The Skies Are Friendly

December 20, 2014: Shayera Hol meets Green Lantern while on a temporary break from House Themiscyra

The Sky

It's a sky, go outside and look up.



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High above the sky, donned in full Nth regalia (necessary so that she could breathe at this high of an altitude), Shayera takes time to herself finally. Finally. Lessons abound at the House Themescyra, politics, mannerisms, fighting. Clashing of fists, weapons and bone almost all day, every day were had. To be trained by Amazonian's were worse than what they did in the corps. Relentless. Few bones were broken, ribs cracked, all set back with a heavy hand.

Every now and then?

Valkyrie bitch, was heard. She was used to it now. Valkyries seemed honorable.

But here, she got a birds eye view of this Terra, and if one could actually settle down upon the cloud to enjoy the closeness of the stars, she would do just that. The Nth allows her this peace.

Peace where no terran can interrupt.

Normally, that would be true. Of course, Hal Jordan isn't just any terran. He's the Green Lantern, protector of this particular sector of godforsaken space, defender of Earth, true blue All American superhero. All that good stuff. That he's using his considerable power currently to cross the center of the country so that he can get to a football game on time isn't particularly of interest.

He spent a lot of money on those tickets and he only likes airplanes when he's flyin' 'em. Any moron with a brain the size of an apricot oculd get a commercial pilot's license.

And then, as he's passing near the mountain, the ring gives him an alert - alien lifeform signature, alien metal, some sort of gibber gabber information download about Thanagar that he's still trying to make sense of when he suddenly finds himself swerving almost on auto-pilot and coming up a bit short of the raging Hawk.

Wow. Well, that was something you don't see every day.

"Careful there, I think you made that cumulus cloud over there make a little wee."

When it full regalia, she almost looks like a golden.. half woman half bird. Man would have almost come into play, if she hadn't let her hair down and spread out around her shoulders. Her visor within her armored suit flares to life, her eyes darting left and right as she reads within her own language. Unknown entity approaching.

She wasn't able to discern what it was until it happened upon her with a lack of style.

Drawing away from the cloud and out into the open, she sets eyes upon the Green with a slight frown.

"I made the cumulus cloud … together?" Yeah, she didn't understand that sort of slang just yet.

Hal Jordan laughs, his arms crossed over his chest. His mask partially obscures his features, but basic handsome human is still fairly evident. The ring gleaming on his hand keeps him surrounded by a nimbus of green energy, the emblem of the Corps centered on his muscular chest.

"Pissed itself. Guess I shouldn't have bothered with the delicate language. You don't exactly strike me as a wilting daisy," he says.

"Just up here getting your aggression out, or were you expecting a dragon or something to show up in these parts?" he asks, standing calmly in the empty air.

"Pissed.. it.." Okay. This guy was slinging term out like it was peanut butter and jelly. Though, if there were a term for peanut butter and jelly…

"Spare me this terran talk. I know nothing of what you speak." She'd spit, but that would only get caught up within her mask.

Instead of dealing with the Green gobule, she turns her back to him. Really, it was none of his concern.

"Dragons are long dead. I hear. I wait for nothing. I am just enjoying my time until it is written that I shall leave. And really, my waiting here is of no concern of yours. Be gone."

Hal Jordan shakes his head, "Look, much as I'd like to agree with you on that point - because, honestly, you seem like you're in a really bad mood - I'm afraid you're my business. Alien species and whatnot, warlike, all flying around in the air with big old indestructible…Nth metal? What the hell is Nth metal?" he says, as the ring keeps pouring information into his head.

He was mostly used to the ring's functions, but he didn't encounter a lot of aliens, so this one had become less practiced.

"Anyway, you're in my territory. I'm the Green Lantern for this particular sector of space, assigned by the Guardians of the Universe. Y'know, little blue guys, giant foreheads, oversized pajamas? Eh, probably not, they're reclusive. Wouldn't you be? Anyway, I'm the protector of this planet, so…I've got to ascertain if you're a threat or just a strange visitor."

Clawed fingers snap out and rake against the front of her mask. Another one?! How many flippin protectors does this planet have?

"I do not know of them and I do not know you. And you, Green Lantern, are extremely terrible at your job." She points this out with a wave of her finger, almost as if she were calling him a naughty boy. "For I have been on this planet for a few months time, and you've yet to investigate until now."

Though, from what people may say of her? She's a threat. Making threats against a human, attempting kidnap, property damage and threats of invasions. No, not threats. Promises. She could be considered a loose cannon, at best.

But, she really didn't want to mix up with another protector of the planet, that would look bad on her promise to Wonder Woman. So, without further ado, she tries to avoid confrontation by offering up a little wave with a quick blast down towards Earth. She at least had to make it quick enough so she could pierce the layers without issue.

Hal Jordan cocks his head and then, swiftly, flies after, streaking through the sky in a burst of green light. "Awwww, I know the mask takes away some of my charm, but I didn't think I was repulsive!" he says, flying alongside her.

"And I'm not terrible at my job, I'm just new. And the planet's big. And I'm not really an investigator. More of a puncher."

He swoops up in front of her, able to move faster than she, and now he's got wings, big green ones on his back, much like her own, "Mostly I'm just curious. Aliens are neither particularly common or well known on this world. It's a little Area 51…er, secret, I guess. Except Superman. Everybody knows about him. I should meet him someday, I suppose, give him the whole protector of the sector speech. Hey, that rhymes. Awesome. Reminder: print t-shirts."

He flits around her a bit as she flies, circling, "Anyway, genuinely not trying to pick a fight, just curious. What brings you here, how long you staying, do they have good burritos where you're from? That sort of thing."

"Never said you were, Green Man." She states loudly. Flying at such velocity, one possibly needed to speak louder, instead of mumbles.

Even as he swoops in front of her, she still flies, and it was apparent that he flies as well, her head tilting a little as her eyes dart towards the left, her clawed hand reaching to lightly tap against her helmet, the mouthpiece slipping away with a loud click, as well as the rest of the armor she wore.

Even though it was chilled, she was still fine, the Nth helped with that. And all the while, the man carried on, yet the name Superman has her eyes cut towards him, and causes her to draw to a screeching halt.

"I've met Superman. Formidable protector. Would be even more formidable, if he weren't as nice as he was." A beat. "Is. Correction. Is."

She starts flying once more, now that they're breathable, she moves at a more relaxed pace. He wasn't trying to pick a fight, and neither was she, this revelation? Was a welcome surprise. "I was tracking a fugitive of my world here. I have found him, and we have come to an agreement that he shall return with me to my home to face justice." As far as burritos? She's had them. And they are delicious.

"Burritos. No. But I have had the dish. It is quite unique and delicious. I plan to present it for my friends and family back home. It'll be a lovely gift." She does glance towards him, if he's kept up with her. "We have Galaxian grub. A stew made of ooze and what you call insects."

The Galactic Omnipedia immediately dumpe dinformation about Galaxian grubs into his mouth. Luckily, years of barrel rolls in flimsy planes gave Hal a hell of a strong gag reflex. Plus, when he goes a bit green in the face, well, it's probably just the ring, right?

"It's good to hear that he's nice. He might be a better protector if he weren't so nice, but, then, given a Kryptonian level of power, we'd probably be a lot worse off if he had a bad temper," he says. "Not that I couldn't take him. Y'know, if it came down to it."

"But, let's not think about other big, tough superheroes, when I'm around. So, you're kind of a cop, huh? Like me. Did you choose to become a cop or did it pick you? I sort of fell into it myself, still getting the hang of the whole thing."

"I do see your point. I suppose you should take great stride in not angering him, then." Shayera grins at that thought, then turns to a stop. "Yes. My worlds cop. A hunter and a tracker, if you would like to get the bare bones of it. However, instead of protecting sectors as you may do, I protect my planet and my own people. Not this Terra." Not yet, but that remains to be seen.

"You strike me as the type that is nice as well. You are certainly chatty, a little full of yourself and fifteen parts arrogant. And the green suits you."

Did she just compliment someone? Ayup. H'el is going to freeze over, right this instant.

"I am almost home. I'd welcome you over, but the Amazonians are not too fond of men. And it is not my place. However, if you are in need of services during my time here, fell free to call on me. I am Shayera Hol."

Hal Jordan doesn't seem to take any of those criticisms particularly personally. "Oh, I'm more than a little full of myself, I'm very full of myself. I'm an awfully nice thing to be full of, ask any of my ex-girlfriends. Okay, maybe not any of them. Particular ones. Some of them are grudge holders."

"And, if I seem chatty, it's only because I don't often encounter other beings flying through the air like this. Only seems polite to say hello, if we're going to be sharing skies. I'm afraid Green Lantern's the only name I can offer you at the moment. But, yeah, I'd be happy to take you up on the calling thing, sometime when you're away from the She-Girl Man Hater's Society down there." he grins.

It was a rare moment for Shayera to break her training to laugh. The rare moment was now, and it was about as musical as it could ever have gotten. She even tosses her head back, unable to speak for the now, her arms wrapping around her stomach as her wings flit and flutter erractically.

"Okay." She finally breathes out, offering another, much kindler wave as she slowly floats on to house Themiscrya. That.. was just wee bit too funny, and a wee bit too true.

Hal Jordan throws the Hawk-girl a wink, "See you in the skies, Shayera Hol," he says, and then, faster than seems possible, he goes from stillness to rocket speed, quickly becoming a streak of green and zipping back into the upper atmosphere. Probably going to miss kick-off, but eh. A bit of flirtation and the need to stop for at least three orders of nachos could not be denied.

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