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20 December 2014: Keith takes Zee, Kate and Bunker Christmas Shopping

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Hark how the bells
Sweet silver bells
All seem to say
"Holy shit Christmas is five days away!"
Christmas'll be here
Now you must fear
Gifts you forgot-
Go shop before you get caught!

What with everything that had been going on, Keith O'Neil hadn't had a chance to buy presents. With the holiday party just a few days away, it was important to hit the stores and try to find something. Alas, poor Bunker and Zatanna happened to be in the wrong place and the wrong time (namely: Keith's vicinity when he realized this)- and a Shopping Trip of Desperation was inevitable.

Most malls were prey to the Holiday Frenzy- people who, just like Keith, had procrastinated and left the all-important trip to the last minute. It wasn't a pretty sight.

"… I thought that would have been a nice gift for Robin, but I swear that woman was ready to throw me through the shop window. Maybe if we have a bit of a bite over at the food court, the crowds will die down a little?" Keith asks, still clinging to hope. He had sent Kate a text letting her know where they'd be… just in case she decided to come over and offer some shopping widom. Goodness knows he needed it. The food court, fortunately, was not as packed- everybody was busy fighting over merchandise, not food.

Miguel has been wide-eyes and a little frightened at the huge crowds and the massive, shoulder-to-shoulder press of humanity. "Madre! Everyone in the five boroughs is here, now, today," he says, struggling to pack some of Keith's bags of goods. "I swear it! There cannot be this many people in the entire world!" he groans as the boy finally gets to a food court seat and falls into it, finally able to put down his burdens. For now.

Wearing a Sweater dress over leggings with knee highs boots, Zee looks quite at home in the shopping setting. Trying to avoid the scurrying shoppers, occassionally bumping into one on the way to the Food Court, she laughs at Keiths predicament. "Maybe if you didn't keep asking if it came in other colors and took what she told you they had, it would have worked out better." As they reach the food court, she sits, crosses her legs and still laughing adds "Not to worry, Keith, if you can't get anything here, I can always magic something up."

"Hey, the stores say they're making less money these days," Kate announces with a grin as she joins the Titans in the food court. She looks like anyone else at the mall, in leggings and an oversized cashmere sweater with a pair of uggs on her feet. The only part that doesn't quite fit in is a charm on a necklace, which looks like a tightly-wadded bit of steel wool wrapped in copper. To mundane eyes, it probably looks like some strange, hipster piece. To those with magical senses…well, it's a nasty bit of work.

"Hi, I'm Kate," she greets Zatanna first, offering over a hand with an easy smile, nodding to Miguel as well. She may not know for sure who he is, but the edges are familiar, at least.

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"I know, I know, I just didn't think it was his color- he's got a very…" the young man looks up when Kate speaks. Unlike Zatanna, he is not wearing a cute outfit. A lifetime of dressing frugally has left him with a tendency for understated (and cheap) clothes. A forest green turtleneck and blue jeans, with a red scarf as a concession to the cold and the season. "Hey, it's a wild Kate," Keith grins "So glad you decided to make it! Zee, I don't think you've had a chance to meet Kate yet?" he asks, looking at the magicienne.

Zee hones in the necklace immediately, her eyes flicking from it to the Kates face and back again. With practiced ease, the raven haired magician then smiles slowly and takes the womans hand. "Nice to meet you, that's an interesting necklace, Kate" Turning her gaze to Keith she offers a smile "I have now."

Miguel is dressed fairly well: ubiquitous American blue jeans combined with a button-up burgandy shirt and a matching coat-and-gloves combo to ward off the cold. The bitter, bitter cold. Snow is fun for about five minutes, then it sucks. The same can be said for the bracing winds off the Atlantic. "We've met," he flashes a smile at Kate. "Bunker," he says under his breath as he waves from his seat.

"Ah, I thought you looked familiar," Kate winks to Miguel, glancing down at Zee's comment with a slight flush. "Right, that. Sorry. It's a sort of-" She reaches up to rub a hand at the back of her neck, glancing around. "Anti-Bloody Mary sort of thing a friend worked up. But let's not talk about that," she declares, forcing back a smile as she looks to Keith. "You're not shopping for Gar, are you? I thought we took care of that."

"Bloody Mary?" Keith blinks, giving Kate a look. "What do you mean by that?" so the necklace was something magical? He wouldn't second-guess Zatanna (she was, after ll, M.O.M ), but he was surprised to see Kate wearing something like that. What had happened while he was in California getting his head examined by Gar's shrink friend?

"N-no, it's for everybody else. I was planning to do it last week, but…" he does the 'shit happened' should shrug.

"…and we did, and then he forgets that Christmas is like, less than a week away. Dude, next time: internet. I got everyone stuff like weeks ago!" He glances to the necklace, to Zee and then Keith, but doesn't comment on it.

Giving the necklace one last speculative look, Zee nods to Kate and then smiles brightly at the three. "That's ok, we all get to shopping together… Watching Keith getting kicked out of shops is totally worth it, too."

"The glass woman," Kate clarifies with a look to Keith. "Should make it harder for her to watch me, and painful for her to come around. Which is good, because I want her to stay away from me, and I don't want her operational if she tries to get close." Kate…could probably use a little time with her own therapist, lately. "Miguel's got the fast track, though," she adds, going back to gifts. "Online's the way to go these days."

"… when we're done with this, you've got to tell me how you got that. And where I can get one myself." Not for himsself, though. Not exactly.

"I… hadn't thought of that." The redhead looks at Miguel with a sheepish look, and then at Zatanna. "This is the first time I've had something that could get online…" that being his Starkpad, the gift from Berto that Gar had to basically blackmail him to accept. "Live and learn, right? I guess I'll know what to do next Christmas. Zee just got back from going on tour, Kate. She got to spread magic all across Canadia." Keith grin.

Miguel's expression grows concerned at the mention of 'the glass woman', Damien's death still hanging over him, but he quickly changes to flash a smile at Zee. "OK, that is a thing I cannot do online, yes," he agrees. "And it's bes to do this in packs, apparently…" he says, giving a shiver and look at the mobs of frantic last-minute shoppers swirling around them. He wonders if they can smell his fear.

Zee nods "Definitely online, or when you're on tour in far and exotic places… like Canada" she confirms. "But it is one reason why local retailers are complaining, they're loosing sales online."

Bunker gets an extra reassuring smile from the young woman, "Packs are definitely the best way to approach the Christmas crowd… don't worry, we'll protect you." Looking around at the throngs of shopper she smiles again "So food, or do we go see if Keith can upset another shop assistant?"

"I could kill for some of those pretzels," Kate admits at the mention of food. "But I can totally eat one of those while we move. Who're you looking for, Keith? I know a girl at the purse counter in Nordstrom's who could probably hook you up with a good deal. Or we could go to Brookstone! My hand to god, Brookstone is almost as good as R and D at the Triskelion."

"Walking and eating it is," Keith says, standing up. "I…" he pauses. Suddenly the glaring flaw in his plan clicks into place. How to get presents for the people who are shopping with you? "- we should totally go to Brookstone. You know the way, Katie?" there is that cute little store next to Brookstone, if he can sneak out for just a minute and get in something for Zee. And then if they go to Nodrstrom, he can sneak over to the other side on the excuse to use the restroom and get something for Miguel.

Because who needs simplicity? "I'd like one of those pretzels to go as well. What do you say, gang?"

Miguel perks up. "Brookstone! Yes! I've heard of this place!" he says, getting to his feet despite the weight of the various bags. "We soldier onward! For pretzels!"

Having done all her shopping, Zee is just happy to trail along. "Sure! A Pretzel sounds good and so does Brookstone." Watching Bunker with all the bags she puts out a hand to offer to take some… "If you like, I might be able to make them a little lighter, Bunker."

"Pretzel run!" Kate declares, weaving off through the crowd to acquire pretzels for everyone. Because it's important to keep your blood sugar up when you're shopping! Once she's acquired them, she's back to pass them out and take a look out toward the surging crowds. "I guess it'd be inappropriate to go through the rafters, huh?"

Keith hmmms, and looks from Kate to Miguel to Zatanna… and then to the crowd.

"Well, doing the swinnging thing might be. But… we could do the low-key magic teleportation. If our mistress of magic is ok with it, that is… or we could try to swim upstream in this river of people."

Miguel gives Zee a grateful look that means he owes her a life-debt, perhaps. "Thank you," he manages. He shifts bags and parcels so he can in fact access a hand to take the pretzel and bites into the soft chewy salty goodness with a voracious Mmmppff. "Madre! That is good!"

Zee looks between Kate and Keith and shrugs. "Sure, why not. I can probably get us all there… " Looking at Bunker again, the young magician smiles and waves her hand:

~ ekaM ehT sgaB rethgiL ~

Taking the pretzel, Zee takes a bite and then looks to Kate, "If you give me the location and I'll get us there."

"Um." Kate pauses, frowning down at her necklace. "Maybe not a good idea," she admits after a moment. "I don't know if this is particular to reflections, or if trying to travel through things at all is going to do something unpleasant, and I like you guys, and that would probably end poorly, you know?"

"Right, best avoid apocalyptic magical backfires. Miguel's not in his costume so asking him to take us on a lego ride is out of the question… so that leaves moi." Keith reaches into his jeans and takes out a small handheld mirror. "I can Rabbit Hole us in the general direction. Any objections to me going purple?"

Miguel's eyes widen a bit. "Maybe not, but will we end up where we need to? I mean, how accurate is it, really?" he says, after shooting Zee a grateful smile. "Ah, that is much better! Thank you!" he says to her.

Zee looks a little bemused as Keith pulls out the handmirror. With an upnod of her head to Kates necklace "Ummm, if the necklace is design to stop the mirror woman" she looks then to the hand mirror and raises an eyebrow. Shaking her head, she grins at the other three "Really, we're going to spend more time discusing how to shortcut, then we will getting there. Why don't we just walk and enjoy each others company?"

"I think we can make it," Kate says to Keith, stepping over to sling an arm around his shoulder. "We've seen scarier things than hordes of mall people. Also, I left my bow in the trunk."

"You do keep a lot of junk in that trunk," Keith says, putting the mirror back into his pocket and leaning on Kate. "Alright, alright, we follow the logical suggestion for once and walk. Lead the way, Kate!"

"Awwright!" Miquel says around a mouth-full of pretzel as he shifts the now-much-lighter bags around and makes to follow the Keith once more into the hoardes of shoppers.

Zee smiles a little at the group and follows along, eating her pretzel in a much more demure manner than Bunker. "Lay on, MacDuff. Show us the way."

Kate knows her way around a mall. And she's got a knack for cutting through crowds, too. Granted, it takes a few false starts for her to cut through the crowd and not lose the others in the process, but eventually she makes quick work of it, shouldering her way into the brightly lit haven of useless gadgets that is Brookstone. "Remote control helicopters!" she exclaims, pointing toward the back of the store.

"Okay… now I wish I were shopping for me, because I want one." Keith grins, once Kate gets her crowd feet ndder her and navigates them through the mass of bodies. "See… I could see Robin building one of those all by himself. But maybe there's something here…" he pauses and looks at Zatanna. "… and then there's the whole 'what do I get Raven?' thing. I know nothing about being Goth. Except that you're not supposed to get a tan. I think."

He looks at Miguel's eager consumption of his pretzel, and gives his own a few enthusiastic munches. "… I suck at giving people presents. Why don't I just by gift cards?"

"Oooh. Bean bags!" Miquel grins, putting down his load to flop into one, sinking deep into the massive seat to finish off his pretzel. Chewing and mming, he considers this important question. "Spa time?" he suggests.

Wandering around the store, Zee lets her attention wander, as she absently consumes the Pretzel. "For a Goth, I would think appropriate makeup, black lipstick etc, or a voucher for a body piercing." Glancing at Bunker as he sinks into the beanbag, she smirks "Don't get that dirty with that Pretzel, they may make you buy it."

Returning her attention to Keith she frowns "Gift cards are ok, I guess… but really, I'm not sure everyone is expecting something… it's more about the thought and spending time together, isn't it?" Zee shrugs a little and lets her attention wander to all the lovely bright shiny objects.

"I like the way you think," Kate points at Miquel, grin flashing. "Spa day for everyone. Hot tub. Massages. Facials." She sighs wistfully, then reaches for a display of kinetic sand, poking it with the included rake. "We should totally do that. Wait a minute. You guys have a castle. You can't tell me you don't have a hot tub and a steam room there, right?"

"Nnno. We have a library, though, which I suggested we could convert into a pool room. But Raven and Robin gave me such glares… I'm not sure where we'd put the hot tub, 'cause one of the towers is the living room, the other one is the kitchen/dining room, and the third one houses the study. Unless we decide to raze four of the twelve bedrooms on one of the towers and build them there?" Keith looks at the remote control helicopters, seriously considering getting one at some point.

"Or build something new in the courtyard?" Miguel suggests. "And no, we are totally not getting rid of the library. Do any of us even know how to play pool? I don't!" he says, settling deeper into the bean bag until it looks like he'll have trouble getting out.

Zee just blinks at the group and grins again "We could totally use the Courtyard. A hottub with one of those screen things around it…" The idea of getting rid of the library doesn't sit well with her either "And the library definitely stays" she says firmly.

"Pools and hot tubs go in the yard, Keith," Kate agrees with Zee, running her hand over a blanket. "I think you're onto something with the spa day, though. I have a sudden, overpowering urge to spend some time just relaxing in a lavender and eucalyptus scented room with hot, bubbling water and soothing music."

Getting into Kate's mental space, Keith continues the thought- "And candlelight… and getting a massage from a nice, good-looking guy with green skin-"

Pause. "What were we talking about? The hot tub… right. Well, Gar likes the garden, I wouldn't want to take that away from him… but the northern side of the courtyard doesn't have much. Maybe we could put it there, what do you think?" He asks, while looking at a prism, the kind that has laser-etched 3-d image inside. "Spa day is a good idea, though. I'll get all of you that and we can all go in at the same time."

Miguel flashes a smile at Keith. "See? All good," he says, finishing up the pretzel and quickly dusting any crumbs off the bean bag. He manages to level himself out of it, and goes over to check out the remote toys as well.

"A spa day could be a great thing. A bit of team bonding and relaxation all in one." Zee adds after Keith gets back on track. Finishing her pretzel, she looks at the 3D prism Keith has. It certainly catches Zees attention and she starts to look at the other ones… "Cute… " she says as she does.

Kate smirks faintly as Keith waxes poetic. "Someone needs a little bit of alone time," she chuckles, still rubbing a hand over the blanket. "Definitely spa day," she agrees. "After a really crappy week or something." Not that she hasn't had a fairly crappy week all around lately."

"Hey, I was gone for a week, I've missed him a lot." Keith smirks, but the mention of a rough week… well. "How's everything with you, Katie?" He asks, casually enough. But he's doing a light check-in to see if they need to get back to the Castle after shopping and open up a bottle of wine.

Miguel stays quiet as he plays with the app-controlled little sphereoid toys, but he catches what Keith says and keeps an ear open.

Kate's quiet for a moment at the question, a faint frown furrowing her brow. "I'm…okay," she finally answers. "Busy. Been trying to work on the connecting people, make sure everyone is solid and backed up. Speaking of, there's someone I need to introduce to you. Oracle said she might have someone, too. It sounds like the two of them might be a good fit together, might help them settle in if they came at the same time." Because it's easier to deal with other people's problems than her own.

Keith catches the hint. He's a master at evading things, too. It's why Garfield basically did a nudge-nudge wink-wink and hinted that there might be someone Keith could talk to… if he chose. Because he was doing a wonderful job of Not Dealing With Things. He's still not, but at least he knows some of the things he has to think about.

"Right… who is it? What do they do?" Keith asks, showing Zatanna the 3d image, and moving it around in the light, tearing rainbow glints from the surface of the glass.

"New people? Sweet," the Mexican boy says as he turns to look at some other new toy. Thankfully they practically make you play with things in this store. He powers up a quad-copter and playfully sends the small drone over to nudge Kate's shoulder. "Oh, I think it likes you!" he grins.

"The one I met goes by Nyx," Kate says, wandering over to a display of wine toys. "Very strong, durable. Can take a hit and throw a punch. From the phone call we had, it sounds like she's somewhere between magic and meta, and not entirely sure which it is when it comes down to ti."

"That can be tested easily, we do have a Mistress of Magic in our ranks," Keith grins and looks at the drone. "Careful, Miguel, she can shoot that thing out of the air with a glance. She doesnn't even need a bow"

"What about the other?" Miguel says, backing the drone off a bit, zipping it up and down an aisle."

Admiring the prism with Keith, Zee has been listening to Kate and casts her a slightly concerned look. "Maybe you and I could catch up for a coffee or a drink soon, Kate" she says lightly "You know, totally do a girls night out thing." At the mention of Nyx, Zee nods again with a smile "Absolutely, it will be nice to have another magical type hanging around. Miguels antics with the helicopter cause her to smirk and she watches it zip up and down the aisle.

"The other is Oracle's find," Kate answers Miguel. "So I'm afraid I don't know much, other than that when I described Nyx to her, she said this find of hers seemed similar. We'll have to set up a time we can all meet. Get everyone settled." The offer from Zee brings a pause, and then a small smile. "That sounds…nice, actually," she agrees with a nod.

Keith gets the hint from Zee. "Well, why don't you and Kate have a nice cup of coffee over at Frostaccino's while Mickey and I grab a couple of things? We'll catch you over at the cafe." Mastermind redhead says- if Zee is with Kate, then he can get a gift for Zee. The trick will be to get rid of Miguel at some point so he can get a gift for him too. And he knows exactly what to get now. "Sounds like a plan?"

Miguel lived with Keith long enough to pick up cues like this, so he docks the tiny drone and shuts down the controller. "Sounds good!" he says, hefting the bags once more, again shooting Zee a grateful look. Hopefully they'll stay light once away from her general vicinity.

Zee smiles brightly at Kate and says "Well, we've been given our marching orders… let's go get that cup of coffee and whilst we're there we can watch all the people go by…" With a flourish, because she really can't help herself, she indicates the general direction of the cafe Keith mentioned.

"Sounds like we've been banished," Kate chuckles at Keith's suggestion. "Girl's night out involves dresses and drinks, Keith. But I could go for some coffee. Let's go hit that up, Zee, let the boys plot."

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