Titan Misfit

December 20, 2014: Vorpal and Oracle discuss getting Misfit into the Titans.

Bowery - Gotham City

The Bowery is the sibling of Park Row. Both once rather upscale districts that have fallen to squalor and destitution. Around the time the Sprang Act came in to affect the Bowery was a first to be approached; this institute a whole new architectural design for the area which turned the Bowery in to a squat blocky looking area with buildings that could belong on a military base.



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Oracle has been thinking long and hard about Misfit and her penchant for finding trouble. Oracle genuinely likes the young woman but she's extremely concerned about Misfits continued safety and knowing that Lady B. and herself can get busy and it can be boring for one of Misfits demeanour, she's decided to reach out to a contact who might be able to help.

To that end, she's been speaking with Keith about placing Misfit with the Titans, in addition to her training with Lady B. The Titans, being young and dynamic individuals might be problematic, but they might provide the young Misfit a level of protection that she's been lacking.

They've agreed for Keith to meet Misfit, and Oracle, in the Bowery. Keith should be there waiting now, with his Oracle app open.

The young man is, indeed, waiting in the Bowery. He's on one of the rooftops, phone out and Oracle app ready to accept any incoming communications.

What's interesting is that he's not in his Vorpal form, but his human form. Decidedly human- red hair and freckles and all. Misfit hasn't seen him in that form yet.

Misfit gets her queue and bounces, she appears without any flash of smoke, that is only in the depature not arrival, behind Vorpal. She may not make smoke or noise on arrival but Vorpal's chaos senses TWANG. "Uhm… here?" she calls in to Oracle not sure who the redhead is and making sure.

Oracle sees Misfit appear, through the video feed in Misfits comms unit, behind Vorpal on the roof and sighs deeply. "Keith, are you there. I'm so sorry… this is why I think the Titans can help out."

To Misfit, Oracle replies "Well yes. But do you think, appearing behind someone on a roof is the smartest thing to do?"

Keith turns around slowly, a cocky grin on his face. "Yes, Oracle, I'm here. Hey there, mystery girl, nice to see you again." He only detected her because of his own natural sensitivity to chaos. Of course, Misfit had no way of knowing that. It's one of the first things he's going to mention to her, soon- that her teleportation powers might be detected by someone like him.

"Surely you remember me? I was purple and fuzzy last time you saw me."

Misfit makes a really exhasperated noise "As opposed to swinging in on a batgrapple subtle… I mean.. its on top of a roof.. how was I supposed to get up here?" dismay in her voice, probably feeling like she can't anything right "It isn't like everyone isn't appearing behind me all looming and intimidating all the time either…" she fouses on Vorpal and grins, it is a genuine grin too "hey fuzzy!" pauses a beat "Patrolling with totally got me grounded and no I am supposed to be meeting you?"

Oracle just shakes her head at the young womans exasperation. "That's kind of why Keith and I have been talking, Misfit. Keith suggested that you might be a good fit for the Titans, and I agree." The redhead in the Clocktower sits back slightly, and picks up the teacup from the console. "I'll let Keith explain a little more."

"Misfit. Nice to put a tag to the face," Keith comments on Oracle's lead. "The All Seeing Eye is right- I think you've got potential. More than that, you obviously have the drive to be crazy enough and do what we do. The only thing you need is training and discipline, and that's something only mentoring and experience can provide. Now… you can get your training here in Gotham- which is valid, but tends to be solitary work… or you could do that and also get your training by working side by side with people your age. The Titans. There's people with all levels of experience there- from Changeling and Raven who were part of the old team and have tons of experience… to me. I'm the baby of the team." Or, he adds to himself, will be the baby of the team until she joins. The prospect of not being The Rookie anymore is rather attractive. Or at least of not being THE only rookie.

At what Oracle says she takes a step back. The Oracle can't see her expression but Vorpal can see it is a clouded mix of emotions about to explode. What he says though seems to derail that. She just blinks several times trying to process this. Then asks Oracle. "Both. Right… your not getting rid of me right?" she manages to keep her voice tight and questioning but the undercurrent is there.

Oracles eyes flare wide at Misfits question "Oh you would still be part of my team, absolutely. I just feel that the Titans will give more of the action side… Lady B. and I, we will help with your training, you can still live with her and I will rely on you as part of my team." The redhead is mortified to think she might have hurt the young woman unintentionally.

"Lady B?" Keith asks, a little puzzled by the name, but he is quick to jump with a reassurance, "And don't worry. Robin is on the team, too. Oracle regularly calls on us Titans to pitch in, so you could consider yourself a bridge between the Titans and Oracle, too." He gives her a grin. He's good at the grin thing. It's a cheshire thing.

Emotional rollercoaster night for Charlie. She takes a deep breath then nods to Vorpal and says to Oracle "Oh.. oh right ok… right." like of course that is right. Damn orphans and their abandonment issues, also at least a quarter (cough nightwing) of the Bats wishes they could be Garfield and ship her to Abu Dhabi. "Right..sorry." she smiles not quite as good a grin as before to Vorpal "I could definitely… use more training…" she admits.

In the Clocktower, Oracle sips her tea as the two young people speak. "That's a good idea, Keith, Misfit could be a link for us. Particularly with that skill of hers." The woman smiles "The only ''rules''" and both should hear the air quotes she uses "are these. You still live at Lady B.'s and follow her guidance. Lady B.'s and my requests come above the Titans and No killing!" Oracle pauses and smirks a little "and I reserve the right to modify these, as things progress."

The wheelchair bound redhead watches the screen, a satisfied smile on her face "Now, I leave you two to work out the details, ask questions and all that. I'll be listening if you need my input."

Keith grins, "Roger, Oracle. Well…. actually!" he snaps his fingers, "There's this party, see. We're having a little holiday get-together on Sunday. If you can make it, I can introduce you to the team-mates who'll be there."

The redhead tilts his head, "Does that sound enticing? I swear you're going to plotz when I tell you where we live."

Misfit cocks her head listening to Oracle and then nods "Those… sound like reasonable rules." she looks to Vorpal and then smiles, still a bi unsure "I .. well I don't think I have any reason to not go… I'd like to meet other superheroes and get into more action. I'm even getting a new costume" cause well hers is pretty much waiting to be shot through or stabbed wildly by someone like psycho-doc. "I'd be happy to come… whats a plotz?"

"Heh, sorry, something an old neighbor used to say. She spoke Yiddish- 'plotz' is yiddish for 'falling backwards from surprise or excitement', more or less. It's… more New York, not so much Gotham." He wasn't quite sure if there was an Ashkenazi community in Gotham like there was in New York. Probably ot.

"You can bring your new costume, too, awesome. Our headquarters is not known to the public… do you have a phone with a map app? I'll show you where we are…"

Misfit looks thoughtful "I'm.. not sure it will be ready.. I made a lot of sketches but Batwing has to still make it…" she chews her lip "It is going to be amazingly awesome though!" she seems convinced. "I .. well yeah I do have a phone Oracle gave me but I don't drive or anything…. I can just bounce there though if you tell me when the party will be." yup, evidentl she means she can just teleport to your ultra secret lair, sight unseen, whenever she wants.

"Good to know," Keith takes out his phone and types in some coordinates. "It'd be best if you appear outside, though, otherwise the security systems will go berzerk. We'll add you when you arrive, so just go up to here…" he points to a place on GoogleEarth, south of the interstate from New York, in Jersey Devil country. "Wait for it…"

He zooms in, zooms in… and there it is. The Titan's lair.

It's a castle. A three-towered castle in the middle of some rather lovely landscape. "When you get there, we'll give you the grand tour. You'll love it."

Misfit leans in cose to look at the Castle "Really… how are people not stopping to take photos of that all the time… I mean seriously…" she says distracted "Security systems never seem to go off really… its super cool." or as Oracle would say super annoying. Might be a side effect of her chaos magic teleporting her. Some sort of mystic bullshit, damn homo-magi. "That is so coool!"

"Well, it's not exactly out in public view. You have to drive quite a bit, it's in undeveloped coutry, so to speak, outside of the city. It's been around for ages, we just bought the building. It has… well." He grins. "You'll have to see the rest when you get there. I won't spoil all the surprises." Like the fact that the castle is only the tip of the iceberg and there is an entire subterranean complex. "Now, do you have any questions I can answer before you come over? I promised my boyfriend I'd take him out on a date tonight."

Misfit keeps staring at the phone for a long moment "No.. I'll be sure to bounce onto the porch so no one panics… this looks amazing!" she rocks n her heels and then grins "Have fun on your date… I'm going to go punch some muggers!"

Keith smirks, "Alright then, be there at around… noonish, I'd say. And remember that muggers sometimes carry concealed weapons, you don't want to be the one gettinng surprised."

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