. She was going to pretend that it went through so that this madness doesn't come full circle.

Mxyzptlk snaps his fingers. Someone answers on the other end; a voice sounding gruff. "Hello?" Behind his hand, the imp giggles. Superman looks on and his eyes dart back and forth. He doesn't realize what's going on."

A frown crosses Shayera's features as she hears the voice on the other end. For a moment she couldn't speak, her wings slowly drooping sadly as she draws in a breath, her teeth at a full grit but.. that voice.

She remembers the tone it carries, the way he made her feel along time ago.. and the way she failed him. She still carried that guilt within her. Possibly why she attacks The Corvinus so relentlessly. It reminded her of him.

"Carter Hall? It's.. it's me. Shayera. Shayera Hol. I'm your reincarnated wife from long ago and I'd love to meet up for steamy fornication." She pulls the phone away from her ear, then tosses it into the lake.. right where the monster lain.

She was embarrassed alright, she couldn't even look at the two men she slightly mocked.

"Sh-shayera?" Superman is the only one who can hear the words come out of the receiver before it splashes into the water.

The imp dances happily; he just can't imagine what this will do to ratings back home. "Excellent! Now, since you cheated, Shayera, you get to go first this second round. I haven't thought of your punishment for your trickery, yet, but I'm thinking it will have to do with Strongbad's dare. So go ahead, Hawkina."

"Cheated?" Superman asks.

"I didn't dial." So yeah, she cheated. She even knew that she would.

This was beginning to be horrible, there was every temptation within her bones to fly off and hit the man with her mace. She also had the mind to smack Superman one for asking the damn question.

"Fine. Truth." She still kept her back to them, yet this time, her eyes went to the bridge to see if it was clear.

"Many of the people of my world think you'd best be suited with Batman. Both of your spirits are closely aligned and frankly many think that it'd be pretty passionate. Me? My money is on Wonder Woman. Your choice is truth: Tell me, who is the most attractive man of the hero class? Which man in spandex gets the Hawkhussy's motor running?"

Superman rolls his eyes. "Do all of these have to do with romance? What kind of dimension do you come from anyhow?"

"Hey, sex drives ratings up, Clarko. I've read your mind. Lori. Lemaris. You're a sick bastard."

"What is with you and Wonder Woman? Do you have an infatuation with her?" They were friends, of course.

Shayera really couldn't believe what she was hearing, this guy was a total perv. She had half the mind to go the route of dare again but her heart was already nearly crushed from calling Carter Hall.

The question though? It was simple. Easy enough for her to answer, since she's only met a couple here and there.. but really, has she seen their faces?

She juts a thumb towards Clark. Can't really judge a face when you only see a mouth and a pair of eyes.

A little murmur goes towards Clark now, "We need to get rid of this guy, and soon.."

"Him?" Mxyzptlk flails in fury, "I owe Hildegaard of Vuri 17 sheklings now. I hope you're happy. My money was on Batman. Science-H-Logic, I am so let down."

The imp straightens, "Alright, Clarkie. Final one. You picked truth, so you must pick dare. Now! Here's the play. Shayera here is set to be married. Your dare is that you guys are going to have to kiss. Right here. And make it believable. The trick is that I'm going to record it and put it on your internet. Lois? Gonna be pissed. Hawkgirl's fiance is also going to be pissed. And this will drive ratings through the roof. So come on now. Off the with mask. And I want it without the helmet too, Shayera. Let me get my video camera.

Another snap of his fingers and there's an 80s style video camera; one of those big hunkin ones.

Superman shakes his head, "You can't break up her engagement. That's going too far."

"You'd prefer I kill a score of people?"

Superman falls silent.

Shocked. Beyond shocked. Shayera Hol, kissing the Man of Steel? She was due to be married! Surely she'd break a few legs time and time and again, but that's the only line she's willing to cross. Not break up two happy homes just so that a villain could get his rocks off. This was bad.

With Superman in silent agreement, she lets out a breath and turns towards him, taking a few steps close to cross the distance, her hands lifting to press upon his shoulders.

"Let's make it good, Clark." She states.. the look within her eyes? She was /not/ about to kiss him, hurt his woman and her soon to be husband all in an hours time. Twice over.

If this was actually broadcast? She was sure he'd be reeling and tearing their home to pieces.

"Get them off the bridge, now.." She quietly murmurs, her grip loosening upon his shoulder to strike out to try to catch the little man by the throat.

Superman better move fast.

Shayera's hand goes right through the hologram and Superman's eyes widen in horror.

A dozen imps stand out from behind a dozen vehicles and laugh maniacally. All in stereo surround sound.

"I got to see almost everything I wanted, and I /still/ get to kill all of these people!"

By this time Superman's already sped away, trying to get as many people as he can as far away as possible from there.

He's scooped up a pair of people, one mother and one child, but as he can see the bay in the distance, their bodies are already beginning to tear apart!

With each snap of his fingers, Mister Mxyzptlk tears apart another person, doing it almost a dance. The dozen images of himself, plus the thirteenth who stands right in front of Shayera, do almost a coordinated dance as they begin to swirl and dance.

She swipes once, swipes again.. her hand rearing back and shock as she catches the tail end of Superman's cape fly away. The image of the man beginning to dance in front of them has her backing away, the mace soon withdrawn from her hip and sprung to life with electricity as she dashes off to try to help. If she holds onto the mace, maybe whomever she grabs could be connected to the powers of the Nth. Maybe.

She darts towards a running man, her hand extended as she grips him by the collar, attempting to rush him towards the Metropolis side of the bridge before his body /too/ breaks apart.

This was pure and utter madness.

Each man woman and child Superman try to save dissolves in a bloody mess of flesh and goo, right in there arms right as they begin making the trek.

The entire time, a squealing laugh continues on, rattling the brains of all those who are there.

Superman tries to go, faster and faster, but it's no use. Eventually he stops, tears in his eyes. "Dear God, stop this!"

"God?" The imp laughs, "I like the sound of that."

A child screaming for his mother is torn asunder. Shayera almost gripped him, but he fell through her finger tips. A woman crying.. falls into a heap of mess, car keys left swimming in a pool of blood. Shayera hates this world. And as she looks on, the sound of laughter and those still left upon the bridge, desperately trying to make it to safety.. causes her to snap.

"Then enjoy the sound of this.." She hisses underneath her breath, launching herself straight up into the air as fast as her wings would allow. And just as she did with the monster.. she does the same with the bridge, her speed towards the concrete causing a howl in the distance and suddenly..


In her mind? She was saving those people from death. She was giving them and the Man of Steel a fighting chance as the risk of herself. By pushing him and herself to the limit.

And just as she does, as she zooms as fast as she can. Just as she's about to smash the concrete below, everything goes white like on the finale of the second to last season of Lost. You know, the one when Jack's like, "Detonate it! Detonate the b-" And then everything goes white? Yeah, that would have sucked as a way to watch it if you did on the original run. On Netflix you could j-

Oh, sorry. The imp saw that show too.

Where was I? Right. Shayera and Superman find themselves in a clear white room. The beginnings and ends of which cannot be discerned.

Sitting in a recliner, puffing on a cigarette, but now wearing a yellow and purple, tight fitting set of spandex is the Mister in question.

"This has been like 10 times as fun as I expected."

She was ready. She was ready to give her life and let Superman shine, go the limit, push himself and become something greater just to save the lives of those on the bridge. That was her plan, to die in glory, broken by brick and metal, sunk by water and devoured by the dark. Her eyes closed in anticipation.

The flash of white.. she had a feeling that she had fell to Valhalla as those Amazons told it. To the after life and not Hel, but yet.. the sound of the mans voice brought the nightmare to the foreground as a deep breath is inhaled and expended, wings snapped up in irritation and down again, fingers white knuckling the mace as her face draws to a scowl.

Helmet soon snatched from her head, gripped all the same.

"WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS!?" Yeah, all caps. This was serious business.

"Fun," he replies. "Just pure fun."

Superman, eyes still red with rage, is almost ready to smite this guy right here and right now.

"Those people."

"Settle down, underoos. Those people weren't real. The real ones are still running around and trying to get away. Not as fast now because you took care of my bait. Don't get your undies in a bunch. And by the way, you'll get a lot fewer skidmarks if you wear them on the inside, buddy."

Shayera looks down towards her hands. There was not a lick of blood on them, no rock.. nor concrete…

"All of this, in the name of fun?"

Her teeth grits, eyes gone up towards the man. "You tempt to ruin the lives of a woman and a man who have done nothing to you, for the name of fun?"

Lois and Carter. They were innocent.

"You disrupt the innocence of a creature, for.. fun?"

"Tell me why we should not kill you where you stand, because I am /this/ close to crossing that line."

Mxyzptlk laughs, "Because you can't."

"You're in a jail cell. You kill me? I kill you. Because this time and place will cease to exist and it'll get very messy for the both of you. And not like good messy like after a workout with the—-you know, nevermind. Let's just say it'll be the last thing you ever do."

Shayera frowns at this revelation, glancing all around the white room, her mace hung upon her belt yet her helmet, it wasn't let go. If she were home, she would have slammed it to the ground, freely released it. But she cares about that metal /that/ much to keep a tight hold of it.

She glances sidelong towards Clark, an almost helpless look upon her face.

"Do something…"

Superman shakes his head. "I…I can't. I don't know what to do." He begins to speed off in a direction, looking or the edge, and disappears from view.

"It's no use. There is no end; no beginning. You really shouldn't have messed with me," says the imp. "You should have just kissed the knucklehead. Don't tell me some earthling is that important to you. I don't buy it for a second."

As Clark speeds off, Shayera looks forward, jaw tensing with conviction. "Lois? Or Carter?" She shakes her head. "No. They /all/ are important to me. All life. Even the beast you played and toyed with, his life is important to me. And you want to ruin us, ruin them all just for a kiss that was not shared."

The helmet finally drops. "You are a sick, and sad little man."

Mister Mxyzptlk shrugs, "So?"

Shayera really couldn't figure a way out of this one. There was no smashing, no grabbing, only the threat that was there and the refusal to do so would make their disappearance for ages. If Superman and Shayera weren't around to fight off the teeming masses.. the world would surely go into tormoil.

The people they could have saved, the people they could have met.. the possiblity that Car.. no.


Not long after, Superman returns.

"I don't think there's a way out of here. I must have gone… I don't even know how many miles," Big Blue is jutting a thumb over back from where he came. "What did this fool have to say?"

Shayera glances towards Clark as he returns, a slight frown upon her face as she glances towards the little imp, and shakes her head.

"You are so stupid, Clark." She states blatantly, dropping the helmet upon the ground with a turn to face him, her features grave. "We both are. We sacrifice ourselves to the greater good, we take the beating that life gives us willingly, yet we do not allow ourselves that little bit of peace within our hearts that we can.. just go to. We punish ourselves because with all this power, we don't deserve what we want and could possibly have."

Her steps grow close to Clark now, her fingers reaching out to grip his face. He was miles taller than her, and to make up for that fact she flaps her wings slowly to hover within the air, eye to eye.

She allows his face to transform in her inner mind, the thought of Carter and their lives together melding into one with her current beau. She teases that image where Clark's face meant to be.. and if he lets her in that moment? She'd kiss him; and it would be filled with love that spanned across lifetimes, love that was not meant for him.

As long as we're on the topic of movies from the 80s, Superman looks not unlike Harrison Ford's character, Han Solo, in the movie Return of the Jedi. The film is widely panned, mostly for its use of Ewoks (small furry creatures that somehow explain the entire furry phenomenon in our world). But I digress. Suffice to say he is shocked.

He kind of holds onto the handle bars, so to speak, barely holding on and trying his best to respond in tow, hoping it's good enough for the cameras. After it's over, he gives the 'wow' face.

"Aaaaaand cut!"

By the time they look back, the imp is in full French director gear from the 1970s. Complete with a little hat.

"That's a wrap everyone!"

The white walls begin moving away as stage hands take them to different parts of the soundstage. An open bay door breathes in sunshine and warm air. A palm tree can be seen off over the top of a building next door.

Clearly they're in Los Angeles.

Mister Mxyzptlk tosses the film camera towards Superman who looks aghast.

"You're not going to use this?"

"No! I've got everything I need for the show back home. Carter Hall? That wasn't really Carter Hall any more than those weren't real people who died. It's all for the glitz and glam, Supes! Anything for a good show, am I right?"

Mister Mxyzptlk, asides to the camera, "Thanks for watching, especially to our friends in Milwaukee, our strongest market. And now for a word from our sponsor!"

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