Of Schoolgirls and Dragons (Sidescene/Flashback)

December 05, 2014: Ruined hoodies get replaced by fun.

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It'd been all Roy's fault. An attempt to test one of Lunair's flamethrowers ("Is it -hot-, or is it -roasting hot-?"), which went -slightly- awry when Starfire walked by, resulting in 'AIEEEEEE, MY JACKET!' being toasted.

Which meant Roy owed Lunair -something- that suited her, cheerfully.

And at the moment, given how easy it was to find some -exotic- jackets in Chinatown in New York City, Roy wasn't above offering the -goofiest- hoodies here and there. First a little dragon-style hoodie, then a panda-hoodie…

"C'mon, which do you think is good?"

Lunair is apologetic. Really. She's good at making flamethrowers. She's been studying chemistry and exotic materials. Lunair is /frighteningly/ intelligent now and then. Is she? It's hard to tell sometimes. And fortunately, the elegant lolita loving frill monster is pretty easy to please when she's realized she and Starfire aren't crisped. "Well, I'm glad no one got hurt…" Aside from one of her alarmingly expensive coats, anyway. Oh well. "And I get to see you guys," Smile.

"The dragon is kinda cute…" Oh boy. She's odd.

Shopping is something fun, adventurous, and sometimes they find (otherworldly)things and then they find the kwaii. Starfire is leaned over at a rack, tucking that fall of long red hair behind her ear as she picks up a very tiny plaid skirt and a similarly tiny white button up shirt.

"I could wear this and you be the large monster coat!" Starfire says as she plucks the outfit up, makes a small peace sign and grins HUGE.


"That'd just cause another accident," Roy replies, regarding that tiny skirt and shirt combination. "Is, uh… is that one of those Japanese schoolgirl outfits?"

Lunair gets the dragon hoodie dangled on her as if to figure out how it fits. It would probably be totally swimming on her. "A bit big, isn't it? Maybe, uh… you two should switch."

Kawaii, huh? Lunair seems - amused and engaged in her own way. Even if she has trouble. Then she carefully puts on the monster coat. "Um. Rawr." Yes. Rawr. She looks like the floppiest giant monster there ever was. She has to wriggle into it. "Naah, I can't see her leveling a Japanese city and eating cars," Lunair looks wry, smiling. "That skirt is cute." Yes. She seems accepting of this arrangement. "But maybe in a smaller size for me…"

"I have the full capacity to level…" Pause. Starfire eyes the jacket as Luna wiggles in it and grins, nodding at the order for a size smaller, turning to slide clothes down the rack and retrieve her size, holdiung it out to Luna.

Moving to the rack of snuggy-hoodies she tries on of the dragon ones on, the huge hand fittings being flailed, her red hair spilling out of the mouth of the hood.

"I make this dragon look like it met a tragic end." No city. Poor dragon. "Put yours on Lunair!" The floppy dragon is now holding the pleated outfit of a schoolgirl at her.

"I don't know, your hair makes it look like the dragon's breathing fire…" Roy responds, before cracking a smirk as he consider. "You'd make a magnificent Godzilla, all right."

Considering Lunair in a schoolgirl skirt, Roy shrugs. "Give it a try… we'll get you the jacket you want, but it wouldn't hurt to make Kori happy if you try these on, would it?"

Lunair smiles at the two. Until… she looks between them, accepting the size held out. "It's adorable. And uhm." Oh my. She turns red at the schoolgirl outfit. Lunair looks a little dubious for a moment. "Sure, I'll try it. As long as I don't look silly from goosebumps." A half-smile. It is a bit chilly this time of year, after all. "Thanks." Lunair nods, and goes into the dressing room to try it on.

Mercifully, she will emerge a bit later. It's hard to pin which trope she'd fit into in the outfit, but hmm… "I'm not sure I should be chasing dragons or giant moths…"

Starfire misheard, or just chose to ignore and go on her merry way down the path of making this outing an adventure. The look on Lunair's face when she accepted the itty bitty scraps of fabric make Starfire glance puzzledly over t Roy as a large dragon-pawed hands pushes the floppy hood back.

"How could she not like such elaborately made delicate fabrics? Looks soft to me.." When she steps out Starfire smiles, claps the overstuffed paws together and fires a spark of a starbolt at her in jest, a small hole made in the wall beside her.

She saw it in a cartoon. Blame Roy and Lian.

"Now you get a sword three times your size and swing it at me!" The light that comes to those pupilless emerald eyes should be disturbing, but it's Halloween all over again.

"Well, not -everyone- are fueled by solar quite like you, Kori," Roy grins, as he grabs for thicker striped stockings, in red and white. "There, put that on. We could dress you up like an elf… oooo, Lian would love that."

The starbolt leaving a little hole in the wall draws a cough, and a sheepish look as the salesperson comes over with a -glare-. "Uh, we'll pay for that, of course."

Pause. "… no, Lunair, don't think about forming a blazing sword…" Even though she -totally- could…

Lunair doesn't seem ruffled by Starfire in the slightest. "They're pretty," She offers. Then her eyes widen at the small starbolt. "I - would, but I'd hate to damage the clothing in here," She holds up her hands in surrender. "I bet red would look lovely," She offers. "And yeah, I'll help pay." Then a pause at Roy's words.

Lunair has problems emoting properly, but she seems amused. "Well, I cooooooould…" Ominous teasing. "But fire in here seems like a bad idea," She peers around at all the cloth. "And all that." She smiles to Starfire. "These are quite nice." And she doesn't seem disturbed by Starfire's eyes. She doesn't know much different.

Starfire can pay for it, when Roy offers she simply swivels in her stance, because turning her head does no good in the hood, and pouts lightly at him. Either for the offering or the denial of the flaming sword.

"Okay, okay…. Outside then!" Starfire is trying to dig around beneath the hoodie as she walks over towards the cashier. "Luna and I have yet to have our sparring session anyway! This will be fun…" As soon as she can get into the hoodie, into her armor and get her money…

She's -pouting-. And stalking off like a cat. Yeah. Ah well, Roy mused… before he lifts his eyes to look at Lunair. "Well, go ahead, play with her. Do the sword thing. Just be ready to shield up if she gets a little enthusiastic with her blasts."

Attending to the hole in the wall, Roy blinks, then calls back out after them, "And try and avoid property damage, okay?"

Yes sir, the dragon lady and the dubstep schoolgirl. That'd go over big in Japan.

Oh dear. Lunair pauses. She follows them. "A sparring session? I'm really bad at hand to hand…" And Starfire's lasers? Lunair seems uncertain. What if she hur- no, what if LUNAIR got splattered? Ahem. "Hey, I'll have to bring you some sweets to try." A faint smile. "Grandpa and I were going to hang out. I need to take him someplace." Bakeries are good, right? "And uhm, sure thing." Shields. Noted.

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