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December 16, 2014: Batwing and Misfit meet and discuss how crappy Misfit's equipment is. Also how odd her name is. Sigh.


The Bowery is the sibling of Park Row. Both once rather upscale districts that have fallen to squalor and destitution. Around the time the Sprang Act came in to affect the Bowery was a first to be approached; this institute a whole new architectural design for the area which turned the Bowery in to a squat blocky looking area with buildings that could belong on a military base.
The residential areas are terraced row house style complexes made of mostly brownstone where as the commercial sections tend to focus more on their display groundside than topside. This is no longer the case with the decline in Bowery's growth many of the sector remains covered in unfinished structures that stopped being constructed or condemned buildings housing the homeless.
With the Sprang Act not allowing more lively tower level displays the Bowery actually took the 09' cataclysm quite well as the buildings are all quite structurally sound (those that had been completed) except for a long it's streets.
Streetside opened up a whole new development, with the roads being broken, fragmented, opened and destroyed businesses had to improvise and turn the Bowery itself in to a street spanning marketplace that also delves in to the underground, half constructed buildings may open up in to underground caverns that have been gutted for raves, black markets, chop shops, fighting pits, living quarters and so forth.



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Charlie is out on a Lady B and Oracle sanctioned patrol. Strict orders to only deal with muggers and basic street crime since she is out solo. To call in immediately when something happens. Especially if it is a supervillain or such.
After last night’s lecture and batarang theft by the villainous Nightwing she is in a bit of a huff and out to prove she belongs in the bat crew dangit. She has picked a new Neighborhood and is perched up on one of the half-finished now condemned buildings in the Bowery. Sitting on a steel I-beam as she watches the markets down below, striking a pretty good profile with her mini-cape, batgirl-esque gloves, and female form. No batcowl though just a domino mask. The t-shirt with logo, skirt, utility belt, and leggings complete the outfit. "Man.. there is a ton of crime in this town.. it is like an all you can eat crime buffet or something…. a drug market over there… fighting pit over there… a side order of chop shop over there…"

Of course Misfit isn't the only one trying to prove that they belong in the bat crew. Batwing lands softly, well, as softly as he can, behind Misfit. He crouches for a brief moment, and then stands up straight, tilting his head. "Are you the new Batgirl? They went kind of… low budget on the costume." he observes, from his far-too-expensive costume with glowing eyes and bat symbol on the chest, with experimental materials making up the entire full body armor. "Uh, Batwing. That's me."

What is it with bat-types getting behind her and her not noticing? By the gods she needs more training and soon on her listening skills. Of course Lady B and Oracle would probably say she needs work on her listening skills in general.
Charlie squeeks in alarm and almost goes tumbling right over the edge of the I-beam which might be hard to explain to people later. She manages to keep her balance and twists around to gape at you for a moment "ohmygodbatman…" then you say Batwing and she squints "I… have never heard of a batwing…?" heart still going hard from the scare, and then the bt about low budget costume sinks in and she bristles, kipping up to her feet "I happen to think my outfit looks awesome!" super defensive since she made it all herself. First Robin is judging her costume and not this bat in a power suit. Not everyone has Waynetech budgets. Hell Charlie isn't even sure she has an allowance yet or what it might be. "I. " she stomps her teenage foot "No I am not the new batgirl there is already a batgirl" right to the heart of the first disappointment. "I'm …" and now on to the fact she still hasn't been given a codename. "I'm Misfit." the look just daring you to say something, come on batsuit say something about it.

"That's a weird name for a bat person. But Robin isn't even really a bat-like name, so I guess you get a pass." Batwing heads over to the I-beam, staring down at the street, then up at her. "Don't feel too bad, I kind of stole this and now I'm trying to prove I deserve to have it. Oracle's kind of harsh about it. What do you keep in that thing?" he points to the utility belt. "Maybe I could make you some gadgets. But uh, I hope you at least have a grappling hook if you're standing on this thing."

Charlie mutters "It's a work in progress…." then looks the suit over, stepping carefullycloser now. "So.. um.. Oracle knows you are out and about and …Batman hasn't shaken that suit off you yet?" what the holy hell, she gets her batarang confiscated by Nightwing and this guy gets to keep an awesome super cool batsuit of some sort. This isn't even remotely fair. Hells.

Charlie doe brighten though about this gadgets talk. "Oh .. um…. " she digs in her homemade utility belt. Hell gadgets she needs a real utility belt, and that t-shirt is .. a t-shirt not the suits like the others wear at all. It will likely stop a spitball but it might still sting. "I have my batarangs.." she shows you two, but does not hand them over, she already lost one. They are super old and worn down, like they have been thrown hundreds of times and sharpened by hand. "And a bat grapple" it is on of the old school bat-hook and lines, not one of the new grapple guns. "a police scanner…. phone… oh and night vision binoculars.." she stuffs things away "What kind of gadgets do you make and what does the suit do?"

"I haven't met Batman since I started wearing this. I did meet him years ago, before all of this. We beat up a gang together when they tried to jump me. It was pretty cool." Batwing looks the suit over as he considers her question, and her gadgets. "It really looks like you could use some help to, you know, not die." he observes, then starts showing his own gadgets.

First he pulls out what looks like a strange batarang with finger holes in it. "Batarang that doubles as brass knuckles. Created it myself." Then out comes a small metallic rod, which wooshes up like a tiny lightsaber dagger. "Energy cutter." Then he points to the suit itself. "And the suit does all sorts of stuff, like thermo vision, air gliding, and I rebuilt the entire thing from scratch to incorporate an experimental material I invented in my college thesis."

Charlie looks down at herself and the not die comment "I am doing my best you know… I really am.. not everyone can make cool suits or gadgets or have … I Don’t even know how much money this stuff costs." she is still in a bit of a sulk from yesterday, her usual unconquerable chipperness taking a dent this week. Oh it will recover and then some but everyone has off times.
She tilts her head watching the gadget parade "Oo those are neat." the batarang "How much are those things?" then the lightsaber dagger makes her gasp "Awesome!" the she looks over the suit "huh… college… you must be super smart…"

"I wouldn't say -super- smart, I just had a strict dad. Graduated MIT a year early, so I'm using this year to make this life I've been preparing for. I've been training for years to do this. I have money, but I don't have the kind of money to do all of this on my own. Oracle's helping a lot by letting me use resources." Batwing offers one of those brass knuckle batarangs over to her. "I couldn't tell you how much they cost. I just get the material and then fabricate them. I could probably fix yours up if you want, they look like they could use a little work."

Charlie looks skeptical at suitBat "That sounds super smart to me." says the high school dropout. She accepts the batarang-knuckles and tries them out, her hands are tiny compared to the suit. "I could use more .. that is for sure.. fabricate.. huh… yeah don't let Nightwing hold ne of these he would probably keep it. He totally hoards batarangs and is kinda lectury…." she sounds irritated there. She offers the too big for her knuckles back and then something dawns on her. "Wait.. Oracle is helping with resources… I.. . she didn't offer me Resources or better gear… I am so going to …something with her and Lady B about this dangit…" she looks over your suit again. "I'd love to get my stuff fixed up and help not dying… I'm going to go …" almost said somewhere, home, or something but stopped herself. "..talk to Oracle about an allowance .. I'll take mine in gadgets or something."

"I think she helped me because I'm an engineer. I didn't really need money, I mostly needed equipment so I could reconstruct the suit down to its basic materials and then rebuild it. You know, stuff like that. But, actually, there's something I'd like to do…" Batwing steps closer to her, then crouches down and reaches out to lightly tug at the material of her shirt. "I think you'd be a lot safer if this was bulletproof. Maybe you could talk to Oracle about me making you a bulletproof t-shirt. The material I created was so people could wear totally normal clothing that could stop bullets, so it wouldn't be any thicker or anything."

Charlie peers down at her shirt "That would mean less bleeding.." she allows "And also be totally awesome… could you make me an outfit out of that stuff then.. because that would be totes cool." she grins at this idea. "Does it help against knives…?" remembering her Robin stabbing lecture last night. Okay he wasn't lecturing but still it felt like one to her. "What do you need to do it?"

"I could probably remake the outfit you're wearing right now. And the material is pretty helpful for everything, though it's not indestructible. You can still take a beating. If someone tries hard enough they can -still- stab you. So you'd have to be careful, you couldn't be wreckless." Batwing stands up straight, then moves to take her hand, trying to place it against the abdomen of his armor, so that she can get an idea of it. "I'm not exactly Iron Man in this thing. Your outfit would be thinner than mine, since mine has mechanical systems in it. But the main thing is that you couldn't be instantly taken down by a bullet. It keeps you alive."

Charlie totally pokes and traces the armor peering at it "Okay I definitely want some of that. I mean heck I would take whatever I can get… maybe everyone will stop worrying about me dying so much if I point out I have armor clothes… " she peers down at herself then up to you "We could like… make it look even cooler.. like more like the stuff Robin and Nightwing wear… like durable and all.. still this look but .. cooler and stuff.." infamous stuff, so explicit. "Maybe goggles.. or … um.. did you make your bat-grapple gun?" she is definitely excited.

"Whoa hey, those aren't plastic muscles there." Batwing quickly pulls back, then laughs. "I use a pretty compact grappling hook. I usually modify everything they give me. I didn't exactly -make- it, but I rebuild a lot of it." He turns around and starts walking back to the roof, then motions for her to follow.

Charlie follows "Well okay could you make me a compact grapple though.. I mean .. I'll take all the help I can get really especially if it means less Nightwing lectures about danger…" she sighs and then digs around and scribbles her phone number and offers it to you. "Text me.. I'd say route through Oracle but I Want this to Surprise them all.. hah.." she dances back and grins "We can coordinate . I need to get back before curfew." which.. it is super late. Bat people have very weird curfews compared to normal teenagers. She bounces next….. which is likely unexpected. With a flash of pink and purple smoke she teleports <pinkurpl!> and is gone leaving you alone with her phone number on the i-beam.

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