Winter Blunderland Aftermath

December 14, 2014: Darce brings May to meet Nyx who texts Hawkeye who totally slow walked showing up with May there and then boom Aspect drops by.

Coffee Shop, Manhattan

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With Nyx being given the 'shield' she needs to break away from the cops, Darcy carefully picks her way down off the black ice covered steps near the jumbotron. Collecting her spent tazer on the way, she starts coiling up the wires and cleaning up her 'mess' while clicking her phone's ear piece into place and speed dialing her SO.

"Hey May. It's Lewis. I'm in Times Square…"

May's voice responds promptly. "Explain."

"I'm not sure how much you've already gotten from Intel. Some guy calling himself epoch-ellipse just attacked the area with a winter wonderland. The Flash showed up and after I dropped him, Flash took him to STAR Labs. NYPD's here playing clean up. I'm trying ote get you a case number. There's some property damage from the hail, but no causalities that I can see."

May is silent for a moment before saying, "I'm on my way" and ending the call. Less than a minute later the first SHIELD looking vehicle arrives at in Times Square, disgorging a few of the MiB sorts that Coulson so easily blends in with. It's a few more minutes though before May herself arrives.

Meanwhile, the SHIELD Recruit it actually dong a rather decent job of keeping things moving. Herding astrophysists is just as challenging. Seeing the black vans, Darcy sighing faintly but doesn't relax until May's on the ground.

"Agent May," she says with a nod at her SO.

Melinda May nods to Lewis and with a glance at one of the suited MIB types, has him take over the tasks that Darcy had been working on so she can lead the recruit away. Oh, and she hands her a replacement cartridge for her taser.

They're a short walk away before May speaks up. "You did good out here." Now, did she wait to say anything because she didn't want others hearing her speak, or because she didn't want others hearing her commending Darcy?

Walking at May's side, Darcy takes the cartridge and focuses on it to keep her hands from shaking. She's preparing herself for the worst, for that utter silent glare May gets when she's horribly disappointed. The commendation was not was Darcy was ready for at all. She starts and looks up at May with wide eyes.
"..Um.. thanks," Darcy replies at a complete loss for words.

Melinda May nods slowly, walking and taking them both a little farther before she stops. And THERE'S the glare. But it's not nearly as doombringing as it could be. "What happened to calling in backup?" She drilled it into Darcy's skull o call in backup. Guess they'll have to do that training session over again from the beginning.

"You ever tried using a cell phone in a hail storm? Sucks more like Hell. I called it in as soon as I could. And as soon as I could happened to be less than three minutes after realizing shit was going down," Darcy fires back, eating up that doombringer glare with some relish, as she folds her arms over her chest.

Nyx got clear, removed the mask, and settled in at a noncorporate coffee shop a few blocks before texting the name of the shop to Darcy and ordering herself a scone and a super large mocha with candy cane crunches. She starts perusing twitter and youtube to see how bad it is… and oh god it is so bad why god why the videos of her completely eviscerating herself in Time Square with incompetence. Head down she just thinks about her sins.

Melinda May maintains the flat stare as Darcy folds her arms, and keeps right on staring. They probably both stand there for a solid thirty seconds before she finally nods. Just once. "All right." She turns to keep walking. "Now. What aren't you telling me?"

Chirp dee chirp! You've got a text! HURRY UP! OPen it! OPEN IT!!!

Darcy looks down at her phone, keying up the message and shutting off the alert sound in the same motion.

"Met a meta, gave her my number, and she's just txt'd me the address to go meet her. Maybe she's someone SHIELD wants to keep tabs on? She mentioned not wanting to talk t the cops. Mutants tend to do that, right? I cleared the fuzz from her, but I figured we could at least have a chat with her? Plus, she's heard of SHIELD, and seems to know something about that Red Blur Flash character. Follow up is going to be needed to get Eco-boy out of STAR, but that's above my paygrade right now," Darcy says as she types back: — kk omw cusoon.

Nyx peeks up from her misery at the internet and the Trolls on it and peers at her phone and texts back >Cool< then takes another look at Twitter… no Nyx why do you do it to yourself…. sigh.

Melinda May looks at Darcy's phone then at Darcy. "Lead the way."

When they arrive at the coffee shop, May stops in the doorway and visually scopes everything out while letting Darcy take the lead to make contact with the meta. Yes, she is fully aware of the fact that sometimes her demeanor can be off putting, so this might be for the best.

Where May is off putting, Darcy can be the social butterfly. She smiles brightly and makes her way toward Nyx. Reaching the table, Darcy leans into give Nyx a hug and declaring brightly.
"Hey girlfriend! Good to see you! Sorry I'm late, doll face. Crazy day. This is my friend, Maybelline. Cause trust me, babe, she's totally born with it!" Darcy laughs at her own stupid joke while she throws herself into the booth by Nyx, lowering her voice.
"Agent May, actually. I wanted to make sure you were okay and since you recognized the ID, I thought you'd like to meet a real agent. I'm just training. I didn't pretty good, right?"

Nyx is frowning at her cellphone looking very perturbed. When she is hugged she jumps and wiggles then realizes it is Darcy from the Square, which is good she didn't scream and punch right? Small victories. Though the banter leaves her looking a smidge puzzled and then the further clarifications come. "Oh.. um.. hi…" to May with a nervous smile but then she nods to Darcy "You took him down… I've just been watching the videos… you and the Flash guy did great." she did horribly herself but.. yeah.

At least Lewis didn't introduce her as 'ninja nanny'. May steps over toward where Darcy has flopped into a seat and settles into the booth with far more control. "That's why I cleared her for the industrial grade taser." She seems to be visually studying Nyx, as if trying to determine something. "Tell me what happened out there."

"Upgrade," Darcy says on a proud nod of her head. "Hey, ya'll want some munchies? Defeating evil makes a gal hungry." Darcy bubbles, and waits just long enough to take the orders and then she's up and off to the counter. Yay for SHIELD expense cards. What? Someone wanted doughnuts this morning. :) She hasn't had the chance to return the card yet! May'll sign off, right?

Nyx considers May "Well.." she is a punky looking young lady with facial piercings, wild dyed hair, and a hoodie over her sarcastic t-shirt. She thinks about how to frame this and then distraction "Sure more scones and another coffee please" to Darcy and then back to May "This psychotic environmentalist elf guy tried to trap all sorts of people in the Square to purge them or something. The Flash and I threw down with him… which didn't go very well.. he had like fire.. all sorts of elemental powers. I.. may have destroyed the time square jumbotron when I missed him." it did have a hole that you could throw a beach ball through it in the front of it, melted. "Um.. she totally took the guy down while he was screaming at me and distracted by my flailing around hurting myself…" god the video is so bad now on the net. "So yeah… I think that is everything. My names Nyx.. nice to meet you Agent May" she tries a tentative friendly smile <tm>.
Nyx and her appearance, totally appears in one of Bartons reports if he ever files them, or Kate's. Some sort of Metahuman. Energy lasts. Super strong. Untrained. Eager to help. From the Intergang truck Robbery defeat on the West Side Highway a couple weeks ago.

Melinda May nods slowly, having seen the footage on the way over to Times Square. And yes, she also picked up on the fact that it's the same girl as that incident a couple of weeks back. She doesn't mention the jumbotron because, well, it's ultimately inconsequential. "You need proper training."

Nyx nods and then sighs "I.. mean I am getting some… from Nightmare Tokyo and all.. and Hawkeye said she would help me out some but I think she is really busy right now.. you know.. with that thing.." The Thing. "So I am just … doing what I can right now to help out and try to do some good. Hey at last I distracted him which helped Darcy get close right." she tries that friendly smile again. Man May is kinda scary is the expression on the teen's face.

Melinda May nods. Bishop is a good start. "Teamwork. That's something even senior agents frequently struggle to practice effectively." She's not guilty of that, NEVER. No. ahem. "Keep in touch with Lewis. I'll see if I can arrange more field training for her." She leaves it unspoken, but the invitation is there — join in and get extra pointers, off the record.

Oh hey this isn't going horribly and all thinks Nyx. "That… yeah.. well whatever training she has been getting she did a great job today wth it. She nailed the bad guy before Flash or I could for all our powers and stuff. Very cool stuff." a genuine smile there. "I Will totally have to keep in touch with her yeah." she maybe gets the unspoken bit

Melinda May glances sidelong over toward the coffee shop's counter where Darcy is chatting it up with the other people stuck in line around her. "You should. And maybe you can help keep her from going too far overboard." Darcy? Overdo something? NEVER.

Nyx archs an eyebrow at that, spock like for a moment and then leans in across the table a ways and whispers "Overboard… I appreciate the thought and all.. but um… I am probably nowhere near the best sort to help keep a situation from spiraling dangerously out of control… I mean sure I can probably keep her alive by inserting myself in the way.. I guess since I seem to be …um durable.. but gods I shouldn't be trying to be a balancing influence on anyone right now.. my life is crazy."

"That's the point," May says, looking at Nyx with equally Spock-like seriousness. "You were the chaos factor out there today, and Lewis stepped up to the plate. The crazy in your life won't always be there. Believe me."

Nyx opens her mouth and then closes it "So… my chaos will make her take responsibility.. ok that is twisted but I see the logic.. maybe…" she laughs and sips her coffee she got before you two arrived. "I don't see any end in sight to the crazy these days but thanks for saying so." she pauses "So Shield huh… how do you like it?"

Melinda May sits back a bit, offering a very small shrug. "I'm likely not the best person to ask. I've been around since before everything started getting … complicated." She crosses her arms and looks at Nyx with a more evaluating stare. "Why do you ask?"

Nyx studies May in return "I dunno.. I mean I see the buildings and the official web page but hadn't actually met any of you until the Hawkeyes. Now you and her. You seem like good peeps… part of the UN right? Is it like like enforcement stuff?"

Melinda May says, "Partly. There's a lot more … grey area, now, anyway." She's hastily trying to remember SHIELD's take on recruiting metas, and until she's got it clear, she'd rather play it safe. "And… I'd have to look into SHIELD's take on metahumans." Because one thing she would REFUSE to do is hand a person over to become a guinea pig. Or worse."

Sitting in a coffeeshop with May and who nows what new friend Darcy made over there. Likely she is using avoidance tactics in returning back to the table with any scones.
Nyx fiddles with her phone, is she texting someone there? To May though she puzzles "Grey area now… did something happen that changed the. uh…" she pauses a little unsure "Is it a charter.. I think the term is charter…" she did very poorly in High School. "What is SHIELDs definition of a metahuman anyhow…?" the way May phrases getting SHIELDs take makes Nyx nervous, and she isn't even sure why May needs to.
In the TXT To Hawkeye. «Hi, Nyx again. Do you know an Agent May. Intimidating lady.. should I not be talking to her? I kind of blew up the jumbotron in Time Square fighting this guy.»

Kate is training. Often, these days. But when that phone goes off with that ringtone, she takes a moment to have water break and check it. « May's good people, » she texts back. « She's with SHIELD, which means she's official, and anything you tell her is official. On the other hand, SHIELD is an incredible resource. May's serious, but she won't let anyone get hurt. »

Melinda May can tell that Nyx is texting someone, but considering the girl has secrets of her own, she's likely not blabbing on Facebook something to the effect of, 'like, omg, talking to SHIELD.' Though if she is…
"That's one of the things I need to find out," May tells the young woman. And it had better not mean '084'.

Nyx considers that answer "That isn't all that reassuring really…" she txts quietly while talking. "I've got her number, should I have your number too?" a tilt of head there.
To Kate «Hey do you know SHIELDs policy or definition on what a metahman is. Are in SHIELD or that new superhero team .. what was it called Superman and Captain America?»

Melinda May shakes her head slightly. "You need my number, you'll get it." She glances at the phone then. "Tell Bishop to get here." She then stands to go tell Darcy to return to base for a proper debriefing, and brings back the just-acquired scones. Well, minus the two that Darcy takes with her.

Nyx's shoulder's totally slump a wee bit, in the coffee shop with Melinda and she leans back further and txs «Busted.. man she is super observant or she is totally tapping this phone but she told me to tell you to get to the coffee shop on 10th an 42nd ST.» she does brighten spotting those scones, she is always so hungry these days. «We have scones if you rush I wont have eaten them all maybe» and to May "Okay told her too." then she blinks and looks at her phone. Bishop huh.

There's a pause, as Kate considers how far she can push things. Apparently the answer is "not very." « I might be a few, traffic's kind of a mess and I can't fly. On my way, though. » Eventually.

Melinda May nods to Nyx, and seems content to let the young woman have all of the remaining scones. She didn't even bother to request a beverage.

Nyx, dressed like a college kid, and May, wearing her version of civilian attire, are both sitting in a locally owned coffee shop shortly after something … interesting happened in Times Square that ended up with a jumbotron being shattered, the Flash and Darcy Lewis and Nyx being on a quickly-going-viral video, and SHIELD sending May to talk to Nyx. Hence, here they are.
Nyx may have made an absolute ass out of herself in that viral video. Blowing up the jumbotron missing the bad guy. Slipping on the elemental mages ice sheet and face planting… then pinwheeling and landing on her back. She beat the hell out of herself. The thing is already a MEME.
Nyx is doing her best to not think about this as she devours the scones hungrily while she believes Kate is on her way per the text message exchange "So what is SHIELD like." small talk. "Have you met the JL-A?"

"JL-A?" You can almost hear the dash in the way it's said. Jericho had been passing by. He's had a lot of things on his plate and most of them are still in Russia but the need to deal with some Hydra related things last night pulled his attention back long enough to arrive via the usual cheating ways in New York. Pure coincidence that he happened to be passing by when he spotted May talking to someone he didn't recognize.

The man who addresses May is a little on the nondescript side, vaguely middle eastern though could pass for a few things. He's got a coat on and is mostly covered but his eyes… those are amber and flicker (actually flicker) in amusement. "Hello May."

What is SHIELD like? That's like trying to ask a blind person to describe the color of the night sky. It just … is. The question about the JL-A, though, that actually makes her tense a tiny bit. Maybe not enough for Nyx to notice, but definitely enough for Jericho to pick up on. Oh, and speaking of …

Nyx sips her coffee and flicks her eyes between Trent and May and back again now. "Right." she sets her coffee down and picks up her scone now and starts to nibble on the next scone, devouring it with a steady precession as she watches you both, eyes flicking.

"New friend?" In a way that's a coded question. Jericho knows May well enough to know that she doesn't (generally) casually meet people for coffee. Hell, the hacker considers the woman a very close ally (friend? Perhaps friend. It's hard to get Jericho to call someone a friend) and he generally only meets her for business. So color him curious that, as he's back in town to monitor and deal with an uptick in Hydra activity, some of it related to him, that he's sees May talking to someone he's fairly sure she doesn't really know. A quick search on her face… oh… there she is… falling on her butt.

Melinda May says, "Nyx, Trent. A non-SHIELD consultant. Trent, Nyx. She, Lewis, and a third party took down someone trying to make a mess of Times Square." She diplomatically doesn't mention the falling down parts or the broken jumbotron. Jericho's likely already found the video on his own anyway."

Nyx is thankfully completely ignorant to the fact Jericho is watching her #trending flop in Time Square right now. She smiles a friendly smile t Trent "Hi there, nice to meet you Trent." of course Nyx isn't her real name it is her code name she picked for herself. Finding out who she really is would be really easy to a hacker like Aspect.

There was a time when Jericho would have felt the need to show off by addressing Nyx as Samantha. But, Nyx has been nice and polite so far so he doesn't feel that need. That that he doesn't show off, just a little. But it's showing off in that concerned way he does. To wit. May's phone buzzes at it receives a text. From Trent. It reads 'Why does your friend have a high tech, info dense localized network running on previously unseen encryption spec?'
It actually is a really worrisome question. Jericho's implants and abilities are the result of DoD experimentation, are highly classified and, oh yes, sought after by Hydra. The fact that Nyx has something close enough to register (at least in the information networking department) is a huge potential red flag. Still he smiles. "Nice to meet you too Nyx. Are you a potential SHIELD recruit or one of May's… contacts?"

Melinda May ignores her phone for the moment, glancing between Nyx and Jericho to see how the young woman answers the hacker's question.

Nyx has indeed been quite polite, because well Hawkeye told her not to back talk or mouth off or anything to Agent May and that has extended for the moment to Trent. She slides the plate offering him scone. "I think charity case is more likely the case. Never met her before today and I don't think we are entirely clear on the stance on people like me and SHIELD yet." she shrugs a bit. "Also I doubt I am qualified" ah that famous low self-esteem.

"Let her decide that." Jericho murmurs. "If it makes you feel any better, she arrested me once." And interrogated him. And kind of generally hated his hacker guts for a while. "So I take it then that you're not a prospect." Welcome to the club. Jericho actually might be able to wrangle a position with SHIELD but he's famously untrusting of the large organization and not entiiiiiiiiirely unjustified in that. "A good question to follow up with would be what you think of them."

Melinda May looks at Jericho then. "I won't take her in to SHIELD until I'm sure that they won't turn her into a science experiment." Or worse. But really, that's the same reason that she has never tried to push the whole 'drink the koolaid, be one of us' thing with Trent himself. "But she does need training."

Nyx blinks at May "Uhm. thanks. I don't want to be anyone's science experiment." sort of an irony that. "Also.. I don't know. I really don't know much about SHIELD other than the websites and that they fight terrorists and stuff." she then groans a bit "And.. yeah.. everyone keeps telling me that.. I’m going to be afraid to go on the net now…so I guess everyone is right… and I have had some training…" she just slumps and slouches in her chair with a deep sigh.

"I know there are people for that." Jericho murmurs. "I can point you to a couple if you like." It may be telling that Jericho doesn't volunteer himself. He doesn't really want to entangle anyone in his business which is always ugly and often bloody. You've had some, that's good. Why does May think you need more?"

Jericho muses. What can he tell Nyx about SHIELD that isn't highly classified. "It's more than just terrorists, Nyx. SHIELD exists to fight threats on a global scale. They answer ot the United Nations but they do a lot of secret squirrel stuff." He'd say using whatever means necessary but that's not quiiiiiite true. Whatever means necessary is a harsh rubric and SHIELD usually doesn't go that far.

Melinda May nods in agreement with Jericho's words, then finally checks her phone. She manages to keep her reaction from showing on her face as she pockets the device again and her eyes flick toward Jericho very briefly. "Something like that."

Nyx is unaware of the exchange on the surface, though not on ever level. "I knew the United Nations part." she smiles at that "I mean doing good all over is pretty cool.. I’ve never left NYC except to go to Gotham really so that seems .. unthinkable I guess." she finishes the last of her scone and shifts nodding "Thank you for the scones and the talk. I'll talk to Darcy and see about keeping in touch like you suggested Agent May." she seems to be on her way out now, not sure why when it was such a fascinating conversation but she has an urge to go home, standing to go.

"Stay safe Nyx." Jericho offers in a friendly fashion. He's not a teacher and not in a good position to learn from, but he'll keep an eye out to be sure… especially with that odd network signal coming from her.

Melinda May nods to Nyx. "Definitely keep in touch, if only so we can make sure you're safe, all right?" She doesn't even begin to try and make the young woman stay there. She's not a recruiter. Once she's gone, though, May looks at Trent seriously. "Can you find out more about that signal? Contact Oracle if you need to."

"I'll dig." Jericho affirms. He's already curious. "I take it you'll want it kept on the down low." It's not a question. He knows she will because if she mentions it to SHIELD they'll demand that Nyx be brought in. "I'll let you know the moment I have something. Might be something a few of my other friends can help with as well." The hacker gives May a nod and then turns, blends into the crowd, and vanishes from sight.

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