Titans Holiday Party

December 21, 2014: The Titans and allies have their little get-together before the holidays hit

The Titans' Castle

It looks like Christmas puked on it



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Deck the halls, and corridors and library and every available place with boughs of holly. It has been four years since Keith O'Neil has had a chance to actually celebrate the season… and he may have gotten a little carried away.

The greenery, the red bows, the christmas tree standing in a corner of the castle's living room with a collection of lights that give off the impression that he held the Walt Disney World Electrical Parade at gunpoint. Fortunately, a structure as grand as the castle is served well by the pageantry, whereas Keith's tiny apartment in Gotha would have looked like It's A Small World exploded within its tiny confines.

The young man in question is checking up on the Wassail. He's clad in one of Gar's old red/white uniform shirts, becase it matches the season theme after all, and blue jeans. "Hmm… I hope this isn't too cinnamon-y." He mutters to himself after taking a sip.

As if you could have too much cinnamon.

One moment there is no one in front of the front door, the next moment there is a girl in a makeshift costume. She really needs to track down Batwing and see how her new costume is coming along, but still you wear costumes when visiting super bases so she totally wore her current patrol outfit. It is worth noting none of the alarms went off, and Vorpal may be too far to feel the twang of the bounce. So Misfit looks around for a doorbell or some suhc, worst case she knocks.

A fly on the wall? Nah, a little bird lands on Misfit's shoulder. A little green bird.

"HI!" the bird chirps. "You must be that new girl!"

"Hi there." This greeting is actually directed at the bird, although this might be difficult to tell. Booster Gold is dropping out of the air rather quickly, but he lands lightly on the ground just beside Misfit. "Hello to you too," he adds, nodding to her. He is carrying a basket, although it is mostly wrapped up against the kinds of horrible things that could happen to any package that has to get flown through the air at 400 miles per hour.

The security system at the Castle is quite good- it notifies Keith of an unknown presence in the vicinity- Misfit. And two people who are in the database, of course. Drying his hands, he puts the apron aside and makes it to the door in a few bounds and leaps (he's been cooking, and tasting, and is currently on the ay to a major sugar high.) The doors open and he grins, "Hello, hello, Booster and Misfit, and the greenbird of happiness, I see. Had any trouble finding the place?" this he asks to the teleporting girl. His powers work differently from hers, so he has no idea what it's like to teleport as she does.

Misfit does jump a little bit, but more from the talking than the landing. She at least noticed a green bird landing on her shoulder. "That is so awesome!" at the talking bird, then she jumps again as Booster drops in behind her and talks. "Crap.. oh wow Booster Gold!" then blushes a touch, she really needs to get a grip on being snuck up on. She peers at the little bird "Does someone have like Snow White animal powers to go with the disney castle?" she doesn't seem to be teasing she seems thrilled to death to meet so many super heroes. "Hi!" is tossed to Keith and then she shakesh her head "Nope, easy peasy."

Gar doesn't bother changing to human, since this is more fun. He hops over to Keith's head and whispers, "Where did you hide my shirts? I can't come to the party without a shirt, it's not summer and we don't have a pool."

The sight of a bird whispering into Keith's ear may be amusing to some, but Gar is shameless. He chirps at the others, "This is so much more than a Disney castle. You gotta see the garden!"

OK, well, it has a (much reduced) blackberry bramble instead of a giant rose thornbramble, but it has a bit of a Disney feel to it … unfortunately.

Booster points a finger-gun at Misfit and winks at her, then offers the covered basket to Vorpal. "It's actually full of food. Mostly fruit." This kind of defeats the idea of giving someone a wrapped gift, but there it is. "I didn't think much about it when you gave me that fruit basket since that's actually kind of a thing when I'm from? Then I thought about it and realized you probably didn't know the significance of it. I suspect it's not as … you know, grand in this era, but I figured, everyone likes food, don't they?"

Before the door can close behind the others, in pulls the familiar purple mustang that belongs to one Kate Bishop. She's been a little up and down lately, what with everything that's been going on, but for a party with friends, she's pulled it together. "Hey, guys!" she calls, waving to the door as she steps out of the car, a paper bag tucked under one arm. "Merry everything!"

"Have you looked at … you know, the laundry, Mister Pigpen?" Keith grins at the green bird. "Go ahead, I'll bring our guests in." He takes Booster's basket with a smile "Oh, Booster, thank you, this is awesome! And I see our resident archer is coming to spread some cheer as well," he nods towards Kate. He knows all too well how important fruits are for Booster- coming from a future where this stuff is sort of exotic.

"This is our new member of the Titans- Misfit, you know Booster Gold. And this is Garfield Logan, the bird, also known as Changeling," he nods to the little bird. "And that over there is the one and only… well, I'll let her introduce herself. I am not the one to steal anyone's thunder." He grins and waves at Kate. "Wait 'til you see what Zee has conjured up for the party."

He takes a few steps back to let everybody in.

Misfit isn't shy she shoots everyone a grin and a little wave. "Hi .. hi.. nice to meet everyone…" she looks curious at Kate since she wasn't named but then steps inside since Keith is ushering people inside "I've never been in a castle before.. this is so cool…" she looks around like a tourist "I wonder how different his is than the one at Disney world.. I should bounce over and look sometime… or buckingham palace.. that's a castle right?" oh fear for the world when Misfit really connects that she can get fresh coffee from Paris and enjoy a sunrise in Bali in the span of a few moments. Right now though this is the coolest place she has ever been and it shows in her expression as she looks all around.

Laundry? What is this 'laundry' of which you speak? Gar chirps in a confused fashion that probably conveys those words, then flies in through the open door, disappearing into the interior. There's some thumping and an "AHA!" from the distance, and Gar Logan is visible waving from the kitchen, wearing a purple and white sleeveless shirt and calf-length purple pants - summer uniform. It's clean. The others, well, if the tour extends to the laundry then the mysteries of the soak cycle will become apparent.

Although he only vaguely knows of 'Disney', Booster at least knows what castles are. He is unsure as to how prevalent they are in this era, though; for all he knows, it's still a common form of architecture even in the 21st century. "Gosh. You've done it all up," he comments, when he sees some of the decor that gaily bedecks the halls. "So, Misfit…" He looks to the young woman. "That sounds familiar, but I don't think we've run into each other before. I'm sure someone's told me about you, though…" His attention is drawn away and he turns to raise a hand to Kate in greeting.

"Hawkeye," Kate announces herself with a grin. "But you can call me Kate, because it's just weird while we're having a party. Nice to meet you. You must be Oracle's girl, yeah?" she says to Misfit, shifting the bag to one arm as she offers out a hand. "So, I brought booze," she admits to Keith. "And then I remembered not everyone is quite legal age, so I also brought some sparkling cider. She said for the surveillance."

Zatarra is running a little late, a small issue of dealing with something that 'goes bump in the night' before the party, and then having to get ready. Wandering into the living room now, the Mistress of Magic smiles brightly, hugs Gar, Keith and Kate and holds her out to Booster and Misft "Hey! I'm Zatanna, or Zee…"

Today she's wearing a red sweater dress, dark leggings and knee high boots.

"Keep the booze away from Gar, he starts climbing tables when he gets into it," Keith grins and leads everybody to the living room, which is definitely Bechristmassed. When Zatanna makes her entrance, Keith grins. "Zee, excellent! Make yourselves at home, guys. Anyone wants a bit of the Wassail? It's warm and ready to go. Kate, if you'll hand me the boo-sparkling stuff, I'll get it ready to serve."

There are presents around the tree, of course. Keith sets Booster's basket on the table after unwrapping it, so everybody can have some fruity delights.

Misfit pauses at her gawking at the Castle to smile to Booster "Well… I'm going to be famous.. but I doubt anyone is talking much about me except Vorpal and Oracle… well or Nightwing.. " she narrows her eyes when she says Nightwing, there is some verbal fist shaking at the sky in the way she says Nightwing lately, batarang thief. It would probably be her luck that she either one day saves or nearly destroys the earth, maybe she is future famous. She pivots and smiles brightly to Kate though "Hi there .. wow Hawkeye and … u yeah that would be me. Are people talking about me a lot…" she says a bit worried, like watch out for Misfit she is going to get herself killed. Then there is another person to meet "Hi there.. I'm Misfit." then she peeks to Vorpal "What is Wassail?"

Gar gallops into the living room/entry just in time for a hug… oooh, hugs! and then he's taking coats, if any are offered, and greeting, "Zee, Booster, good to see you guys again, Misfit, welcome to the castle. Wassail is hot mulled cider, not much alcohol. And I do not have a glass liver. The booze at the end-of-term party was SPIKED, they put something weird in it. Never trust organic chemists."

Gar looks at the girl's costume. "Batgirl retro? You have a new one in the works, right?"

"Oh, I've heard of you," Booster repeats, assuring Misfit of her budding (in)fame. He then shakes Zatanna's hand, saying, "It's a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Zatarra. Zee. You can call me Booster, or Michael. Either is fine." Pulling his cowl and goggles off so they just dangle behind his back, now that he is indoors, Booster says to Gar, "Thanks for having us over. It's nice to see your place when I'm not exhausted from beating up exo-dimensional creatures, or whatever. Now I can appreciate the ambience."

"No," Kate laughs to Misfit. "I actually ran into someone she said reminded her of you, hopefully you guys will get a chance to meet soon." She pulls out the sparking cider to pass it over to Keith, stepping in to give him a hug at the same time. "Good to see you. Hey, Zee, love the outfit," she grins swiftly to the magician. Kate may not technically be part of the team, but she certainly seems at home with them.

After the hug, Keith vanishes into the kitchen (down the corridor) and comes back several minutes later, with Wassai and sparkling cider in mugs and glasses, respectively, on a tray. "Drink up! Kate's sort of an unofficial team member," he explains to Misfit, "The way she puts it, she's got commitment issues. So we sort of consider her an unofficial Titan, except she's got a better fashion sense… and," he says to Gar, "Zee, Kate and Bunker brought up the fact that we don't have a pool. Or a hot tub. And I do notice that a corner of the courtyard would be perfect for one… though it would have to be a raised pool, because of the underground. Right?"

Zee's attention is caught by Misfit… but sensing her unease, she smiles at the young woman kindly and then looks to Keith "Wassail for me please, Keith." Turning her attention to Booster, she smiles "Nice to meet you, Michael."

Misfit turns her attention to Gar next, good thing she has ADHD.. or something. "Oh well.. this shouldn't be too batgirl.. I toned it down from my first costume…" she indicates her logo "See.. it is a Bat-M for Misfit." she grins "And yeah new costume really soon and it is going to be AMAZING… Batwing is making it and Oracle and Batgirl helped me with the desing.. it will really cool but its complex so he wasn't able to finsih it yet." she pauses for a breath. Gods she is excited about this whole place. Then she cocks her head and listens to something it appears and furrows her brow "Rodger." and looks about "I need to go help Oracle with something but I'll be back as soon as I'm done for some Wassail and the tour you promised." The last part is to Vorpal specifically.

One moment Misfit is there and then with a flash of pink and purple smoke <pinkurple> she is gone, teleported somewhere. Magically nclined people get a >twang> of Chaos magic… definitely not Order.

Gar leans over and whispers to Zatanna, "hey, I might have a problem. Can you scan me for magical influences or passengers? I'll explain while you figure out any spells you need."

He tilts his head at Misfit's vanishment, and points to the tree. "By the way, there should be presents under there for all of you. Even Misfit. We can open early, once she's back, cause Keef and I will be in Orlando at the many, many theme parks and entertainments starting Tuesday night."

GAME: Vorpal has set the pose order to Keith/Garf/Boo/PretendKate/*Zatanna*

Booster is eyeing the wassail as if it might be radioactive, although ultimately, he takes a mug of it. Keith wouldn't serve anything dangerous, right? He just tries to hold onto that belief. "Theme parks?" he wonders aloud, then he says, "Oh… right. Florida still exists, now." Booster nods a little at this as if he were reaffirming something in his memory, before taking a cautious sip of the wassail. After a thoughtful moment he says, "This stuff is … really weird, but in a good way."

Kate's brows rise as Misfit poofs, but it doesn't look like she's brought her amulet to the party. No need to bring up certain things at what's supposed to be a happy occasion. That, and there are magically sensitive people around here. "Doing the Disney thing? That sounds like a lot of fun," she says at Gar and Keith's plans.

Taking the Wassail from Keith, Zee frowns a little at Gar. "Sure I can, but tell me more so I can do it properly." the young Magician smiles as if they are just talking about mundane things, even if they are talking quietly, "I take it that you don't want anyone to know, how much does Keith know?"

As Misfit twangs out, Zee blinks and looks where the young woman has been, a slow grin appearing on her face. "Oh my! Two of you in the one house, life will be interesting. I really want to speak to her now…" Kate gets a grin and a nod "Working with her could be fun!" People should worry about Zees definition of fun.

Gar shakes his head, "Nah, no secret, just … might as well explain it. There've been some weird disappearances of animals from zoos in New York, I got a call from a friend, staked out the Queens Park Zoo, and they took me and a bunch of other snow monkeys. But they used a tranquilizer gas or something - I didn't wake up until we were all back. Checked out at ESU for anything like tracers or virals and I'm clean, but magic might be involved."

He scratches the back of his head, a bit embarrassed.

"Oh, wait, is that wassail already?" He fills a cup. Because the heat will explain the flush, he isn't blushing at all. Not embarrassed to be caught flat-pawed. Nope.

Keith knows Zee. He knows that her definition of fun in magic is not unlike that of Reed Richards' definition of fun in science. Except that Zee doesn't have an explosion record.

That he knows of.

"Yeah, she's brimming with chaos magic. I don't think she knows, though, but I haven't asked yet. We can go ahead and open the presents, I will give her hers when she comes back. From the sound of it, it might have been Oracle, which means Something's Afoot In Gotham."

The redhead smiles and sits down next to Booster. "We've got to get you exposed to some more stuff from our century. If you think the Wassail is interesting, just wait till you taste the chocolate Gar makes. It should be a controlled substance I swear."

At Kate's question, Keith nods and blushes a little. "Yeah… Gar surprised me with it. It's his christmas present." He gives the green one a look. "Crafty bugger that he is." This was to Kate.

"I find chocolate kind of weird," Booster admits. "Not bad, but strange. I get the impression it helps if you grew up with it. However, I'm pretty adventurous." His attention is mostly on the room, especially on the decorated tree which he is looking up and down, as if he were trying to analyze it. "Anyway, that's cool that you guys are going to do a leisure vacation. Good that you're taking the opportunity to soak up the interesting stuff this era has, while it's still available."

"Okay, apocalypse boy," Kate chuckles at Booster, pulling out the bottle of apple pie moonshine she also brought. "I think it's time for you to have some shots." Apparently it's her turn to be that girl.

"Snow monkeys, huh" Zee really can't help smiling a bit at Gars perdicament. "Sure, you want it done before you go, I suppose?" Keith gets a nod "Probably not by the way she's using it, but … fun fun fun… " Blinking a little at Kate, the smile grows "Sounds like an idea for me… " grinning conspiratorally.

"Hey! I resumble that remark." Snow monkeys. Honestly. Bobby ice ramps up to the incipient party with, rather suitably, a sack full of gifts courtesy of the X-Men Red and DCI on his back. "Hey folks. Sorry I'm a bit late."

"Hey it's Icey!" Keith stands up and nods at Kate as she mentions getting Booster shot. With alcohol. "Serve a round all 'round. Good to see you, Bobby." The redhead walks up to Bobby and closes the door behind him. Now everybody who was coming was here so there was no need to keep the door open. Unless Miguel managed to get his shift reduced… poor Miguelito. But he'll be happy. There was that drone waiting for him under the tree.

"Here," He says, extending a hand "Make yourself at home. Let me grab your sack."

"That's not ominous or anything. So, Booster, how long until the earth-shattering kaboom hits?" Gar asks, just slightly joking, a little. "Also, are you from before or after our previous buddy Tel Pol, the Gravity Kid. I mean, I never actually met the guy but the pics from the old Tower showed him wearing a ring like the one you wear."

Warning: Incitement to breach temporal contamination prevention protocols, two counts. One count of deliberate breach of protocol, ignorance of the law is no excuse, etc. Yes, Gar has a bad science fiction writer living in a corner of his brain, scripting … it's how he made it through the limited run of Space Trek 2020, after all.

"Er… well normally I don't really drink," Booster admits, his eyebrows arching upwards. "But since it's a festive occasion, one shot is not going to hurt anything." He grins when Bobby enters, nodding to him and saying, "Hey, dude. Nice to see you again." Gar's question draws Booster's focus then, as he seems very interested in this information. "He had a ring like mine? That means he was probably from the 30th… or 31st century. I'm from the 25th." He raises his hand, palm inward, to show the L* ring on his finger. "It's a super-team insignia, you rarely see them outside of that era." Which offers no explanation as to why he has one, of course. "Anyway, as to the uh… the incident, I don't know when it happens."

Kate steps aside to start pouring a line of shots, looking over her shoulder with a grin for Bobby. "Hey, good to see you, Frosty," she calls over. "You want in on shots? Zee, Booster, Frosty, anyone else?" Kate isn't carding anyone here. Because she's a responsible adult like that.

Zee grins at Kate and nods "Sure, why not… I'll have some." If Kate wants to card them, the young magician will make sure they're all covered. Bobbys arrival gets a look and she smiles brightly in greeting but turns her attention to Booster.

Bobby hands the sack of fun things to Gar and Keith to hand out. "Not entirely sure what's in there, Simon handed it to me to bring over when he heard I was coming. I think Berto picked them out." Which means it's likely that they're trendy and techy and pricy. That's how Berto rolls.

"So. What's goin' on?" He can see that Booster is about to take a shot but this doesn't overly concern him… yet.

"Just sitting down and having a bit of Wassail. Or hard alcohol, Kate brought the moonshine. Oh goodness, Berto picked them out?" He still has that StarkPad, one of Berto's apology gifts for the mixer. He gives Gar a look… but it's Christmas. He can't refuse a Christmas gift for being too expensive, that's just not something you do on Christmas. "Go ahead and pour one out for me, Katie. I think I -"


"Yup, they're ready. I'll be right back…"

He takes the shortcut through the courtyard and is back soon with a pan of gingerbread men, just cooled down enough. "I thought you guys might like this. Mom used to make 'em all the time."

He may be going a little overboard, or maybe he's trying to catch up on four years.

Gar sniffs the air, as Kate pours something intensely whiffy into the glasses. Poison detecting animal powers say 'Yes, yes it is. Delicious poison'.

"Me for one," the Changeling proclaims. It only looks like he wasn't paying attention to Booster's explanation. Super-team insignia from the 31st century, then at least one of them other than Tel was a time traveler because Tel didn't leave his ring behind when he was taken back into the future.

Wait. Gingerbread. Gar focusses suddenly and abruptly on the incoming deliciousness.
"Yum, gingerbread. Do not do anything to animate those, I don't want to chase them down."

"Sorry, I don't want it to sound as if the world ends in a year or ten. I mean it probably won't," Booster explains, trying to be reassuring. "While it's true that records five hundred years from now are fragmented due to so many of them being wiped out, that probably sounds worse than it really is." So everyone should sleep more soundly, right? When he does get his shot, he inspects it, and is clearly waiting for others to be served as well; he's not going to slam this alone.

"All right, doomy," Kate chuckles to Booster, coming back with a row of shots and handing a glass out to each person who's expressed some interest. "Maybe the world ends in five hundred years. But maybe it doesn't. And in the meantime, here we are, surrounded by friends, celebrating the season. So drink up, friends," she says warmly, lifting her own glass. "To all of us."

Bobby quirks an eyebrow. "Well if it makes anyone feel better I'm not going to start a new ice age for at least another, oh, twenty years or so?" He grins and finds himself a beer. He doesn't drink except socially and then doesn't drink much, but he raises his bottle in agreement with Kate. "To all of you wonderful, heroic people."

"Cheers to that," Keith says, putting doown the gingerbread tray and grabbing his shot. He then goes and slides himself onto Gar's lap with a grin, "Exactly a year ago I was working in a warehouse and living in a crummy apartment with no friends and not much of a life."

He turns around to look at Gar, and then to Booster, Kate and Bobby. "To new friends. And to family." He raises the shot glass with the delicious poison, and downs it. It is warm as it goes down. Yesssss my preciousss, we likes it.

"My friends," Gar says, lifting the glass.

He looks at Drake and quirks an eyebrow, ice age? Really? Get to work on global warming then, ice cube.

"To health and prosperity in the years to come."

Delicious poison, well, alcohol itself is an aquired taste, but the many things in with it make it an interesting experience. Gar follows his shot immediately with a bite of gingerbread, because enhanced sense of smell.

"Cheers, all," Booster says, raising his glass. "To safety, prosperity, and continuity." This may or may not make more sense as a toast in his native language, but there it is. He drinks his shot in one gulp and does not choke or cough. He does, however, grimace very faintly, unused to imbibing hard liquor.

Kate tosses back her own drink after the toast, then grins around. "And for the record, I am totally buying you guys a hot tub," she informs the group. "Merry Christmas. You can all soak in it when you've gotten knocked around. But I'm not responsible for cleaning it."

"Better by them some good filters for all the fur if Vorpal's gonna be in it." Bobby teases as he sips at his beer, hand in pocket, watching the assembled Titans (and Kate). "Sounds like just the thing for aches and pains though." The ice nerd looks about. There's something missing… something… what is it… ah! He snaps his fingers and it starts to snow over Gar and Keith.

Keith looks up just as a snowflake lands on his nose, making him cross-eyed for a moment. "You know… I do have better sense than to go into a hot tub in my fur. That's why the showers in the underground have industrial-quality drains, though." He grins, and huddles up to Gar. "Hmm, you guys want to open up your presents yet? Unless Bobby wants to make us an ice castle and an animated snowman… I am not quite sure he has the legs for the slitted dress, though…"

Gar kisses Keef on the head because snow, and then grows fur. And a tail. And cat ears. Because why not.

"He totally does. I've seen the youtube of him iced up and fighting millions of the same guy."

Probably not the best video to mention?

Kate looks at Bobby. Grins. And then…

"Do you wanna build a snooooowmaaaaaaan?"

Bobby coughs. Yeah… that video. That resulted in like forty dead Jamies. Ooops. "I've totally done the ice castle before." Might not have the room for it indoors though. "And Zatanna has the legs for that dress… Kate might too but I like my teeth too much to suggest that she actually wear it."

Kate gets a wink and a grin and abruptly, there's a snowman next to her. Then a second. One looks like a certain other archer. The other looks like a certain disapproving faced SHIELD agent.

Keith grins and hmmms, huddled up to Gar. He's using the snow as an excuse, and to return the kiss. "Good, you've got fur, you can save me from hypothermia." He does the Groucho eyebrows. "And you look better with cat ears than I do. Which is just unfair."

Gar cat-facerubs Keith and then pounces into the pile of gifts. "Hey, before anyone else gets summoned by Oracle or something, we have presents."

He tosses a package at each of those present. Loot, people. It's the Winter Solstice Celebration.

Kate grins at the snowmen, walking over to one of them and doing the Olaf voice: "I'm Agent May, and I don't believe in warm hugs!" Clint-man gets a gentle pat on the head, though. She catches the present from Gar, giving it a testing shake.

Bobby can't help but grin. He doesn't know Agent May as well as others (they've seen eachother in passing is about it) and doesn't really know how she is but that seems fairly appropriate. Then loot's being thrown at him. And swag? Swag? Probably not swag. The Titans are too classy for swag, but loot! "Ooooh. Shall I save it for the day or are we opening them here? Oh! Hello Robin."

Nice to see the Bird up on his feet. The last time Bobby saw him was just after the Joker had seriously messed him up.

"It kind of looks like Christmas vomited all over the castle — " a familiar voice echoes just behind the others as a gloved hand rubs the back of the entrant's neck. There's just a note of apprehension as that familiar figure treads further into the room. His eyes, peeking behind the black mask, take in the expanse of it, and his lips twitch into their trademark boyish grin.

Robin, for his part, looks a little different than he once did. The green has been abandoned from his suit, traded in for red and black with a few subtle yellow accents. The name is still a work in progress, but there's no question the old Robin suit, the one he'd spent so much time in, was toast. Plus there's always room for an upgrade.

"Hey guys," the smile extends for a beat, and then his forehead creases, giving evidence to drawn together eyebrows behind the mask. "So… happy holidays and stuff…"

Gar pounces the presents, Keith pounces Robin. Well, it's not really a pounce, since he is in human form, but running and leapping and a hug are involved. "Robin! You're up and about!" the hug is.. not a strong one. Just in case Robin is still somewhat broken and a rib or two end up popping up if he squeezes too hard. "Oh man, come in, grab your gift, sit down, have some Wassail, have a ginger cookie, it's friggin' good to see you!"

That which vomited the christmas spirit all over the castle is, of course, Keith. Gifts. Loot. The young man's green eyes trail on Kate and remember…

"Before I forget… Miss Kate. You may present The Thing to Gar." Eyebrow wiggle. Significance.

"The thing!" Kate declares cheerfully, stepping back toward the entrance and coming back with a box for Gar. "This is from Keith," she informs the green one. "I was just keeping it safe from discovery for him." She nods to Robin, but…well, Kate's got a complicated relationship with the other Robin. That's not a can of worms she's ready to open.

"ROBBIE!" Gar shouts, "Heads up!" and tosses him a package. "You're looking awesome!"

Then, wait, what, Kate has the box, this isn't the box that Keef was carefully hiding in the locker in the room downstairs, that Gar was very careful not to snoop at?
"Thanks, I think," he says to Kate, and opens the box. Oh, lovely. It's a sweater. An incredibly ugly sweater. This means there's… yep. In the middle, unfolding the thing … green reindeer on a white background with thick red 'this sweater makes everyone look fat' stripes … a box. Jewelry box. Seriously? A ring box?

Gar pulls the sweater on, because it's ugly and has to be worn or it will sulk. Then he opens the box. "Wait. This … guys. This is Mom's necklace, she wore it in that … This isn't a repro."

Gar sits back, stunned, and then pounces Keith, "Oh man, this is … wow. Thank you."

He almost misses it when Robin disappears Bat-Style. Apparently Oracle DID call.

Bobby's social little grin turns into a genuine smile. He's done the last four years or so without a family but before that he really enjoyed the giving of gifts and the way that even a small token could light someone's entire being up. Gar's reaction is, well it's one of those Kodak moments. Too bad he doesn't have a camera. Or Mike. Mike'd be recording this whole thing for later uploading or turning into a slide show or whatever Metal does with the vid he captures. "Awwww. That's sweet guys."

Keith gets one of those grins, the kind that says 'nailed it', and leans in to give Gar a kiss as he hugs him back. A little kiss, 'cause company, and it's not polite to eat face in company. You know, like those friends in college you once had who had no concept of boundaries or basic social barriers and spent most of their 'hang out' time conducting thorough tonsil examinations? Yeah, no, Keith don't play dat. In public.

"I was hoping you'd like it," he says quietly and bumps noses with Gar. He won't eat face, but he will not avoid saccharine in public. "Merry christmas, love."

He also extends a hand in Kate's way for a high-five because, let's be honest, he wouldn't have gotten that necklace without Kate's help.

His phone goes off and he looks at it- oh god, a call from Oracle? No- the alarm.

"And the roast should be done now." The redhead announces with a grin. Roast? Yes. Roast. For the past few hours, the Titans' kitchen has been a fortress where gingermen, wassail, chocolate, and other things have been in preparation. "Why don't we all go to the dining room? I've also got tiramisu for dessert. Family recipe."

That is, 'Irish Tiramisu' as his mom used to call it. The reason for that will become evident soon. He reaches out and takes Gar's hand in his, "We can go through the courtyard. The sun'll come down soon and I've got it ready to light up at sundown."

There may also be no coffee left at the Titans' pantry, which will explain a lot of things.

Gar sniffs a bit, and grins. "You guys, I can't say our gifts to you are as good as this, but I hope you like them anyway. And we have food too."

Kate claps gleefully as Gar finds the real present, beaming. "Merry Christmas!" she exclaims, high-fiving Keith in return. "You two are adorable."

Bobby grins and opens door that goes through the courtyard to the dining room. They could take the long way 'round sure, but Keith's already prettied the place up and they might as well sample the winter wonderland. Appropriately enough, it's snowing outside. No not the Iceman's doing. Sometimes even the US Eastern Seaboard has a sense of appropriate weather and (grudgingly) gives in to give folks what they want. What was that? 'Come on Weather Man give us a forecast snowy white…'

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