Necromancing the Graveyard

December 16, 2014: Misfit and Fenris foil a necromancer and a blackmail attempt

Bristol - Gotham City

Bristol is a stepping stone between New York City and Gotham itself along Interstate 98 before one reaches the Robert Kane Memorial Bridge that leads in to East End.



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Misfit is out on patrol, she is still using it as a work in progress but the batfam is doing a good job this week at making it feel good. Except Batwing, he seems totes cool. She did what she is supposed to, called in, said she would like to patrol, made sure people were aware, then headed into town. She is making a point of checking different parts of town on her patrols. Tonight she picked Bristol.

This finds Misfit paused on a building with a good view of the cemetary "dang.. I really may need to think about this… maybe a long sleeved shirt and full leggings with the next uniform.. do superheroes ever wear thermal undershirts… maybe I should get one…. because man it gets chilly in Gotham." she is mostly rambling to herself "I think I'll sketch full leggings for Batwing." is muttered, then she squints at the cemetary "Huh who would go there at night…" she swears she saw someone headed that way. She readies her old school batline, not one of the new grapple guns and wings the hook <zing thunk> and swings over to the church steeple overlooking the cemetary.

"Mmmmm…" Fenris somehow appeared behind Misfit. Actually he'd opened a Way and stepped out but the Old Wolf is sneaky sometimes. "Hanging out in cemetaries now? Are you sure you're not magical somehow?" Fenris doesn't have any doubts himself. He can scent it, feel it. It's definitely within her, but unformed. Potential rather than power. It's an odd feeling but there you go. "Also hello."

"Stop rambling, Charlie" Oracles voice filters through the young womans communicator. "About the uniform, I think it's time we get you a real one, a protective and not pretend one. Come by the Clocktower tomorrow and we'll get started on it." And then there's Fenris' voice, heard clearly through the comms unit. "Say hello to the Old Wolf for me." the redhead in the Clocktower laughs as she taps the comms off. If Fenris is around, Charlie might be ok for a few minutes.

Before Fenris speaks Charlie starts to respond to the first part "I'm thinking Misfit." for a name perhaps "And Awesome batwing is going to make me one for not dying.. which reminds me… " about to launch into something when Fenris speaks up and nearly sends her tumbling off the church steeple… she squeeks in alarm and grips it tighter now. She really needs environmental perceptiveness training more than anything, or maybe magic sensory training. "uh… guh." she twists around "Hello Mr. Fenris, Oracle says hello as well." she straightens "I don't believe so?" about being Magical then she ooohs "You should tell Oracle the staff you let me keep isn't dangerous… also I saw someone moving down in the cemetary… maybe they are Devourers?" she peers down at the masoleums and back to Fenris "Why are you here….. ur up here?"

Fenris chuckles. "Why should I do that?" He glances over to the cemetary, casting his senses out. There's something there but he's not sensing the twisted, apocaplyptic nature magic that is the trademark of the Circle. "I'm not sure but it oesn't feel like them. I'm here to check up on you, actually. Misfit, mmm?"

"Misfit mmmm and what's that about Batwing?" Oracles voice would sound disapproving if it wasn't digitally altered. "Fenris," Oracle assumes that Fenris can hear her through the comms unit. "The only reason you wouldn't tell me the staff wasn't dangerous, is because it can be…." She pauses and frowns "Why are you checking in on one of my charges?"

Misfit endeavors to not sulk, so very trying this week is so very trying. "He said he would make me a new suit to keep me safe. It sounds awesome." batwing presumably not Fenris "He totes said the staff was safe when he said I could keep it…" to Fenris "She confiscated it until she could talk to you…" she trails off … wait Mr. Scary Wolf is cecking up on her. "Why..are you checking up on me?"

"For the same reasons I check in on anyone." Fenris answers both Babs and Charlie at the same time. "The staff is a focus, yes, for arcane power, but she is not particularly likely to blow herself up with it." As a matter of fact she's not particularly likely to do anything with it unless and until she learns to focus her abilities. "Nothing magical is one hundred percent safe but then I could say the same thing about electricity, computers and crossing the street."

"I see, I shall speak with Batwing then." Considering Batwing is likely making use of the Bat facilities, Oracle had better have a conversation with him. "It's the particularly that worries me, Fenris. You've met her…" Oracle smiles, imagining the look on Charlie's face at that comment. "He's checking in because he feels a responsibility for you. Take it as a compliment, Misfit." Stretching a little she continues "What's happening in that cemetary Misfit?" Oracle is all business.

Misfit does get the look on her face that Oracle is probably expecting "I wont blow anything up… on purpose and I was just going to hit people with it.. it doesnt seem breakable when you hit stuff with it…" sh trails off and ohs at the Wolf "Thanks." for checking up he guesses, not really sure what to say. "I.. don't know I mean I was going to go look but then all this hapeed… I want to draw my ideas for the suit… I got tons." she turns to peer into the cemetary "Maybe it is zombies.. theres lot of zombie stuff these days."

Fenris laughs softly. "Oracle she would first need to know how to pour power into it to make it do anything and before that she'd have to accept that she has some." She still hasn't. "It's a bit like giving someone a flashlight and no batteries and counting on them to get struck by lightning to make it light up." The Wolf's senses are still questing among the tombstones. "No… no Zombies… but there is something there."

"Alright Misfit, have you looked the area over or are you just guessing? Forget about the suit, you're on patrol now, focus." Oracle knows that Misfit hasn't moved from that spot and is guessing. "Rather than guessing, how about you doing some surveillance? Get closer, but not so close and see what you can see." Fenris' response gets a smile but no answer. "Fenris may have super sensitive senses, you don't, learn to use what you have." Whilst giving this lecture, Oracle is bringing up the CCTV feeds from the area. It will take a few minutes more to get the cemetary feeds live.

Misfit manages to not sigh "Scouting, roger roger… I need wolf senses…" she eyes the cemetary, not really able to swing to another structure what with just masoleums and graves. Mostly because this church steeple is the tall point. She drops the line and swings down onto ground level and starts to pad off deeper into the cemetary. There totally is missio impossible theme sounds being subvocalized, not making noise but, da da da dum ..da da da dum… dadadadum…. After some slinking and peeking around tombstones and monuments heading in the direction she saw the movement headed that got her attention many minutes ago she spots the prey.

Some people must have come in earlier and Misfit have saw some of the late arrivers because wow they have been busy. A graves have been dug up, and casket forced open. Several men in black suits stand around it looking like bodyguards or mafia thugs. Several being a half dozen. Additionally there is a man in a suit and expensive cashmere overcoat who looks in charge. The final icing on the cake is a man in a black trench coat, sleeveless, arms and face covered in black tattoos. He has several symbols spread around the disturbed grave and intones "Rise Don Porello… we hae questions for you." hey look at that, it looks like criminals paying a necromancer to raise a dead criminal to ask questions.

Misfit whispers "Maybe they want to know where Hoffa is buried?" to Oracle.

"Ask his ghost. That's what most low level practitioners do." Fenris murmurs. He sighs and shakes his head. He doesn't particularly like hijinks like this but he doesn't particularly feel the need to make his objection felt so long as whatever they're doing doesn't get out of hand. "Wolf senses…" Fenris murmurs as he follows quietly. "… Or the ability to teleport." Too bad she doesn't have that. Eh? Eh?

The CCTV feeds show Oracle different views of the same scene Misfits' comms unit does. "Focus, Misfit." Oracles' patience may be wearing a tad thin. "I had to listen to Nightwing and Robin regale me with their concerns about you today, don't make me regret what I said to them." the redhead sighs "Necromancy, wonderful… I'm really not sure you should be there. I could find someone else to bring in…." It would delay the clean up but not endanger the young woman.

Misfit protests "I am focused, witty banter is totally part of crime fighting." she frowns still watching the scene, she is at least whispering "I get why they are worried.. they think I will die or aren't good enough to be on the team.. and Nightwing stole my batarang." she makes a noise "But we need to focus on this not them. Oracle I fought three druids and two super werewolves with Mr. Fenris.. what is one necromancer. I am sure we can take him.. I don't need to go home."

The body jerks mostly skeletal but ectolasmic flesh forming now. Then it sits up with the wail of the dead being wrenched from it's sleep. The necromancer makes a gesture to finish binding the dead mafia don and turns to the man in the very expensive suit "Okay Don, ask your questions." keeping control. The Don in questions looks to the corpse "We need to now a lot. First though we need to know where you stowed the blackmail on the other families, cops, and the city councilman."

"Ooooooh dear…." Fenris sighs. Now he objects. Not particularly to the crime but because it's so very petty. If one is going to wield dark powers beyond the ken of mortal men ONE DOES NOT USE THEM TO BLACKMAIL POLICE OFFICERS! The President, at least. Come on guys.

As Misfit chatters on, Oracle rolls her eyes and watches the scene. "So then young lady" the voice filters through "Tell me your plan to take this lot down. Remember there's a necromancer with the group."

Misfit glances at Fenris as he sighs and then studies the scene once more. "Definitely the necromancer is the problem.. I mean he has totes cool magic might even if he is just slumming to summon dead mobsters." she considers "Probably bounce behind him and punch him in the kidney and smack him one in the teme to drop him. Then duck behind the tombstones to avoid being shot… disarm with batarangs… bounce behind still armed mobsters and kick one in the kneecaps and then duck behind another tombstone… use a lot of cover there are a lot of guns out there I bet.. widdle them down but necromancer first."

"May I suggest another course of action?" The Old Wolf sounds at once both impressed and amused. Impressed that Misfit could come up with a plan of action so quickly that is relatively tactically sound if a bit brash…. and amused, well, yes.

"Oracle, is teamwork on the list of skills your wards develope? Or does all that slightly unenforceable territoriality preclude it?" He speaks of course to the Bat's penchant to claim Gotham as their own private domain, even when they can't A) Keep order within it or B) Prevent those more powerful from them from doing more or less as they please.

"This ward, is not technically a Bat, Fenris. But teamwork is imperative in all operations. Even Robin has worked with others outside the Bats at times." The redhead in the Clocktower listens to Misfits plan. "Certainly take out the Necromancer first. Whatever you do, he has to go down and stay down, Misfit." But she defers to Fenris "What were you thinking, Fenris?"

Misfit looks quite pleased that no one said her plan sucked. She is really applying what she has been doing to drug dealers and muggers for the last several weeks to a new situation. This is not her first tumble into high adrenalie life or death ass whupping. She looks to Fenris waiting to hear his plan.

"Despite the fact that she has a batarang?" Fenris murmurs archly as he unwraps his scarf, a red silk affair, from his neck and produces a small pocket knife. "Your thumb please." That provided he pricks Charlie's thumb with the knife and presses a drop of her blood to the scarf which seems to start to billow as if in a wind. "You could simply try punching them. But there is a friend here and you could try asking for help. This scarf will stretch up to a hundred feet, go where you will it, as you will it and not break unless powerful magic or superhuman abilities are applied. Use it to deal with the necromancer without exposing yoursself… then deal with the thugs."

"Despite her having a Batarang." Oracles voice filters through. She sits back and watches Fenris' actions through the CCTV feeds and waits to see what happens next.

Misfit has two batarangs and a bat grapple even. Once she gets the one back from Nightwing she will be back to three bat grapples. She eyes the scarf and hssses "That is so cool." she thinks hard at the scarf, willing it to wiggle from the right to the left. "Okay. So disabling the necromancer first. Then bouncing behind the mobsters clumbed in the back… going to batarang two of the others then duck behind that row of tombstones… uh… is the zombie ghost going to be a danger." hey look she caught herself and looks to Fenris.

Fenris chuckles. "Teamwork, Misfit. Being able to go it alone is good. Sometimes you have to. Being able to call for help when you're out of your depth?" He grins. "Do your thing. If the ghost gets out of hand I'll deal with it."

Misfit nods to Fenris "Rogerroger" yes someone watched a lot of cartoons as baby sitter. She peers out there and then wills the scarf into action. As long as it actually obeys her will, it will zip out there and snag the necromancer by the right wrist, then left, cinch them up tight, and then wrap the loose end around to gag the guy so he can't shout magic spells.

Once this has happened she wills the scarf to tighten and then Misfit bounces into action >pinkurple smoke> and gone from the spot by Fenris. She re-appears sans smoke right behind two of the mobsters, mid-air, catcing their heads and bashing them together really hard <SMASH>. She lands on her feet and has both batarangs she owns out in her hands. She hurls both of them as hard as she can, but hits with the blunt sides with both, sidelong throws to nail two of the other thugs in the sides of their heads hard. Then she dives behind the row of tombstone to plan the next move.

She leaves a lot of very confused people behind. Two out cold mobsters that have headwounds, because despite her scrawny small frame she is incredibly surprisingly strong for her frame. Two staggered dazed monsters, and one trussed up necromancer. That leaves one Don and two other monsters, which are drawing their guns shouting in alarm.

Fenris whistles softly to himself as he draws his Gale Rod and walks toward the action. He wants to see if Misfit can follow through on her plan. The magic item he gave her is of a simple variety. The magic in it is mostly self contained, needing only a drop of blood and an application of will to activate it. Provided she can focus, it should work fine.

Misfit hasn't willed the scarf to do anything other then keep the Necromancer's wrists bound tight and gagged. The guy is thrashing about hard trying to get lose. Man if looks cold kill someone would be dead. Thankfully that isn't the case, him having that power that is. She ducks along behind the tombstones then bounces again >pinkurple> and appears sans smoke behind a tombstone by one of the still very alert mobsters who have spread out from each other. "Dark vengance!" as she reaches out to grab the guy pulling him off balance hard and swinging him down face first into a tombstone. Then she is scurrying again as shots are fired where she just vacated. The Don in charge also has a gun out now "GEt her!" he shouts.

Fenris swirls the rod in the direction of the Mafia Don. A hard but strangely localized gust of wind catches the hand of the man next to him and swings his gun around and down as he hurries to comply with his Boss' command. The result? The Don's right knee has a horrible, awful, no good day.

Misfit peeks counts, one mafia guy who just shot his boss and two dazed guys. Right. She kips up, off a grave stone leap kicks with no chance of getting close enough to hit anyone and bounces >pinkurple> and appears on the other side of the guy who just shot his boss. Her kicking foot connects with his face >crunch> and upon landing she leaps for one of the dazed guys putting both of her fists into his stomach and knocking the air out of him. One dazed mafiaso to go.

The necromancer tries to saw the scarb on one of the shovels and ends up losing his balance toppling into the open grave.

Moments later Fenris appears in view over the grave. "Don't try to move. It'll only make it painful. For one of us." The creepy man in the long coat might just be able to do something to arrange that too.

Misfit glances to see the dazed guy has recovered enough to get his gun out and pointed. She ignores the wailing shot mob boss and instead grabs the guy she just sucker punched. She twists him around between her and the shooter and rams him across the muddy ground at his buddy, bull rushing the much larger guy with his friend. Who backs up trying to get a clean shot and ends up falling backwards over a gravestone. Misfit can't really tell fast enough what happened and well it looks more impressive than she intended but she rams the one mafia guy right over the stone as well >CRACK> as his shins and knees hit it. Oh yeah he is going to be done. On top of his friend crying in pain. She stomps on the downed mobsters gun hand several times, then kicks him in the side of the head hard. Hsssing at home.

That done she ducs behind a gravestone to make sure her count is accurate and no one has recovered enough to shoot her.

While she's ducked there's another gust of wind and a sharp 'Hey now! None of that!' One of the mob enforcers gets lifted up a good twenty feet by a very improbable miniature cyclone and then dropped. Then the process is repeated. Several times.

"Mmmmm… I htink they're done now."

Oracles been watching the fight and has been silent. Interrupting the teams on the ground, is just plain distracting. "Nice work you two, I've alerted the police. You should secure them and disappear. We'll debrief when that's done."

Misfit has been practicing this for several months, still her form is definitely all self taught and raw. Despite all of that though she is amazing raw materials, she could be a world class ninja acrobatic with enough training thanks to her homo-magi genetics. She dashes back out fishing out zipties which she starts to apply liberally while kicking guns away from people scattering them about the graveyard as she works.

She totes pauses though by the zombie ghost and the grave, then tries something and wills the scarf to drag the necromancer back up out of the grave which lets her use a recovered batarang like a sap and smack him right upside the temple <THUMPINGS>. Then once she is sure he is out cold she zipties him and gags him with his own shirt. "hmm… should probably warn the cops…" she pull out a post-it and writes <DANGER SPELLCASTER> on it and tapes it to his forehead.

"I'll be taking the necromancer. Unless you want a bunch of undead cops wandering around in an hour or so." Fenris doesn't really expect to be argued with… not that he'd listen in this case. The Necromancer begins to float on wind as he Great Wolf tears a Way to… somewhere open. "Lesson two, the police can't handle this. There are quite a few things they' can't handle."

Oracles not going to argue. "I don't want that thing back in Gotham, Fenris" she's adamant about that. "Misfit, if you're done, pick up your weapons and go…"

Misfit doesn't argue, though she thought her note was good thinking "Neat.. I mean roger." she picked up her batarang on the ziptie circuit she is very meticulous since batarangs don't grow on trees. She bounces out now >pinkurple> and is back out on the church by the graveyard clear of things but not to far yet.

Oracle's going to have her hands full with that one. Fenris will check in on her later. Just to make sure nothing hugely powerful has come to eat her or twist her magic against her. Also to get his scarf back. He steps into the Way with the necromancer in tow and disappears.

"Stay out of sight, Misfit but that was a job well done. Come by the Clocktower tomorrow and we'll go through what you learned." Yes, Oracle will have hands full but the look on the redheads face shows how much she's looking forward to the challenge.

Misfit didn't mean to take the scarf, she just had it over her shoulder after ziptieing the necromancer. She chirp back to Oracle "Righto" and bounces home to Lady B's and her place. At that point she pauses "um.. I still have mr. Fenris's scarf…" she wills it to hang itself up though on a bed post watching fascinated as it does.

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