Late Night At Xavier's

December 18, 2014: Hank and Cal run into each other.

Xavier's Institute



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Not all the students are preparing to go home for the holidays. Some may not have homes to go to so the school is planning its own festivities. There's a whole multi-religious display in one of the common rooms, complete with menorahs, a christmas tree, kwaanza decorations, Solstice decor, and even a Festivus pole. Even as the students are studying for finals this week and next, Dr. McCoy has grabbed a plate of leftover Latkes and has seated himself on one of the sofas even as he gets out some papers to grade. After all, what's grading without potato pancakes and applesauce?

"Evening Hank." Cal's got earbuds in and the cord is attached to an mp3 player hooked onto his jeans. Coming in from the hall, he walks behind the sofa to look over Hank's shoulder then flops down on the other end of the couch. "Grading? Fun." Not. "Get any interesting answers?" Not right ones. Interesting.

Hank McCoy looks up and over his glasses, golden eyes noting Cal's arrival, even if he scented him a few moments earlier. He glances over his shoulder even as the other looks over his at the papers, "Oh, many interesting answers. Some even got credit depending on how amusing they were." Sharp teeth show in a grin — as promised, when he's at the Institute, he's blue and furry. He also seems to be a bit lighter in mood of late. "Did you finish all your grading then? I wanted to try and enjoy the holidays…" Speaking of which, he gestures to the plate, "Latkes?"

"Fortunately for me, self defense classes don't require essays or written tests. It makes handing out grades a lot easier to determine." Cal leans over to snag a latke by the edge then folds it and puts it in his mouth. Once he's finished it, he says "There's a few I despair of. I should probably just teach them how to run away really fast."

"Not everyone is…or should be a fighter. Can you just do your best to teach them basic defense and then make sure they stay hidden if caught in a fight?" Hank pulls off his glasses and cleans them with a handkerchief from his pocket, "Give them a reason to be a part of the team and involved using the best of their talents. Teaching them how to hide well could be something, but…well, I know you won't make it seem like it's a lesser option."

"That's pretty much what I do with them." Cal agrees. "Though in one case even basic defense is beyond him. I've recommended dance lessons to teach him how to move his body. Then he can probably learn the basics." Hopefully. He shrugs. "So, how have you been doing? Been going out on dates yet?"

"Beyond him how? Because he just refuses?" Hank tilts his head some, "Or is there something else? Teenagers…well, you were one once too, I assume. It's not that hard to remember what it was like. The awkwardness…and then any mutant stuff on top of that…" He reaches for another latke, "Dance class would be good. Useful as long as he doesn't get teased for it. Kids can be cruel."

At the questions, he starts to answer, "I'm doing all right…and dates? What?"

"Teenager." Cal agrees. "And a physical mutation that makes him somewhat out of proportion which he's not adjusted to. Learning to dance should take care of that and it doesn't have the urgency of learning to fight. He can not do well without being stressed about getting hurt which should make it easier to do well." At Hank's double take, he grins. "Dates. As in, going out with someone which may or may not eventually involve spending the night together. You've surely heard of it from all your reading."

"It should help, yes…the dancing. But it also might just take time. I'm still getting used to things and it's been over five years…" although going back and forth now may not be helping much. Hank merely eats the latke before commenting and golden eyes give a baleful glare at the mention of him knowing dating though reading. "I'm not using that serum to get tail, thank you very much."

"Right. That would just be an added bonus." Cal agrees then notes "It is part of a normal life, Hank. Except for priests and that's got to be one of the stupidest ideas they ever came up with. But since you're not a priest anyway, it's a moot point."

"They did it as a point of virtue. Chastity was also one of the virtues of Knights…it's considered more Holy to give up earthly pleasures like that," Hank explains. "It would be nice, but that's not really how I work. If something happens, if I meet someone, so be it. I'm not going to…keep this from someone I expect to have a relationship with." In other words, he hasn't found the right girl yet. At least, one that he knows might like him back. "Why this focus on getting me a date?"

"Because I like my friends to be happy, Hank." Cal says simply. "And you haven't been. But I also know it's possible for you to be so I want you to make it happen." He pauses a moment then adds "If you happen to meet someone named Cecilia, get to know her."

Hank McCoy actually laughs, "You do realize that people can be happy outside of a relationship, don't you? I know I haven't been," Hank admits, "But I'm feeling better now." For some reason or another. Three guesses as to why. A bushy eyebrow lifts, "Cecelia? There are a lot of women named Cecelia. Why is this one special and someone I should get to know?"

"Because you were happy with her. But she might not even exist in this reality, or might be totally different, so I'm not going to say more. The point is, you can be happy in one so you should give it a shot." Reaching over, Cal steals another latke.

Hank McCoy seems to think about that for a moment before he gives a nod, "All right. I'll try to get to know any women named Cecelia that I might meet…if I feel like the feeling is mutual. I'm also much happier than I was and while it's nice to go out on dates, I know that I'm not the kind of person that women tend to flock to. I had a lot of time to get used to that fact, even before I was hairy as a Sasquatch."

"It depends on the type of woman." Cal points out. "Scientists, doctors… That type of person will find you fascinating and you need someone your intellectual equal anyway. You're not going to find that in a club."

Hank McCoy can't help but grin, "I'm going to remind you of that the next time you want to drag me off to a club of a bar!" He said it! Right there! "I like to think I'm a little more well-rounded to the point that I can discuss more than science and medicine with someone. In fact, I did meet someone and we walked around the Museum of Modern Art. They had a Goya exhibit." Granted, they ended up talking about the serum, but there was also some discussion about art.

"Not every encounter has to be relationship material." Cal points out. "Art is good. And something club bunnies aren't likely to care much about. But you get the point; find someone you can talk to on an equal level about things. Meanwhile, have fun too. Anyway. Aside from that, everything is good?"

"No, of course not. But I tend to like most of my interpersonal encounters to have some sort of meaning…" as those he meets in bars may be meaningless. "I do get the point and I appreciate your concern. I'm not shrinking away from people. I'm just not a social butterfly. Never was. Leopards don't change their spots easily."

"No but their purpose is camouflage right? And now you can blend in better. These are better hot." Cal adds, taking another latke. "Maybe volunteer at a free clinic. You'll meet some altruistic people that way."

Hank McCoy gives a brief nod, "They are…but they're still good. Try it with the applesauce. You wouldn't think it works, but it does." At the mention of the free clinic, his brows draw down, "Cal…I don't actually have a medical degree. I have Ph.D's…not M.D's…and with the school and my own research as well as any potential X-Men activities, volunteering can be tricky. I couldn't just leave a shift if the Professor calls."

"Point." Cal allows. "Well, it was just a thought. I'm sure you can figure something out. All those degrees must be good for something besides covering up a wall. And yes, they are good with applesauce."

"More like sitting in a file drawer," Hank grins again, "But I do appreciate the thought. Thank you." There's a brief pause before he asks, "What are you doing for the Holidays? Are you staying around? I know the kids and I would love to have you around with us."

"I have some plans in the city. I know several Broadway performers and they'll be working since the show must go on. I've been invited to a few parties. But I should be around off an on." It's not like Cal has a problem with commuting.

Hank McCoy nods, "I'll let you know what we have planned…" there's a moment as he obviously gets an idea suddenly, "Any chance those friends could get us some tickets to a show? We'll pay for them, but might be nice to take the kids out on the town some." Even if it's just sitting in a dark Theater for a couple of hours.

"I'm sure they could. Any particular show in mind?" Cal asks. "Mamma Mia? Very high energy. Lion King is amazing. Mary Poppins is fun and suitable for all ages."

"Lion King, perhaps. Or Mary Poppins. I think either of those would be good…the kids would know of those best, I think." Just a little surprise outing to help with the kids realizing that they have a place in this world too and can go see a Broadway show if they want! "I also don't know if I can sit through two hours of ABBA songs." It's said with a smile but also some amount of seriousness.

"I'll ask then." Cal says. "It's still very popular so it'll likely be nosebleed seats on an off day but it should be doable. Just let me know how many you'll need once you know. It really is a great show." Standing, he gives Hank a smile. "Finish your grading so you can enjoy the holiday."

As Cal stands, Hank looks up at him as he's still seated on the sofa, "I'll do that and nosebleed on an off-day is fine. We don't expect it for free, but a couple of rows would be great. I'll let you know a headcount as soon as I can." His grin widens as he taps a finger to his nose, "That's the plan. To get this done as soon as possible so I'm not doing it all over the holidays. Besides, the kids will want to know their grade before the next semester starts."

"I'll leave you to it then. Holler if you need anything." Giving the man a nod, Cal starts for the door. Might as well go get some latkes.

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