Waterside Brunch

December 17, 2014: Brunch for Rowan and Oracle

Waterfront Cafe



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Rowan has invited Babs out to 'brunch' today, brunch being a thing he's heard that people enjoy sometimes and Babs is usually particular about keeping her evenings free. So Brunch it is on a nice place out on the waterfront. Despite the cold it's a nice and sunny (if windy) day and the covered deck of this particular restaurant is heated well enough that the weather doesn't really bite.

Babs has had a busy night coordinating with the teams on the ground but has managed to get an hour or so sleep before brunch. Arriving at the waterside cafe, she pauses at the door looking Rowan… She's dressed nicely, slacks, blouse and a warm jacket till she gets inside. Her long redhead is left free, although it does look a tad windblown at the moment.

"Hi Babs." Rowan seems rather pleased to see her, as always he does. "You look very nice today." He pulls a seat away to make room for her at the table. He's less familiar with surfacer breakfast foods so he hasn't gone to order anything yet.

Moving her chair to the spot Rowan's cleared for her, Babs smiles up at the Blue Warrior. "Thank you Rowan, so do you…" she knows his clothes are adaptive. "And thank you for the invite… it was a nice surprise." Glancing around briefly she returns her attention to Rowan "Have you ever done a Surfacer brunch or breakfast?"

"Breakfast yes though never at a restaurant. I find your customs on the matter odd." Rowan chuckles. "Some say it is a small meal to start the day while some insist on a great quantity of food. A 'farmer's breakfast' as it were. And as in this instance, some insist on combining Breakfast and Lunch…"

"I don't think you're the only one who's confused by those customs" Babs smiles back "No one seems to agree. Me, I eat when I feel like it" and remember but the less said about that the better. "Brunch… Breakfast and Lunch. It gives people time to eat at leisure and combine the two meals." she shrugs slightly "Do you have any preferences as to what you might like to eat?"

"I'm not sure. Many of these are unfamiliar to me. Mostly my expereinces with surfacer food are all lunch and dinner." Rowan muses and peers at the waffles. "What do you suggest Babs?"

Babs shrugs. "Depends, sweet or savoury?" she asks "I'm partial to eggs benedict, so that's where I'm starting. Waffles or the Pancake stacks if you want to indulge in something sweet" Tilting her head to one side she watches Rowan, it's interesting watching him learn things. "And a pot of tea of course… tea makes everything better."

"Tea does." Rowan nods. "Eggs… I've enjoyed eggs in the past. Perhaps some of that… what did you call it? Eggs Benedict… or just perhaps a couple of fried eggs, bacon and orange juice." He lets out a pensive sound and looks over the menu as the waiter comes to take their order.

"Order something you're comfortable with, I'll share mine with you, if you like it… maybe we can order more." Babs gives her order to the waiter with a smile and waits for Rowan to order his meal. Placing her arms on the table, she leans forward a little as she waits, totally at ease.

Rowan ends up ordering waffles and corned beef hash because both are knew and sound interesting. The waiter goes off to get the food started. "How have you been?" The question is asked quietly. Gently, even.

Babs looks up at the question and its delivery and smiles. "I've been great, I really enjoyed our trip to New York the other day." she cants her head again with a questioning look on her face "You seem a little concerned… What about you?"

Rowan smiles at the response. He'd been hoping for something like that. "Well, thank you. I enjoyed our outing as well. And I am concerened. Glad to hear that the Nameless haven't given you any further trouble. And that your… other worries don't seem to be pressing quite so hard." Whatever those worries are.

"My other worries… come and go. Some days are better than others, sometimes there's just a lot that hit all at once. And no, I haven't seen the Nameless since that night I patched you up." Babs sits back and rests her hands lightly on the table, a light, relaxed smile on her lips. "Have you decided if you're going to join in the Atlantean festivities for Christmas? You were considering it last we spoke."

"Oh no. I'll be coming by wherever you are on Christmas day. The Orca races don't take place that day, I believe." Rowan assures her. "And I'm glad to hear it's been… okay for you." The Blue smiles gently. "Oh. Food's here."

Babs smiles widely at that comment "I'll be at my Dads for some of it and then back in the Clocktower" she confirms "If you like, I'll tell Dad that I'm bringing a guest…." she leaves the invitation open and lets the server place her food and tea on the table in front of her.

"If I would not be intruding." Rowan smiles as he samples the hash. Not bad. Bit salty but not bad. "Otherwise I'm happy to stop by the Clocktower later on. How is yours?"

Trying the eggs benedict, Babs closes her eyes in pleasure "These are good…" she replies to Rowan, a look of quiet contentment on her face. Opening her eyes again she looks across at him "Maybe we could do both, Dads and then the Clocktower… if you like. And you won't be intruding, you'll be my guest and I know Dad will be pleased to meet my friend."

"I'd like nothing better." The prospect of spending the day with Babs seems to appeal greatly to the Blue. "If you'll forgive a foriegner's ignorance of the celebration in question. I would very much enjoy it though." He's still thinking of potential gifts for Babs. After all, it is apparently tradition.

"There's nothing to forgive there" Babs looks at Rowan carefully "Not all cultures on this earth celebrate Christmas. For me, it's more about celebrating family and how fortunate we are." she smiles "How's your food?" Pouring herself a cup of tea, she takes a sip before continuing with her breakfast "Would you like to try some of mine?" she offers a piece on her fork to the Blue Warrior.

"Sure…" Rowan leans forward and takes a forkful and a bite. "Mmmm. That is quite good." He says with a bright smile, nodding at her explanation. "So long as I won't be in the way."

"You won't be, now stop saying that… you're invited and you're coming" Babs puts the conversation to bed once and for all. "If you have a car that day, perhaps you could pick me up from the Clocktower and take me over… otherwise, I'll get a lift over and meet you there. After all, we meet near Dads house." she smiles remembering their first meeting before focussing on her food, eating in small, neat movements.

"I can arrange for that." Rowan smiles. "Just tell me when." He'd say 'its a date' but that's not a phrase that occurs to him. "Mmmm… perhaps I should try some of this 'french toast' next."

Babs smiles "French toast hmmmm, well you have a soldiers appetite that's for sure." She takes her time finishing her meal, savouring the flavour and drinking her tea. All the while watching Rowan, enjoying his discovery of their cuisine.

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