The Master Has Returned

December 19, 2014: Loki returns to Moontree Manor

Moontree Manor
Moontree Manor is a modest-sized, imposing manor built in Gothic style, complete with foreboding paint job. The roof and spire on the right are done in a dark blue paint that offsets the white. It's like someone went a little wild with the colors. A wrought iron fence surrounds the property, and the lawn grows wild, with various herbs and flowers taking over. Ivy and vines crawl up the walls, hopeful for sun. The building seems to be in good repair despite this.

Inside, the atrium and living room are luxurious. Greeting guests is a large statue of Anubis, his hand outstretched and acting as an incense burner. The atrium is painted black, with flecks, indicating stars. It's a very afterlife-esque journey inside. The floors are a beautiful, black marble that lead one inward. There's stairs to so many rooms, it feels almost intimidating.



  • Various animal-headed servants

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Evening. It's winter in New York, and tonight is no exception. Glittering, cold and sharp rain spills down from heavens like milk dropped from a sacred bowl in a temple. Tiny crystals of ice join the ethereal dance down to the earth, chilling inhabitants to the bone. The street lights offer a stark contrast to the pitch black night. No moon, no stars. Only shadows. Even the homeless seek shelter somewhere, the chill driving humans inward. People once feared winter, a season of thin and starvation. Today, they greet it with blankets, heaters and smiles. Warmth and joy! But the elderly know all too well.

Tonight, Rain stays inside. She has the fireplace going, and the house's servants are relaxing. Captain is curled up near the fire, his tail tucked under him. He even wears a soft, fair isle knit sweater while the TV plays softly.

The cold never really bothered Loki. The fact that others are all bundled up against it and he's merely wearing a light wool coat over his well-cut suit. His hands are bare as he swings his walking stick, his coat shimmering with the cold rain and yet he seems completely nonplussed. He walks with an easy pace up to one of the manors and merely waves a hand to let himself inside. It seems that he's not interested in being bothered by any servants…for now. He might want some attention later.

The statue of Anubis is noted for a moment before he makes his way towards the room where his hostess is. He's not concerned about keeping silent as his boots click on the marble floor.

However, his words from the doorway are a slightly bemused, "What, no 'Welcome Home'? Really…I thought I had trained you all better than that."

The group freezes. Oops. They look sheepish and apologetic in turn. The servants stand and bow. Rain looks duly alarmed. Captain… Captain is a cat. He looks up, merps (is it an apology, mybe?). His apprentice stands and bows neatly. "Ah! Sorry… You're awesome at moving quietly," She admits. "It's good to see you. Are you hungry or anything?" One of the butlers, a goat headed man noted for being an archer, sorcerer and world class butler moves to take Loki's coat and cane if he wishes.

The statue of Anubis stares forth lifelessly, a stony contrast to the warmth within. "We missed you. How are you?" Rain asks as the servants seem to come back to life, too. There is a Master in.

Loki lets the butler take the coat but he keeps his cane with him. After all, it's much more than a cane. "Hmm, am I?" is asked in regards to moving quietly before he nods to the other servants. They can go back to what they were doing as long as his needs continue to be met. "Hungry…well, I suppose I'm feeling a bit peckish. Nothing elaborate," and he moves to take a seat by the fire. He gestures for Rain to sit as well, "So. What have I missed? The manor is still intact," he looks about, "So there's that."

The butler nods, neatly bows and hangs up the coat. "You are," They assure him. They are quiet, but a little more attentive. The butler nods, and claps his hands. He and another head into the kitchen to take care of a small meal for Loki, then. His nothing elaborate is a bit concerning, but they go with it. Rain will sit, too. His apprentice seems surprised - but happy enough. "The cold seems to keep most supernatural creatures are bay this time of year. All that joy. But I suspect things will pick up soon." Christmas. Good time to feed on emotions.

"And it is," Nodnod. "The only incursion from the conduit in the basement was some necromancers, but they were summarily dispatched," She wrinkles her nose. "The servants ensured your wing was kept locked and cleaned." Rain didn't go in. She looks thoughtful.

Loki doesn't want to be predictable. That would be so blase! So…expected! One must keep others on their toes. "I'm sure that if something wanted to come in, they would…all this silly business wouldn't stop them." Worshipping a fat man in a red suit…it just seems rather bizarre, especially since there has been proven resistance to his conquering attempts. Incredibly frustrating, really. "Thank you for looking after my wing. I trust that no one touched anything they oughtn't." Otherwise, well…they might have disappeared or been turned into a footstool.

Noting her thoughtful expression, he lifts an eyebrow, "And?"

"Most assuredly not," The butler. A series of nods and agreements. No one touches that stuff. They seem to know that much. Rain pauses, looking to the others. "True enough. I didn't mean to sound like I was totally blowing it off," She fidgets a little. Rain is a bit anxious, maybe cowardly. But she tries. Then again, when you're mortal but … Either way, they go quiet a moment. "Well. The conduit was mercifully peaceful, no sightings of anything major, and my patrols haven't turned up anything much of note. So I suppose it could mean something is biding its time," She furrows her brows.

"That would make sense, too. A lot of the mortal folks take vacation and are very emotional," She notes. Loki's meal, likely from ingredients and foods they know he favor are soon brought out. A simple, but well made meal with a few choices - likely much nicer than Rain herself asks for. There's soft bread, fresh meats and such and even assembled meat and- and -

Rain will carefully move to sit nearby. Human culture is weird when someone sits and breaks it down like that.

Loki glances to the butler as the food is brought and gives him a brief nod of approval before he looks at what's been offered and begins to take a bit of what's on the plate to eat. "And how is your training coming along? Or have you taken a break in my absence?" He hasn't completely forgotten why he's returned here. She, and this place, are still useful to him.

"Biding its time. Perhaps. Something is still concerning you though. You're frowning a lot." Even as she moves to sit by, he doesn't really seem to notice. A bit of meat, however, is offered to Captain.

The butler nods in turns, before turning away and moving to wait. Perhaps he is going to take up the dishes in due time. For now, he is silent. "Well. And nah, too much to study for that," Rain smiles. "I haven't caught fire or anything in weeks." She still hates teleporting with a flaming passion. Nevertheless, Rain is a diligent nerd. And Rain has not forgotten, either. Though, there are worse apprentices and bases to have, really.

"Oh. Just trying to make sure I remember everything. It feels odd for things to be so quiet. I haven't seen any attacks, cursing british supernal detectives, or anything in days. I wonder if it's my vision and senses or something is hiding, you know?" She considers. Captain perks up, and carefully reaches over to accept the meat. "Thank you," He offers, his baritone voice tinged with a gotham accent. he might well be a cat, but he does have manners!

"Well, I suppose that's a good thing," as catching fire could be detrimental to the manor and then where would Loki be waited upon hand and foot…as he should be? "So you're concerned because nothing horrible has happened lately?" An eyebrow arches again even as he smirks before taking another bite of the food, "Or you're concerned because you're not sensing what might be going on?" Either way, he seems amused by this.

"The calm before the storm? Perhaps. It's always a matter of time before someone or something decides to stir the pot. However, if you're bored, I'm sure we can find something to make the days a little more exciting."

It's true. "Both," Rain replies. And that is also true. If the manor goes up, it would end badly. The manor survived a fall from the sky, but maybe not so much falling onto things. Ahem. Nevertheless, she tilts her head a bit. "Maybe I am worrying too much and it's just quiet," She concedes with a shrug. "Weird and terrible things do seem to happen a lot." Pause.

"And uhm. On one hand, I am really not complaining. On the other, I suspect that curiousity will be the end of me." Captain snorts softly at that. "I have 9 lives, you don't," He notes quietly. "Although, humans are remarkable for finding odd ways to get offed or into trouble…" He puts his head back down at that. Rain goes quiet, before asking. "Have you been well?"

Well, he can always -make- something happen, "Let me know if you get too bored. I'm sure we can find something amusing." Even if it's something he's caused. After all, he needs to re-establish his hold here, so it's really more a matter of 'when' rather than 'if'. Finishing his meal, he sets the plate aside for Captain if he'd like any leftover bits.

"Curiosity…nine lives…if you wish to be a cat, I'm sure we can arrange that as well. Captain here," he gestures elegantly with a hand, "doesn't seem to mind."

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