Fitting In is For the Birds

December 15, 2014: Misfit hits the streets, Robin returns to duty (looking a little different), and Nightwing oversees it all.


Coventry is a church-dominated section of Gotham covered in Gothic old
cathedrals and structures. It's situated right up against Midtown's Robinson
Park and the Finger River. At one point Coventry was a very upscale religious
family living sector but in the current timeframe that is no longer the case.
Ethnic diversity is highest here within the Chelsea side of town, turf wars
are constant here amongst the Coventry local gangs, Cauldron mobsters and the
La Cosa Nostra from Midtown. It's perhaps the most dangerous district in all
of Mid-Gotham.

Aside from the rich Gothic architecture of Coventry the Gotham Zoo is
another big attraction for outsiders and of course the new improved Mercy
General Hospital (relocated from Burnley after 09').



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Charlie is out on one of her approved Patrols. She assumes Orcle is either monitoring or has some sort of alert system in case she gets in real trouble. Still she asked for permision from Lady B and Oracle to go out and abou. Was told to stick to muggers and call in for backup if anything bigger happened. So patrol, after the incident with the Druids of the Maw or Devourer or whatever thatwas she limits her bouncing on patrol to emergancies or with backup present, even if she thinks she could totes bounce away!

She pops a grapple line, complete with bat thematics and swings herself from one church to another one, ending up perched on a steeple and peering down at the streets, looking for gang crime. While Charlie isn't wearing her batgirl outfit anymore but her new one. She is rocking some of the features. Gloves with trim. A cape. Bat grapples and lines. Red hair very similiar to Babs… No Cowl though and a more artistic symbol. "Mmmmm if I was a mugger.. or a gang guy wanting to sell drugs or break into somewhere… where would I be…."

It's been weeks since anyone has seen Robin around. Both good-Robin and bad-Robin had been pushed out of commission thanks to life events. But Tim Drake has been indoctrinated Robin-ness since his childhood, long before he even dawned the cape. Granted, Robin is looking a little different than his usual self. The multi-coloured uniform has been traded in for something a little tamer, but not altogether different than the usual Robin garb. Black and red with yellow accents seem to be what Tim has gravitated to.

He still responds to Robin though. Maybe out of necessity. Or perhaps, out of habit. Habits die hard.

He's not his usual decisive self as he ventures on the rooftop, even casting a glance over his shoulder with leeriness earned through weeks of rehabilitation.

Physical therapy sucked more than final exams. But Timothy Jackson Drake-Wayne stuck with it. Which could be why he's moving well, albeit cautiously. Behind his mask, time squints, the evidence of which can be seen in the creases along his skin. His chin drops and his gaze lingers on the redhead across the way as he shifts slowly back into the shadow. His cape catches the wind faintly behind him, and he mentally chastises himself for even that noise.

He feels out of practice.

Despite the new uniform, his recovered body, and his clearance to be out here, he hasn't ventured onto the street. Rooftops feel safe. "Maybe it's like peeling off a bandaid," he mutters quietly.

"I like the new outfit," comes a voice in the shadows of the rooftop that Tim lands on. "It's a good idea, actually. Sort of like starting anew." But then again, he's been through it before. Stepping into a little more light, Nightwing moves up to stand next to Robin, "It'll be like riding a bicycle. But with a helmet. And kneepads." In otherwords, time to be more cautious. A hand reaches out to lightly clap the other on the back, "You'll be fine. I promise."

Of course, the red hair and bat-like accoutrements also catch his attention, "You know, she really shouldn't be using those…think Oracle knows about them?" There's a brief pause, "At least she's sanctioned to be out here. Be careful. I don't trust her not to accidentally blab out identities in her excitement. She's eager. Really eager."

Charlie leans a little it, using her line to anchor herself so she can get a better look down a side street, eyes narrowing. She really does have excellent balance and almost even looks like she knows what she is doing. That theory is harmed of course by the fact she is so focused on looking down for crime she has no idea she is being observed by Robin and Nightwing over yonder. It is probably a good question what she has tucked in that utility looking belt of hers and if she even knows how to use any of it really.

Not spotting anything from this perch, or maybe she spotted something, hard to say at the moment. On either account she leans back in, unhooks the grapple line and whips the line out at another building. If nothing else, she has either been practicing a lot with the grapples or she is a natural because >zing thunk> and she is quickly across to her targeted rooftop and new perch.

The hand at his back earns a lopsided grin. Tim's cheeks puff out with exhalation and his hands drop to his sides. His eyebrows draw together tightly at the thoughts about the new-girl-on-the-block and he manages another lopsided grin, "Sounds like Spoiler." He sucks on the inside of his cheek and takes a slow step forward into the street light and then sees fit to add, "And me. Once-upon-a-time." There's another flicker of a smile at the last.

He swallows hard and then cants his head to keep her in his line of sight. "Oracle is a good judge of character though." Even if Nightwing has his reservations. His blue eyes squint to bring the street into focus. Even jumping seems unsettling. He's never been afraid of heights. New reality is brutal. "Is it wrong to be… apprehensive?"

"Oracle had no choice. This girl popped in on her and took her by surprise," Nightwing explains. "I agree that she's a good judge of character, but I don't know. Gut feeling and all. Maybe I'm just too jaded." He looks back over at Robin and watches him for a moment, "The first time I didn't catch a bar and fell, I didn't want to get back up on the platform. It took my parents a week to convince me to get back up there…and I was shaking like a leaf the entire time." As if that story would help.

"It's not wrong to be apprehensive. That keeps us aware. It keeps us careful. It's wrong to be reckless because that'll just get you killed." There. Lecture done.

"Want me to shoot the line? You're going to be fine, even if you're nervous."

Charlie paces down the length of the edge of her new roof, hoping to another roof and then another, eyes very focused down now watching something down on the side street below as she prowls along it seems. Then she reverses direction still following something below with her eyes, perhaps something new or perhaps something old that is pacing back up the block. When she comes halfway back towards you both, she waits a long moment then >Zingthunk> and she is over the smallish side stree and headed down another building. Probably following an alley, still watching someone or something down below. "Bingo" she whispers to herself as she watches the five guys, three in the blue and yellow of one of the local Coventry gangs and two suits, typical Cauldron Mafia fare. Probably a drug deal, which isn't a mad werewolf monster or a druid or supervillain so she watches, not calling for immediate backup yet as she isn't sure this is standard fare or not.

"Blame Batman for that," being Jaded, that is. Robin turns his head to watch Nightwing for several beats. "Thanks… I think," he states to the mini-lecture and example with the bar and platform. He squints as he watches the redhead linger along her own rooftops. Evidently it's hard to see into the black night. With another huff of breath, he finally nods, "Yeah. Please. Shoot the line."

There's a smirk at the last and a small shake of Tim's head, "Fine enough…"

Nightwing gives a shrug, "He might be to blame…Life could also be to blame." But Dick is trying not to let it color his world completely, unlike others. Peering across the street, he notes the girl watching the gangers on the street. "Three against five. Not bad odds, especially since the girl's still being tested out," and Robin is getting back into the swing of things, so to speak. They may have guns, they may not…but not bad odds in the end.

Taking his own grappel gun, he shoots towards another building before handing the line to Tim. "Meet you over there."

Robin's lips curve downwards at the mention of the gun, and one of his gloved hands protectively gives a tug on his suit, the kevlar is intact, not like his Robin suit. That thing was demolished. Strangely symbolic in a way, but Tim tries not to focus on the symbolism. There's another lopsided smile at the shot grappling gun followed by a near-chuckle as he audibly exhales another breath.

His gloved fingers clasp the line and muscle memory takes over. His fingers clasp the rope tightly and he cross over to the next building. Like riding a bike, it slowly comes back to the former Boy Wonder.

Nightwing knew that Robin would find his way quickly…at least when there was work to be done. He quickly follows on another line and lands easily near the other. "Think we should watch her and jump in if she looks like she needs help? Or jump in at the beginning?" He seems perfectly willing to let Robin call this particular shot. After all, the teen has to regain his confidence sooner or later and now's no better time.

Tim's jaw tightens and he hmmms quietly. "Well," he considers, "It's probably good to see her fly solo if she can handle it…" and then as his head cants to the side, he adds, "right?" And then shrugs. "Yeah. Let's wait. We won't let anything bad happen, but it's good to know what she can do and… stuff." The ever specific realm of stuff.

Charlie totes seems like she was weighing going in on Five on One there as she watches them. One of the suits is carrying satchel, the other has pistol visibile under his unbuttoned suit coat. The three gang bangers all have pistols tucked into waistbands and otherwise stowed. They all seem to know each other though and are wielding the weapons.

Charlie leans a smidge as she watches one of the gang members pull out envelope full of cash, presumably for the contents of the satchel. She moves her hand and there is now a bat-a-rang in her hand. The throw would look like second nature if not for the tip of her pink tongue out of the corner of her mouth. Watching it sail though it is more that she still isn't confident despite her bravado, because the aim after literally bloodying herself practcing throwing it like a bad karate kid movie pays off and it is quickly revealed she did a double throw because by either fluke or luck she smacks both bad guys hands making one drop the satchel and the other the envelope.

While they are in the air she leaps swan dive with a tuck and then a foot plant from the second story. Her form on this one is crap, it really is, she is no gymnist and lady B hasn't put up the obstacle course yet. She managed to not die though and actually pull it off landing feet first on the gangbanger on he left due entirely to her peak human physique. Under that scrawny frame the girl isn't entirey normal. Nothing supernatural mind you (at least not this act) but still she cuold be a world glass acrobat with the right training. "Dark Vengeance!" hsss is her battlecry as she flattens one of the gang members.

Chaos ensues, guns drawn by the mafiaso, the envelope holder tries to get a bat-a-rang out of the back of his hand, and the third gangbanger draws a gun. There is a moment of advantage though because there is an extra degree of panic that with those symbols it might be one of the bats….

Nightwing shrugs, "Even if she can't, she probably thinks she can. Last time we talked, she didn't seem to understand the importance of anonymity or caution among other things. But I'm game if you are." He crouches at the edge of their rooftop and watches the display below, "I think I'm going to ask Oracle to have her get rid of the Bat-gear…unless Batman sanctioned it and never bothered to tell either of us."

"I'm not sure Batman would bother to tell me anyways," having been laid up for weeks on end, Robin is truly out of the loop. The Red Robin, or Cardinal (it's still a work in progress), follows Nightwing's posture, and bends his knees to rest on his haunches while Misfit does the heavy lifting. "And Oracle has their reasons, I think." His lips twist thoughtfully to the side and he hmms quietly. "Probably. Besides, she didn't do too bad with the Bat-a-rang…"

That should be really sad if Oracle agrees, Charlie doesn't have a budget to replace the whole not using firearms with her own designed Wing-Dings, or Robin's r-shaped shurikens, at-a-rangs, throwing birds, or Anarky's circle-a even. She actualy doesn't even have money and got these few to practice with and use by scrounging Gotham, the small batarang budget is pretty big to account for all the ones that get stuck in police impound and elsewhere. Not to say that Charlie took them from Police Impound <shifty look>.

Meanwhile Charlie is fighting for her life. Her form is better after daily practice with Lady B, but she is still very raw. She does use the moment of surprise to punch the injured gangbanger and he actualy goes down hard even as she is going over him in an undignified scramble to launch herself at the final gangbanger. She rips his gun out of his hand, which well suprises everyone involved but Charlie, she is way stronger than she looks, nothing supernormal though, and she turns and throws the gun clocking one of the mafia guys in the face knocking him back and breaking his nose, look blood.

Misfit 3. Criminals 1. Problem is she is facing the last mafia guy who has a gun pointed at her and the last gangbanger who just quietly pulled a knife behind her. "I'd give up if I were you." she warns in what she thinks is her stern voice, complete with a light hsss. She is way to chipper to be intimidating though.

"Soon they'll be selling them at Target", Nightwing quips. "It just sits wrong with me…using tech very similar to ours' yet she's not really a Bat…so much can go wrong with that. So much." No doubt his background in Criminal Science is weighing this 'feeling'. "He hasn't told me anything either, but he rarely does anymore. Speaking of, are you still living in the dorms? My offer is still open."

Glancing down at the fight he nods his head, "What do you think?"

"I thiiiiink," Robin starts as his eyes fix on the fellow with the knife, "that the combination of knife and gun isn't a good one." Especially thanks to Joker-times. Tim shivers. He feels strangely cold as goosebumps form along his arms and neck. There's no question he's got his own baggage now. "I got the knife," because calling it is everything. Also, getting stabbed and then shot was his serious misstep last time. Shot first would've caught in the kevlar. The moment kevlar tore? Well. Robin was down.

The red-adorned Robin leaps down onto the knife-wielding bad guy, his cape catching the air with a sound akin to a flag in the wind. Yes, he's experienced.

The familiar adrenaline rush prods him forward as he kicks at the back of the knife-wielder's leg followed by a crisp elbow to the fellow's temple. "Welcome to our city, folks," he manages a lopsided, dimpled smile. It lacks its usual bravado, but he is trying.

At the arrival of Robin, Charlie nearly has a heart attack there, squeek. It is a minor miracle that she doesn't stagger right into a bullet. She is really not used to working with a team at all, let alone a surprise team-up. She manages a fast recovery though flashing Robin a smidge of a shaken smile "Yeeah… like I said you shuld give up." at the Mafia guy with the gun. She is trying to figure out if she wants to bounce and risk attention or what.

The Mafia guy is backig up towards the side street waving his gun around. He doesn't shoot yet though.

Having made his way back down to street-level, Nightwing snuck easily into the shadows of the buildings by the side-street. Really, don't they know better by now? So, when the mook with the gun backs towards his location, he's there with an escrima-stick in hand, to thwach the man right in the arm holding the gun. He's not aiming to break bones, but just to cause the arm to go numb long enough to drop the weapon.

Charlie was about to bounce, but stops short when Nightwing steps out and whallops the guy in the arm sendng the gun flying. She grins enough it might make her jaw hurt later. "Told you!" like she planned this, or well at least wants the criminals to think so. She leaps forward and punches the broken nose guy in the gut, making him doube forward for a punch to the head, flattening the big guy despite her tiny spunky frame. Definitely slopping but strong. She crouches down and breaks out a handful of zipties and trusses that guy up first. She is very precise about this, movin fast to ziptie people on the ground and get her batarangs, which are really precious to her.

Nightwing steps forward to pick up one of the Batarangs as well, inspecting it closely, as the girl moves to secure the gang. He keeps it in his hand as he watches her move among them, showing it briefly to Robin before asking, "Where did you get this?" It's a simple question, really.

Red Robin has begun zip-tying the criminals that line the floor. It's fortunate he hasn't forgotten his standard actions, and is doing his best to ensure the baddies don't escape. He doesn't remark on the bat-a-rang, merely allowing his lips to twist to the side thoughtfully as he inspects it. "Oracle?" he asks with that still-present lopsided grin.

It is an older one for certain. None of the recent batches, the newer ones have a better alloy and slightly newer design. It also looks like it has been thrown dozens if not hundreds of times and resharpened painfully by hand several times. Charlie tucks the one she picked up in her belt and looks puzzled at Nightwing. "I .. think that one was on ebay.. thouh it might be one of the ones I picked up from a crime scene?" she most definitely scrounged them. Which means she has been the one throwing it and resharpening enough to really wear it down. Nightwing did say she is super eager.

Speaking of super eager, by the excitement in her eye and the way she danced through the ziptie motions she may vibrate to self combustion with excitement. She is also grinning way to much now.

Also worth noting her shirt, up close is a t-shirt, and her leggings and skirt are just that. She made this costume herself which shows really up close when not in the chaos of a fight.

Nightwing asks, seemingly to the air, "Hey, Oracle…did you arm Charlie with Batarangs?" and then turns back to the younger girl. "Ebay? Really?" He looks to Robin, "Do you leave your Batarangs around?" He knows that he would always do his best to be sure his were always retrieved. They weren't terribly precious, but they could be too telling in the right…or wrong hands. "Picked up at a crime scene?" He looks again at Robin.

The homemade outfit grants Tim a pang of something in his chest. Is that heartache? Or is it indigestion? He'll think about that more later. Robin pinches the bridge of his nose as he straightens and treads towards the pair, "I… don't leave much of anything around if I can help it. Granted," he frowns a stitch, "if I'm getting shot, I worry less about the batarangs and more about, you know, not dying." Robin shrugs.

"You're not…" he squints at her outfit again. "This is real, you know. A person can get really hurt — "

Charlie's enthusiasm is startin to tamp down, though she struggles to not let it show. "I know this is real." that is said with a whole lot of emphasis and a smidge of pain there. "I… .. I know this is real.. I am doing my best.. I .. really am and I need to do this." she is drifting into heartache tone and she just runs out of words. She isn't even sure what else to say to Robin, why do people always open with this. No one seems to get what is in her head and heart, just a misunderstood Misfit. "Look.. I know how I look.. I know.. ok.. Im just some Misfit. but can we yell at me up there and not in front of …" she just kind of gestures up, out of the alley, then down at all the thugs. She totally thinks this is going to turn into another lecture or maybe yelling instead of a hey good job Charlie. She is on the defensive pretty quick but then, wow has she got a lot of lectures and people questioning her even being allowed to continue this. She seems so young though, teenagers with trauma and a dose of immaturity.

"She has a sense of duty," Nightwing points out. "Which is admirable. I suggested she join the Police Academy. I guess it's not fast enough for her and she puts no trust in it. Besides, it's far more exciting to be a vigilante and dress up, isn't it?" There's definitely sarcasm in his words. "Although she does have a point. This shouldn't be discussed here." No doubt Oracle has called the GCPD to clean up.

He still has that Batarang.

"Yeaaaaah…." Robin starts. "I'm not yelling," because he's not, "and I don't.." have the heart to lecture. He did enough of that with Steph. With a small puff of breath, he reaches to his belt and draws his grappling gun. And for the first time since the Joker /shot him/, he fires the grappling hook towards a building to draw himself upwards. He can still feel his heartbeat in his throat as he moves. Like ripping off a bandaid…

Charlie bristles under the sarcasm, it is visible. "I wouldn't fit in there either." is retorted to Nightwing and she takes the fast way up, perhaps just out of teenage spite. There is a flash of smoke <pinkurple!> and she is gone.

Charlie is already up on the roof on an exhaust fan, sitting with her back to part of the metal housing hugging her knees to her chest and squinting behind her mask watching for you both to get up here.

Nightwing presses a hand to his forehead, "Teenagers. Please tell me I wasn't that bad when I was one…" even though he's not too far out of that life stage. He soon follows and lands easily. "So now you're going to sulk? We're not yelling and I know that Oracle's watching you tonight. You didn't do poorly, but…what would have happened if one of them got off a shot at you? Or shivved you?"

Charlie keeps squinting at both of the bird-themed heroes. "I'm not sulking." she complains, totally sulking there on her exhaust vent. "I really am doing my best.. and I am really fast." she pauses "Are you guys just worried about me… because I'll be okay .. really if I get shot I'll just bounce." it makes sense to her but it probably sounds like she will bounce to Oracle or something, but seriously no kevlar even just clothing from a thrift store in part. "If I am doing something wrong just tell me and I will do better. I'm practicing all the time.. I throw the batarang at the targets at Lady B's a hundred times each day.. my hands don't even blister any more."

The batarang is tapped lightly against the palm of one gloved hand as Nightwing continues to look between Charlie and Robin. "If you're shot through the head or gut or lung or heart…not sure you'd be able to magic your way out of there. You'd be dead. Not all guys who carry guns are crappy shots. Yes, we're concerned about you because you're not invincible. You may think you are, but I promise you…you're not, and one of these days you're going to come up against someone who is going to be faster than you. Your training is great and it says something that Oracle and this Lady Blackhawk have taken an interest in you, but…" he just gives a sigh and shakes his head, "Nothing I say is going to matter, will it? You're just going to do what you want to do."

Misfit watches him, and here is the lecture. Well it isn't yelling which is a plus. "I already did, that psychodoc killer was better than me and I couldn't stop him. He knocked the snot out of me.. " she sighs "But no.. I am not going to stop doing this Nightwing. I am trying to get the right training and do the right things.. but I am not going to be able to stop." she looks you over 'Why don't you stop. You're not invincible. Someone could be lucky and shoot you in the head or the heart or stuff." ah stuff "Yet you are doing this too…. Why don't you become a cop instead?"

"I did stop for a little while," Nightwing points out. Not that she would know that information. "And you're right. Someone could get lucky and shoot me too. I'm not denying that fact and I'm not blind to it. But I've also been doing this probably almost as long as you've been alive and have a better sense of tactics and flat out experience." Her next question just causes him to give a but of a smirk. "Just don't say you weren't warned of the dangers. If you go in reckless, you're more likely to get caught off-guard."

With that, he gestures for Robin to lead the way to the next mark. The Batarang remains in hand for the time being.

Misfit calls after them "How am I suppose to get experience without doing this! Chicken and Egg!" she slumps back looking thoughtful, mutter. Then after they are gone she sits up straight "Hey my batarang!" and collapses back to bang the back of her head on the metal behind her "Arggh!" frustration just oozing from her before she decides to call it an early night and bounces home >pinkpurlle flash!> to sulk on her new not charcoal'd bed.

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