Kansas Nightmare

December 18, 2014: Clark has a terrifying nightmare and makes a shocking declaration.

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'You are never given a dream without also being given the power to make it true.' - Richard Bach.

"Go long." The young man calls out to the younger woman, smile brilliant and wide as he palms the football within his hands.

"Okay!" The girl calls out, taking a few strides back that looked as if she leaped two football fields in a single bound.


The fields were massive, cornstalks possibly taller than the two children themselves who played out front. The entire land was owned; almost the size of a county.. in fact it was a county designated for only them. The sky was bright, birds chirped in the distance, sky blue with a smattering of clouds. The sun was high in the sky, toppling Kansas with a whopping 89 degrees. So far, with the weather the way it is then verses now, is the coldest its ever been.

"ALRIGHT!" The young man calls out, rearing back his good arm and launching the ball like a blazing cannon.

"OOOF!" Is heard in the distance, followed by a squeak of .. "I got it.." And a few loud coughs.

Clark can't get rid of the awkward feeling of not having complete control of his surroundings. His legs feel like shovels and the thickness in his mouth tastes like syrup. He watches the pair play football and remembers, idly, his playing days. He looks up into the blue of the sky and holds a hand in front of his face to shield it. Suddenly there's a deep panic as he realizes he isn't wearing his glasses.

"Think fast!" The girl cries out.. followed by the sounds of a whirring mistle…

"Holy.. MONA!" The young man cried out, and with blazing speed his arm stretches out and catches the ball with expertise before it hits Clark right on the side of his jaw.

"Seriously Mona! You almost hit him!" He cries out, turning to Clark with a little bit of worry as he ducks down to get a good view of what was almost hit.

"Are you alright there?" He asks, smile growing wide as ever as he glances out towards the field. "She almost put you out of business!" He laughs a laugh that seemed all too familiar, all too jovial and friendly.

"I have to go! Dad's calling!" The young woman, Mona calls out, and from the distance she's seen flying into the air and taking off towards the south.

"I should bean her real good for that. How was your nap?"

Clark rubs the smarting spot on his face; it burns with a pain that he has rarely felt. It's odd, but refreshing in a way. He tests his mouth, chomping down here and there to be sure it's not broken. He turns to regard the young man. "Yeah, I think I'll be okay. My nap? I'm not sure what you mean."

The man frowns a little, tilting his head towards the side as his eyes flash a brilliant white for just a second. "Hm." Is all he could manage out, reaching out to grab Clark upon the shoulder if allowed as he tries to walk along the path towards the house.

"You see Dad, when people get old like you, it's like they're toddlers again. They require a certain amounts of sleep per day so that they could stay rejuvenated."

His hand draws away now, tossing the football into the bushes, then takes a step upon the wooden steps. They're familiar, of course, the old Kent house.

"Though, instead of one of those kindergardener mats, you get a big comfy bed, soft pillows and thick blankets."

Clark coughs as the person calls him his son. "Dad?" he says with confusion. The pair walk towards the house and Clark stays pretty quiet, all things considered, trying to orient himself into the reality. "Yeah, I guess I am pretty old, he mentions to the child. What's up with Monda? She live at the old Lana Lang house?"

The man stares him down again, then shakes his head. "Cripes. I think we have to get you to the doc soon.." He opens the door, keeping it that way for him to enter. "Mona? Lang? Nooo…" He could sense something was off, so he plays along, moving along towards the house to gesture towards the chair so that he could grab two cups to fill it with water.

Each picture in the house was hung upon the wall, a few of Martha and John, Clark as a young boy. A dog here and there playing with a young Clark.. a wedding picture with Clark only, the face of the woman blurred out, and soon, baby pictures galore.

"Alright Dad. Have a seat. Quick history lesson, then I'm going to call Doctor Savage to get a look at you. Frosty?"

"Doctor Savage?" Clark says as he takes a seat. He recognizes all of the photographs pretty readily, except for those baby pictures. He tries to do a quick count, "You know, I'm having a heck of a time remembering things to be honest. Any history lessons you can give would be great."

"Yeah. Scandal Savage. She's a doctor.."

He pulls out his chair now, then flops down upon it. "Alright. Mona's entire name is Mona Gand. She's Lar's kid with Kara. You know, Mon-El? Kara and Lar got together a bit after you and mom got married. Uh.. lets see. You and mom were married June 15, 2016. Had me two years later.. Okay, seriously Dad, you don't remember /any/ of this stuff?"

He was getting a wee bit worried now.

Clark takes a seat and shakes his head slowly, "I know Kara, of course. But I don't remember any of this." He holds a hand to his head. "I don't remember anything. Maybe I'm just not feeling well."

Jon was fast as he moved from the chair to Clark's side, kneeling down upon the ground to look into his fathers eyes. "Holy crap. You're not kidding. C'mon Dad. Let's get you into bed, I'll call Dr. Savage once you're all tucked in."

He doesn't reach out to grab him of course, it would be so easy for him to do so, but out of respect, he lends a shoulder if need be, but doesn't offer.

"I think I understand. Today is /the/ day. Every year that goes by, you seem to get worse and worse. But you never, ever really forget. Not like this time. Dad, you're killing me here."

"Where's your mother?" Clark feels fine and he gets up and uses his "son" to help him, even though he doesn't feel like he needs it. "Killin you? How do you think I feel?" Clark tries to give Jon a reassuring smile and make light of the situation.

Jon takes ahold of Clark's elbow as he stands, then lets go to take a step back.. the look upon his face resembles being gut-punched by Doomsday.

"She… you… she's dead."

He moves past him now, snatching up both glasses of water to toss them into the sink, the glass breaking on impact but, he really doesn't care. He wanted to rampage, surely, but he doesn't. Rampages in the Kent family were not allowed, as his mother told him.

"That's not fair. You don't /get/ to forget. Not like this. Not when it was all your fault to begin with!"

"Well, I'm really sorry. I'm not trying to be difficult here. I don't remember anything you're talking about. And by the way, I'm not so much a fan of the Savages, so if you could just take me up to the Fortress, I think that'd be fine. If you won't, I know my way."

"Fine. Go. If its not one thing it's another. I'll be at Mona's for the rest of the day. Just call me when you get home."

Jon doesn't waste time leaving, moving out of the front door to dig the football out of the bushes. He takes off in flight, a loud *POW* left in his wake.

Clark stands up and decides that the kid needs just to cool off. In a split second he's torn around the entire house at Superspeeds, looking for cards, photographs, old mail, anything to let him know who the mother is and why it might be his fault. After that? He prepares to head northward to go to the Fortress. Surely it will help him unlock these secrets.

Like most dreams, things aren't revealed the way they're needed to. The direct approach doesn't work. There is, however.. news clippings found in an old photo album.





The words themselves, hard to read.

Birthday cards drawn by Jon, as well as academic awards, it seems as if advice was passed down from Father to Son, leave the sports to the normals, focus on studies and lay low. There was even a picture of Jon Kent and his parents.. the woman blurred, as he smiles bright and holds up his trophy in front of his proud parents.

There was also a picture of Jon and Martha, seemingly taken at the Fortress of Solitude. She looked much older, and held a cane as she posed with her grandson.

There were also books, it seems that later on in life, Clark Kent became an author; for there were a variety of books with many genres that line the shelves.

As he leaves the Kent farm, nothing really looked amiss, but nearing the Fortress, the sky seemingly darkens into night, the vast sky itself lit by a billion twinkling stars. The Fortress upon the horizon seems the same, nothing was changed over the years. Even the entry into the Fortress was accessed by the key that only Clark would know where to find and how to open. And it does without hesitation.

As Clark walks the hallways, he makes a b-line straight for the monitor hub. "Computer," he says before he even wonders if any of his Superbots are still functional. "What date did Lois Lane die?"

He takes a seat at the crystalline chair he fashioned for himself and props his fingers together as he begins to ponder.

He leans back in his chair, wanting to remember now more than ever.

The computer flares to life. And as usual, the Fortress of Solitude was equipped with the best of the best, there was no wait times, nor pauses or hiccups when the voice was recognized.

"Lois Lane died on June 15, 2036."

The Superbots were still around, heavily modified from their original look and a bit more durable to handle the technological advances of the criminals of today.

"Is there anything else, Kal-El."

Clark sits back in his chair and takes a huge intake of air as his blue eyes focus on the large computer screen in front of him. He lets it out slowly. "Yes. Do a full body scan to see why I can't remember my past. Also, I want a visual display of the log of Lois and my relationship. I also want a full report of how and why she died."

A blue beam draws itself from the monitor, scanning the man within the chair as the diagnostics appear upon the screen. Everything appears normal according to Kryptonian standards, yet, the brain activity that displays upon the screen burns a fiery red.

"It appears, Kal-El, that there is increased activity in your cerebral cortex. We have found scans like this before thirty years ago. We can only deduce that you do not remember your time here because you do not belong."

The screen splits into threes, flickering through photos and pictures of Clark and Lois, even though her face remains blurred. It looked like a happy time, mostly starting from when she first arrived in Smallville, her dealings with Clark and Chloe, small family outings and random pictures taken of her doing the most mundane.

"On June 15th, 2036, Lois Lane was removed from her workplace located at the top floor of The Daily Planet. She was held for randsom, in which Superman answered the call. Superman and this unknown entity engaged in battle in which Lois Lane was caught in the crossfire. Due to years of trauma, she was unable to recover from her injuries, and was pronounced dead at the scene."

"Computer," Clark shoots, almost immediately. "Why can I not see her face in these photographs? Also, elaborate as to what you posit about me not belonging here. I'm all ears." Clark is breathing slowly and heavily as his mind races. It's not likely the assailant would be unknown. None of this is likely. But as he gets deeper into the dream, the more he's convinced that it's reality.

"One does not know."

The pictures end with the grave of Lois Lane-Kent, with Clark and Jon standing near. Both appear to have their heads lowered in respect, as a hand touches his young sons shoulder.

"Displaced. Twenty years ago, a young Clark Kent traveled to the future to meet himself. The young Clark Kent saved Lois Lane, preventing her and an unknown passenger from falling to their deaths in a helicopter crash caused by the Elder Clark Kent's collision a few blocks over. One was able to take scans of Young Clark Kent and Older Clark Kent after this occurance and notice the same scans that we see here."

"Clarify," Clark responds. "How long was this before Lois' death? Why is the person unknown? What information can you give me about them? I presume I would be the elder Clark Kent."

After he gives the computer a chance to respond, he already knows his next question. "Computer. Scan my whereabouts before 3 hours ago. Scan all possible areas for my DNA signature."

"Thirty years before Lois' death."

"The unknown entity remains unknown. One can only deduce that traces of entity in databases were erased after the death of Lois Lane-Kent."

"This is the only image we have of the unknown entity."

The image that expands upon the screen is a little bit blurred, yet it does have a familiar shape and height. From afar, one could easily say that it was Superman himself.. if only he were hopped up on steroids with one arm longer than the other, and a bigger left foot.

"Incorrect, Kal-el. You are both the younger Clark Kent and the Elder Clark Kent in this space and time."


"Three hours ago, Kal-El, also known as Clark Kent was located in Metropolis."

"Bizarre," Clark says as he looks at the image. "It almost looks like…" His voice trails as he considers what might have happened. "Computer, is there any information on what I was doing in Metropolis at the time?"


A video pulls up, an overhead view of the streets of Metropolis. A significantly older Clark Kent is seen, stepping out of a flower shop with a bouquet of roses underneath one arm. As he looks left and right, he is seen sneezing, effectively blowing a man a step forward to avoid him being hit by fallen debris due to construction.

"More information needed."

"Computer. What is the significance of today's date?" Clark motions towards a superbot, "Get me a mirror, would you 7? Also, you look a little heavier. You been eating bad oil?" He gives a wink, trying to be his old self, despite the tension at the back of his neck.

7, if it had facial features, would give a deadpan look towards Clark.

"You look the same as you always look, Kal-El."

Of course 7 looks heavier, cause he's a bit more awesome than he was before! It doesn't have to go too far to reach for a mirror, for it was taken up from the opposite console and handed over towards Clark. Should he look? He'd see the same old man that he's seen on the screen before.

"There is no significance of this date. More information needed."

"Yeah, you can say that again. Is Krypto still around?" Clark rubs at his eyes and tries to figure out where to go next. Maybe it's time to go back and talk to his "son." But there's something gnawing at him. He looks at the mirror again and pads at his old face. All the science in the world had told him he'd age so much slower. Was it wrong or was it something else?

"No." This time, the voice was familiar, it was Lois!

"Smallville. Smallville!" She cracks a loud whistle, the image of her displaying across the large screen, looking young as ever. "Up here, blue eyes. Geez, you think when a girl asks for more information she'd actually get it."

"What?" Clark asks to the screen, clearly disoriented. "You're alive! But how? Where are you?" Clark tries to get up but nearly stumbles as he feels something tangled around his feet.

Lois makes a little face. "What? Oh. God you're old. I mean, yeah. I'm alive. Am I supposed to die?" She glances off screen, then makes a little face. "Okay. Sorry. This is kind of weird. Old you is here.. well, you. Current looking you. And my you is across the hall. See?"

Whatever she was using, slowly pans around to see an elderly Clark Kent, who gives a smile and a wave. He doesn't speak, he only gestures at the camera. "Don't worry, I'm not being held hostage or anything. But you kind of are creeping me out."

Her eyes look up, then shrugs. "Technically, you really aren't supposed to be here. And I tried to tell the older you that but you just wouldn't listen. We're getting /married/ tomorrow, Kal. But I guess you kinda threw tradition out the window with this time traveling schtick.."

"Wait, what?" Clark looks toward Lois and shakes his head. "What are…how do I get there? Lois, you're /dead/ here. I don't know how it happened, but it looks like it was me. But it wasn't me. I don't know, everything is so confusing and I just want to see you."

Lois takes on a serious look, then lets out a soft sigh. "You already /are/ here. Well, two of you are." Hearing him as he was, she nearly wanted to cry, and it shows within her face.

"Clark. It's okay. It's okay. You have to listen to me now, okay? You came back here, on this day, for me to tell you.. which ever current you you are right now, to tell you that everything is going to be fine. Just fine. And that no matter what happens, I'll always believe in you. And I'll always have faith in you. Because you're my Superman." She smiles sadly, then sniffs loud enough to wipe away at her eyes.

"You can't stop me from dying. It's just life, is all. The only thing that counts is how we spend it together." She pauses, then looks over.. then nods.

"Oh, and old you wants you you to know that you should probably not eat ice cream so much, since you tend to miss your mouth a lot and.. wait.. what was that? Ten years from now, don't go outside? He says you're going to get some wicked Kryptonian type flu and cause a million dollars worth of damage in New York."

She holds a hand up to her mouth, then whispers.. "You're lookin' good as an old guy, but you're creeping me the fuck out.."

"What? I didn't say anything! Okay Kal. He wants you to go and find 8. He says 8 has a device that will help you get home. He says to attach it to your left temple. Your /left/ temple, not your right, and 8 will do the rest. And he said it /will/ hurt. That's how you'll get back to your own time."

"It's not okay, Lois." Clark gets to his feet, wanting to leave this time and this place as quickly as possible. "I don't care if it hurts," Clark doesn't seem ready to agree to all of this, even if Lois seems to be imploring him. Not being able to control a situation, and worse, accepting that, is not something he takes very well.

Clark heads towards the hallway behind him, towards the technological wing, and uses his x-ray vision to try and locate 8.

"Clark.. Kal… Kal..?!"

The voice disappears slowly as he moves along the wing, and he didn't have to look far to find 8. 8, just like 7, was as dense if not bulkier, but his composition was odd enough for him to appear light upon its feet.

"Kal-el!" He says in a cheerily manner, "I suppose the meeting with Lois Lane went as expected?"

He zooms past Clark to press a button upon a lone room, with just a small console set up and a table that one may need strapped to.

Nothing about this has been expected, 8," Clark says with a weary look. "I'm told you can send me back. I want to go. Very badly." He runs his hand along the wall of the technology room, not even remember being wherever it is he's going to, not being able to remember anything, really. Everything is so cloudy.

"Nothing ever is, Kal-el. Time travel is a tricky thing. Sometimes a person doesn't like what he finds if he travels to the future." 8 gestures towards the gurney, indicating for Clark to lay down.

"I can get you home. Just settle in. And I will have to strap you down, just so that you don't crush me during your human-like flailing." If 8 could laugh, he would.

"I can fix the device so that you do not remember your time here, if you wish it Kal-el. Who knows what psychological effects this could have on you once you return to your past. Or future. Or present."

"No," Clark says. "I need to remember. I need to tell Lois about me. I can't wait another moment." Clark lies down upon the gurney as he continues to talk to the robot. "If I've learned anything, I've learned that I need to cherish every moment."

He tries to get comfortable and his blue eyes flicker up towards the machine, wondering how much he'll remember and where he's going.

"Excellent choice." 8 said. But one could swear that in his tone, albeit mechanical, was a little cynical.

He retrieves the nodes from the console then attaches it to Clark's temple, his fingers tapping away at the little nodules until they begin to beep to life. It was then that he takes to strapping him in, sliding one band across the other, even fitting cuffs about his wrists.

"Lois will be pleased to hear the truth, Kal-el. And a little advice from one friend to the other."

He pauses long enough to float towards the console, then presses in a few buttons, dating December 18, 2014.

"I enjoyed Lois' company over the years, and she is missed. You can prevent this."

And then he pushes the button. A Jean Luc Picard joke would have been proper here, but by the time the button was pressed, Clark was already gone.

"I'll do my best to make sure of it," Clark responds, but he's already gone. He's off to the unknown, trying to keep conscious, but eager to get back to wherever he's supposed to be.

It seems a little muddy at first. Coming back to where ever a person is from the then.. and to now. But it would almost feel like suffocation, a forced loss of breath and a shock of pain to the brain that tries to fit all of the information to where it's /not/ supposed to be.

And then he'd hear a voice..

A soft hum of a song from a womans lips, then a vision of the woman in a tank top and sweat pants, standing in front of a suit that fits him which is hung and currently being steamed.

"Szrraahmrhrhrnnnnuug.." Her voice sounded distorted, but slowly.. mid conversation, it picks up into something normal.

"I didn't realize it, but.. you have incredible tastes in suits. Of course I only notice this now because you did a crappy pack job and I had to iron /and/ steam this bad boy. And way to go with the ties. But I think we should stop at Sak's and get you a silver one for the funeral."

They were in New York, in a two bedroom hotel at the Hilton.

Clark sits up from bed. His hair is a bit longer than one might think given how it's styled usually, so it hangs over his eyes. His chest is bare, but it's nothing Lois hasn't seen before. But what she hasn't seen, at least not in a long time, is Clark without his glasses. He pushes his hair back and looks at her.

"We need to talk."

"Mmm?" She questions, not looking over her shoulder. In fact, she lowers down at a crouch now, her hand gripping the pant leg as she carefully begins to steam.

"Give me a second, I'm on the last leg." No really, she was!

"If it's about my cooking, I swear to you Smallville, I'm going to snatch your pinky toe off and make it into a snausage."

"Lois, I'm Superman."


She glances back towards him, then towards the pants again. "Very funny Clar.."

Wait. What?

She looks back towards him again, her brows knitting as if she were angry, yet she was really squinting and trying to see. The steamer falls to the floor, and from her crouch? So does she, and with a spin she's facing him now in a fit of mild shock.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you. Also? I love you."


Lois, was. Gobsmacked.

"You.." She even lifts a finger towards him.. all the while scrambling to her feet.

"You.. you go to bed! Funeral starts at noon! More than enough time to get a haircut!"


"Yo.. I.. Ka..Cl… Oh god I can't breathe.."

Cue cross eyed Lois, who leans a little bit forward to pass right the hell out due to mental shock. But it's okay! She'll remember this in the morning!

Clark, in an eyeblink is right next to Lois, in time to prevent her from falling. "I get it if you're mad. I don't blame you. But I couldn't keep it quiet anymore."

Being caught really finalizes this, for he was on the bed one moment and holding her in the next. In fact, she was sure that she blinked on the way down.

"I'm.. I.."

To clarify, in Lois stammering, what she means to say that she's very upset that he did not tell her the truth, however she can forgive him, since she does still get a lot of crap even just by being associated with him. And that she promises not to tell anyone his secret, and she loves him too. But this is totally weird, cause she told Clark all of her secrets and wishes about Superman and he was listening the entire time. And that she /has/ to know where he gets those donuts from, because they were amazing.

Then, she reaches up and lightly smacks him.


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