Flash Mob? (Light Language Warning)

December 23, 2014: A disparate group of folks seek to water their sorrows in a New York bar. It gets… worse.

The Iron Horse

Tavern serving burgers & pub grub staffed by an outgoing crew of female bartenders.


The Rogues
Captain Boomerang
Captain Cold
Golden Glider
Mirror Master

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Barry Allen is at a bar trying to think about what he's going to do with the rest of his life. He's vaguely tempted to run away from this city, now that things have seemed to go crazy on him. He'd met a couple friends here, but his secret had bleed out onto the streets faster than…well…faster than a lot of people in this world who would call themselves speedsters.

He can't even drink properly. Hasn't been able to get drunk since the 'accident'. Still, sometimes it's just better to sit and think and this seems as good a place as any.


For once, Seikatsu decided to follow Barry around like a lump on a log. But she wasn't going to drink. Most of the time, she followed him in silence where he walked, and when she couldn't catch up or didn't try.. she stayed at his place. And now?

She was right there next to him, turning a blind eye in his direction, her chin angled downward as it always would, a nice walking stick that she's acquired or (stolen) held against her shoulder at the crook of her arm. "Life. Is not that bad, Barry-san." She intones. Was this woman ever happy?


Barry isn't the only one who needs a drink every now and then. Kate's had quite a week. Quite a month, really. And later, she's supposed to go to Bishop publishing's Christmas party, so…needless to say, a night of business party with her father means she needs to brace herself a bit. So post workout and pre party prep, she slips into the bar, making her way toward the counter next to Barry to wait for a bartender.


Today was Gold shift's official Annual Christmas Party for Metropolis Fire and Rescue. They'd decided to head to the Big Apple for a change, and things are pretty much wrapping up. Cameron's been lingering a bit, though, because she really doesn't want to head back home to Metropolis yet, and as the rest of her shift heads on out, the statuesque woman is sort of left as the odd woman out.

It is the plight of those with superhuman stamina that… well, drinking just doesn't do it anymore. But anything beats heading home to the staged performance of Mom and Dad and the tree and don't they realize that she's almost thirty years old, for chrissakes?


Barry shrugs, "It'll all be okay. It's like I always say, things will be better when you wake up tomorrow."

As Kate comes upon them, Barry gives her an upwards, polite nod. "Heya," he says to her in greeting. He's yet to notice the fire and rescue person from Metropolis, and on the way to seeing her come in something disrupts his attention.

"SNART!" someone enters from the back door and roars angrily. "SNART!"

A blonde man pushes past Barry as he slips out the back, and the young CSI looks towards the back of the bar room. There's a hulking mass of a person coming, strewn in the shadows. Well over 6 feet tall and as wide as a brick shithouse.


"You say that, but your tone suggests otherwise." Seikatsu, the woman of many words.

Suffice it to say, she doesn't recognize anyone, and none her, which is a total blessing in disguise. Which is probably why she clings to the barstool, her feet swinging idly, the little shrimp turning to nurse a glass of water that looks as if it could slip out of her hands at any moment. She could sense that another joins the bar, the change in atmosphere in that small circle she's created, the scent.. and then the gust of air as someone yells and passes right by her.

There are reasons as to why Seikatsu doesn't go out into public. Loud noises, if not prepared for, can strike gold out of her nerves.


"Hey," Kate smiles politely to Barry, opening her mouth to say something to the bartender when the roaring in the back starts. Slowly, she turns toward the source of the problem, grimacing. "Always when the bag is in the car," she mutters under her breath, turning around and heading at a jog…well, for the door. Either she has far more common sense than most New Yorkers, or there's something useful in the car.


The orange-haired woman didn't get a chance to get to the bar once more, as her head turns to peruse the bellowing person.

Oh, hey, someone that's almost my height. Awesome.

She straightens up a bit, tugging her trenchcoat down a bit.

"Happy Holidays, mister. Why don't you come on over to the bar, grab a drink relax, y'know, get in the holiday spirit?"

As folks skedaddle all over the place, she cracks her neck.

"I really do insist."


Snart, whoever he is, is out the front door.

"SNART!" exclaims the man again, "I WANT MY MONEY!"

Now into the light, it's questionable whether this person is a man at all. He looks like a giant biker at first, but on closer inspection, he looks to be completely made of metal. Dark, circular black coils leap out of his head like metallic dreadlocks. Rusty colored metal covers his face and his-well, it looks like every single place that is exposed, which is everything other than a large black wife-beater and drab pants and boots.

Barry gets up and moves in front of the beast.

"Hey buddy, I don't know what ha-"

It's all he can get out before the monster reaches back and throws a punch right at Barry's head!

The latter steps back, easily dodging the blast, and is eager to follow up, but the flash of a light from someone's cell phone distracts him and GIRDER sends a second shot right to Barry's stomach that sends him up and over the bar, smashing into the mirror behind!!!

Girder turns towards Cameron, "You want some of this, now?"


"…." See? Few words, for the glass was soon discarded and hands soon covering her ears to lessen the noise.

She had to turn them on, she knew.. or at least had a feeling that Barry would get involved, so the lines of life soon draw itself upon each person within the room, eyes lingering on the figure of Barry who.. soon goes flying. "Tssks."

As the bigger man seemingly turns towards an even bigger.. woah. That lady is the same height as him.. Seikatsu slowly draws herself from her seat, her feet first seeking the ground until she touches it with a light bounce.

Cane soon extended to slowly roll against the ground, and it looks as if Seikatsu was going to intervene, but.. nope. The edge of the cane taps against a table, which was soon crawled up underneath to 'watch' the show and remain out of harms way. Maybe someone will drop some spare change!

Kate is out of the fight for a moment, as she once again left her damned bow in the damned car. Every damned time.

Meanwhile, though, people are now rushing the door to get away from whatever is going on, so it's probably for the best that it takes her a minute to sprint down a block to where she actually found a parking space. Getting back in just now might be a little bit problematic.


The off-duty paramedic sighs… then smiles.

"Let's see what you got."

She shakes her head. " 'less you're afraid you're gonna get beat up by a girl."

And with her best smack-talking out of the way, she'll make her best moves to defend herself. But she is holding back a fair bit, because she has no idea what kind of wallop this 'Girder' guy can take, and she doesn't want to kill him.

"Kinda rude to bust up a bar, though?"


Girder reaches back, and as he does so, the metal makes a grating sound as it crinks and crackles. He delivers a massive blow towards Cameron, eager to knock her clean off her feet!

Meanwhile, the hair on people's arms will begin to stand on end just a moment before a mass of lightning erupts. Flash is on the scene in full red regalia. "I don't know who you are, or what you want, but you're going to stop. Now."

While most people are running out of the bar, there's a group who is running towards it. One man is clad in orange and green, while another wears blue and gold. Still another wears blue and white. With blue sunglasses upon his face and a parka drawn over his head, he yells to the others, still more coming. "Fan out! We can take this guy!" yells Captain Cold.


Cameron. She was strange. The more Seikatsu looked towards her, the more her eyes began to water. Her life lines shone so bright that she almost had to look away.. and then.. she's hit! Well crap. Seikatsu was no hero, there was no reason for her to lend a hand and assist, to put herself in harms way even though it would be for naught. But some things? She wouldn't stand for. Like someone knocking away one of her friends and a woman whom she had momentarily ogled.

Not cool in the slightest.

Even when Flash arrives on the scene, along with the others who began to filter out and inside of the tavern, clearly hung up on jumping her poor friend, she lets out a hiss of breath and slowly drags ass out from underneath the table.

Might as well have a little bit of fun, right?

That cane was swung across the ground, knocking glass and debris out of her way, intent on making herself known so that she could mix it up with a few as well. It is about to go down!


There! Bow and quiver acquired. Kate doesn't run as fast as the Flash, but she can make a block in good time. Just…not quite great time yet. She's still coming up on the bar when she sees superheroes already present, a grin spreading. "Nice," she laughs, swinging her quiver over her shoulder and coming up to the door. Now for the shouldering in.


Cameron raises her arm up to deflect the incoming blow, but it does leave her skidding backwards, shredding floorboards and her shoes as she tries to 'dig in' against the momentum of the strike. And of course, there is the shredding of her trench coat sleeve, and part of her Christmas sweater — a 'gift' from Mom, that she's actually not lamenting the loss of at the moment!

Her backwards motion stops when she gets to the bar and she shakes her head, and wrings out her hand some.

"Got some beef t'ya. Gonna feel that one in the mornin'."

She cants her head to the side.

"I just got this jacket for Christmas!"

She launches herself at Girder, but as he's going for any sort of block or defense, she instead aims at the floorboards under his feet with her left leg, to try and trip him!


Cameron is able to trip Girder enough so he loses balance and is coming forward, just as the Flash is leveling a super-powered smash with his hand!

The blow is enough to knock Girder sideways a bit, but the man in red screams in agony as his punch is misjudged. He'd thought that the force that protects him would be enough not to break his hand. He was wrong!

Meanwhile, as the Flash falls to his knees, Mirror Master looks to Captain Cold in shock, "The Flash is here too?!"

"Get him while he's down," Captain Cold responds, but it's not clear which he's talking about. More enter from the back of the room, now, and as Cold raises his freeze gun it suddenly leaps up into the top of the ceiling and buries itself there. A woman with black metal over parts of her body shakes her head at Cold's gang. "You fools! You should have paid the money you owed us!"

It's a goddamn Rogue War and you're all invited.

Golden Glider becomes visible and the long tendrils of her blonde hair grasp at Blacksmith, before Cicada and Magenta begin to attack Mirror Master and Captain Boomerang!

Oh S**T!


Being small is what she's good at, as soon as she could tell was her friend that was hurt, she crouches. With a deep inhale of breath, her fingers curl into a fist, drawing back (almost like the beginnings of a kung fu form in motion), a blue light exuding from her hands and and with a push forward of that brightly lit hand..


It was a quick beam of energy, the healing light pouring from the depths of her belly, traveling the route towards her palm and outward to land upon the side of the Flash to momentarily radiate his form.

It was a mix of healing energy, and a boost to the senses. Think of it as adding a few teaspoonfuls of espresso to an already caffiene-laden coffee.

Just a shot.

With her lines of life still active; she seeks out the bright life-form of Cameron, dosing her with the same energies just in case she was hurt.


That…is what is politely known as a clusterfuck. From the doorway, Kate stares as chaos starts to go down inside the bar.

"Yeah, no," she mutters, reaching back and brushing her fingers along the shafts in her quiver until she finds the carvings she's looking for. There it is. Stepping back to get clear of the consequences, she draws smoothly before firing a flash-bang into the center of the room.

Everybody, time out.


Cameron blinks as there is a blur of motion near her that catches her target with a shot.. but then the scream of agony… yeah, she can't ignore that. There's one solid swing at Girder, hopefully enough to send him out of the bar for the moment, and then she does what SHE is best at.

She turns her back on the assorted Rogues gallery and places both of her hands on Flash's mutilated hand, while attempting to weather as many incoming blows as she can for her patient.

She can take some punishment, thankfully…

And then two things happen at once.

First, a healing ray shoots at Barry and the injury isn't screaming for her attention as much… and then something comes whistling in, not quite a grenade, not quite an arrow…


A thunderous BOOM! emits as Cameron wallops Girder right in the face!!! The monster falls flat on the ground and is not immediately unconscious, but he's down at least.


The entire room lights up in white and every single person without any eye protection goes absolutely eye-numb!

The move gives everyone a time-out so to speak as it takes a moment to get the bearings back. Except for blind people.

The Flash feels oh so much better as his hand is immediately healed by Reese, but he too is blinded.

The only one of the Rogues from either side that isn't effected seems to be Captain Cold and those dimming shades. He's up on the bar pulling his ice gun away and aiming it at the Flash


The flash bang? Loud.. as all get out! It causes Reese to shriek, her head tilting far enough to draw shoulder to ear to keep it close. Her hand draws back as she grips a hold of her cane, her eyes wide as she surveys the room to try to pick out friend and foe.

Which was the problem. Aside from Flash and Cameron, she really couldn't tell. Each person had their distinctive shapes and aside from those two? They were all strangers. She had to be guided by intent.

Captain Cold was soon feasted upon; the way he held his hands told of him carrying a weapon. The direction in which he stood, how his body was angled.. he was pointing it at Barry!

Here she comes to save the day!

Living long helped; being trained also, she knows what she could do and what she could do it with. There was a turn and a twist of the cane that she held, her wrist twisting it in such a way that it's windmill brief, tucking it beneath her arm before she lashes out at the shin-bone of Captain Cold.

Friend or foe; they'll learn today! When in a fight where Reese is nearby, don't point stuff at her friends!


"I said, time out," Kate murmurs from outside the bar, firing off an arrow at Captain Cold's gun hand with another smooth draw. She's just going to stay out here for now, thank you very much. It's like one of those amusement park shooting galleries this way. Wait for the villain to pop up, fire. Which is why there's a handful of those handy riot foam arrows stuck in the public trash can next to her. Things that'll do for a quiver in a pinch.


Rowan had just stepped into the bar. So he's confused. Really confused. He had wanted to sample some of this 'pale ale' he kept hearing about but this? This is just a brawl. Thankfully he reacts quickly, because there's a bottle and who knows what else flying right at him. A crossbow made of energy spings into being around his left forearm and moments later a trio of charged coral bolts go flying back in the direction the bottle came from.

Who threw that, again?


Cameron's reaction is intuitive as she loses vision briefly. She throws herself over her patient — that'd be Barry — to take any incoming attacks aimed at him. She hasn't had the pleasure of encountering a flash - bang grenade before, so now her eyes are all ten shades of not-working, and yeah, that's some crying, too, even. Mom would be so disappointed in her, crying in public like that!

She shakes her head repeatedly to try and work off the effect, which is clinging a bit stubbornly both in her eyes and her ears.

This is probably going to get added to her training regimen, whether she likes it — or not.


As Captain Cold is about to get his longheld revenge on the Flash, he's slapped in the shin and the gun in his hand is shot clear away!


But even though he's down, he's not out. His homies have his back. Captain Boomerang's-well, boomerang-whizzes out straight away for Kate's head!

Worse is Seikatsu's fate. Before she can react, a large, crystalline liquidy blast envelopes her. To the others, where she stands there's now no one. To her, an endless plane of white turning into gray in the far reaches in the distance. She is everywhere and nowhere. She is in Mirror Master's mirror realm.

The Flash, now composed, looks at some of the shards of glass on the ground and sees the image of his friend. "Reese," he whispers. "No…"

Meanwhile, Blacksmith reaches out her hand and Girder rises once more, but he doesn't really look conscious. Instead, he looks like he's being controlled and begins swinging wildly at Cameron.

Who threw that bottle? Magenta threw that bottle. Most crossbows she can stop because metal does not bother her. But the coral energy hits her right up over her body and sends her flying. But right in his moment of triumph, Rowan is nailed in the back of the head by the Trickster, who has been hiding, and who begins giggling madly!


Right when she was about to bring that cane down to wallop Captain Cold over the head, she was hit!

It was a dizzying feeling, being hit with whatever she was hit with, and the absence of everything that she could actually see with the Lines of Life… she was gone. She felt it. There was nothing left for her to see or do, no one left for her to help. And.. she was sad.

"Barry…" She calls out, her head twisting this way and that, whipping around frantically. "Flash! Someone.. anyone…"

She was afraid, and alone.


But no one could hear her. She sinks to her knees, her hands lifting to cup both ears, her eyes squeezing shut.. but she couldn't help it. She begins to cry.

Among the oddest lessons Kate's ever learned from Clint: Respect the boomerang.

Like shooting skeet, when the boomerang goes up, Kate fires an arrow at it to offset its trajectory, following it up with the boomerang arrow Clint stuck in her quiver to make a point several months ago. Because irony is delicious. Someone's down, but she's not sure how to help with that problem, so she searches for a new target.


The blows about Cameron are good for one thing. They help her get her head back on straight and 'back into the game', as it were. She glances down at her patient, who has recovered a bit. "Get the driver…" She tilts her head to Blacksmith. "… I got Girder. Meet up after."

She hops back to her feet and raises arms up to block some blows, then dodges between the metallic guy's legs, jumping up only slightly to fall back down in what would be an awesome pile-driving move to knock the controlled guy down. Because that's just rude. Making someone else fight for you in a brawl? There oughta be a law or something…


Rowan is driven forward onto his hands and knees and stays there for a second, his vision swimming. Ow. That hurt. Scales begin to cover him, dull gray, he sprouts claws, the shape of his legs changes to something vaguely raptor like and his face… well it becomes decidedly draconic. When he stands up he grabs a flashlight like cylinder off his belt. It extends into a jagged superdense coral sword. The bow fades to be replaced by a shield.

"That wasn't nice." He says turning around.


The boomerang that the good Captain sent her way is knocked away by Kate's shot and it buries itself deep inside the bar. But tit for tat, the arrow too is knocked out of the way almost as soon as it's fired, coming nowhere close to the man in blue and yellow.

But before he's able to strike, Kate is attacked from behind by a mess of yellow-hair? It looks like Golden Glider has appeared once again and the long locks of her hair wrap around Bishop, obstructing her view as Lisa Snart stands behind her.

Meanwhile, Cameron smashes and bashes her way into Girder, knocking off plates of metal. Eventually he goes limp, and it seems as if Blacksmith has run out the back door, moving away from the fray and making like the first of the smart Rogues, getting TFO.

Yeah. Magenta knows when her time here is up, and it's up as in right now. Frankie was no dummy and she knows that magicky Lord of the Rings meets Dinosaur Train ain't her bag. All of the metal, even in some of the remaining patrons who are hiding, begins to yank towards her as she builds a large metallic shield. One of the tops of a salt shaker bursts through the window behind her and she rockets out and upwards.

Trickster goes wide eyed and tries to tip toe away from Rowan.

Meanwhile, the Flash sees Mirror Master and, upset about Reese, looks towards him in fury. He rushes at him, even as Mirror Master pulls the trigger. The shot hits Flash just as the Flash hits the Mirror Master and before he knows it, both are standing right next to Reese.

Well by both I mean Flash and 300 versions of Mirror Master all in nice neat rows surrounding Reese and the Scarlet Speedster.


Still, she was there. In that world of Mirrors, crying like a little baby.

And let me tell you, being as old as she was? It takes a fucking lot for her to actually cry. Afterwards? She's either going to die of embarrassment for letting those little tight knit feelings show, or be mad as hell when she gets out. No one puts Reese in the corner. And makes her cry on top of that.

There will be hell to pay.. hear that?!




But with nerves naturally as raw as hers, she could tell when something was different, the feeling of someone close to her causes her to fall to her side only to skid away. Her tear stained face, eyes opened wide even though she lacked the nerves to draw out her power to see, cane shifting back and forth to back away thee demon that stood near.

"Get away from me!" So much for some kung fu action.


Grappling? Kate can do grappling. Generally with something other than hair, granted, but she knows a thing or two about hand to hand fighting. As the hair wraps around her, she turns toward it, striking out with her bow hand where there ought to be a solar plexus, and reaching with her other hand for a hand or an elbow.


Cameron was *just* about to launch herself after Blacksmith when a patron's prosthetic leg and mounting comes out in a fashion that is kindly left to the imagination, and instead of pursuing the woman, she dives after the hapless fellow. He's going to need surgery to get the mount re-implanted, but at least he won't DIE from the removal process.

She assesses the room to see who remains as she works, waiting for anyone to make a hostile move… because after she's done with her patient someone needs to get smacked.


Rowan looks about the scrum. There's Kate wrestling with someone's hair… right. There's a man in a stripy red suit moving very fast. There's Cameron-Of-The-Overbearing-Mother. There's Re- wait… where's Reese?

The Dragon Warrior's scales turn red as he calls Air to him and lightning begins to crackle up and down his sword. He lunges at the tiptoeing man with a toothy snarl and a savage swing. "WHERE'S REESE?!"


Glider screams as she's knocked and pulled and jostled and hurt. Kate's hand, looking for an arm, finds nothing, however as the woman retreats into nothingness, though she still haunts the area.

Boomerang is still there, however, and in Kate's confusion is looking to take the initiative and to throw a punch towards her face!

Poor Girder, with Blacksmith and Magenta now gone, and with Cicada having never really entered the fight (Hey, we forgot about Cicada!) he's left all alone as the new group of rogues are all bowing out. Except for him. He's stuck something fierce, knocked down and out and with parts of him missing when Magenta pulled them off with her mind to use as a shield.

So that's a long way of saying that Cameron is not being attacked.

"YIKES!" the Trickster says as he's tackled down into the floor. He lets out a woeful cry and sits whimpering underneath Rowan's grasp. "Reese?"

"Who the hell is Reese?"


In the mirror world now, the Flash is zooming around trying to knock out as many Mirror Master's as possible. As he punches them, they explode - far less constitution than a normal human.

"Which one is me, Flash?" the Master says in a strange echo as more and more of hims explode.

"I don't care!" the Flash says as he smashes through yet another one.

"Oh, you will."

Because one Mirror Master, the real Mirror Master grabs Reese into a stranglehold and looks ready to kill her if Flash.






The first voice she hears, it wasn't who she had hoped. But she manages to stand upright, holding the cane just so as she draws an ear to the sounds of shattering glass and taunts.

"Flash!" She cries out, "How do we ge-..urp!"

Caught up in the strangle hold, her newfangled cane was soon dropped, her hands, in typical fashion, reach up to grab the forearms of Mirror Master, attempting to tug away from her throat. She struggles in his grasp, her feet even kicking in attempts to get him to let go, but to no avail.. the ones who resurrected her didn't gift her with super strength.


That's one weird villain down (where do these people come from, and why is it they can figure out how to work together?), and another one- Oh, hey, right there. Kate takes a fist to the jaw, enough to make the world spin a little bit, but she doesn't go down. With a shake of her head, she turns back toward Captain Boomerang, reaching in for a grappling hold to twist his arm and shoulder in a decidedly uncomfortable fashion.


Cameron can't see what's going on with the mirror-stuff, and the last time she encountered someone with mirror-things going on, they didn't react to normal fighting techniques very well, they needed high lethality. So for the moment the orange-haired brawny woman will aim her attentions at Boomerang, launching herself up to sweep into his back, attempting to throw him into a full - nelson and hold him. Carefully, though, because she doesn't want to break the guy…

And then Kate grabs at him.

Well, hell.

The paramedic will slow her attack to be the 'follow-up' if Kate isn't successful, while keeping an eye out for any other parties. Hopefully they've gained some sense and left…


Rowan's about to make it even more uncomfortable, although unintentionally as is his way. The Blue Warrior picks up the Trickster as he whimpers and in a thundering show of rage worthy of a certain flying mammal themed Gothamite yells in his face. "YOU KNOW WHO I MEAN!!!!"

He totally doesn't, alas. This does not prevent him from being spun and hurled discus style right at the first target Rowan sees out of the corner of his eye. Who happens to be Captain Boomerang.

Oh hey. That's Cameron. Does she need help?

Oh… he might have just made it worse…


Kate gets Captain Boomerang into a lock-hold similar to a wrassler might. In fact, as Rowan throws the Trickster towards the pair, he slams right into Captain Boomerang's exposed head, just like the old Bushwhacker finishing move! And everyone knows that after that move goes through you are done.

Speaking as to some of that sense that Cameron has mentioned, the Mirror Master tries to broker a deal.

"Alright, everyone. Listen." Every single mirrored image, every television, every painting with glass over it, every bottle, every mug, every window. Everything has the same image, the image of Mirror Master with Reese in his arms, and the Flash stopped dead in his tracks.

As the bar settles down, everything goes quiet and all that can be heard is the amplification of MM's voice.

"So uh, this shit got pretty crazy, huh?" Mirror Master kind of laughs nervously as everyone goes quiet to the hostage situation.

"So, this is gonna be real simple. I'm gonna release the girl, and you guys are gonna let us go. We just came here to defend ourselves from that brute. He started throwing punches, he's knocked the hell out. You heroes can take him, he's the bad one. Us? We're just trying to go in peace. We came here so that he didn't break this bar to shit, and now he has. It went sideways on us, but all we want is to go. I let her go, I bring the rest of them in here, and we're all cool. Deal?"

"Deal," the Flash says, looking out onto the scene to his left, through shards and windows and mugs of beer, the scene in the bar plays out on the far wall.

"Listen to what he says," the Flash says towards the people on the other side of the void.


As the others finish taking Boomerang down, Kate reaches for some zip ties from her quiver. She pauses as Mirror Master makes his announcement, reaching for her throat…Right, the anti-mirror-magic amulet is also in the car. One of these days, the leaving things in the car is really going to be bad for her. But today, it means no one gets cut to pieces coming in and out of mirrors, so that's a plus. Slowly, she takes her hand from the quiver, palming a tracker tip.

"Fine," she grimaces, leaning down to shove the unconscious Boomerang toward the nearest mirror. And, hopefully unseen, slipping the tracker into one of his pockets.


Oh, hey! Cameron's got two new patients! What an added… bonus…

She will make sure that Boomerang and Trickster don't die from their head - to - head meeting of the minds, and let the them go. She's not the authority here, and as much as she wants to go after the fellow her last experience with mirror - things as noted was not a pleasant one. So she's definitely not going to charge into any mirrors, and the situation is going to resolve itself pretty nicely, hopefully.

The paramedic shifts to helping deal with folks injuries. It's part of why folks apparently appreciate her so much.

In the back of her mind, though, she's hoping that the media isn't here. Really hoping. Did Christmas come early?


If the media does arrive they have a dragon-man with four wings to look at. Rowan understands the hostage situation, but the man in the stripy pants seems to be calling for ceasefire and he can respect that. Not everything winds up with total victory for one side or the other. He lowers his sword and loosens his stance a bit, nodding to Cameron and Kate.


"Glad everyone could listen to reason," responds Mirror Master. "We weren't in the wrong here. Just a couple of cats out trying to defend our name and the innocents." He looks down towards Reece, "It ain't nothing personal love."

With a shot from his gun, both Flash and Reese are sent back to the bar.

"Now, boys."


"And Glider."

The Rogues, one by one, take leave through the sliding glass door that heads to the smoking patio. They're battered, bloody, and wincing at being defeated, but they've gotten out with their lives and their freedom.

Boomerang pulls the tracker out of his pocket and puts it into a houseplant and Cold stops long enough to grab his freeze gun before disappearing into the abyss.

"So, that's a wrap, guys," Mirror Master says. "Have a solid day."


She couldn't see it, but she could hear it. And feel it. The absence of something was replaced, fill and fulled, the heat against her skin, the scents of many in the room, and loud groans and drags of feet out of the door.

Reese was trembling, she had left her cane in the mirror world so there was nothing for her to hold on to. Once she was sure that they had left, she slowly sinks to her knees, her hands lightly pressing against the floor so that she wouldn't feel anything smooth or bare.. there was debris there, bits of it cut her just enough for her reassurance.

She finally takes a breath, her hands lifting to bury her face into, just to cry it all out.


Well, it was worth a try. Kate shrugs with an unapologetic grin when the tracker gets left behind. It fades when Reese gets back, replaced with a sympathetic expression…But the time she allotted for a drink has instead been spent wrestling with a crew of villains, which means she needs to get home and get ready for that party. Quietly, she picks up her remaining arrows and does her best to slip back out the door and down the street.

Nothing to see here…


Reason is not obtained at the mouth of a gun or the edge of a knife. But that's about as philosophical as the fire-haired woman would get. The more important thing — and something she's even stressed in her own stomping grounds over in Metropolis — is that you don't kill people to make a point, you play it cool, and when you're in the wrong, you do something to fix it. Fixing it shouldn't involve slaughtering dozens if not hundreds or thousands of folks. And it should hopefully be low on the property damage charts.

She sighs a bit between patients, making sure that folks are back to as best as can be managed.

"Someone be willing to cover the press when they show up? Not really my thing?" She gives Flash a meaningful, almost pleading glance.

"Don't care about credit if you can make sure this guy gets taken into custody?"

She tilts her head over at Girder.


Rowan lets his draconic features fade, as well as his otherworldly armaments. In moments he's just a muddy haired young man who quickly goes to Reese's aid. He knows the woman and whatever it is that happened to make her cry he'll take care of her.

At least until Kida finds them.


The Flash watches as the image dissipates and eventually the Rogues fade from view. He's kneeling down next to Rowan then, looking to make sure Seikatsu is alright. He nods to Cameron and doesn't move to stop either from going. Girder is whatever in his mind. This could have all been so much worse.


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