Closing The Circle

December 19, 2014: Oracle contacts Hawkeye, the first Hawkeye, about Damian

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It's been a while since Damian Wayne died and Fenris, Kate and (potentially) Clint would do cleanup and make sure that nothing about Damian touched the Bats or his secrety identity. Oracle trusts Fenris and has a great deal of respect for Kate, but she knows little of Clint except for what she's found in her searches. This doesn't make her comfortable and, when questioned by Batman, she wants to have the answers he's going to want to hear. Of course, the SHIELD connection makes her extremely nervous as well.

It is for that reason, she's pulled up the contact details Kate provided for Clint and, after a few minutes deliberation, sends out a phone call. Being Oracle, she's bouncing the call through numerous networks and encrypting it as well as she can.

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat- well, okay. Not so much a Christmas goose will be on the table but an attempt at a meal. A real, cooked one. Clint's doing some serious research in, of all things, how to cook. Not something he's particularly good at, nor is it something he'll attempt again.

"Hey.. Dog.."

Clint is also infinitely distractable when he wants to be.


A sigh exits the man, and reaching down on his coffee table, picks up the phone as he drops onto the couch in the same movement. Checking caller ID, he scowls briefly before,


"Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye?" the digitally altered voice asks "This is Oracle. Kate Bishop, ummm Hawkeye as well, gave me your details. I would like to speak about Damian, if I may" The woman in the Clocktower wastes no times on the niceties, both of them have work to be done.

Clint's feet are pulled from the coffee table just as he was getting comfortable, and a soft 'yip!' can be heard. "Dog.. not now. Really. Bone.. here's your bone.

"Sorry. Yeah." Clint rises to his feet and begins pacing, "Hawkeye. The first one, anyway. Kate mentioned that someone was dealing with some of the particulars about Damian…" There's a pause before, "Who? He was introduced to me as.. 'Ibn… whatsa.. whosa.. Same guy. Kate was with him…?"

Oracle smirks at the noise at the end of the phone. "Yes, that's the same one, he had an….. interesting background." The redhead stretches as she talks, easing her muscles it's been a long day already. "Kate mentioned you would be doing the scene cleanup and as I've had no further contact, I wanted to make sure that it was completed. I would hate for something to bite without being remotely aware of it."

"Okay…" Now that name ups the ante as far as Clint's concerned, and the pacing doesn't cease. If anything, it encourages the puppy to bounce along with him, sometimes losing tread on the hardwood floor.

"Yeah. I had the scene taken over from the SRD. Usually, it's their game, but I pulled some strings and put it under SHIELD jurisdiction. After that, you know the game, right?" Paperwork gets shuffled to the tune of a shell game, and things get buried and lost, only to be found with the right searches and the right indexes with 'high level' security clearances. At least his level, anyway.

"Gotta tell you, I wouldn't have done it, but it's Katie. I need her to be safe." And if burying paperwork and taking possession of the body and getting rid of it quietly does that, then so be it. Though, as if he realizes what he's said, a chuff of a laugh exits the man and he amends, "Okay, safer."

Oracle has called Clint to confirm that the issue of Damian will not come back to haunt her at a later point. They are in the phone call now. A call, that Oracle has bounced through several networks and encrypted as best she can.

Oracle listens as Clint talks and confirms "So all records are obfuscated? There'll be no tracing him back to anyone… " The SHIELD connection is a worry, but she might look into that later. "Thank you for doing that." She can at least show gratitude. "I know those sorts of things aren't easy to do." The wheelchair bound woman frowns at his last statement "Oh… how does she feel about you looking out for her like that?" Oracle bristles when the people in her life try to 'take care of her' and 'keep her safe'.

Clint is pacing in the apartment with HawkDog bounding beside him. Each time he stops, the puppy slides to a halt, scrambling for purchase. He's got the phone to his ear, and he's got his 'professional' face on.

"No tracing him back to anyone. And, so you know, there's no one I didn't handpick that knows about it. First whiff of a data breach and it's wiped." Any attempt will come back to him. While Clint may not know systems and encryptions, he has one, two people who do and are damned good within the agency.

"Yeah, they're not." Hiding information from your employer in the middle of an employer's database? Ballsy.

Wait.. how does she…? "What? I would think she kinda likes it. You know, I watch her back, she watches mine. S'what par- s'what people do. Right? What they can to protect people they actually…" Clint pauses before, "It's what we do."

There's the sound of a key in the lock. Which means probably just one thing: Kate's coming over. Is it time to trade off the dog already?

Nodding, Oracle considers "So hint of a data breach, it's not only wiped, but you know who to go speak with." She likes that idea. "I appreciate it, as do many others who will never know just how much…. and for that I'm sorry. But, it's what we do…" the woman smiles at the rest of Clints response "Thinking she likes it, and knowing… totally different things. But yes, again, it's what we do for those we care about" the redhead responds.

"Did you get with his father? Information on the person who did it? Anything? I'm coming up cold with recognition software, and descriptions of abilities are coming up a blank. Least you can do on your end." Of course, Clint did everything to keep Kate safe. Now, he's stretching out and seeing what he can do to further take care of the problem. "Any information is good information. Something to go on."

Blue eyes dart towards the sound of a key in the door and Clint exhales in a sigh. "Getting a visitor…" and the puppy that had been so steadfastly following him around the apartment makes a bounding dash for the door, sniffing and snuffling at the door, tail wagging furiously, threatening to push the little body completely off balance. "Katie's home."

Kate is already leaning down to scoop up the puppy as she opens the door, the quiver over her shoulder shifting. "Hey, mutt," she greets the puppy, quirking a brow as she sees Clint on the phone. She looks like her usual self, except she has a new piece of jewelry. Sort of. It looks like a tightly-wadded piece of steel wool wrapped in copper, so it's not exactly a formal piece. 'Who is it?' she mouths, tipping her chin up away from puppy kisses.

"All I know of the person is that they transport themselves through glass. They seem to be a meta, but even my information is sketchy. I believe the Titans are investigating as well." Oracle pauses "Too many people running searches and trying to find her… will just tip her off… I always assume that people have the same resources I do, good way to avoid surprises. So, given others were already looking, I've kept out of the way. If you want, I'll take a deeper look." Pausing again, the redhead sighs to herself "Everyone who needs to know has been told."

"Kate…" Clint puts his hand up to forestall anything more, though now his one hand spells out a name, O-r-a-c-l-e. A scowled frown creases his face and he points to the new bit of 'jewelry' and signs one-handed, 'What?'

"I do appreciate it. I just want to know what we're facing." Though, the news that the Titans are looking and have information brings Clint's gaze around to his protege, "Are they? The Titans are?" He exhales in a sigh, "Of course they are. But any information would be great. Just something to go on."

"Anti-creepy lady charm I got from Constantine," Kate answers Clint, brows rising at the answer and the overheard conversation. "I've got some information. And some thoughts. I've been digging." Boy, has she been digging. She shifts the puppy to one shoulder, setting her quiver against the wall by the door.

"Of course they are, the Titans that is. But I'll see what I can find." Overhearing Kate, Oracle continues "Would you mind putting her on speaker? I'd like to hear what she has to say."

The puppy scrabbles and squirms, even when held by Kate, but it's more than obvious that it's all in an attempt to lick her face until there isn't a spot untouched by puppy slobber.

"Okay," is given in answer to the pair, and if Oracle was in the room, he'd be looking between the pair like the competitors in a ping-pong match. Crossing the room, Clint puts the phone down on the coffee table, after moving a few things out of the way, and turns on the speaker phone. "You're on speaker now."

"Hey, Oracle," Kate calls to the phone, setting the puppy down and wiping her face with her sleeve. "The run-down. I heard from the Titans she goes by Fracture. I had another sort of run-in with her not long after the incident. Between the two, here's what I've got. She can make duplicates of herself out of glass, and the duplicates can travel through reflective surfaces. They're capable of independent action, and I've seen up to seven of them at a time. She's able to scry, of a sort, though reflective surfaces as well. I talked to Trent and the Partisan, and their take is that we should be prepared for more terrorist tactics, especially if she continues to show proficiency with bombs. We should expect her to engineer something public, probably broadcast, probably with someone like us as the victim, in an effort to draw more of us in and hurt more of us in a bigger spectacle. I talked to Constantine, and he made me a sort of charm. He couldn't make me entirely invisible to whatever she does to watch, not when we don't know if it's magic or meta, but in theory, the charm will cut her or her duplicates up something good if she tries to travel around it. It should interfere with viewing, too."

Oracle nods and frowns "OK, so assuming it's public and you do use terroist tactics to counter her… I can disrupt broadcasts, which will upset that part of her plan. Why is she trying to hurt people like you though?" Oracle pauses "Perhaps understanding the base motivation will give us more insight into where and how she will hit. As to the rest, the how she does what she does, Constantine seems like the best resource to use there."

"You ran into her again?" Clint's back on his feet, and he's not looking happy; not in the least. And then all these other checks, and drops his head. "So what you're describing is an all out war against the city, potentially." This could be bad.

"Right. We should probably think about talking to Superman and Wonderwoman… and Cap. 'Tash." All the real heavy hitters.

Kate has his attention, and he takes the puppy. "HawkDog waits for no man…" when the whimpering begins. "Kate, you've got more contact with this person. Oracle, I'd really like a sit down with you to see what we can do on our side." He's not 'magic', he's not meta. He's 'aim and shoot'.

Clint gives Kate a -look- that most decidedly says, 'We're gonna talk', but he has to take the puppy for a walk. "I'm going to leave you two at it until I get back."

Time to take the dog out. Clint's turn.

"Not on purpose. I was just busting some drug dealers. May sort of caught me. I figured she told you." Kate reaches for the phone, taking it over to the couch where she can curl up more comfortably. "I've been putting it around," she admits, setting the phone on the arm of the couch. "I don't know why in the details, but she seems to be making a point about heroes. About what it means to be a hero. So we've got to be ready."

"Well, now we know who she is… we might be able to find out 'why'" Oracle responds to the young archeress. "Be careful Kate, I would hate for something to happen to you." Gothams Information Goddess considers before responding "So Constantine, Jericho and Partisan, plus the Titans all seem to be involved in this. I'm offering my assistance too… but you're correct, we need to be ready. What are your thoughts on that?" Oracle leans forward as she speaks, resting her arms on her console.

"It's another reason why I've been spending so much time trying to connect people," Kate admits, pulling her knees toward her chest. "Like I talked to you about, and Trent, and the Red Team. I want to make it official. Call it something like the got your back program. If you're going out, let someone know. Know someone can always be available to back you up. Yes, it could be turned against us. It could be dangerous. They could infiltrate it. But we can't all be solitary vigilantes. Not if we want this to work."

Oracle laughs softly "That's kind of what I do for my team here in Gotham, Kate." Oracles green eyes dance a little "It's a great idea and commendable. There are too many lone wolves… and people get hurt." She considers before continuing "The challenge will be in getting them to use the system… but start leading by example, and it will come. And… I would like to be involved, to help."

"I'll pass along the numbers we're using," Kate replies, nodding to the phone. "Red Team's Cypher is helping to run them through some hoops so they can still keep people connected without being traced too easily. I did get an answer from one person I gave call to. I need to get her hooked up with the Titans, I think. It sounds like she's got a little bit of magic and a little bit of meta going on, so they're probably the best fit." She falls silent for a moment, rubbing a hand at the back of her neck. "Maybe I couldn't save Damian. But I'll save other people."

"Do that, please. My network is… vast…. and maybe I can help Cypher as well, or not." Oracle is well aware that not everyone likes to share, she has to becareful herself. "The 'her' you speak of, what's her name? I have a charge that may fit that description" a small smile tugs at Oracles lips as she thinks of Charlie, now calling herself Misfit. "You can't save everyone, Kate… it's not possible. But what you're doing here, is a good thing."

"She goes by Nyx," Kate says. "Seems to fit the brick mold, and new to things. May also ran into her, so it's definitely past time to get her incorporated somewhere, before she gets on someone's radar in a bad way. If you want me to run your girl into the Titans, too, I could do that. It probably wouldn't hurt for the two of them to meet up, if they're at similar points. Help them feel less alone."

Oracle smiles again "Not my charge then, but yes I've run into Nyx. She'll probably ask you about me and Jericho, in fact." The redhead stirs and stretches "The Titans could be a good fit for her… as for my ward, I may take you up on that. She's already met Vorpal and … not withstanding she has a mentor, my girl has a penchant for finding trouble."

"Don't we all?" Kate asks ruefully, rubbing a hand at the top of her head. "I'm doing this JL-A thing, Oracle. And a lot of training to keep up with it. And a lot of people to keep right. And that woman…I'm going to find her, and I'm going to stop her. For good."

"Don't wear yourself down, Kate. Take some time for yourself. That Clint, he seems to care for you a lot… let him share your burdens and you share his. It will help." Oracle pauses and sighs, not that Kate will hear it. "At least you two can share most of your secrets. As to the woman, we will help you do both of those things… you aren't alone Kate."

"Clint?" Kate laughs softly, looking toward the door. "Yeah. I guess. Clint's sort of…complicated. But I know he'll make sure I'm safe, back me up if I need it. I'm not alone. Out of anyone," she laughs, "I'm not alone. It's good for something."

Oracle nods to herself, stretching again "That's good hear, even if he is complicated." As an alert shows on her screens, Oracle looks to see what it is. "This has been good Kate, thanks for the information and let Clint know I'll be in touch. However, I have a situation to see to." the redhead looks grimly at the windows as they appear "I'm in on this project of yours as well. Be well, Kate."

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