Time Square Winter Blunderland

December 14, 2014: ePocalypse Strikes Timesquare and is foiled by Agent Darcy and the Flash while Mack rescues her purchases and Nyx goes viral for superhero blunders

Times Square, NYC NY

Situated between 14th and 59th Streets, Midtown Manhattan is *the* tourist destination in New York City. It is also the largest central business district in America. Most of the tallest skyscrapers in the city can be found here, from the Empire State and Chrysler Buildings to Stark Tower and the Baxter Building. It's also home to Times Square, Broadway, and Fifth Avenue.

In the day, the traffic is non-stop. In the evening, bright neon lights light up the street such that it looks as if the sun simply doesn't set on the city. But, then, there's a reason New York is called The City that Never Sleeps. This, right here, is it.



  • ePocalypse

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Sing we joyous, all together,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.
Heedless of the wind and weather,
Fa la la la la, la la la la la la la la

Wind and Weather. Weather reports for NYC pegged today at a sunny 47 degrees so why is there a localized storm brewing in Time Square at the height of pre-Christmas shopping. Hundreds, if not thousands, of Tourists from all over the world are going to the shops and enjoying a day out shopping in Times Square.

The weather looks like it may stop cooperating with everyone's plans. The biting wind starts to roll down cross streets, flecks of ice in it. Herding and cutting off the blocks that make up Time Square, currently the calm in the eye of the storm that is forming.

Mystically inclined people like Mack sense a conflux of weather magic with a smidge of fey taste to it.

While for interns for astrophysists who've had close encounters of the Norse kind and who now work for SHIELD see this weather effect as just another moment of friend’s BF with the arms being a stupid head.
And Darcy was supposed to be on break!
Damn it.
Checking that she has her tazer handy, Darcy heads over. She'll call it in later?

Oh the weather outside is frightful… and it's not supposed to be. Mack Linden recruited her pal Barry Allen to help her shop for her daughter for Christmas. Mack has about as much knowledge of what a six year old girl likes these days as a platypus might. Also, for the salty sea captain, shopping is akin to torture. She's still twitching from the onslaught of Christmas crazies in FAO Schwartz and the American Girl store as she and Barry reach Times Square, but she does have several bags in her hands.
Between Mack's shoulder blades it begins to itch as the wonky weather comes into play. She senses something not right. Stupid tattoo waking up her psychic senses. "Um, Barry? Isn't it supposed to be clear and sunny?" she asks her friend.

Barry jumped at the chance to join Mack and go shopping. Christmas shopping in Central City is a big deal and you can get everything you want there. And the weather usually isn't too bad. But this is the Big Apple. This is New York!
In his first Christmas here, Barry has been overwhelmed by the splendor of the season. The lights, the festivities, and the people. Sure, they had their normal New York charm (read: lack of), but the city was so alive. And when you're a speedster such as Barry, the pulse of life is intoxicating.
He was also down here to purchase a Christmas/ Hanukah gift for Felicity. In addition to Mack, Felicity was the only person he'd become friends with here that didn't have a badge. Well, that's not counting Melody, but he still isn't sure if she's a friend…
Barry gets a scrunched up look on his face as he looks down the street. "Yeah," he says to her absently. "It was."

Right place wrong time. Wrong place right time. Well Nyx will probably view this as the right place right time. She was cutting across town on her way to M-Town for her own self assigned patrolling of Manhattan. She has a police radio in her hoodie pocket and an earbud in her ear for it as she listens to a lot of mundane boring boring police chatter. Despite the chilly December day and no plans to find shelter at Nightfall the only thing Nyx is wearing is her hoodie, some ripped up jeans, and tennis shoes. She just doesn't seem to notice the cold or biting wind and ice, at least until people start heading the other way without realizing it themselves. She tilts her hood back revealing her bright dyed hair and piercings. "Huh what’s it…." she starts to follow the flow of traffic into the square where it seems nicer.

Hail starts to fall next on the streets around Time Square, BB sized but ramping up to marbles.

The twitch of the mystic compass points dead center and on top of the stadium-esque seating by the jumbotron where the News Years Ball drops is one lone individual. Also in a hoodie, though his hoodie says Earth Force, which to the knowledgeable is a violent eco-terrorist organization. The hoodie is unzipped, nothing under it either and on the lanky androgynous form's chest is tattoo. It looks like a diamond shape formed of the elements and their interactions Oh it is also glowing in the water and air sections a brilliant blue and purple oddly enough. The individual is also sporting a face tattoo, a feyish mask and yes slightly pointed ears.
Was that a crack and peal of thunder?

Walking into the area, Darcy turns up the collar on her coat to help ward off the chill as her green eyes land on… whomever that is by the jumbotron.
"Wow. …It's like a badly drawn version of Captain Planet," she states flatly, not at all impressed.
"Hey! Santa's helper! Forecast called for sunshine, Reindeer poop. Why don't you fly by to the North Pole," Darcy calls out, hand cupped around her mouth like a make-shift megaphone. Yup. This is a smart move.

As the hail begins falling, Mack uses her body and her puffy quilted down coat to try and shelter her purchases. She'll be damned if she paid an arm and a leg for a custom Muppet and practically had to wrestle a 300 pound dad for the last Julie Albright hippie doll for Maggie, only to have them wrecked by a freak storm. "Barry, that guy over by the Jumbotron with the pointy ears, I think he's causing this," she murmurs to the fellow she has no idea is the Flash. <RE>

Barry nods to Mack, agreeing with her assessment. "I'm going to go check it out." After all, Barry Allen is a police man. Okay, so he's a CSI, but whatever. He has a badge. Even if Mack follows him she'll find that he's just too quick for her to keep pace. Once he dips behind a dumpster in an alley he disappears from sight; the crackleTHOOM is surely just a thunderclap. Right?

Nyx, not really sure why she manages to isolate Darcy's insults, does zero in on them and starts to make her way through the confused crowds. "Hey what is going on." because hell maybe Darcy knows so she calls her question to her as she approaches the rest of the way.

Those hailstones are really half the size of a golf ball at this point on the streets Outside Time Square keeping people penned in. More cracks of thunder and darkening skies.

ePoc focuses his attention from the sky and looks down from his perch at the top of the rise at Darcy. "Santa's Helper." Okay that is pretty cool. It is like his voice is amplified by the wind, it booms through the Square. "I am the ePocalypse That You People Have Brought On Yourselves. You disgust me! You and this…." he waves his arms at the technology all around him. "This shrine to Artificial! This Shrine to the Unnatural. It deserves to be purged!" he extends his hand to Darcy. Must have taken it personally because on the word PURGE a bolt of lightning crackles down at her. Do we know anyone faster than Lightning?

"No idea, but someone's pissed off Captain Planet's smaller less stable little brother," Darcy quips and wow does THAT plot sound familiar! She glances at Nyx as she replies before looking back up at The eHelper, scoffing at the name and seeming not at all impressed (even if she really really is) by the booming voice.
"Super cool trick there with your voice, Planet Junior. Seriously, though. Cut the Jack Frost impersonation and maybe someone will want to talk …with.. holycrap!" This said as the surge of lightning comes crackling forth from his hand toward her. She starts to turn away, to cringe, because let's face it.. that's all an average mortal can do when being Dark Side Sith Lord Lightning Bolted.

"Wait! Barry! You're not a…" and he's gone "…real cop," Mack finishes with a sigh. She begins trying to follow through the press of scared people, clutching her bags like a lifeline. If she has to bludgeon someone into unconsciousness with that pink Razor Jr. Scooter, she will. Thankfully, being used to trodding across the icy deck of a bucking fishing trawler has imbued her with excellent footing in bad conditions. She skids to a stop beside Darcy and huffs a bit. "You know this Grinch?" she asks the other woman. Then there is lightning heading their way and she lets out a yelp.

But as Darcy closes her eyes, about to meet her maker, she's taken away by a gust of wind, dropped off a half block later. "Hey," says the Man in Red with an easy smile and bright blue eyes. "I loved you in that movie. I thought you were a much better fit than Natalie Portman. Let's be honest, Star Wars ruined her career." The Flash smiles, "This has been fun. Got to get back. You can thank me later!" "Hi," he says to Mack who was brought in his other arm. "You have a nice haircut."
He tears back towards the scene and shows up just outside of ePochs reach. "Hey there," the Flash says, arms up in a defensive stance, hoping there's a way to talk this guy off the mountain. "Look, we all hate the commercialization of the holiday season, I know, but there really needs to be a discourse here. I think we can all agree that smashing and bashing is a bad idea. Let's just, put down the electrons and talk about this, alright?"

Nyx gapes, she was a bit further off. One moment she is talking and watching the elf. The next minute lightning knocks her on her ass, no direct hit though which would have really messed up the rescued girls who vanished right before it. "OH MY GOD HE Vaporized them!?" She struggles to her feet and points her arm up at ePoc looking like he is about to do something really aggressive maybe, though she is pretty short and harmless looking. Skinny and light enough looking to be blown away in a light breeze. Then the Flash is standing back a ways talking, look banter Nyx you should try it. "Are we … like talking to him or fighting him… um.. what's the .. usual plan in these things?" sidelong to the Flash.

ePoc peers at the scorched spot, he didn't think he disengaged then. Then he looks up to Flash "What." he booms, confused a moment. "I do not care For Consumerism. The Technology… The devices!" he gestures at the screens. Then he fixates on Nyx "THE ABOMINATIONS!" Okay this time isn't lightning, a wall of Fire rushes down the seating riser right at Nyx. Super-fast backdraft that melts the seats and scorches the pavement as it surges out.

"Right. Now there's this guy," Darcy quips when her head stops spinning from the sudden velocity shifts. That disarming smile, did get Darcy smiling even if she had really little idea what Flash was talking about. After all, those 'first' three Star Wars movies never happened and as long as Darcy tells herself this often enough it might just one day be true. She watches as Planet Junior summons a wave of fire and she presses her lips together.

"Okay, think Darce. Think. Gotta get close enough to try the tazer, at least. Damn for me not being promoted yet," she rambles before looking to Mack and smiling lightly.

"You, huh, might want to leave this to the spandex and the crazies. We're professionals." And the Darcy's jogging to get around Planet Junior. She's got to get within ten yards of him to stand a chance at hitting him.

Blink. Blink. Mack pats herself down, amazed that she, and her purchases, are still intact. "Hey aren't you…" gone, "…the Flash?" She lets out a breath. "I think that's the second time that guy saved my bacon." She digs out her phone, trying to text Barry her location and that she's hailing them a cab to get the hell out of dodge. "Dunno about you, lady, but I'm not equipped for taking on anyone that picks his teeth with lightning bolts." She is outta there.

The Flash grasps Nyx and begins to spin in a circle, pulling her out of the way from a terrible wall of fire. Once they stop moving, they're away, but still close enough to this whackjob to make a play. "Next time, we'll do the tango!" he exclaims as he steps to the side with a smile.

It fades though as he tries to think up something to get rid of this guy and cause minimal damage. So far he hasn't been attacked, so Flash thinks that's as good a thought as any. Holding his hands straight out, he begins rotating his arms in small circles at terrible speeds, causing a pair of wind vortexes that try to blow out the flames and knock the guy on his keister.

Nyx makes an urk noise as she is spun in a Flash circle "Woah woah.. wwooah…. wow.. you are .. so fast." She blinks a few times then lifts her hand once more and light forms and roils down her arm, it looks almost like her arm has changed reconfiguring under the blaze of energy which lances out at ePoc. "Hope he is sturdy….y damnit woops" eyes wide.

The wind vortexes were enough to surprise ePoc in his overwhelming monologuing arrogance and ends up on his ass in the surviving seating up there. This combined with Nyx's glaring obvious lack of practice with heavy duty energy weapons means the energy lance goes well over his head and punches a crackBOOM hole in the jumbotron behind him.

ePoc staggers back to his feet incensed "WIND Against ME?!" yeah Flash and Nyx have his attention. A wall of ice shards it sent at the Flash and Nyx "DIE YOU ABOMINATION" that seems to be directed at Nyx, the verbal abuse. The deadly ice is to both heroes. Well hero and dangerous relative noob.

Speaking of Noobs, he is definitely not paying attention to Darcy being absolutely crazy trying to get close to him.

That's because Darcy has Noob-Fu. She is the Master of Noob-Fu and its sister combat style of Newb Pwn You! She cringes a bit at the exploding jumbotron, but presses forward regardless as she pulls her tazer from her purse where it lives peacefully until she needs it. Like as soon as she's close enough.

Dodging and saving. Dodging and saving. The Flash keeps wondering to himself why he didn't just punch this guy in the kisser and end this charade. But ePoch sends another wave of ice blasts, and he's not sure who this Nyx person is and if she can handle it, so he's got his toe in the ground again and pulls her out of the way once more.
By the time he reappears, he's behind Darcy, and shocked as he sees her approach him!

Again with the URK noise as she is saved from the barrage of ice shards. Really the thing is Nyx isn't sure she can survive it so she doesn't mind. Though it does really mess with her mojo.

ePoc laughs a crazy laugh as the jumboTron is destroyed by Nyx "FOOLS!" he waves his hand, the blue and purple .. air and water.. more ice… though this time he coats the entire seating and the railing with a sheet of black ice. It wouldn't stop, say a a sneaky noob-ninja from getting to the side of the seating an trying to pop off a tazer shot like an assassin, with… well a nonlethal assassin right.

It does ruin Nyx's plan though, she leaps launching herself at the steps with super strength. Hits the Ice, loses all sorts of traction and instead of charging the guy ends up face planting on the metal with a heavy CLUNK and punching through one step with super strength, like she is still learning how to use her own powers. God please no one be recording this… please… but then it is NYC…. everyone is recording it.

Yikes. Ice on everything. Maybe she should see if Chill Boy Bobby's available. Darcy, tazer in hand, lines up her sniper shot and squeezes the trigger, the darts aimed central mass.

"I suppose this means wanting to build a snowman is out," she comments, because it seems funny. And helps steady her nerves. Because if Tazer doesn't stop Planet Jr, Darcy's got to make a phone call.

Knowing that there's precious little time, and that Darcy's shot needs to hit, the Flash decides he's going to try and help improve the odds. He takes a running start towards the ice and then goes into a slide on his thigh, careening across the ice at high, but not super powered speeds. Then, with one hand he spins in circles to create propulsion for himself, and the other does similar, but tries to push ePoch /into/ Darcy's shot!

ePoc is very focused on the downed Nyx, he seems very obsessive really about this. A Mix of Lightning and Fire starts to form above him, probably intending to lance both at the self-downed girl.

Then the burst of wind propels him backwards, which he raises a hand to counter and redirect at the Flash with his own mastery of Wind. Still it served the purpose and propels ePoc back a step and right into Darcy's SHIELD issue Taser… ZZZZZZZZZTTTT the Ecoterrorist Dances being electrofied.

Nyx finally pushes herself up and gets her hand out of the metal platform trying to stand, only to end up flailing in amazing windmill fashion as she ends up falling backwards onto her ass then back, CRACK. Maybe she will just have to try to destroy the internet and become a villain after this.

"Bullseye!" Darcy crows, a wide smile on her face as she holds the tazer through its charge before clicking it to disengage and making her way carefully over. It's really a good thing she's a skater. The slippery surface gives her a pause, but she continues on, 'skating' her way to Planet Jr's side while unwinding the scarf about her neck.

"Hey. Red Blur Guy. You wanna grab my cell and place a call for me, or do you want to play Mr. Domme and tie this reject Jack Frost up?"

"Do ya one better," he says as the Flash slips and slides over. "I'll take him to a STAR Labs containment unit until the police can be notified. Just a sec."

And suddenly, both the Flash and ePoch are nowhere to be found.

Nyx just lays on her back on the ice staring up at the slowly clearing sky now "Someone… someone just kill me now…." then her eyes widen "OH holy zombie jesus I didn't put on my mask" covering her face with one of her hands and scrambling in her hoodie pocket for her mask as she lays there wishing this had gone any other way, even perhaps the rogue fey nuking her at this rate. She doesn't any bruise or scrapes from all the cracking her face into the metal platform at least?

"What th- oh damn." Darcy says as Red Blur and Planet Jr disappear. STAR Labs. She'll remember that one for the report. Hopefully May or Coulson have clearance to follow up. Hearing Nyx, Darcy skates over, using a rail to help bring herself to a stop.
"You okay, maskless one?"

Nyx groans "I .. am pretty certain that I have suffered life threatening critical injuries to my pride…" she finishes putting on the lower half face mask covering everything below her eyes. "So Flash got him?" she missed what really happened there. "Why did he keep calling me an abomination." she sounds a bit peeved and depressed really.

Bracing herself as she would on a roller rink, and clutching the railing, Darcy offers a hand down to Nyx.
"Yeah, well, walk it off. Pride only bruises, bones only break, league wins last forever," Darcy glances about, still not seeing Blur or Planet Jr. She rolls her shoulders in a shrug. "I think so? He said he did, anyway."

Nyx accepts the hand up balancing carefully and sighs "Dang I was hoping to meet the Flash.. he is really cool." she eyes the taser wielding girl though. "Thank for the hand up.. I should probably clear before I have to explain to the cops though…" not affiliated it seems and able to shoot energy bolts of significant power.

"Sure, if you want. Though, if you lose the mask, I can handle the cops no problem. You just stand there and look pretty in shock," says Darcy as she starts to skate toward the stairs. She's holding herself tall like that awesome SHIELD Agent she's not when her feet slip and she crashes down to the ice, landing flat on her back.

Nyx looks around sketchy and then decides to keep the mask. If she is arrested she can call Hawkeye. She eases over and offers Darcy another hand up and then a redirect to sit on the ruined stadium seating. She settles in by "So.. uhm.. taser and wanting to talk to the cops.. what is your deal?"

"It's easier this way," Darcy says as she gets to her feet with Nyx's help and moves to sit by her side.

"I give my report, get my case number, then I can add that to the report for work I'm going to file, and everything's gravy," she says, sitting on the cold ice and rewrapping her scarf about herself.

"You said Red Blur guy was Flash?"

The young woman eyes Darcy and nods "So…. um reports. What is it you do?" she looks down at the people taking photos and loitering as the cops start arriving in force and heading over "I think it was the flash yes, he had the Flash outfit when he stopped by me and stood still long enough.. also red blur and all."

"Me? Organize office supplies, and sometimes run communications from a very expensive jet… and hang out with Harlequin while trying to talk her down from killing people which didn't work out so well, but I tried and that's the important thing, and some other crazy things that I really shouldn't go into. Clearance levels and all that jazz-hands," Darcy rambles as she watches the cops idling.

Five of the officers make there way to the edge of the ice and eye the cape and the civilian looking lady. "Can one of you explain what is going on here and what happened. You were both involved. What happened to the freak?" thankfully he means ePoc and not Nyx.

Nyx gives a shrug "She is the one with the clearance levels." indicating Darcy.

"The meta-powered arsonist has been taken into custody by The Flash," Darcy says, rising to her feet with a changed demeanor. Her shoulders are back, her face is serious, and she's very slowly and very deliberately reaching into her purse for her SHIELD ID. This she hands over for inspection as she does her Melinda May impression.

"He was subdued by non-lethal means and this Mask behind me was instrumental in assisting the Flash and I in bringing the out of control meta," she says, eyes going to the officer's badge.

"Do you already have the report number this incident will be filed under? I will be reporting this to my superiors."

The sergeant looks skeptical then examines the ID and calls it in, then gets an affirmative, she is with Shield technically after all. "Not yet… everyone is just calling it a bloody mess and screaming about it right now." the cop sighs and walks away with his men to keep working the crowd. "Capes."

Nyx leans to try to see the ID you pulled out and the ohs once the cop is gone "SHIELD.. that is so cool."

SHIELD ID put away, Darcy smiles at Nyx. "I should go make sure these idiots get me a case number. You go, find a coffee shop. Here's my number call or text and I'll head over as soon as I can, okay?" she offers to the masked girl at her side.

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