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December 20, 2014: Damian returns to say hello to Kate and to try and get information about Veruca.


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Deep into the cold, windy night, a figure in black leaps from rooftop to rooftop with the grace of an acrobat and the stealth of a ninja.

He'd be unnoticeable if not for the faint red light that emanates from his masked face. The cowl comes long points on either side of the head, giving it the appearance of having thin horns. Over the mouth look to be filters of some sort, and a grate presumably for breathing.

He continues on with knowing steps, bringing him closer to a high rise apartment. After shooting something far off into the night sky, he seems to take flight, landing just outside of Kate's window. The red glow of the viewport peering into her windows.

It looks like Kate herself is just getting home inside, leading a yellow lab puppy in on a leash. She looks a little tired, leaner and more serious, as she unclips the lead and hits the lights inside. "I don't know about you, pup, but I'm beat," she says wearily, dropping a gym bag next to the door. The puppy bounds over toward a dog bed, sniffing intently. "Yeah. You really have Cap what for," Kate snorts softly.

The figure, making his way to the patio, now, looks in and tries for the door. Despite his training, he makes no attempt to hide himself. As he pulls on the door, he pauses, taking a moment to look at her from behind the blank stare of his mask.

At the sound at the door, the puppy's ears perk, and Kate follows his look to the patio. There's a brief moment for surprise, but as soon as she registers the unfamiliar figure, she leans down to scoop up the gym bag and roll behind the kitchen counter to relative safety. Once there, she tugs the zipper, pulling out bow and arrow. "You really don't want to push this!" she calls toward the door, trying to peek over the counter.

The figure holds his hands out in front of himself as if to show he's not a threat. He reaches up towards his mask and unfastens it from either side. A moment later he's pulled it off, revealing a familiar face. "I've been dead, Kate. It wasn't very fun. We need to talk."

Peeking over the counter is…educational. That's a familiar face. A familiar voice. Not a familiar costume, but they already talked about that…

Kate slowly rises, lowering her bow. Behind the counter, though, she palms a taser. Just in case. Step by step, she moves to the patio, hitting the lock and sliding the door open. "If you're not him, and this is some kind of ploy, I'm going to kill you," she informs the figure quietly.

"What could I possibly gain in trying to trick you, Kate?" Damian says as he pushes by her to get inside. Once within, he pulls the rest of the cowl off and his long hair spills out. "Have you heard anything from this woman since she killed me?" The words are without emotion and very matter of fact, as if people die every once in a while.

"You wouldn't. Someone else might." Kate closes the door behind him, peering closely, as the puppy comes over to start sniffing his boots. Because they smell interesting! "And yes. Once. Twice, technically. Once directly, and once when she left a message by way of another set of dead bodies. Happily, I'm apparently not worthy, which is good, because it means she won't see me coming."

"Not your fight, Kate," Damian motions towards the refrigerator, "May I?" His eyes scroll around the apartment, "Something's different. I can't tell what." He shakes his head, "It doesn't matter. Have you any idea where I might find her?"

"Uh, she killed my friend. It's totally my fight. Even if it didn't take." This is somehow even more like dealing with Clint than it ever was. Kate gestures to the fridge, walking behind him. "No idea where you can find her. SHIELD, Oracle, Trent, and the Partisan are all keeping an eye out, though. And I got some countermeasures from Constantine. Damian, do you maybe want to fill me in on the part where you're not dead? Because I called Fenris, and he fixed everything physical, and you didn't come back."

Damian pulls open the refrigerator door and begins to shuffle through, looking for anything to eat. "My men will arrive in New York shortly. I'd hoped she'd be easy to find, but I imagine not. SHIELD I don't trust. And Oracle, well…" Damian chuckles to himself, setting the mask up on the counter as he digs deeper into the fridge.

"I was apparently not ready to be fully dead. Just halfway."

"Your men?" The fridge is fairly well stocked, with plenty of fruits, vegetables, cheeses. Most of the main dishes include some sort of meat, though. "And for the record, you were pretty damned dead." Kate frowns, watching him still. "What's with the new costume?"

Damian pulls out meat and apparently doesn't apologize for it. "It's of my grandfather's design. I'm bored with pretending to be something no one wanted. It's a new statement and the colors work better anyhow. How have you been while I was away?"

"Kind of a mess, thanks for asking," Kate retorts, grimacing at his answer. "So instead of being a Robin no one wanted, you're going to be the puppet your grandfather wants?" She reaches for the mask on the counter, making a face at it. "Seriously, I hope he has his own plane, because if you made it through airport security with this getup, I'm incredibly disappointed in our customs enforcement."

Damian laughs one of those chuckles where you throw you head back as someone throws out a zinger. "Fair enough, Kate. Don't tell me you've lost faith in me too, now. You were all I had left. To think I lost your support over a new mask." He chuckles to himself and pulls out some orange juice, drinking straight from the jug. "I'm a bit saddened, Kate. I thought you'd be happier."

"I'm trying to get past the urge to punch you," Kate replies, dry. "And say everything that went through my head when I looked back at what happened. About how if you hadn't been so stupidly defensive. If you'd told me about her. If you'd told me you expected her. If you'd waited to go out until I could make it. If I hadn't been busy trying to do everything. If-" She crumples the mask in her hand, then carefully sets it back down on the counter. "You died in front of me, and I get that it's not really your fault, but I've been really angry for the past few weeks about it with nowhere to point it, and now you're here, so it's sort of being…redirected." A beat. "Also, seriously, you know where the glasses are."

"Sorry. Just very hungry and thirsty. Part of the process." Damian turns to look at Kate, offhandedly taking his mask back into his hand. "I made a mistake. I'm sorry for the pain I caused you. I know I have always overplayed my importance in your life and I don't mean to overstate it yet again, but I never meant to hurt you." He looks at her regretfully, "And things will get a lot worse before they get better."

Something's not right about him. There's something there in his eyes, or maybe not there. It's not clear but he's not right.

"Damian, you are-" Kate lets out a huff of breath, then steps around the counter to catch him in a tight hug around the shoulders, shaking her head. "You're an idiot, but you're my idiot, and if you get yourself killed again, I refuse to cry about it a second time. Which is totally fair."

"You don't need to cry for me, Kate. Although the sentiment is kind. I never got to tell you that I was sorry for the escort girl conversation. I also did not mean to irritate you, then either." Damian gives the tap-hug thing, not really sure how to do the whole emotion thing. He chuckles, "I'll do my best to remain not dead."

"Yeah. Well." Kate leans back, still searching his features with a faint frown. "Seriously, Damian," she says quietly, taking his face between her hands and peering into his eyes. "Who brought you back, and how? Because you're not…" She shakes her head without breaking eye contact. "Something's off."

"I'm fine Kate. If you're going to kiss me, I must warn you that I've never kissed anyone and I am probably pretty bad at it. I've seen movies, and that happens like this sometimes." Damian's eyes twitch weirdly and there's a film over them.

"You're not fine," Kate says slowly. "And I'm not going to kiss you, because you'd probably think it was a ploy, and then we'd get into an argument about feelings, and I am so not up for a conversation about feelings with someone I've been mourning for the last couple weeks."

"You seem to be obsessed by these ideas of ploys," Damian says with a chuckle and pulls away. "I will not be back in New York for a while. I'll try and contact you when I can after I've captured her. I will contact you when I am able." He moves to put his mask back in place, but there's a whole process to it. The back half needs to be scure, then the front needs to slide into place. It's a bit unwieldy.

"You can try, Damian, but I'm killing her when I find her." That…hardly sounds like Kate. But then, it's been a long few weeks. And she did watch him die. She steps back as he does, brows still furrowed as she watches him. "Be careful, Damian. You were becoming your own man. A good man."

"Don't kill someone on my behalf. It'd be giving in and going against what you believe in," Damian replies. "And that's not you. Besides, how could she have killed what's not dead?" Damian gives her a final wink before he fastens the hard mask over his. "I'll see you when I can." His voice is dark when it comes out from its filter, and much lower.

He gives a small wave to the dog and turns to leave.

"It's not on your behalf," Kate shakes her head. "It's for the good of all the innocents she'll kill if left unchecked. Be careful. Think hard about anywhere you might actually be able to hold someone like her." She pauses, grimacing. "And talk to Constantine about a way to make moving more painful for her."

"I don't trust your friends, Kate," comes the low voice as he looks over his shoulder. "I don't trust anyone." Damian closes the door behind him on the way out, stopping to lock it, before flinging himself over the side of the balcony.

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